WWE Monday Night RAW 03 11 2019

WWE RAW Results
March 11, 2019
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Commentary: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Renee Young
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Shield’s music hits, and the crowd cheers. The Shield makes their way to the ring through the crowd. They are going to give their farewell address. It is announced that Roman Reigns will be in action tonight, his first singles match since coming back. Reigns says he’s come to realize over the past few months that life is short and tomorrow is not guaranteed. If last night was the last time ever, he has no regrets because he was in this ring doing what he loves with people he loves. Last week Reigns asked Rollins and Ambrose for a favor, and they didn’t let him down. However, they’re on the Road to WrestleMania so they need to handle their business. Reigns says he hasn’t had a one-on-one match in months, so he’s going to correct that and have one in Pittsburgh. Ambrose has some business as well. Reigns doesn’t know what it is, but Ambrose probably doesn’t either.

The man who has the real business is Seth Rollins. How many years has Rollins been chasing the dream? A “Slay the Beast” chant picks up, and Reigns says that’s what Rollins will do. Rollins is in the main event of WrestleMania and will take the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar while the world chants, “Burn it down.” A “Burn it down” chant fires up. The Shield then joins fists in the ring. Reigns and Ambrose walk off while Rollins stays in the ring. Rollins says The Shield burned it down last night.

“Ladies and gentlemen…”

Paul Heyman walks onto the stage and introduces himself as the advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion… and Mr. Rollins’ conqueror in the main event of WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar. Rollins mocks the way Heyman says Lesnar’s name and mentions all the people Lesnar has run through. Heyman appreciates the impression. Rollins says Heyman’s the advocate for the Brock Lesnar that had a real tough time getting through Daniel Bryan, pushed to his limit by AJ Styles, and came so close to being beaten by Finn Balor. Heyman says that’s the Brock Lesnar he’s going to face. Rollins says Heyman’s client has a bit of a problem with guys that are his size, speed, stature, ability, and style. With all due respect to Bryan, Styles, and Balor, they are all incredible in the ring, but he’s uniquely suited to beat Lesnar at WrestleMania. Rollins says Heyman has three weeks to run his mouth until he beats The Beast and brings the title back to RAW.

A “Slay the Beast” chant picks up. Heyman says that will not happen. Rollins is running down names, but he’s not telling the whole story. Lesnar had no time to prepare for any of those opponents. The crowd loudly boos him. It was initially supposed to be Lesnar taking on Jinder Mahal, but it wasn’t Mahal. It was Styles. It was supposed to be Lesnar taking on AJ Styles, but instead it was Bryan. It was supposed to be Braun Strowman, but it turned out to be Balor. Heyman then says Lesnar has time to prepare for Rollins and shows a video showcase of Lesnar.

Video Package: Highlights of Universal Champion Brock Lesnar

Heyman says ever since Rollins won the Royal Rumble, Lesnar has had his sadistic fantasies in his unrepentant mind focused on Rollins. If Rollins thinks he knows Brock Lesnar… he doesn’t know him at all. All of a sudden… Shelton Benjamin runs in from behind and gives Rollins three German Suplexes.

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Seth Rollins vs. Shelton Benjamin

The bell rings, and Benjamin quickly takes Rollins down with a waistlock. Paul Heyman is on commentary. Rollins applies a side headlock, but Benjamin fights out and takes him down. Benjamin keeps a headlock applied, and the crowd is chanting, “Burn it down.” Rollins whips him off, but Benjamin shoulder blocks him down. Rollins quickly takes him down and chops the chest before connecting with a dropkick. Benjamin rolls out of the ring to recover. Rollins punches Benjamin in the face at ringside and bounces him off the barricade. Rollins throws Benjamin into the ring and punches him. Rollins is whipped into the corner, but he manages to boot Benjamin back. Rollins then hits a blockbuster off the second rope. Benjamin avoids a stomp and goes for a German Suplex, but Rollins lands on his feet and throws Benjamin over the top rope. Rollins goes for a suicide dive, but Benjamin kicks him in the face for a two count.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Rollins trapped in a chin lock. Rollins soon fights up and elbows out, but Benjamin knees him in the midsection and throws him out of the ring. Heyman is still on commentary. Benjamin throws Rollins into the barricade and the LED apron a few times before taking him down on the floor. Heyman takes a phone call while on commentary. Benjamin throws Rollins into the ring and stands over him. Benjamin goes for a powerbomb, but Rollins fights out. Benjamin goes for a powerbomb, but Rollins hits him with a hurricanrana into the turnbuckle.

Heyman says his client Brock Lesnar will be live on RAW next week in Chicago. Heyman says Lesnar has taken exception with Michael Cole on commentary. Rollins ducks a clothesline and hits a Sling Blade. Rollins charges Benjamin, but he’s dropped onto the apron. Rollins punches him back and hits a springboard clothesline for a two count. Benjamin catches Rollins with a release German Suplex. Benjamin hits a second German Suplex before teasing an F5. Rollins gets out, kicks him in the midsection, and connects with the Stomp for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Seth Rollins

Later tonight, Roman Reigns takes on Baron Corbin. Triple H and Batista will also meet face-to-face in the ring.

Finn Balor makes his entrance. Balor and Rollins shake hands at the top of the ramp. Balor will defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Bobby Lashley, next.

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WWE has surpassed 1 billion followers on all social media.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Finn Balor (c) vs. Bobby Lashley

The bell rings, and they circle the ring. Lashley quickly hits a waistlock takedown before viciously putting him in the corner. Lashley stomps him down and chokes him with the boot. Lashley chokes Balor on the ropes for a few legal seconds. Lashley then punches him down before applying a neck vice. They mention Lio Rush hasn’t been seen since being bulldozed by Braun Strowman last week on RAW. Balor fights up, but Lashley powers him into the ropes. Lashley hits the ropes, but Balor dropkicks him down. Lashley immediately gets to his feet and powers Balor to the corner. Lashley charges, but Balor moves and tries for a snap kick. Lashley blocks it and punches him down on the apron. Lashley gets on the apron and tries for a suplex, but Balor slides out and into the ring. Balor knocks him off the apron and hits a dropkick. Balor then hits a running kick to the face.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Lashley applying a chin lock to Balor. During the commercial, Lashley slammed Balor into the barricade. Balor fights out, but Lashley connects with a reverse STO for a near fall. Lashley lifts him up, but Balor slides out and throws him out of the ring. Lashley quickly pulls him out of the ring before hitting a back suplex onto the apron for a near fall. Lashley applies a chin lock, but Balor fights up. Lashley sets up for a powerbomb, but Balor counters into a back body drop and a dropkick. Balor hits some running forearms before finally taking Lashley down. Balor chops the chest before Lashley reverses a whip to the corner. Lashley catches Balor trying a slingshot, but Balor slides off. Balor takes him down and hits a double stomp. Balor tries for a Sling Blade, but Lashley counters by sending him into the turnbuckle. Lashley shoulders him before slamming him into the corner. Lashley lifts him up, but Balor counters into a roll-up for a two count. Lashley recklessly throws him into the corner, but Balor comes back with a Sling Blade.

Balor sends him into the corner and goes to the top rope, but the bell starts ringing. Lio Rush is ringing the bell and holding the Intercontinental Championship. Balor goes outside and intimidates him. Balor shoulders Lashley back and kicks Rush. Balor goes for a springboard, but Lashley spears him out of mid-air for the win!

Winner and new WWE Intercontinental Champion: Bobby Lashley

Lashley and Rush slap hands in the ring and celebrate with the Intercontinental Championship.

Later tonight, we’ll hear who will be the host of WrestleMania on a Moment of Bliss.

Charly Caruso is backstage with Baron Corbin. She has a replay shown of Baron Corbin saying he hopes Roman Reigns doesn’t return to RAW in October. Corbin says he said it, but he’s not going to worry about hurting people’s feelings. Corbin wanted Reigns gone from the ring, but you can’t tell him overcoming leukemia didn’t take it’s toll. Reigns’ friends won’t be able to save him, and he’ll be exposed. Corbin is going to house-train the Big Dog.

Ronda Rousey will address her actions at WWE Fastlane, next.

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RAW Women’s Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey marches her way to the ring. A video package plays highlighting Rousey attacking Becky Lynch at WWE Fastlane to get her to win by disqualification and be entered into the championship match at WrestleMania.

Rousey tells the crowd to take their applause and shove it. She doesn’t give a damn about these “bandwagon bitches” after they chanted “You deserve it” after being beaten by a stick. No wonder Becky Lynch is their hero. She’s a coward like they are. All those booing would cower in her presence if they weren’t protected by a crowd and a barrier. For Charlotte and Becky, there is no barrier. There will be no sanctuary in this church. She will desecrate their place of worship. She will embarrass and humiliate Charlotte and Becky on the grandest stage of them all. That’s why she did what she did last night. She needs to make 100% sure she can expose both them and WWE as the “carny con artists they always have always been.” She will walk through Becky and Charlotte and leave WrestleMania as the RAW Women’s Champion. No one can stop her. In fact, WWE has her permission to make it a handicap match. She’d be embarrassed if she even broke a sweat. Becky is a joke. Charlotte is a joke. Anyone who believes in this whole charade is a joke. Rousey throws the microphone down and holds the title up.

Dana Brooke’s music hits, and she comes out to the stage. Brooke says they’ve heard enough of Rousey’s venom tonight. At this point, she has nothing left to lose. Brooke won’t let her disrespect WWE, the WWE Universe, and the women’s locker room. She might not be a big time fighter, but she loves WWE and this business. She’s worked her tail off to be here, to earn the respect of the women’s locker room, and prove that she belongs here. Each week on RAW she fights for a chance and doesn’t even get the time of day, let alone a match. She might not be on TV and isn’t a household name like Rousey, but all she wants is just a chance. Brooke says it’s the night after a PPV. Usually Rousey issues an open challenge. Her name is Dana Brooke, and she accepts the challenge.

Rousey removes her jacket and simply kicks her down. Rousey hits some vicious judo throws on the floor and gets her in the ring for Piper’s Pit, nearly spiking her on the head in the process. Referees run down to try to help. Rousey teases an arm bar, but then says they need to pay $60 to see an arm bar. Rousey then slaps a referee down. Michael Cole exclaims that Rousey has gone rogue. Rousey grabs her jacket and RAW Women’s Championship before walking off.

Roman Reigns will take on Baron Corbin later tonight.

Video Package: Batista attacks Ric Flair on his 70th birthday and challenges Triple H. Triple H then challenged Batista to show up and he’ll give him what he wants.

Triple H and Batista will meet face-to-face in the ring later tonight.

Ricochet and Aleister Black will be in action, next.

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Aleister Black and Ricochet vs. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

Aleister Black starts off against Chad Gable. Gable quickly takes him down and tags in Bobby Roode. Black flips over them, throws Gable out of the ring, and strikes Roode down. Black hits the ropes, but Roode hits a spinebuster for a two count. Roode kicks him and wrenches the arm before powering him into the corner. Roode chops the chest and hits a suplex. Roode tags in Gable and flips him onto Black for a two count. Gable ties Black up in a submission. Roode tags in and stomps Black before hitting a backbreaker for a two count. Roode then applies a grounded bear hug. Black fights up and rolls him up for a two count. Black avoids a charge and tags in Ricochet.

Ricochet takes Roode down and dropkicks Gable. Ricochet hits a hurricanrana on Roode before jumping over him. Gable tags in and catches Ricochet. Gable and Roode hit a German Suplex/blockbuster combo for a near fall. Ricochet soon makes a comeback and takes Gable down with a clothesline. Ricochet gets out of a Glorious DDT and rolls him up for a two count. Black tags in and kicks Roode. Ricochet hits a modified GTS on Roode. Black then connects with the Black Mass for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Aleister Black and Ricochet

RAW Tag Team Champions The Revival attack Black and Ricochet from behind.

Kurt Angle will address his future later tonight. Coming up next, we’ll hear who will be the host of WrestleMania on A Moment of Bliss.

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Alexa Bliss comes out for A Moment of Bliss. She says everyone is buzzing over her announcement of the host of WrestleMania. Hosting WrestleMania is a big deal. They’ve had Kim Kardashian, The Rock, and The New Day. This year’s host of WrestleMania will be… Alexa Bliss. A “You deserve it” chant lightly picks up, and Bliss says she knows she deserves it. This has been your Moment of Bliss.

Video Package: Colin Jost and Michael Che are the guest correspondents of WrestleMania and got into some trouble last week on RAW

Braun Strowman is backstage with Charly Caruso. She asks if what Colin Jost said was deserving of having him jacked up by his neck. Strowman says that guy has to stay away from him. A stagehand says Strowman’s car is here. Strowman asks, “What car?”

-Commercial Break-

We go outside and see Braun Strowman standing in front of a red sports car with the stagehand. There is a red bow on the car. The stagehand reads a letter from Colin Jost. It’s a present to show no hard feelings. Jost writes that he hopes he treats it better than Mr. McMahon’s limo since there are no more title matches to be screwed out of. Strowman says he can’t even fit into the car and starts to destroy it. Strowman rips off the door, kicks out the front seat, punches the windshield, rips off the hood, and smashes off the bumper. Strowman tells the stagehand to tell Jost and Che that he’ll see them live from New York when they get these hands.

“Ladies and gentlemen… Elias.”

Elias strums a chord and gets a big reception. Elias said he wouldn’t return to his hometown until he was a superstar people could believe in. Now here he is. Elias plays a riff and has one question for everyone here tonight: Who wants to walk with Elias? Elias says he’s surprised he turned out the way he did since statistics show most people from Pittsburgh are wastes of life. Everyone is miserable here. The miserable people hold the great people back. That is exactly the advice he gave to his good friend Antonio Brown. The crowd loudly boos that.

No Way Jose interrupts and dances his way down to the ring. Elias hits a baseball slide and throws him into the barricade. Elias punches down two members of the conga line before hitting Jose with Drift Away on the ramp. Elias gets in the ring while replays are shown of what just happened.

Video Package: Harlem Heat are the latest inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame: Class of 2019

Lacey Evans struts around the stage. Nia Jax and Tamina make their entrance during this. Nia Jax takes on Natalya, next.

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Photos are shown of Nia Jax and Tamina attacking Beth Phoenix before taking out Natalya, who ran down to help.

Natalya introduces Beth Phoenix, who will be at ringside.

Nia Jax w/ Tamina vs. Natalya w/ Beth Phoenix

No sooner does the match start, but Phoenix gets involved and attacks Jax. Phoenix powers Jax out of the ring and stands tall with Natalya.

Winner by Disqualification: Nia Jax

After Jax and Tamina go backstage, they get into a brawl with Sasha Banks and Bayley.

Batista steps out of a limousine. He’ll be out, next.

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WrestleMania is 27 days away.

Triple H’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring dressed in his trademark leather jacket. Triple H appears ready for a fight.

Batista’s music hits, and he walks out onto a RAW stage for the first time since 2014. Batista is wearing a really sparkly sport coat. Batista looks back at the stage and security comes out to stand in front of him. Triple H smiles. Triple H and Batista are just staring at each other from afar. Triple H asks if he’s going to stand there looking like a nose ring model or get in the ring like he asked. Triple H asks if brought the security “to protect him from Batista.” Batista says he brought security because he’s not stupid. Batista learned from the two dirtiest players in the game: Triple H and Ric Flair. Batista asks where Triple H’s sledgehammer is. Triple H’s biggest mistake is underestimating him. They’ll do this on his terms. Triple H is going to give him what he wants. That’s why he’s here.

Triple H says he’s not going to give him a damn thing. How many times has Batista quit this company? Now he’s supposed to get handed stuff because he’s a big Hollywood star? Triple H isn’t going to give him anything. If Batista is too much of a coward to get in the ring, he’ll tear his way through the “Guardians of the Independent Scene” and tear Batista apart. Batista says he’ll be long gone by the time Triple H gets here. Batista did quit because he wanted to get as far away from Triple H as he could. Triple H always held him down, looked down on him, shut him out… Triple H knows what he wants. Triple H will give him what he wants or he’ll continue to hurt people he loves. Triple H isn’t going to give him anything except the beating he deserves. Triple H tells him to get in the ring. Batista says he knows Triple H wants it. Batista knows him. It’s killing him. Triple H wants to hurt him, but he won’t give it because he’s not in control. Batista screams to give him what he wants.

Triple H says he’ll give him the beating he deserves. Batista says he wants Triple H at WrestleMania. Triple H says he beat up a 70 year old man to get him at WrestleMania. If he wants him at WrestleMania… he’s on! The crowd cheers that. Batista looks taken aback and simply says, “Thank you. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. My one last match to end my career on my terms… and that one last match to end your career on my terms. I’ll see you at Mania.” Batista then walks off. Triple H calls after him. Triple H says he’ll see Batista at WrestleMania, but he better dig down deep inside and find whatever scrap is left of The Animal. When they get to Mania, it might be on his terms, but the match will be on his. Triple H tells Batista to bring everything he has because there will be no rules or restrictions. It will be No Holds Barred. Batista removes his sunglasses and looks teary eyed. Batista then walks off for good.

Kurt Angle will address his future, next.

-Commercial Break-

Kurt Angle makes his entrance to a huge reception in his hometown. Angle says 23 years ago he left Pittsburgh to compete in the Olympic Games and won the Gold Medal with a broken freakin’ neck. That win led him to the WWE where he has traveled the world for 20 years. He’s faced and defeated every legend and Hall of Famer this business has to offer. No matter where he went, he always considered Pittsburgh his hometown. That’s why he wanted to save this announcement for tonight. Angle says, “At WrestleMania, I will compete in my farewell match.” Angle thanks WWE and the superstars, but most importantly every one of the crowd. Angle is getting emotional. They made it so much fun for him. Angle had the time of his life. A loud, “Thank you Kurt” chant picks up. Angle thanks them. It’s only right to have one last match right here in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Then it’s on to WrestleMania.

-Commercial Break-

Kurt Angle vs. Apollo Crews

The bell rings, and they lock up. Crews applies a side headlock, but Angle whips him off. Crews shoulder blocks him down and hits the ropes. Angle hits a hip toss before taking him down for an arm bar. Crews fights up and puts him in the corner. Angle reverses a whip to the corner, but Crews boots him back. Angle comes back with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Crews avoids Angle and hits a dropkick for a two count. Crews connects with a suplex for a two count. Crews cinches in a chin lock. Angle fights up and elbows out. Angle and Crews trade punches before Angle catches him with a trio of German Suplexes for a near fall. Angle sizes Crews up for an Angle Slam. Crews counters into an arm drag and catches him with a step-up enzuigiri. Crews hits him with a standing moonsault for a near fall. Crews goes to the top rope, but Angle avoids a frog splash. Angle catches him with an Angle Slam for the win, the final win in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

Winner by Pinfall: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle helps Apollo Crews up, and they embrace in the ring. Angle then celebrates in the ring and walks off triumphantly.

Roman Reigns will battle Baron Corbin, next.

-Commercial Break-

Roman Reigns makes his entrance for his first one-on-one match since his return from leukemia. Drew McIntyre attacks Reigns from behind and punches away at him. McIntyre then sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. Reigns falls out of the ring. McIntyre goes outside to get him, but Reigns fights back. McIntyre then wipes him out with a Claymore Kick on the floor. McIntyre tells Reigns to get up and fight for him. Reigns slowly gets up, and McIntyre hits him with a Claymore Kick into the ring post! McIntyre says, “I promise you, Roman. This is just the beginning!”

Referees and a doctor run down to help. The doctor shines a light in Reigns’ eyes to check for a concussion. Reigns keeps stumbling away and won’t let him near. Seth Rollins runs down to check on Reigns. Reigns says he’s fine and tries to walk off, but he has to stop to regain his balance. Reigns says he just has a headache. Reigns then uses Rollins to keep his balance while walking up the ramp.

-Commercial Break-

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are helping Roman Reigns backstage. They send him to the trainer’s room. Ambrose catches up with Triple H. Ambrose says he wants Drew McIntyre tonight in a no disqualification, falls count anywhere match. Triple H says, “Hell yeah” before saying he’ll let McIntyre know.

Replays are shown of Drew McIntyre’s attack on Roman Reigns.

Dean Ambrose makes his entrance. Drew McIntyre comes out and asks if he’ll take his beating like a man or squeal like his pathetic brother Roman Reigns.

Falls Count Anywhere
Dean Ambrose vs. Drew McIntyre

Ambrose runs up the ramp and attacks him. Ambrose blocks a suplex and hits McIntyre with a suplex on the stage. Ambrose jumps off the stage to hit a double axe handle. They’re not fighting through the crowd. Ambrose bounces him off the barricades and punches him. McIntyre rakes the eyes and chops the chest. They fight up the stairs before McIntyre bounces him off the railing. McIntyre lifts Ambrose and slings him into the wall. McIntyre tries to throw him out of the press box, but Ambrose bits the fingers. Ambrose then jumps off a table to hit McIntyre with a sledge.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Ambrose punching McIntyre down the stairs. During the commercial break, they destroyed the concession area and a merchandise wall. Ambrose throws McIntyre back to ringside. Ambrose leaps off the barricade, but McIntyre catches him with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex on the floor. McIntyre removes the top half of the steel steps and hits Ambrose with them for a near fall. McIntyre connects with a suplex on the floor for another near fall. McIntyre brings him back into the crowd and says he’ll take out The Shield one by one. Ambrose gives him a low blow, and McIntyre collapses in pain. Ambrose punches away at McIntyre before backing up. McIntyre quickly hits him in the midsection with a chair and bounces it off his back. McIntyre then drops him on the barricade. Ambrose sends him into a crate and punches him down on it. Ambrose then rolls the crate into another one. Ambrose then hits a Mick Foley elbow drop for a near fall.

Ambrose avoids the crate and bounces McIntyre off it. They’re up by the commentary table. Ambrose rolls him up for a two count. McIntyre quickly kicks and punches him. McIntyre clears off the commentary table, but Ambrose comes back with a back suplex on the table. Ambrose punches away at him on the table. Ambrose stands up, so McIntyre gives him a low blow. McIntyre then stabs Ambrose in the eye with a pencil! McIntyre lawn darts Ambrose into the LED wall of the stage. McIntyre repeats the move for a near fall. Ambrose swings wildly, but he can’t see McIntyre. McIntyre punches away at Ambrose and puts his head through a steel railing. McIntyre then hits him with a Claymore Kick while trapped in the railing! McIntyre picks up the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Drew McIntyre

McIntyre stands on the commentary table and poses. Ambrose manages to get to his feet, so McIntyre hits him with another Claymore Kick while the show comes to an end.