WWE Monday Night RAW 10 05 2015

WWE RAW Logo 2015

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Boston, MA
Date: October 5, 2015
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton

We are live for Monday Night Raw! On a night where 18 years ago, the first ever Hell In A Cell match took place, as well as the passing of the late, great, Brian Pillman, it will be a night to remember.

We see a promo from last week, showing us how legitimate HR Rep Ashley determined Kane was sound of mind and is still the Director of Operations. We then see Seth basically Pilmanizing the leg of Kane. This action caused Kane to go into an ambulance, however, the Demon Kane came out of the ambulance, giving Seth everything he wanted and more, Rollins however, getting out of the ring before being hit with a tombstone, but Kane was in possession of the Undisputed Championship!

We are live from Boston, Massachusetts. Right here tonight, The Dudley Boyz will face Undisputed champ, Seth Rollins, and The Big Show! But we kick things off with the man that destroyed Big Show inside Madison Square Garden, The Beast, Brock Lesnar, and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring. And thank God Brock has his pyro on the ring, it took them long enough to get that right! But nonetheless, last Saturday inside the Garden, we saw the ultimate destruction of The Big Show, Brock was given three chokeslams and he stood right back up, Brock responded with countless suplexes and two F5’s to signal the end of Show. Suplex City chants already fill the arena! Ladies & Gentleman, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am the advocate for the slayer of the giant, the conqueror of the streak, and tonight! The Raw Beast of Boston! Brrrrrrock! LLLLLLLLLLesnar! Now that we have kicked off the Go To Hell Tour, by thoroughly thrashing the giant known as The Big Show, all focus goes to Hell In A Cell. Now I understand how unfathomable that The Undertaker will never ever get revenge on Brock Lesnar for conquering the streak. Because since 1990, anyone that has done anything to The Undertaker has been put in a grave except for Brock Lesnar, because The Undertaker considers HIAC to be the Devils Playground, but my client considers HIAC the Lair Of The Beast! Let me lay it out to you, The Undertaker calls this his match, my ass! Just like WrestleMania was the event of the Deadman, Mania then became the event of Brock Lesnar! We then see the streak broken at WrestleMania 30! One week, in the hospital. One year on the shelf, and countless, endless, sleepless nights, that had you do all your evil soul searching, planning, and wondering, what happened all that time later, you looked in the eyes of the beast! And when you looked in the eyes of your conqueror, you realized you are not Deadman enough to get revenge on Brock Lesnar! We see the controversial finish from SummerSlam of this year, The Undertaker tapped out while Charles Robinson the official in the match did not see the tap, Taker then hit Brock with a low blow, and then we learned that a middle finger is just the same as a submission as Taker locked on Hells Gate. The unthinkable however, did happen and Undertaker tapped out to star the chaos originally! You know, I don’t remember Brock Lesnar having to use a low blow on The Undertaker, that is what Taker had to do. And when Brock Lesnar tells Stone Cold Steve Austin on the podcast October 19th, I will tell Taker to his face right now. In the Staples Center, Hell In A Cell, one of you will walk out and ascend to the heavens as the winner of this war! One of you walks out the winner of the history of The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar! The other will not walk out of that cell at all! That is not a prediction, that Undertaker, is a spoiler! My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord! The beast, your conqueror, the man that will take all of your darkness..Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock…LLLLLLLLesnar!

The Big Show comes out for no reason at all. He marches right to the ring and Brock is justifiably laughing. Show has the mic, we get please retire chants! Show says Suplex City, I guess you took me to Suplex City at Madison Square Garden didn’t you Brock? Oh what a match, what a fight, the beast vs the giant. I was that close Brock to wiping that grin off of your face. Hey, because I am the bigger man, I’m gonna call it like it is. You’re the beast, a man among boys, I’m gonna put my hand out to prove you are the man..and Brock walks away laughing like he should! I love it! Show says it must be fun to be as arrogant as you are, I hope you face The Undertaker and I hope you lose..again! Brock comes back into the ring after hearing this. Belly To Belly Suplex to Big Show! F5 already! This is the destruction of the Big Show! We may have just seen the end of a career! Brock Lesnar has slayed the giant once again and with almost no effort at all!

Seth Rollins watches with Stephanie McMahon from the back and says it is impressive but what do we do now? Show was supposed to be my partner? Stephanie tells Seth to figure it out!

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring for a six-man tag team contest! I may know one of his partners, but who will be the third man? Michael Cole tells us that Reigns will team with Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton to face The Wyatt Family up next!

We see a promo for WrestleMania 30! Single Tickets will be available in November, but travel packages will be available next week, which include NXT, Mania itself, The Hall Of Fame and Raw!

Ambrose and Orton have also come into the ring as we learn about the pink rope, as WWE is once again promoting the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Breast Cancer Awareness month, and like an Attitude Era Jerry Lawler would say, it’s time to #SaveThePuppies

We see the Wyatt Family make their way to the ring, look at all those fireflies! That is the best it’s been so far! We learn that Roman Reigns will face Bray Wyatt at Hell In A Cell, inside the HIAC itself! What a match that will be.

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Randy Orton vs. The Wyatt Family in a 6-man tag team match

Luke Harper and Reigns will start this match. We go into the lockup and a standoff, a second lockup and another standoff, Roman trying to get to Bray and he has already gotten Bray Wyatt! Roman is fighting everyone in this match, I can only assume Braun Strowman made a tag, all hell is breaking loose right now, Orton with pokes to the eyes, everyone is flying everywhere as Orton, Reigns & Ambrose stand tall in the ring as we cut to break!

Ambrose rolls Harper up for a two count as we come back and Harper rolls to the outside to regroup. Ambrose is still laying on the mat and I have no idea why he is doing this. Even Harper is confused and Ambrose with a perfect rollup for two. Orton tags in and a nice double elbow by the both of them, Orton follows up with some Garvin stomps and he tags Ambrose back in. Harper with a knee to the gut and tags in Braun Strowman, Strowman just caught Ambrose as Ambrose dove onto him and just tossed him like he was a child! And now tossing him again, this time into the barricade! Braun tosses him back into the ring, picks him up and slams him back down. Bray tags back in and sends Ambrose into the corner, running off one turnbuckle and an avalanche on the other for two. Harper tags back in and tosses him into the corner, rolling him up for two. Bray tags back in and slaps Ambrose, Ambrose fights back and hits the off the ropes clothesline! Both men need to make a tag and Braun tags in, Braun counters the off the ropes clothesline with a shoulder block as we go to break! This is the first time to my knowledge that particular clothesline has been stopped in its tracks!

Bray with a massive right hook for a two count as we come back! Bray goes for a senton but misses, Braun tags in and sends him into the corner, Strowman goes for a spear but Ambrose sidesteps and Braun goes shoulder first into the post! Harper tags in and so does Orton and Orton with a clothesline and a vintage ropes DDT! Before Orton can go for the RKO, Bray distracts the official and Braun tosses Orton into the announce table, Orton somehow no sells this and tags in Reigns, Roman and Ambrose are teeing off on Strowman with Superman punches and knees, Ambrose and Strowman go over the barricade, Reigns with a powerbomb on Harper back inside the ring! Bray with an elbow to the back of the head of Reigns and Harper with a superkick and Orton breaks up the pin, RKO on Harper! Reigns says this is for you and hits the spear on Harper to pick up the win!

Winners: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Randy Orton! **** star match! As far as openers go, this is the best tag team opener I’ve seen in a very long time.

Roman has a mic, he says Bray, you and me inside Hell In A Cell, this will be over, and I will be the one to finish it. Believe that! This was honestly Roman’s best promo to date!

John Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge is later tonight, who will accept the challenge?

We see the buildup for an amazing match this Wednesday Night! For the first time in WWE and NXT history! Bayley will defend the NXT Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks in a 30 minute, first time ever, Iron Woman Match! If you don’t have the network yet, you should get it just for this match alone!

Neville is already in the ring, King Barrett is on commentary! Sheamus makes his way to the ring, keep in mind he still holds the Money In The Bank contract, granting him an Undisputed title match anytime he wants! He grabs a mic and he thought this was an Irish city, if you wanted a real fighting Irish mascot, you should have used me. And speaking of leprechauns, we have one right here, Neville. What is it with you, everyone loves ya. Better respect for a real Irishmen please! No matter how hard you try and fight, you are and always will be a loser! Me, I’m a winner, Mr. MITB, that’s right, drink it in, future Undisputed Champion! What does it feel like to be a loser Neville. Neville kicks him and this match is underway!

Neville vs. Sheamus

Neville continues the offense and Barrett tries to do something and Sheamus already with a brogue kick! Cover and this one is over!

Winner: Sheamus. 1/2 a star, this was not a match, this was an angle to keep the Neville/Barrett feud going.

The Director Of Operations, Kane is walking backstage, he will come out to the ring up next!

We see a promo for a WWE Network Gift Card! This is something the WWE should have done with the Network to begin with! For example, you can get a three-month subscription for only $29.97! Pay with cash! No credit card needed! This will be the resurgence that the WWE needed! I love it already!

We see a promo for the Demon Kane on Smackdown!

The Direction Of Operations, Kane is in the ring. He has a mic, he asks us to excuse him as he has a boot on his foot because of Seth over-reacted and broke his foot. Kane talks about how The Big Show was taken out by Brock Lesnar, he says the partner will be…him! Seth Rollins stops himself and says Kane is no Tom Brady, we both know you have deflated balls! Look, you cannot lie and cheat and swindle your way to get what you want, because life does not work for people like you! You can throw that idea out of the window! I will not play your little games, not now, not tonight! Kane says that his mug says World’s Greatest Director Of Operations. Those are words that I stand by, and to be the best DOO I have to bring the best out of you. Seth raises the title and says this brings out the best in him! Kane says he has a poster in his office that says “no one else matters except for the one you see in the mirror” I feel that you don’t like the man you see in the mirror, that to be the man, you have to go to hell and face your demons…that’s what my poster says! Seth says he will take Kane to hell right now!

Wait a minute, here comes Stephanie McMahon! She says this is enough! You know I have tried to handle this the right way, Seth with your anonymous complaint! Seth tries to defend himself, Steph says Seth to save it, we all knew it was you. And you are going to berate Tom Brady? At least Tom Brady is a team player who will once again lead the New England Patriots to once again become Super Bowl Champions! And speaking of Champions, at Hell In A Cell, the Demon will have his day, when he faces Seth Rollins for the Undisputed Championship! And as far as tonight is concerned, Kane, if you feel you can tape up your ankle and team up with Rollins to face the Dudley’s tonight, then have at it…there is one more thing. If Monster Kane does not win the WWE Championship, then Corporate Kane will be relieved of his duties as Director Of Operations! The stakes can’t get any higher! But is now official, Corporate Kane will team up with Seth to face the Dudley Boyz!

Seth complains to Triple H about this. Hunter says at first glance, Kane may have you where he wants you, but it goes like this. Do onto others what they will do onto you.

Natalya is in the ring, bouncing and preparing for her match tonight. Paige makes her way to the ring. We see the personal problems between PCB which led to the possible formation of NBC! Paige has shoved a #SaveThePuppies brand shirt on her trunks, she tosses them into the crowd.

Natalya vs. Paige

A lockup already as we kick it off, Paige rolls her up, Nattie reverses and Paige reverses before Nattie kicks out. Paige is sent to the outside and Nattie tosses her back in. Paige goes back out and hits Nattie with a superkick before yelling that this is her house! Paige tosses her back into the ring, she follows up with a bodyscissors! Nattie flips her over and gets the ground and pound, Paige counters with a Dragon Sleeper and Nattie powers out of it but Paige uses the momentum to put her on her back for a two count. Paige locks on an abdominal stretch, Paige also smashes the head of Nattie on her knee. Nattie reverses the abdominal stretch but Paige escapes with a snapmare. Paige goes for a high knee in the corner but Nattie sidesteps and hits a clothesline, side-Russian legsweep and goes for a back body drop but Paige kicks her face in but Nattie with the Discus Clothesline for two! Paige hits the Paige Turner but Nattie kicks out! Paige kicks her up and goes for a slap but Nattie drops her on her butt, hits a butt bomb and a dropkick for two! Nattie goes for something, Paige tries to roll through but is caught in the Sharpshooter but somehow gets to the ropes in time! Paige drops Nattie’s face on the ropes! Rolling her up for two. Nattie once again gets the Sharpshooter, this time in the middle of the ring and Paige has no choice but to tap out!

Winner by Submission: Natalya! **** star match! This was a technical classic! This right here is how you #GiveDivasAChance

Michael Cole, JBL & Byron Saxton are on commentary, we learn that Ryback had his rematch for the Intercontinental Championship on Smackdown, Kevin Owens would retain on a count out and Ryback made him pay.

We see Ryback backstage, and he says actions speak louder than words. We see a highlight package for Ryback. He tells Owens to picture this, I am the lion, you are the prey! It’s time! It’s Feeding Time! Feed Me More!

Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring. Owens will be in action up next.

The Lucha Dragons are in the ring, we learn that this has happened on the Pre-Show and Sin Cara has answered the challenge! This match is underway!

WWE Intercontinental champion Kevin Owens vs. Sin Cara in a non-title match

Owens mocks the Lucha dance and just tosses Cara from post to post, big clothesline followed by a senton for a one count. Owens puts him back down for one. Side headlock applied by Owens, Cara just tapped but I can only assume it was for trying to grab the rope, as not only does this match continue, he fights out of the hold. Owens mocks Kalisto with the Lucha dance, Cara with kicks, punches, and moonsaults! Off the ropes again and Cara with a sunset flip powerbomb for a two count! Kick by Cara followed by a springboard but Owens kicks him in the face! Pop-Up Powerbomb ends it!

Winner: Kevin Owens. ** star match. For the time it was given, it was a good match. Hunico has improved greatly since going under the Sin Cara match, or who I sometimes call HuniCara nowadays. Owens after the match attacks Kalisto for no reason, Ryback makes the save and Owens goes to higher ground!

Stephanie McMahon is texting somewhere, The New Day clap and chant ‘Steph-A-Nee’ but Stephanie is having none of it, even saying if she hears one note from that trombone she will send them somewhere where Suplex City will look like Disney Land! She saw the MSG special, so at Hell In A Cell, The New Day will defend their titles once again against the Dudley Boys for the third time in a row! Hopefully in the weeks to come there will be some form of stipulation, because if not, I can sense another disqualification finish in the future.

We see the entire roster on the ramp, John Cena is in the ring with Roman Reigns and several mothers of breast cancer survivors, Cena says for the 4th year, WWE has partnered with Susan G. Komen, and the WWE has gone pink! He says it is nice to come to Boston, because to him this is home, he is from a place not far from the road called West Newberry, Mass! So WWE Universe, please join me in welcoming our breast cancer survivors here tonight! We even get a Yes chant! I love it! Roman says his mantra is normally one versus all, but in the fight against Breast Cancer, it is all versus one! With the WWE, each and every one of you can make a difference! Go to WWEShop, get the gear and join the fight. We will be able to help Susan G. Komen with research and programs all across the country! It is a real honor to help join the fight…believe that! As much of a heartwarming moment this is, with that promo alone, I can tell they put Cena in the ring with Reigns to help groom Reigns to be the man of the future to take over Cena’s spot when he eventually retires. Nonetheless, it is a good moment for all.

We see a promo for the rest of the Go To Hell Tour! The tour will continue in Dallas Texas, October 19th, as Brock will be in a Stone Cold Podcast. And the tour will end at Hell In A Cell, inside the HIAC, against The Undertaker!

We see the WWE Rewind, which was the US title match from Madison Square Garden. Rollins honestly made the bad move here, even with The Demon Kane on the outside of the cage, Rollins should have dropped down to become the US Champ! Because of Seth’s fear, not only did Cena retain, but the Demon took down Seth with a tombstone!

The Director Of Operations, Kane, makes his way into the ring. Undisputed Champion, Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. It will be interesting to see if Kane and Seth get along. The Dudley Boyz make their way to the ring. We learn that Raw will be in Chicago next week.

Kane and WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins vs. The Dudley Boyz

Kane and Bubba Ray kick things off as we get a Get The Tables chant. Bubba kicks the leg and Seth tags in, telling Kane to stay there. Seth shoves Bubba, Bubba shoves him back. Bubba shouts that Seth may be the man, but they are the best tag team in the WWE! We go into the lockup as Seth has some form of headlock on and Bubba with the shoulder tackle as Seth rolls to the outside. Seth goes back in and with some kicks to the gut of Bubba in the corner, Bubba with a chop in the corner. D-Von tags back in and a double shoulder block by the Dudley’s followed by a double elbow for a two count. Kane tags in and D-Von works on the leg of Kane, Rollins tags back in, saying this is bullcrap! D-Von tosses him back into the ring as he complains to Kane. Off the ropes we go and D-Von with a shoulder tackle for a one count. Seth sends D-Von into the corner and D-Von fights both men out, Kane tags in and Kane takes D-Von down! Seth tags in and Kane holds him up as Seth with a punch to the gut from the top rope. Seth with a neckbreaker and these two are actually getting along as we go to break!

Kane works on D-Von in the corner as we come back. This match is all Kane right now, but the bad leg has finally buckled and thankfully he was close enough to the corner for Rollins to make the tag. A doctor has come to ringside, wait a minute! Rollins has handcuffs to make sure Kane cannot go to the back. Rollins flies onto Kane for no reason and the handcuffs broke! The Doctor is helping Kane to the back! I have no idea why Rollins handcuffed his tag team partner here tonight, but there was no need for it. It may have caused the injury of the leg to become even worse! Kane grins at him, probably because Rollins is now in a two on one situation! D-Von flips Seth off of him to prevent a Pedigree. Seth misses with a Stinger Splash and Bubba tags in and flips Seth over, yelling “C’mon Champ” with each move, flip flop and fly by Bubba, followed by a slam, D-Von makes the tag and Seth may have one question coming his way, wassap! Bubba tells D-Von to get the tables! But instead, Bubba and D-Von both get tables! Seth dropkicks the table…and that is a disqualification? He didn’t even bring the table in to begin with! He was defending himself! That is ridiculous! Nonetheless the match is over and Seth grabs his title to get out of there…Wait a minute! Here comes the Demon Kane! The very same Kane that debuted 18 years ago to this day inside the Hell In A Cell! He took Seth to the ring, but the Dudley’s hit a 3D on Kane? Why would you do that? I guess something happened on Smackdown, but now Seth has the advantage thanks to an unlikely assist by the Dudley’s, but Seth has probably made the best decision of his life by getting out of the ring, and like the egomaniac that our world champion is, he grabs a table and brings it into the ring! Kane sits up and grabs Rollins by the neck, Seth counters with an enziguri, going to the top rope but is caught again! Chokeslam through a table! The Demon Kane stands tall! The Demon is laughing!

No Contest or The Dudley’s won on a DQ, not sure what happened there. **** star match! The DQ really made no sense here, Seth did not bring in the weapon, he defended himself by dropkicking the table. But the post-match really saved this one from dropping down at all.

The United States Open Challenge is later tonight.

We see a NXT version of WWE 24!

We learn that WWE’s YouTube channel was the most watched channel in the month of August!

We get a look at the TD Garden from earlier today. We see a limo pulling into the building, Team Bella comes out of the limo, we see another car pull out, and Team BAD comes out of the car. Sasha Banks tosses Nikki’s hat, I love it!

Team BAD make their way to the ring! All three members of BAD, Naomi, Tamina and Sasha will be in a six-diva tag team match. Sasha will be a part of a first time ever, Iron Woman match against Bayley! Sasha has the mic and we rightfully get a Sasha chant! Damn it feels good to be back home! And just so you guys know, I put the Boss in Boston! Just like I put the Boss…and she is interrupted by Team Bella. Nikki has a mic as well

Nikki welcomes Sasha back home to Boston, and she is like the Boston Red Sox, overrated! It proves that Boston will not win a championship in October, unlike me and the Yankee’s will be going all the way! They won’t be going all the way. Naomi says that going all the way? That’s something you are used to, how is that working out for you? Nikki calls them Team Ratchet, and she will be the champion once again. Sasha says it doesn’t matter who wins the title, because the title will be kept warm for her. Brie talks about getting real, Naomi says let’s get real and here we go!

Team BAD (Beautiful & Dangerous) vs. Team Bella

Nikki tosses the Yankee’s hat at Naomi and she flies into her to kick it off! Off the ropes and Naomi twerks on Nikki’s face in the corner followed by a step-up kick! Sasha tags in and the flying butt bomb in the corner for a two count! Sasha chokes Nikki in the corner with her boot, Nikki tosses her into the corner and Brie tags in. Brie with some YesKicks in the corner, following up with a whip but Sasha whips her into the corner and hits those double knees in the corner! Team Bella grabs Brie and helps her regroup on the outside as we cut to break!

Alicia Fox with a tilt awhirl backbreaker on Naomi for a two count as we come back. Brie tags back in and takes out Naomi for two. Brie calls Sasha a loser and goes back to Naomi, Brie hits the BrieMode knee for two. Nikki tags in and tags out both Naomi and Sasha before Naomi rolls her up for two. Nikki with a front facelock and spears her down for a one and three quarter count. Nikki continues the spears in the corner and Foxy tags back in and hits the best Northern Lights Suplex in the business for a two count! Foxy slams her down by pulling the hair for two. Cravat applied by Foxy as we get a we want Sasha chant breaking out. Naomi is trying to crawl to the corner but Nikki pulls her into the Bella corner as Brie tags in and hits even more YesKicks! Naomi spears her down but Brie does the same and Foxy tags in. Foxy stomps the body of Naomi, following up with a headlock. Naomi tries to fight out of it but Foxy pulls her back down. Foxy tosses her into the corner but Naomi sidesteps to avoid a double axe handle, Sasha tags in and is cleaning house! Big double clothesline to the Bellas followed by a dropkick to Foxy and the double knees to the face but Brie breaks up the pin, Tamina superkick, Naomi with the Rear View, Sasha locks in the Bank Statement and Foxy has no choice but to tap! What a match!

Winners by Submission: Team Bad! ***** star match! This right here is how you make a match matter! This is how you make the Divas matter! This right here had everything you could want!

Divas Champion Charlotte and Becky Lynch watch from the back, Renee Young asks them if all of this chaos could make her lose her focus, Charlotte says she will make sure that ending the longest reign will not be a fluke come Hell In A Cell!

We get a look at the outside of the TD Garden, we also get a look at the destruction of the Big Show from earlier in the night.

Summer Rae is in the ring, she has a mic and says she keeps hearing rumors that Summer is over. But for one lucky superstar, Summer is just getting started! So please help me welcome the Bulgarian Brute, and the man I go home with every night. Rusev!

Rusev makes his way to the ring waving the Bulgarian flag, Summer says sweetness, I wanted to dedicate an entire segment on Raw…USA chants break out and Rusev says the woman wants to speak. Summer wants to dedicate an entire segment on Raw, to one superstar that has done more than anyone this year! Ru Ru, this tribute is for you honey! WOW! This is beautiful! I would rather not have the sparkling background but it gets the job done! That was beautiful!

Rusev looks impressed with this. Summer…Wow, this is great…I don’t know what to say or how to say this, you know when this first started, I did not like you at all, but then as time moved on and the past few weeks with you under your arm, I can’t think to care anymore than you. Rusev I thought you would say that, because there is something I have to ask you. Wait a minute, she is going down on one knee! She grabs a ring out of her bra! She is calling Rusev over, Ru Ru…will…will you marry me? Oh my god! This is amazing! What will he say? He honestly doesn’t know what to say. Summer says this could go all the way, we could have everything walking out of WrestleMania, way more than with little Lana, just say yes! Rusev tells this crowd to shut up, she did not ask all of you, she asked me! I say…I say…I say YES! WHAT A RAW MOMENT! I LOVE IT! Rusev says yes, but not yet! Woah! Do you think we have future? We must prove to each other that we are meant for each other, I must have WWE gold around my waist, and then you will have gold around your finger! I mean that is an interesting proposition by Rusev, but will Summer accept it? It looks like she will for now. Then again, that gold could be the US title, the Open Challenge is up next!

We see the same promo for NXT Takeover: Respect! A history making Iron Woman match, for the first time in women’s wrestling history anywhere in the world! 30 minutes will decide the NXT Women’s Championship!

We learn that tomorrow night (taped for Thursday) Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman will face Roman Reigns and Randy Orton in a tag team match on SmackDown!

The singing of John Cena Sucks, even in his hometown means only one thing! It is time for the Open Challenge! I will say this, it is more of a divided reaction than usual. Bean Town I told you would have a chance to get riled up! That’s what I’m talking about, now I know Boston is the place to be, take a good look because John Cena is the man to beat. The John Cena US Open Challenge starts now! You want some? Come get some! Who’s it gonna be? This is gonna be a good one! Dolph Ziggler will accept the challenge! Where is he though? Where is Ziggler? Is he making him wait? Wait a minute! The New Day are carrying Dolph Ziggler! Xavier has a mic, John, last week, what was it about, getting serious. Is this serious enough for ya? Kofi has the mic, but now, who will answer the challenge? You see, what we have here, is a big question from a big champion asking a big opportunity in a big match in that big match in front of that big crowd…I can only assume Big E is that big answer to that big question. If we only had a big challenger, Big E is the challenger! I love it! Lillian Garcia with the in-ring introductions!

United States title match: WWE United States champion John Cena vs. Big E

This championship match is underway! Cena with a headlock, which is shocking to be honest. Cena has not done a headlock in ages, off the ropes we go and a Big shoulder block by E as we cut to break!

Big E with a big bodyslam as we come back and another one! E with the cover and a two count. We see a brutal suplex from the commercial break, Cena dropped right on his skull and neck. Back to live action as Cena rolls him up for two. Again we go to a big spear by E from commercial. Back to live action again as Xavier has the trombone playing, E go shoulder first into the post. Urnage by E for two. E goes for the Warrior splash and connects for two! E with another splash, this time on the apron! E pulls him back in for two. This match has been all Big E! Cena fights back with lefts and rights but one Big clothesline by E stops that for two! Cena with a back body drop sending E to the outside! E sends Cena into the steps! E tosses him back in for two, the straps are down! We get New Day Rocks chants and Cena is fighting back. Off the ropes and a shoulder tackle that does not move E, Cena goes for it again but E picks him up, Cena reverses and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle! Cena goes for the AA but New Day pulls him down and E hits a clothesline! Lil Naitch thankfully ejects New Day, E has the trombone and tries to use it, Lil Naitch grabs it, AA and Cena wins! New Day with a three on one assault! Dolph Ziggler makes the save but Ziggler with the superkick on Cena! The Dudley Boyz now try to make the save, they call for the 3D but Kofi and Big E break that up. New Day is dominating everyone here! Trouble In Paradise to Bubba! A second one to Bubba! Big Ending and Kofi from the top take out D-Von! The New Day has taken over! Xavier is playing some kind of song on his trombone before leading this crowd into New Day Rocks chants! A NXT edition of WWE 24 is next on the Network! But for now, goodnight from Boston!

Winner: John Cena **** star match! For the time this match was given, it was amazing! As well as the post-match domination by the New Day, after having Woods go through a table Saturday, this is what you need to do to make your Tag Team Champions look strong and capable of taking care of any person or any combination of people!

Source: http://www.ringsidenews.com