WWE Monday Night RAW 08 17 2015

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WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Date: August 17, 2015
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton

We are live for Monday Night Raw! On a day that one year ago saw the birth of Suplex City, we are live from Minneapolis Minnesota! Lillian Garcia right away introduces Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, The Authority. Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton are on commentary, we are six days away from a four-hour extravaganza known as SummerSlam. Stephanie welcomes us to Monday Night Raw. Tonight feels like Christmas morning, you can cut the electricity with a knife because we are six days away from SummerSlam, but everyone cannot be at the Barclay’s Center, but you can watch it on the WWE Network for $9.99! It will be a four hour event and history will be made. It is the rematch too big for WrestleMania, The Undertaker vs. Minnesota’s own Brock Lesnar. And, for the first time ever, Taker and Brock will be in the same arena at the same time. But as we saw on Tough Enough, John Cena put his face together to answer Seth Rollins challenge.

So it will be for the first time ever, champion vs. champion, title for title! But Seth wants that in writing, so it will be a contract signing and Cena has accepted and that will take place later tonight. We also look at the team of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose face Wyatt Family members Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. Now all of those men will be here tonight and Luke Harper will face Roman Reigns right here tonight. And you say you want a revolution? Well you will get one as Teams PCB, Bella and BAD will face off in a three team elimination match. But we will find out who the real Boss is because tonight, the WWE Divas Champion, Nikki Bella will face the NXT Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks. All of that and more will happen this Sunday! But we even get a big surprise because we learn as the host of SummerSlam will be Jon Stewart! As the final stop to the road of SummerSlam starts right now!

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring for our opening contest, it will be a tag team match set for one fall. Up next, Randy Orton will team with Cesaro to face Mr. Money In The Bank, Sheamus and Kevin Owens.

Five people remain, so the finalists will work inside NXT, the drama with Amanda will continue and one of the most crucial votes of the season will be in your hands, live tomorrow night on USA.

Who will be the favorite? Find out on Tough Enough.

Orton is still in the ring; Cesaro makes his way to the ring. We learn that SportsCenter will be live at SummerSlam and Jonathan Coachman will be on hand to cover the event, if only The Coach was on commentary one last time it would be even better. Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring, Sheamus soon follows. We see the Championship match between Randy Orton and Seth Rollins, but Sheamus made sure Orton would not win the title, but he went to cash in against Seth Rollins but Orton prevented that from happening with a RKO. Which is why Sheamus still holds the MITB contract, but also we learned that Orton will face Sheamus at SummerSlam.

Randy Orton and Cesaro vs. Sheamus and Kevin Owens

Cesaro and Owens kick things off but Owens tags out instantly to Sheamus. Cesaro lets Orton in and either way we will get a SummerSlam preview, Sheamus rolls out after these you look stupid chants and tells them to respect the hawk. He comes back into the ring and into the lockup we go headlock off the ropes and Sheamus takes him down. Back into the lockup, Orton with the headlock off the ropes and Orton takes him down with two shoulder tackles and Sheamus goes to the outside. Fella comes back in and tags in Owens, Orton was going to tag in Cesaro but Owens from behind with the attack but Orton clotheslines him from the corner and here comes Cesaro with a beautiful delayed vertical suplex. There is a huge Cesaro Section out in the crowd tonight, a few punches by Owens but off the ropes we go and Cesaro with a springboard European uppercut that takes Owens to the outside as we go to break.

Orton and Sheamus are trading blows and Sheamus with the rolling senton but Owens tags in and takes Orton down for our first two count of the night. Owens puts the boots to Orton and Fella tags back in, the commentary brings up NXT Takeover to where Owens will face Finn Balor for the NXT Championship in a ladder match. Back to the match as Fella with a house of fire off that tag with a kick and a double axe handle smash for a two count. Owens tags back in as we get a Fight Owens Fight chant and Owens has the reverse chinlock on Orton. Orton tries to fight out of it but Owens tosses him to the outside, rolling out over him but Orton grabs him and hits a backdrop on the barricade. Orton is trying to crawl to his corner but Owens rolls in and makes the tag. Orton fights Fella off and here comes Cesaro with the European Uppercut Train! Big clothesline by Cesaro to finish off followed by a crossbody for two. Cesaro going for the swing but Sheamus grabs the ropes. Fella with a shot and a tilt awhirl powerslam, Sheamus now going up top but flies into a European uppercut for two! Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer but Sheamus flew off and Orton tagged in but they continue to go after Cesaro which leads Orton to get that vintage ropes DDT, Owens blocks the RKO but he hits the RKO on Sheamus as Cesaro keeps Owens away to pick up the victory!

Winners: Orton and Cesaro! ***1/2 star match. As far as an opener goes, that was pretty good. I like how the finish was quick and easy off of the tag, it’s sometime you don’t see often.

Cole confirms that Lesnar and Taker will be in the same building tonight. We go back to the match between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar for the Undisputed Championship, Undertaker coming out of nowhere to attack Lesnar, the following night on Raw we would see a brawl between both men that took almost the entire locker room to break up. Up next, The Undertaker speaks and addressees Brock Lesnar.

We see the NXT Faithful shit on Eva Marie, which will be tomorrow night on Total Divas.

We hear The Undertakers voice with the chants of the druids in the background. When the reaper calls your name, there is no apologies. When the reaper calls your name, there will be no second chances. When the reaper calls, it is the end. Lesnar, your name will be called, and you will never Rest…In…Peace!

We head back to the announcers to shill the WWE Network; JBL tells us the difference from buying it live on PPV and buying it on the WWE Network. We are shown the knee that broke Cena’s nose last month.

We then go to the man that broke said nose, Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins and he is so happy. Tonight’s signing will be the end for Cena and this match will be official. But Rollins wants one more thing; there are statues of legends at WWE Headquarters. Men like Andre The Giant, Bruno Sammartino, The Ultimate Warrior and many more. But he wants a statue of his own, The Authority says if he can beat John Cena and hold onto both titles, they can consider it done. He is happy with this and says he will not let them down.

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring but he is not in this next match, the man in the match however, Roman Reigns, does make his way to the ring. We see the brawl from all four men in question from Smackdown. Ambrose has put himself on commentary, this will be very interesting. Roman Reigns faces Luke Harper up next.

Ambrose moves over to the other side of the commentary table, Roman is in the ring. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper make their way to the ring, but Luke Harper will be the one in action. Ambrose takes Saxton’s chair and tells Bray to sit down.

Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper

This match underway as we go into the lockup and they push away, lockup again and they push off a second time, a third time going into the lockup and Roman fights out of the corner. Harper with a kick and an uppercut followed by tossing him into the corner but Roman fights back with a few punches but Harper gets a few punches of his own followed by a snapmare into the headlock. Knee to the head of Roman followed by a lockup in the corner and Roman with some shoulder tackles to the gut in the corner. Headbutt by Roman off the ropes and Roman with several kicks, Roman misses a clothesline but hits on the rebound, sending Harper to the outside. Superman dropkick by Roman as Raw rolls on.

We see a promo for Undisputed Champion Seth Rollins and SmackDown.

Luke Harper has Roman in a rest hold as we come back. During the commercial break we see Harper with a dropkick for a two count. Back to live action as Roman fights out of the hold, tries to go for a suplex but Harper blocks it and hits somewhat of a Michinoku driver for a two count. Cole tells us that Byron is doing commentary on his knees, brilliant! Harper with a rest hold and Roman fights out of it with a Saito suplex. Big boot to Harper for two! Front facelock by Harper followed by the Gator Roll and back into the headlock. Shots by both men and Roman with a couple of clotheslines, off the ropes we go and another clothesline by Roman. Elbow in the corner by Harper followed by a knee but Roman with a modified German suplex. Roman with a series of clotheslines, Harper lifts him to the outside, Roman with the high-low taking Harper out of the ring, Roman with a clothesline to the outside. Both men back into the ring as Harper kicks him in the gut, Roman with a sunset flip for two.  Clothesline by Roman to the outside, Roman brings him back into the ring for another clothesline. Roman lifts him up for a Samoan Drop for two. Harper goes outside and hits Roman with a superkick! Harper is back in the ring, off the ropes he goes but he runs into a Superman punch but Harper reacts with a blackhole slam for two. Harper rolls him up and again with the superkick followed by a powerbomb but Roman somehow kicks out! We are actually getting a Roman Reigns chant, which is a first to my knowledge. Superman punch followed by a spear and Roman picks up the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns. ***1/2 star match. This could possibly be Roman’s best singles match yet. Ambrose celebrates with Reigns. Bray holds onto Harper, the lights go out and he tells us to Follow The Buzzards as we cut to break.

We see a WWE Network commercial.

We see Daniel Bryan promoting 5 Hour Energy.

We see news from USA today that Jon Stewart will be hosting SummerSlam!

We then go to commentary, talking about the Divas Revolution. Tamina is in the ring with Team BAD members Sasha Banks and Naomi at ringside. Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring with Charlotte and the birthday girl Paige.

Tamina vs. Becky Lynch

This match is underway and we learn that Sasha Banks will defend the NXT Women’s Championship against Bayley at Takeover. Into the lockup we go Tamina with the go behind and she tosses her down. Tamina with a few clubbing blows and Becky with a few shots of her own, Becky ducks a few clotheslines but is caught by Tamina with a swinging slam, almost Rock Bottom like for two. Tamina with another bodyslam for two. Tamina with the rest hold, Becky fights out of it but eats a clothesline for two. Tamina with the ground and pound, Tamina with a kick in the corner but Becky is fighting out of the corner, bounces off the ropes and kicks her in the jaw. Becky going up top now with a missile dropkick for two. Tamina with a kick as we get a Becky chant, Becky rolls her up and locks in the Disarmer, Tamina has no choice but to tap out!

Winner by Submission: Becky Lynch! ***3/4 star match. For the time it was given, it was a great match.

The revolution will continue as the Divas Champion Nikki Bella will face NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks later tonight, also later we will have the contract signing between Seth Rollins and John Cena, as well as Brock Lesnar’s homecoming in Minnesota!

We see a promo for WWE Swerved on the WWE Network. Either this show just got put back on the air or they are just keeping the last few episodes and airing them in delayed weeks.

We see the WWE Rewind presented by Twix. Lana being manhandled by Summer Rae as she uses the Accolade.

Lana is on commentary as Rusev and Summer Rae are in the ring. Lana says we need to have courage to be brave. Mark Henry walks down to the ring waving Old Glory!

Rusev vs. Mark Henry

This match is underway as the USA chants begin and these two are brawling in the ring but now brawl on the outside, Rusev being tossed into the barricade and back inside the ring, Henry with a bodyslam for a two count. Another slam and another two count. Henry and Rusev go back outside and Rusev with a kick and pushing him into the post and again for a second time. Rusev walks over to Lana and shouts something before going back into the ring with a superkick! Stomp to the spine and he locks in the Accolade, but Henry fights out of it, but not for long as Rusev slams his body onto the back of Henry, locking it back in and Henry has no choice but to tap out.

Winner by Submission: Rusev. ** star match. For the time it was given it was a good match.

Lana heads into the ring and she is calling out Summer Rae as Summer and Lana were leaving the ring. Summer heads into the ring and Lana slaps Summer! Lana wants Rusev? Lana do you have a death wish? Rusev is in the ring and this crowd is chanting for Ziggler, and here comes Ziggler! Dolph Ziggler with a house of steam and a DDT on Rusev!  Ziggler goes for a superkick but stops when Rusev uses Summer as a shield. A martial arts kick by Lana to Summer, Dolph with a superkick on Rusev and these two have just cleared the ring and are standing tall! They make out in the middle of the ring.

Jonathan Coachman will be live from SummerSlam at 10AM on behalf of SportsCenter!

Dolph and Lana are arm in arm backstage, JoJo is backstage talking about Lana’s plan, Dolph wants one more match added to the SummerSlam card and he wants Rusev.

We look back at the history between Undertaker and Lesnar and we see the video package shown from last week.

Brock Lesnar’s homecoming will be later tonight. But right now the Intercontinental Champion Ryback makes his way to the ring. He will face The Miz up next.

We see the promo of The Big Show being on The Vendetta. Big Show will be on commentary for this next match as he promotes the movie as well as the triple threat match between himself, Ryback and the man that is making his way to the right now, The Miz. Miz talks about how to be an actor and calls Ryback being a Planet Of The Apes reject and the world’s biggest extra The Big Show cancel each other out. Miz tells us to shut up while he takes off his sunglasses.

WWE Intercontinental champion Ryback vs. The Miz in a non-title match

This match is underway as Ryback right away with shoulder blocks to the gut and several chops in the corner. Miz gets a chop block on him and sends knees to the knee but Ryback fights out of it, Miz goes for the figure four but is pushed off and Miz kicks him in the face for a two count. Miz works on the back and Miz works on the leg but Ryback with a big slam taking him down. Meathook incoming and connecting. Miz holds onto the ropes and kicks him in the head, Ryback lifts him up and goes for a vertical suplex, but then lifts him back into the Shellshock for the victory. Ryback picks up a mic and says the Big Guy is still hungry; Big Show walks to the back.

Winner: Ryback. ** star match, just like the last match, for the time it was given it was a good match.

Cole shills the WWE Network and tells us that up next, the contract signing for the US vs. Undisputed double title match is up next.

Eva Marie continues to get shit on by the NXT Faithful, find out how bad it was on Total Divas tomorrow night.

The Authority is in the ring. Stephanie says it is time to make it official, one of the biggest matches in SummerSlam history, title for title, United States vs. Undisputed titles. Triple H introduces the Undisputed Champion, Seth Rollins.

Seth makes his way to the ring and thanks them for the warm introduction, but before we get started, some congratulations should be in order. he congratulates Stephanie and Hunter for making this one of the biggest matches of all time, and he congratulates himself for the stature in his honor that will be built when he becomes a double champion. But he finally congratulates each and every one of us for witnessing history, and it is a great time to be a WWE Fan, you don’t go to a baseball game and expect a no hitter…unless you are watching a Twins game…pure cheap heat here but nonetheless he tells us he will be the first man to hold the US and Undisputed titles at the same time. We get dueling let’s go Cena/Cena sucks chants and the man isn’t even out here yet. Seth Rollins brings up Bob Dylan, and he talks about the times, they are a’changing. And that is fitting because for many years now, John Cena has been at the mountaintop of the WWE, and every time someone tried to knock him off and everyone has failed!

We know that John wants to play the role of Superman, but we all know he plays the villain, and you have held the WWE Universe hostage which gets a lot of Yes chants! John Cena is a disease! And with one knee I put John Cena into the hospital. Seth Rollins is the cure! I love it! And John Cena calls this title reign a joke? Well John Cena, at SummerSlam I will have the last laugh and I will crush your legacy just like I crushed your stupid face. And John thinks he is a man, he went to Tough Enough and asked that cripple Daniel Bryan.

But here we go; the singing of John Cena Sucks has filled the arena! Here comes the United States Champion! He has a mic and says he is not in the mood to have a seat. You are trying to defend your title reign when half the people are chanting let’s go Cena, the other half chanting Cena Sucks and not a damn person is talking about Seth Rollins. The champ…is there, but the sad excuse of a champion has become, he goes on to talk about how Seth Rollins is basically the next Triple H, and just like Triple H, that big orange problem of his is not going away because the real champ is here. But how do I give payback? Maybe I take his knee and break it, maybe I break your arm, and maybe I break your nose. But it hit me; it hit me as clear as your knee hit my nose. What I am going to do is haunt you for the rest of your life and it will haunt Hunter’s as well. He is a fifteen time world champion, and I made all of this merch because I thought I would never have a shot at that title again. Payback is the easiest thing to do, I head to the ring and I become the world champion for the sixteenth time! And that all-time record holder is Ric Flair, a man that bestowed his greatness upon Triple H, it is all sinking in, because you Seth are fighting for everything that Ric Flair bestowed, you are fighting to preserve the past, present and future, but there is one difference. Triple H was never Ric Flair’s bitch! This Sunday, I will make you mine. He signs the contract and this match is official!

Sasha Banks will face Nikki Bella later tonight, but we also learn that Brock Lesnar will take over SportsCenter tomorrow morning at 9AM!

We see a promo for Lesnar and Taker at SummerSlam!

The Tag Team Champions, Prime Time Players are in the ring, as are The Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores, as the New Day tell us to feel the power! Big E tells us to dry our eyes, and Kofi Kingston tells us to see what happens when you mess with the New Day. Xavier Woods complains about the fatal 4-way match.

WWE tag team champions the Prime Time Players and the Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores and the New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) in an 8-man tag team match

One of the Matadors and Sin Cara kick things off but both men are down already as Titus tags in and is cleaning house right now as JBL tells us that Paul Ellering, a manager of one of the best tag teams of all time, the Legion Of Doom is backstage. El Torito wants in the action, Woods grabs the bull by the horns and Woods fights with the wolves. Kalisto tags in and takes out the matador for the win.

Winners: PTP & Lucha Dragons. *1/2 match. This was a clear throwaway match that had a few good spots in it.

We see the brawl between the team of Rusev and Summer and the team of Dolph and Lana. The match is now official, Dolph Ziggler will face Rusev! As well as the match that was made official last week, the Green and Red Arrows facing Stardust and King Barrett. We will look at the Green Arrow up next.

Demi Lovato and “Cool For The Summer” is the official theme for SummerSlam.

We see a lot of fan art for the match between The Arrow and Stardust. We see the Arrow on Raw, we saw the match between Neville and King Barrett as we saw the Red Arrow as the Green Arrow looked on. Stardust piefaced the Arrow and the Green Arrow took out Stardust. The match was made by Triple H, and then on Smackdown we saw King Barrett and Stardust take out Neville.

Stardust and King Barrett talk about the Green Arrow; they have an amazing promo berating the Green Arrow. They even some kind of shoulder plates with chains to put on Barrett, Barrett is now the Cosmic King? Could we see them go for the tag titles or is this just a one-off? Only time will tell.

Team Bella make their way to the ring, Nikki Bella will face Sasha Banks up next.

We learn that Randy Orton, Cesaro, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will face Kevin Owens, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper on Smackdown.

WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella vs. WWE NXT champion Sasha Banks in a non-title match

Sasha is already in the ring and this match is underway as we go into the lockup, Nikki pushes her off and does some jumping jacks. Sasha has a headlock off the ropes and takes her down for two. Sasha mocks Nikki as she takes her down, Nikki with the headlock and Nikki takes her down for a two count as she is 28 days away from the all-time single reign for the Divas title. Nikki takes her down again for two. Nikki with a reverse chinlock applied as Sasha tries to fight out but is stopped by Nikki with a suplex for a one and a half count. Team PCB watches on from the back. Sasha tries to fight out but is slammed down by Nikki. Chinlock applied by Nikki but Sasha sends her into the corner but Nikki with an elbow but Sasha with the double knees in the corner, Sasha does pushups as we cut to break!

Sasha has somewhat of a bow and arrow necktie applied as we come back. Team Bella and BAD are cheering their charges on as Nikki gets a boot up and an elbow followed by somewhat of a shining wizard by Nikki. Clotheslines by Nikki followed by a dropkick, Nikki with a clothesline and the Alabama Slam for two! Sasha with a neckbreaker for a two count, she puts her back down for two again. A we want Lesnar chant breaks out, Sasha ducks the elbow and rolls her up but Nikki takes it into an electric chair! Nikki with a forearm, Nikki goes for the Rack Attack, Naomi goes up on the apron, Sasha sets up the Bank Statement and Nikki has no choice but to tap out and the NXT Women’s Champion has just made the Divas Champion to tap out!

Winner via Submission: Sasha Banks! **** star match! This is how you #GiveDivasAChance and this is how you make the revolution work! By putting them pretty much in the main event match position since the only thing left will be Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker, not in a match but in a segment. This is not the first time the divas have had this slot but it will not be the last, mark my words!

Team PCB is with Renee Young and they say that PCB will be doing a little bit of TCB, and they will do it with a little bit of Flair!

We see clips of the breaking of the streak. Brock Lesnar is up next!

We see a look at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, and the double main event will be Sasha Banks defending the Women’s Championship against Bayley, and Finn Balor will defend his title against Kevin Owens in a rematch, but not any rematch, a ladder match! This will take place live this Saturday Night on the WWE Network!

We see a promo for The Big Show’s movie, The Vendetta.

Lillian Garcia introduces Paul Heyman, as he welcomes us to the homecoming of the man who has held the WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Championship Of The World, the UFC Undisputed Heavyweight Championship Of The World, and the NCAA Heavyweight Championship, which he won for the University of Minnesota! Ladies & Gentleman, the beast, the conqueror, Brock Lesnar!

Listen to this ovation for Brock Lesnar! The confetti! The cheers! This is a great moment for Brock Lesnar! We get a Suplex City chant as we are now in Suplex City! What a moment! Heyman, bowing down to Brock, he sings a rendition of Glory Glory Hallelujah that I cannot do justice. But now here comes the gong, the lights go out, the lights come back on yet there is no Undertaker. The Suplex City chants continue. Heyman asks if this is the best you have? Well listen here Obi-Wan, you could make God and The Devil team up and I swear on everything that is holy and evil, Brock Lesnar will take all three of you to Suplex City! Ever since the third count was made and the streak was over, The Undertaker wanted revenge. At Battleground, The Undertaker went to get revenge, and went for the low blow. Why would Taker go for the low blow? Because he knew he would never go from conquered to conqueror!

At SummerSlam I can say the same because The Undertaker will never beat Brock Lesnar, and The Undertaker fears Brock Lesnar! Now I do not want any of you to think my client will not take The Undertaker lightly. You all saw him a few weeks ago and the shape Taker is in, if he was facing anyone else I can guarantee you that that person would have a tombstone with his head written on it, but you are not facing a man, you are facing a beast! So I say this, Brock Lesnar offers you no WWE title reigns, Brock Lesnar offers you no 15 years in this business, Brock Lesnar…wait a minute, the lights go out and they are back on, The Undertaker is in the ring, hitting a low blow! Chokeslam by The Undertaker! Lesnar has him up, and much like Battleground the Tombstone connects! But this time it only took one tombstone to take Brock out, we did not see Suplex City become Tombstone City tonight, but will that happen at SummerSlam?

The Undertaker kneels in his yard, walking out of the ring and heading up the ramp. Will this be the scene this Sunday? Taker looks back, the eyes rolled up, lifting the arm up, but will this be for the last time? Goodnight from Minnesota!

Source: http://www.ringsidenews.com/