WWE Monday Night RAW 09 07 2015

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WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Baltimore, MD
Date: September 7, 2015
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton

We are live for a very special Labor Day Edition of Monday Night Raw! We are live from Baltimore, Maryland! And we kick things off with the man who holds both the Undisputed and United States Championships! Seth Rollins! We learned last week that Sting will face Rollins for the Undisputed title, and John Cena cashes in his rematch clause for the US title against Rollins, both taking place at Night Of Champions. He has the mic, and this crowd is surprisingly booing him. Reality check Baltimore, I am special. And I’m not just regular old special, I’m super special, mega special, like once in a life time special, do you understand that? No, hey, hear me out. Before me, it was just a pipe dream, to have someone cash in their Money In The Bank Contract at WrestleMania! Before me, all of you thought Brock Lesnar was invincible. And before me, every single person in the WWE Universe, was clamoring to knock John Cena off the top of the WWE Mountain! Oh now you’re on my side? Because that’s what I did, at SummerSlam I became the only man to hold the Undisputed and US titles at the same time! Now that is greatness, I know this city is not familiar with greatness, but this is greatness! A statue was immortalized in my image.

A statue that caused so much jealousy, that a face painted freak like…he pauses and people start chanting We Want Sting. You and I both, because last week, Sting stole my statue. And more importantly on that, he put his filthy little hands on this! Now, Sting, be careful what you wish for. Because at Night of Champions, you have the opportunity to cement your legacy. On the other hand, I have the opportunity to crush your legacy. And that’s what I am going to do, make sure you never hold my championship again. But that’s not all! Last week it became apparent to me, every single championship is on the line. We get boring chants. And trust me, we are in Baltimore, so if this gets boring, we may see a riot. Because of this information, Mr. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect, Mr. U Can’t See Me. He has politicized his way to get his title match and now I have to defend both titles. I tried to find the solution to this, and I looked and looked and looked, but then it hit me. I’m Seth Rollins! This has been my year, but Night of Champions will be my night! Because two first-ballot hall of famers are trying to take my championships, and I will use them to cement my legacy! I am going to own the both of them, and own my legacy and generation! And if it’s the last thing I do, I am going to get my statue back! Because that statue you guys don’t understand, it was taken from all of you. No, you all deserve to see that statue every single week! It needs to be standing on that stage, standing next to Byron and Michael Cole, in The Authority’s office, and show each and every one of you to know I am the man…Wait a minute! Sting is on the TitanTron!

Seth. Your statue doesn’t belong in some staging area or an office; it belongs here, with me. You know by the way Seth, you are the man! You’re the man without a statue! It’s here, I’m here, come and get it! I’m taking good care of it…and he dusts the statue off! I love it!

Wait, here comes Sheamus! He has the MITB Case in his hand! Seth, what’s the matter, you look a little agitated. We get you look stupid chants. Is it because you are worried about your two matches at Night Of Cham…Rollins cuts him off and says he is not worried about anything, he is worried about this statue. Sheamus asks how stupid this is, while Rollins asks how stupid Sheamus looks. I do not look stupid! Rollins thinks he looks like Ronald McDonald with a bad haircut. Sheamus says not to bring his family into this? But his point, is that briefcase right there. Because he could make that point on Raw, Smackdown, or on Night of Champions. Because if you somehow miraculously survive both your matches, you will have a third, against me! What a statement!

Later tonight, Summer Rae will apologize to Rusev from what we had on Smackdown!

Team PCB is walking backstage, Paige will face Sasha Banks up next!

We get a look at Dean Ambrose in 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown!

Stephanie McMahon is in her office. Rollins runs into the office and is obviously worried and asks if Triple H is here! Trips is right behind him and wonders if he thinks Steph cannot handle this situation? The situation is relevant because you are the man! And Sheamus will be in a match later tonight, however, since Seth has to deal with two matches at Night of Champions, he will have two matches tonight! So his first match will be a Champion vs Champion match, Seth vs the Intercontinental Champion, Ryback! And then it will be a Champion vs Challenger match, when Seth teams with the Tag Champions, New Day! To face The Prime Time Players and John Cena! Steph was gonna say go for the statue, but Hunter’s idea is much better!

PCB make their way to the ring, Paige will be in action right now, but Charlotte will face Nikki Bella on Night of Champions, but she has petitioned to face Nikki next week on Raw so Nikki does not break the record of AJ Lee! Team BAD make their way to the ring, Sasha will be facing Paige; this is a continuation from the Beat the Clock Match from last week that was not resolved since the time limit expired!

Paige vs. Sasha Banks

This match is underway! Paige is just tossing her around by the hair. And no doubt Baltimore is a wrestling town, as the late, great Fabulous Moolah started her historic reign of the Women’s Championship here in 1956! Paige is just going to town on Sasha right now, back elbows and all but Sasha is fighting back with an elbow of her own followed by those double knees for a two count as we cut to break!

We are back live as Sasha has Paige in a crossbow-type hold but Paige fights out of it and hits the Thesz press! Sasha with a forearm, taking her into the corner now and kicks her several times in the corner, saying this is her house now! Cover and a kickout by Paige at two. Sasha chokes Paige on the ropes and Tamina with a cheap shot on the outside for a two count! Paige is struggling to get back up on her feet. Sasha goes for a suplex but is rolled up for two! Sasha tosses her head back onto the mat for two. Going back into that bow and arrow hold but Paige is fighting back with a flurry of forearms but Sasha puts her back to the top rope, Paige fights her off but Sasha pulls her off hard for two. Paige trips Sasha on the ropes and has her bearings back. Big knee in the corner by Paige followed by a kick and a two count! Paige goes for a bodyslam but changes it into Rampaige but Sasha was able to get out of it and get out of the ring. Paige flies onto Tamina! Sasha rams her face first onto the apron! Wheelbarrow suplex by Paige! I haven’t seen a wheelbarrow suplex in ages! Cover and a two count for Paige. Paige going for the PTO, Naomi tries to get involved, the ref takes her out of the ring, and Sasha rolls her up for the victory!

Winner: Sasha Banks! ****1/2 star match! This was a perfect way to keep this storyline between BAD and PCB going, not making a disqualification, just some old school interference! Almost like a manager even! That was a great match and that is how you open a show!

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are up next.

The Ascension are already in the ring. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose walk down to the ring just like the old Shield days! We see an amazing Bray Wyatt promo from Smackdown, challenging both remains of The Shield to a match at Night of Champions!

The Ascension vs. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Ambrose and Konnor kick things off and Ambrose has already taken Konnor to town and tagged in Reigns, Konnor takes Roman into the corner and tags in Viktor. Samoan Drop by Roman but The Ascension use a distraction and get Roman off guard, but Ambrose dives onto one of the Ascension…Um…Cole, it probably isn’t best to use the word “Drive-by” in Baltimore! Come on Cole! Regardless, Roman is cleaning house and has already hit a Superman Punch out of nowhere! Ambrose tags in…DOOMSDAY DEVICE! Spear to Konnor! Dirty Deeds to Victor! Can you say squash? We see Braun Strowman and says he is the destruction! Bray says to keep this as a warning to anyone that joins your cause. The Apocalypse will happen at Night of Champions! Luke Harper is in the camera view…RUN!

Winners via Doomsday! Ambrose and Reigns! **** star match! This would of been a three star match just based on the time it was given, but a Doomsday Device on Raw! You rarely see that nowadays! I always look for new finishes or finishes we haven’t seen in a very long time when I grade a match. That was awesome!

Renee Young is with the Intercontinental Champion, Ryback. Up next he faces Undisputed and US Champion, Seth Rollins. Ryback talks about being a Champion, which is his goal; Rollins on the other hand is a coward, weaseling his way through every challenge. But Seth Rollins is a thoroughbred and in the prime of his career. But The Big Guy has an easy plan…Meathook, Shellshock, one…two…three…wait a minute, Kevin Owens out of nowhere! He wishes him luck, but hopes the Big Guy doesn’t bite off more than he can chew! I love it! And honestly that was Ryback’s best promo yet! I’m impressed!

We cut to a TMZ style highlight reel of what has happened last week between Dolph Ziggler, Lana, Summer Rae and Rusev! I am honestly now not interested in this, can we please get this guy away? Thank god! Regardless of what we just saw, Summer Time Sadness will happen later tonight.

Ryback makes his way to the ring, this is a huge match, and all three major singles titles are in this match. They may not be on the line, but this is the Intercontinental Champion facing the US and World Champion! And that is up next!

We will see The Rock make his Total Divas debut tomorrow night on E!

Michael Cole tells us that The Stone Cold Podcast will feature Edge and Christian immediately after Raw on the WWE Network!

Seth Rollins is already in the ring, as is Ryback.

WWE world heavyweight champion and WWE United States champion Seth Rollins vs. WWE Intercontinental champion Ryback in a “champion vs. champion” non-title match

This Champion vs Champion match is underway! Rollins already rolling to the outside. Rollins says he does not care about this match, but he is going back into the ring. Lockup and Ryback tosses him away, Rollins rolls back out of the ring. Rollins is back in and has the waistlock into a headlock very quickly. Ryback with a clothesline and Rollins once again rolls out of the ring. Rollins is back in and we go to the test of strength with the Roman knuckle lock! Ryback is just overpowering him here, arm wringer into a shoulderblock for a two count. Ryback is just ramming the shoulder in the corner. Continuing to work on the arm in some modified armbar…Did JBL just tell the Baltimore police to report a felony, that Sting took the statue? Does anyone not remember the riots that happened a few months ago? To the fact that they had Payback here and they had every black person win on that card to avoid a riot in this very building this year? The WWE really is out of touch nowadays, not just Vince McMahon, but the commentary team, one of them having a former war correspondent. I don’t even care about this match anymore…Ryback is still dominating while I had this little rant, we will be back after this as Ryback rams him into the steel steps!

We are back as Ryback just speared himself into the steel post! Rollins with a neckbreaker for a two count. Rollins having a side headlock applied right now, Ryback fights out of it and knocks him down with a huge right hand! Rollins rolls out and hits a jawbreaker on the ropes followed by a flying knee for two! Rollins takes him into the corner, showboats a little bit and then goes to the other side of the ring, flying clothesline but gets caught in a back body drop! Look at the height that he got on that back body drop! Ryback with a shoulder tackle but Rollins goes for the Pedigree, lands on his feet after being flipped, Ryback goes for the powerbomb but Rollins gets out and goes for a superkick but gets powerbombed anyway for a two count! What a sequence! Ryback going up top, we don’t see this often, and this is why as Rollins goes up to go for a superplex but Ryback knocks him off, going for a splash but Rollins rolls out of the way and hurries onto the cover but Ryback kicks out at two! Rollins with a baseball slide, taking Ryback out of the ring. Rollins hits Ryback with a knee, taking him back to the outside. Rollins dives onto Ryback and rolls back into the ring! Rollins dives again on Ryback! This may not be wise on Rollins’ part; he is hurting himself more with each dive! And once again and Ryback makes him pay with a spinebuster! Meathook incoming and connecting! Shellshock up high but Rollins gets out of it. Enziguri by Rollins! Wait a minute, Sting is back on the big screen!

Sting says that Rollins is preoccupied, we are here and we are waiting! Ryback rolls him up for the victory! He has just pinned the United States and Undisputed Champion! This could be the biggest win of Ryback’s career! Rollins is pouting in the ring!

Winner: Ryback! ****1/2 star match! Disregarding commentary’s views on Baltimore, this was an amazing match! Again, the distraction was used to perfection!

We see Sting back on the TitanTron, he has a Sting mask, putting said mask on the statue! Rollins is just throwing a fit in the ring! But the night isn’t over for Rollins just yet, as he teams up with the Tag Champs New Day, to face PTP and Cena later tonight! Also later tonight, Sheamus will face Randy Orton in what should be the pissbreak of the evening!

Rollins is looking for Sting! The New Day is telling Rollins to not be sour! Clap for your Two Time Champs! And FEEEL DUH POWAH! WAIT A MINUTE! DID XAVIER WOODS JUST FINAL FANTASY THAT TROMBONE? THAT WAS AMAZING! We have New Day Rocks Chant! Edge and Christian are looking at Seth. Edge says the last time we saw you, you tried to paralyze me from the neck down! Rollins said he had to do what he had to do, just like you Mr. Ultimate Opportunist!  Edge wants him right now! Rollins walks away! Wait a minute! WE ARE HAVING A KAZOO AND TROMBONE BATTLE! WAIT A MINUTE! THE DUDLEY BOYZ ARE HERE! WHAT A MOMENT! Bubba Ray says next week, The Prime Time Players have a rematch for the tag team titles next week. And the winner of that match will face the Dudleys for the titles at Night Of Champions! We have a new song from Bubba! GET! THE TABLES! EDGE HAS HIS OWN KAZOO! YES!!!

This just keeps getting better and better! Here comes Summer Rae! She has requested time to apologize to Rusev, and that will happen up next! What a night so far!

We learn that Little Cease’s has upgraded a father and his two kids to the front row! Good for you Lil Cease’s! Summer Rae is in the ring, and we see the TMZ style highlight reel…from only one week! Great! Summer is in the ring with a mic. This past week has been the most horrific week of my life. And at the center of it all has been a man, has been a man that has been getting the scorn and ridicule. And I owe this man an apology, so Rusev, please…please come and talk to me Rusev. Ask and you shall receive Summer, here comes Rusev! Bulgarian flag and all!

Rusev, you have been my lighthouse to guide me in troubled waters. You have made me motivated to get in the shape of your liking, you got me to pose for this month’s Iron Man Magazine! But that’s all because of you. You gave me the courage, and that’s why I feel so terrible. Dolph has been trying to seduce me for weeks, and when he told me to come into his locker room, my innocence got the best of me, the water running down his body, the steam flying on his tight body…glistening…this was too much. Rusev, I am sorry, I betrayed you, and I may never forgive myself for that, it was a moment of weakness. Rusev has his finger on her lips. You betrayed me, but I accept your apology! See Summer, my Sweet Submissive Summer, it’s not your fault and it is never your fault. It is that pathetic, pale, blonde Dolph Ziggler that called you with all of these American lies. I am not the victim here, it is you. But you are not the only victim here, and that one is Lana. And she is not here because of a broken wrist and a broken heart! And Lana, I want to tell you this, we may have our problems in the past, but I would never cheat on you and make what has happened to you right now.

Dolph Ziggler is out here with a house of fire! Saying that Lana told him last night that Rusev would never let that happen to her. I checked on her last night and she wanted me to give you a message…SUPERKICK! This feud must continue! Lana or no Lana, this feud seems to continue! Ziggler stands tall in the middle of the ring!

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton talk about things, Orton faces Sheamus up next.

We see the same WWE Network promo, but this week it shows Vince McMahon explaining to us about Breaking Ground! This is amazing! As well as the Edge and Christian event on the Stone Cold Podcast, the finale of Swerved, a NXT version of WWE 24! A special broadcast from Madison Square Garden on October 3rd! Paul Heyman now announces that Brock Lesnar will face The Big Show at MSG! And so much more! Start your free month today!

Michael Cole tells us that this is Monday Night Raw episode 1,163! Randy Orton makes his way to the ring, Sheamus soon follows. Michael Cole tells us that the WWE Performance Center has an all access pass on September 28th! Get your passes now!

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

This match is underway and Orton with his vintage headlock, Sheamus rolls out of the ring and comes back in. Sheamus now with the headlock and Sheamus now going to the outside. Sheamus has the mic and asks what is wrong with you people…I do not. Orton thankfully stops this and with a backdrop onto the barricade! European uppercut in the corner by Orton. Dropkick by Orton sends Sheamus back to the outside. Sheamus comes back in and sends him to the outside as we cut to break.

We are back live and Sheamus has a reverse chinlock applied. Orton fights out of it but Sheamus with the Kenton bomb! Sheamus shouts at the crowd to respect the hawk…ironic since we saw a Doomsday Device earlier tonight. Nonetheless Orton is fighting out of the corner with European uppercut after European uppercut! Off the ropes now and Sheamus eats a series of clotheslines and Orton with the powerslam! Sheamus gets his boot up in time but runs into an exploder suplex for a two count! Orton goes for a DDT on the ropes but Sheamus hits that clobbering on the outside! Following up by going on the top rope and hits a shoulder tackle for a two count! Orton with a powerslam for two. This crowd is chanting for an RKO, Orton hits a kick off the ropes but runs into a powerslam by Sheamus. Sheamus stepping through, modified cloverleaf by Sheamus! Almost possibly an inverted Sharpshooter here with the way he has it on, but Orton grabs the ropes! Sheamus flies onto the apron, goes head first into the turnbuckle several times! Orton going up top, going for a superplex and he hits it! Orton rolls onto the cover and Sheamus got the shoulder up! We get a JBL chant from the crowd and Orton with that vintage ropes DDT! This can only mean one thing, the thing they chanted for earlier, the RKO but Sheamus blocks it and hits White Noise…awkward to say that in Baltimore but nonetheless Orton gets the shoulder up! Sheamus goes for the Brogue, Orton goes for the RKO but is rolled up, RKO out of nowhere connecting and Orton wins it! A very interesting finish to say the least.

Winner: Randy Orton. ***2/3 star match. For as much as an Orton/Sheamus match goes, that was pretty damn good. I am very critical on this type of match because we’ve seen it as much as we have seen Orton and Cena go at it…wait a minute, The Wyatt Family is surrounding Orton! Superkick by Harper! Harper has him locked in an armbar, Bray is just pummeling him with lefts and rights! Could this be because Orton could be the partner for Reigns and Ambrose? If so then this is brilliant! Braun Strowman with that modified bearhug like sleeper! I honestly don’t know what to call it, but I will say this, it has been an effective hold ever since his debut a few weeks ago! So I don’t think we have to know what it’s called as long as it gets the job done. Powerbomb by Strowman! Bray tells us to Follow The Buzzards as we cut to break!

We learn that Eva Marie will be on the red carpet, as The Rock makes his Total Divas debut tomorrow night on E!

We come back and see the three on one destruction of Randy Orton from a few moments ago. There is no doubt in my mind that Orton was the partner of Reigns and Ambrose, and he has just gotten eliminated from the picture here tonight.

The Dudley Boyz make their way to the ring for our next contest! We learn that Raw is in Memphis next week. Los Matadores make their way to the ring…I already know who’s winning this one.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Los Matadores

Bubba Ray and Diego kick things off with some nice chain wrestling here. We get some ECW chants from the crowd as Diego gets a side headlock but Bubba with a Saito suplex, Deigo tags in Fernando and he flips into the ring and is teeing off on Bubba but Bubba pushes him off. He is telling El Torito to get off of the ropes! He just slapped Torito off the ropes onto the Apron! 3D and it’s over!

Winners: The Dudley Boyz! *** star match! For the time it was given, and since it was a squash, for the time it was given it was a ok match.

One of the matadors just kicked Torito out of the ring! He is assaulting Torito! The Dudleys are here to make the save! D-Von takes out one matador on the outside, a table is in the ring! Bubba Bomb through the table to the other matador! Torito is saved for now! Bubba gives JBL a high five! I love it!

The Stone Cold Podcast with Edge and Christian is later tonight!

We have just learned that Dolph Ziggler will face Rusev at Night Of Champions!

Cesaro makes his way to the ring for our next match. The Cesaro Section is loud and proud tonight! We see The Miz and Cesaro talking from the Pre-Show earlier in the night. Miz said he could make the Cesaro Section into the Cesaro Nation. Cesaro balks at the offer. Miz makes his way to the ring.

Cesaro vs. The Miz

This match is underway and Miz goes to the ropes, then he flaps his arms like a bird having a seizure and takes his aviators off. Cesaro trips him up, does the same seizure motion and then hits a gutwrench suplex on Miz! Miz with a headlock off the ropes, drop down, Miz tries to leapfrog but flies into a bodyslam for a two count.  European Uppercut Train by Cesaro but Miz rolls out of the ring, Cesaro takes JBL’s hat and clotheslines Miz! He gives the hat back and we get a mix of JBL and Cesaro chants! Miz back in the ring now with boots and shoulders to Cesaro! Another boot by Miz and he chokes him on the ropes. Miz of the ropes and hits a big boot for two. Off the ropes again and Cesaro flips onto the apron, kicking Miz to the mat, going up top but is tripped up by Miz, Miz with a dropkick taking him to the outside! Cesaro is being tossed from barricade to barricade. Big Show is chasing Miz now! This ends in a double countout! Why the hell did this happen? Big Show walks back up the ramp and knocks out Cesaro for no reason! Did Russo become an agent for this match?

Double Countout. DUD! The match was great, but the finish made no sense and it drags it down in my opinion.

We see the Bella Tron, a week away from breaking the record! Team Bella talks about it up next.

We see a promo for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic on NXT! Finn Balor and Samoa Joe will face The Lucha Dragons this Wednesday! What a match that will be!

Team Bella make their way to the ring…did JBL just call himself John Bella Layfield? Alicia Fox and Brie Bella are trying to hype up Nikki Bella like Paul Heyman would…this is disgraceful. Nikki asks if you can all feel it? The Bella Army is counting down the days before she becomes the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time! She shows us the Bella Tron…this is true Honk-A-Meter fashion. She invites us to a ‘Bellabration’ and bottles will be poppin. Does she want to be MVP? Well speaking of MVP’s, here comes the MVP of the divas division in my mind, Charlotte being flanked by the rest of PCB!

Charlotte has the mic. Nikki, we all know I love a party, heck, we love a party, but for some reason you didn’t invite us to the party! So I went to The Authority and next week, I will get my rematch on Raw! I will beat your clock, I will break your attempt for the record, and I will beat you for the Divas Championship! Woo! PCB cleans house! Figure Eight on Nikki Bella! Nikki is tapping out and if this happens next week, we will have a new Divas Champion! Nikki may tie the record next week but will she break it? Find out next week!

Our six man tag team main event is up next!

We see Daniel Bryan promoting 5 Hour Energy!

Immediately following Raw, we get a look at The Monday Night Wars, Volume 2..WITH COMMENTARY FROM ERIC BISCHOFF! THIS IS HUGE! Now if only we could see him return back into the WWE Family for good!

The singing of John Cena Sucks only means one thing, its main event time and if Cena wins we might actually see a riot…just a small side note, bringing a “If Cena Wins We Riot” sign tonight…that might not be wise in Baltimore. The Prime Time Players make their way to the ring. We learn that PTP will face The New Day for the tag titles next week…OHHHH BALTIMORE! DON’T YOU DARE BE SOUR! CLAP! FOR YO TWO TIME CHAMPS..AND FEEEEEEEEEELLL..DUH POWWWWWWWWWAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! We get a New Day Rocks chant! Seth Rollins limps to the ring…wait a minute…was that a guy in a chicken suit on the left? Is he the insurance policy?

John Cena and Prime Time Players vs. WWE tag team champions The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E) and WWE world heavyweight champion and WWE United States champion Seth Rollins in a 6-man tag team match

Cena and Rollins kick things off but Rollins tags in Big E. Lockup into a headlock and Big E is stomping in tune with the New Day Rocks chant. Off the ropes and a shoulder tackle by E. Woods is barking at everyone! I love it! Off the ropes we go and another shoulder tackle by E! We have a dueling Let’s Go Cena/New Day Rocks chant. Cena with some shoulder tackles of his own but Big E with a slam of his own for a two count! Rollins tags in and he is putting the boots to Cena. E tags in and is putting the boots to him, Kofi is tagging in and putting the boots to him, TROMBONE DROPKICK FOR A TWO COUNT! New Day is dominating as we go to break! I love it Maggle!

Crossbody by Kofi for a two count on Cena as we come back! Look at the air he got on that! Tongan death grip by Kofi! Woods is preaching that Cena needs to learn to give up! SOS By Kofi for two! I haven’t seen the SOS in ages, Woods just played the Final Fantasy win theme! I love it! Big E took Cena out! Rollins top rope and he hits the very same knee that broke the nose of Cena over a month ago! His nose looks good for the time being. Rollins is putting the boots to Cena! E is tagged back in, this match is all Big E! E with the dancing sidewalk slam for two! Cena grabs the bulge of Big E…that’s one for the Botchamania file, nonetheless E with a delayed rhythmic suplex for two! Warrior splash misses! Cena makes the tag to Titus O’Neil and Titus is cleaning house right now! Gator Bark and D-Young with a Saito suplex to Rollins on the outside! Avalanche splash to Big E! Gutbuster to Woods! Belly to belly by E! Rollins tags in and Cena tags in, AA but Rollins lands on his feet, Pedigree into the STF! Rollins is making it to the ropes, he tags in Kofi! Crossbody rolled through into a AA and Cena wins lol!

Winners: John Cena and PTP! ****1/2 Star match! New Day really made that match special, what a match that was!

Cena and PTP do the Millions Of Dollars dance! Rollins is in the middle of the ring. Sting is with the statue. Rough night huh Seth? And you never came to get this. Something else I gotta show ya. That’s a garbage truck! Sting just pushed the statue into that garbage truck! It is crushed! It is destroyed! Sting is riding that garbage truck out of the building! The crowd is singing na na na na! Rollins stands on top of the announce table with both US and World titles!

We see Stone Cold Steve Austin shaking hands with Edge and Christian! The Stone Cold Podcast is right now on the WWE Network! But for right now! Goodnight from Baltimore!

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