WWE Monday Night RAW 10 12 2020

WWE Raw Results
October 12, 2020
Orlando, Florida (Amway Center)
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We go live into the WWE ThunderDome. The commentators welcome us to the show. They put over the Raw acquisitions from Night One of the 2020 WWE Draft: AJ Styles, SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston), The Miz and John Morrison, and Naomi.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. We see footage of him pinning WWE Champion Drew McIntyre last week on Raw in a 6-Man Tag Team Match. McIntyre will defend the title against Orton inside of Hell in a Cell.

No matter what happens tonight in the WWE Draft, he is taking the WWE Championship from McIntyre. 2020 has been one hell of a year, but it has been the year of Drew McIntyre. You cannot dispute that. McIntyre not only main evented WrestleMania and beat Brock Lesnar, but he become the WWE Champion. McIntyre became the main face of WWE. Orton didn’t learn this until a few days ago, when he beat McIntyre last week with an RKO he hadn’t been pinned in almost an entire year.

Orton looks into the camera and is talking to McIntyre. In less than two weeks at Hell in a Cell, he’s going to pin him yet again, end his legacy, and take the WWE Championship from him. He’ll do that by hitting him with the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment: R-K-O…

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre’s music hits, and he comes out to the stage. McIntyre says he has to congratulate Orton. Orton is correct. Orton is the first person to pin him in almost a year. Orton picked his spot and hit him with an RKO out of nowhere. McIntyre expected that. What he didn’t expect was Orton gloating instead of kicking him in the head. That’s where Orton messed up because he got back up. When he kicked Orton in the skull at Clash of Champions, that was for everybody he ever screwed over. At Hell in a Cell, all the pain and suffering he causes Orton will be for him.

McIntyre realizes Orton might get drafted tonight, but he has a promise. Everytime they’re in the same building together, he’s going to kick the crap out of Orton. McIntyre doesn’t want to break his promise. McIntyre gets in the ring, and they start brawling. McIntyre punches and kicks him to the corner. Orton kicks him and tries to fight back, but McIntyre overwhelms him. Orton quickly gets out of the ring to recover. Orton spears him into the apron as McIntyre gets out of the ring. McIntyre fights back and sends him into the barricade and ring post. McIntyre bounces him on the apron before giving Orton a back suplex on the commentary table. McIntyre gets him in the ring for a Claymore Kick, but Orton immediately rolls out and retreats up the ramp.

Coming up next on Raw, Kevin Owens will face Aleister Black in a No Disqualification Match.

WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon is texting backstage. A stagehand gives her a card with the first draft picks of the evening on them. They’ll be announced, next!

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WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon comes out to the stage. She’s honored to preside over the final night of the 2020 WWE Draft, which will feature surprises, twists, and turns.

— “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt drafted by Raw
— SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley drafted by SmackDown
— Randy Orton drafted by Raw
— Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits drafted by SmackDown
Charlotte Flair drafted by Raw

No Disqualification Match
Aleister Black vs. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens charges down to the ring and starts brawling with Aleister Black. They fight out of the ring, but Black soon boots him in the face and sends him into the apron. Black gets him in the ring and goes for Black Mass, but Owens avoids it. Owens goes for a Stunner, but Black gets out. Owens takes him down and punches him out of the ring. Owens attacks him at ringside and bounces him off the steel steps. Black fights back at Owens and kicks him in the chest before kicking him in the face. Black knees him in the back, but Owens reverses a whip into the barricade. Owens connects with a cannonball against the barricade.

Owens goes under the ring and brings out a table. Owens sets it up at ringside. Owens goes to powerbomb Black through the table, but Black fights it. Owens quickly boots him back and climbs to the top of the barricade. Black flips him off the barricade onto the commentary table.

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We come back from the break to see Black trying to suplex Owens onto an upright steel chair. Owens fights it and hits the ropes, but Black hits a drop-toe-hold into the seat. Owens grabs his head in pain. Owens tries to punch him as he gets up, but Black punches him down. Black gets out of the ring and goes under to grab more steel chairs. Black puts three chairs in the ring and gets in. Owens fights him, but Black superkicks him. Black sizes him up and goes for a knee, but Owens shields himself with a chair. Owens slams the chair off Black’s back and DDTs him onto it for a near fall.

Owens sets up four chairs 2 by 2, seat to seat. Black goes to the top rope, and Owens goes for a superplex onto the makeshift chair platform. Black fights it and hits a meteora off the top rope through the chairs! Black covers, but Owens somehow kicks out.

Black goes outside and puts the table in the ring, setting it up. Black goes to grab Owens, but Owens tries for a Stunner. Black sends him into the ring post and goes for Black Mass, but he hits the ring post when Owens moves. Owens gets Black in the ring and hits a Stunner. Owens immediately follows up with a powerbomb through the table for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Kevin Owens

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke will be on Miz TV with Raw’s newest stars The Miz and John Morrison, next.

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Stephanie McMahon is back for round two of the WWE Draft.

Braun Strowman drafted by Raw
— Daniel Bryan drafted by SmackDown
— Matt Riddle drafted by Raw
— Kevin Owens drafted by SmackDown
Jeff Hardy drafted by Raw

The Miz and John Morrison are in the ring. They talk about being the newest stars on Raw and introduce themselves with their nicknames. They make fun of the broken up tag teams like The New Day and Heavy Machinery. The Miz insinuates that he’s responsible for Heavy Machinery breaking up because of his connections with the USA Network. He then introduces Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke make their way to the ring. Miz says he doesn’t want to make this show all about them thanking him for this opportunity. Mandy says moving her to Raw was petty and done to punish Otis. The Miz is ruining people’s lives. Miz says she has new music and a new partner. She’s happy. She’s winning. Mandy should be thanking Miz. Mandy says she’d rather slap him in the face.

Miz asks Dana Brooke if she really wants to be friends with Mandy. Mandy was friends with Sonya Deville for years before kicking her to the curb for Otis. Dana says there is no jealousy here like there was with Sonya. The Miz mentions they’re in a dual-branded battle royal where only one woman will face Asuka for the Raw Women’s Title. That’s gotta be awkward. Mandy says the only thing that’s awkward is being on the same brand as The Miz. As far as the battle royal is concerned, may the best woman win.

Natalya and Lana come out to the ring. Lana is confused as to why Miz and Morrison are interviewing these two blondes when she has the winningest and best of all time (#BOAT) Natalya. If you want drama, Lana is the one to talk to. She’s the one with two ex-husbands and an ex-girlfriend. Natalya says they’re in the battle royal and no one wanted to interview them. This could be their last night on Raw. Dana says they should do a TikTok dance. Mandy says if they did less TikTok and more training, maybe Lana could win a match.

All four women start brawling. Mandy quickly knocks Lana out of the ring. Dana beats Natalya out of the ring.

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The Miz and John Morrison are still in the ring. Miz says he has a Plan B after his original guests brawled and went to prepare for a tag match. His next guest is… John Morrison!

Morrison starts to talk, but Lars Sullivan interrupts them. Sullivan charges down to the ring. Miz quickly gets out, leaving Morrison high and dry. Morrison kicks Sullivan back into the ropes, but Sullivan immediately rebounds with a clothesline. Sullivan tosses him. Miz goes to grab Morrison, but he backs up in fear of Sullivan. Sullivan throws Morrison before giving him the Freak Accident. Sullivan stands tall over Morrison as Miz looks on in terror.

Replays are shown of Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship this past Friday on SmackDown. Woods and Kingston were then immediately drafted to Raw and Big E was drafted to SmackDown.

WWE Official Adam Pearce is backstage with Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits, who are now on SmackDown, and the SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day, who are on Raw. Pearce says they should do a simple title exchange. The two teams agree and switch titles. The New Day are now the Raw Tag Team Champions and The Street Profits are the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode walk up. They’re angry that the Street Profits are running to SmackDown before they can get what they want. The New Day then taunt them. They’ll face Roode and Ziggler in a tag match tonight.

Seth Rollins is walking backstage. He’ll give a farewell address on Raw, next.

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Stephanie McMahon is out on the stage. She announces that Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day will defend the titles tonight against Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

— RETRIBUTION drafted by Raw
— Lars Sullivan drafted by SmackDown
— Keith Lee drafted by Raw
— King Corbin drafted by SmackDown
Alexa Bliss drafted by Raw

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Rollins says he wants to soak it all in because this is the end of an era. While he takes his talents to Friday nights, he wonders how difficult it must be for the fans of Monday Night Raw. This is his final night as a member of the Raw roster. They’re losing a lot. They’re losing a champion that has slayed beasts and conquered monsters. They’re losing the purveyor of the greater good. Most glaringly, they’re losing the greatest leader in the history of Monday Night Raw.

Is there anyone that can fill his shoes and fill the void he’s leaving behind? No. Who will step up and fill his shoes? It won’t be Dominik or Rey Mysterio. Unfortunately, they have also been drafted to SmackDown. While this is a sad, sad moment for the people at home, he doesn’t want to end his run as the greatest leader in the history…

Jeff Hardy’s music cuts him off, and Raw’s newest wrestler comes out to the ring. Rollins says he was looking for a leader. Hardy is not that, so he can get out of his ring. Hardy says he’s on Raw so this is technically his ring. Rollins says Hardy should be worried about facing “The Freak” Lars Sullivan on SmackDown.

Rollins goes to leave, but AJ Styles’ music hits. Styles walks out and asks if Hardy stumbled down to the ring. Styles fists bumps Rollins and tells him to get to the back since this was never Monday Night Rollins anyway. Styles focuses on Hardy, but Rollins cuts him off and confronts him. They argue at ringside until Hardy hits them with a baseball slide. Hardy jumps off Styles’ back and hits Poetry in Motion on Rollins. Hardy then hits Styles with a diving clothesline off the apron.

Hardy gets in the ring and says he’ll show Rollins that Raw is in good hands. He wants them both in a triple threat tag match…

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Triple Threat Match
Seth Rollins vs. Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles

The bell rings, and Hardy goes after them both. Hardy punches Rollins back and clotheslines him over the top rope. Styles attacks Hardy and puts him in the corner. Hardy reverses a whip to the corner, but Styles boots him back. Hardy quickly hits a Sling Blade for a one count. Hardy puts Styles in the corner and shoulders him in the midsection. Hardy hits the ropes, but Rollins sweeps his feet from ringside. Rollins gets in the ring and double-teams Hardy with an avalanche in the corner. They attack Hardy before Styles rolls Rollins up for a two count. Styles kicks him in the head and hits an ushigoroshi for a near fall.

Rollins rolls out of the ring to recover. Styles chokes Hardy on the middle rope. Styles slams him down and hits a knee drop on Hardy for a two count. Rollins gets on the apron, but Styles punches him back to ringside. Hardy fights back and goes to the top rope, but Rollins gets on the apron and knocks him to the floor. Rollins goes for a springboard, but Styles moves. Rollins connects with a Sling Blade followed by a superkick on Styles. Rollins then hits Hardy with a suicide dive. Rollins goes for a powerbomb on Styles, but Styles fights back. Rollins quickly knocks him out of the ring with an enzuigiri. Rollins then hits Hardy and Styles at the same time with a suicide dive.

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We come back from the break to see Hardy fight up from a chin lock applied by Rollins. Rollins quickly beats Hardy down and kicks Styles off the apron. Rollins shouts that he runs this house until he says different. Rollins bounces Hardy in the corner and whips him to the corner. Hardy elbows Rollins back and punches Styles back. Hardy then hits Styles and Rollins with Whisper in the Wind. Hardy’s leg seems to twist on the landing.

Hardy hits Styles with an inverted atomic drop followed by a double leg drop to the midsection and a low dropkick. Hardy hits Rollins with an atomic drop and hits a rolling neck snapper. Styles attacks Hardy and goes for a suplex, but Hardy counters into a sitout falcon arrow for a near fall. Rollins grabs Hardy and lifts him up, but Hardy hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep followed by a compactor, but Styles breaks up the pin. Styles hits Hardy with a reverse DDT for a near fall.

Styles sets Hardy up for a Styles Clash, but Rollins hits him with a springboard knee to the head. Rollins knocks Hardy back and hits Styles with a falcon arrow for a near fall. Hardy broke up the pin. Rollins goes for a Stomp on Styles, but Hardy jumps off Styles’ back and hits Rollins with a DDT for a near fall! Hardy goes to the top rope, but Styles cuts him off. Styles goes for a superplex, but Rollins gets him in the electric chair. Styles drops down and applies the Calf Crusher to Rollins! Rollins gets to the bottom rope, so Styles lets go. Hardy follows up with a Swanton Bomb on Rollins. Styles pushes Hardy out of the way and covers Rollins, but Rollins kicks out!

Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Styles, but Elias returns and slams Hardy in the back with his guitar! Styles then covers Hardy for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: AJ Styles

The returning Elias looks down the ramp at the broken Jeff Hardy in the ring.

Stephanie McMahon is backstage. More draft picks, next.

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Stephanie McMahon is back on the stage.

— Elias drafted to Raw
— WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn drafted to SmackDown
Lacey Evans drafted to Raw
Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura drafted to SmackDown
Sheamus drafted to Raw

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke vs. Natalya and Lana

Dana Brooke starts against Natalya. Natalya comes off aggressively to start the match, but Dana hits a head-scissor takeover. Mandy Rose tags in and hits a unique arm drag. Mandy slams her and tags Dana in for a two count. Natalya tags Lana in, and Lana attacks Dana. Natalya tags in and stomps Dana before slapping her in the face. Lana tags in and knees Dana onto the ropes for a near fall. Lana stretches Dana out with a head-and-arm submission. Dana fights out. Lana slaps Mandy in the face. Dana rolls Lana up for a two count.

Mandy tags in and takes Lana down hard. Mandy hits an impressive clothesline against the ropes before tagging Dana in. Mandy knees Lana in the face. Dana goes to the ropes and gets on Mandy’s shoulders. Dana hits a senton off the shoulders of Mandy Rose for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

Natalya looks at Dana Brooke and says this isn’t working for her anymore. Natalya walks off on Lana. Lana is crying in the ring.

The Hurt Business is backstage when Ricochet walks up to them. MVP asks if he’s a glutton for punishment. Ricochet says facing them does nothing for his career. It does nothing for their careers. It ends tonight. If Ricochet wins, they’re done forever. If Cedric Alexander wins, Ricochet will join the Hurt Business. They all agree.

Angel Garza returns from injury and will be in action, next.

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Zelina Vega will be on commentary for this next match.

Angel Garza vs. Andrade

Garza immediately throws his pants at Andrade. They brawl before Andrade hits a back suplex. Andrade continues to attack Garza before kicking him in the injured quadricep. Garza’s left leg, which was legitimately injured at WWE Clash of Champions, is heavily taped. Andrade zeroes in on it and attacks it. Andrade grounds him with a waistlock, but Garza fights up and elbows him in the face. Garza fights him off and viciously superkicks Andrade in the face for a near fall. Garza goes for a Wing Clipper, but Andrade gets out and hits a hip toss into the corner. Garza’s injured leg hits the turnbuckle.

Andrade goes for a Hammerlock DDT, but Garza gets to the ropes. Andrade hits a wild back elbow to knock Garza out of the ring. Andrade says he’s doing this for Vega. Andrade goes for a Hammerlock DDT on the floor, but Garza pulls him face first into the apron! Garza gets Andrade in the ring and hits the Wing Clipper while looking at Vega for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Angel Garza

Zelina Vega checks on Andrade in the ring. The lights go out… The Fiend is here. The red lights come on, and Alexa Bliss has her back arched in the corner. The Fiend appears behind Andrade and Vega. The Fiend grabs Andrade while Bliss grabs Vega. They hit simultaneous Sister Abigail slams and look at each other.

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Stephanie McMahon is back for another round of the 2020 WWE Draft.

Nikki Cross drafted to Raw
— Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode drafted to SmackDown
— WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth drafted to Raw
— Apollo Crews drafted to SmackDown
— Dabba-Kato drafted to Raw

Raw Tag Team Championship
The New Day (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, c’s) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

Xavier Woods starts against Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler takes him down a few times, but Woods hangs in there with him. Ziggler is a former champion amateur wrestler. Woods twists the arm, but Ziggler stomps the foot. Ziggler applies a hammerlock, but Woods twists out. Kofi Kingston tags in and comes off the top rope with a double axe handle to the arm. Ziggler quickly fights out and tags Robert Roode. Roode applies a side headlock to Kingston, a former WWE Champion. Kingston whips him off, but Roode shoulder blocks him down. Kingston leapfrogs him and hits a spinning back elbow for a two count. Roode stuns Kingston and punches Woods off the apron. Kingston attacks and goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Roode avoids it. Roode hits a full nelson slam and tags Ziggler in. Roode throws Ziggler up and he comes down with a leg drop on Kingston for a near fall.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Ziggler and Roode attacking Kingston. Ziggler avalanches Kingston in the corner. Roode hits Kingston with a reverse neckbreaker for a two count. Roode applies a chin lock to Kingston, but Kingston fights out.

Woods and Ziggler tag in. Woods takes Ziggler down and hits a head-scissor takeover. Woods boots Roode back and hits an Honor Roll. Woods then dumps Ziggler out of the ring. Woods puts Roode into the ropes and splashes him while hitting Ziggler with a baseball slide. Woods gets Ziggler in the ring and hits a DDT for a near fall. Woods presses Ziggle avoid hits head for a gutbuster, but Ziggler blocks it and hits a spike DDT for a near fall.

Roode tags in and whips Ziggler into Woods for an avalanche, but Woods moves. Kingston gets Ziggler out of the ring. Woods goes for an Honor Roll on Roode, but Roode counters into a Double R spinebuster. Roode picks up a near fall and complains to the referee. Roode grabs Woods, but Woods hits an enzuigiri. Ziggler pulls Kingston off the apron and whips him into the steps, but Kingston leaps over. Kingston then jumps off the steps to attack Ziggler. Kingston blind tags in. Woods hits a backbreaker, and Kingston comes off the top rope with a double stomp to Roode for the win!

Winners by Pinfall and still Raw Tag Team Champions: The New Day

Elias is walking backstage when Charly Caruso stops him. Elias says it’s time for payback on Jeff Hardy. Hardy hit him with a car and took him out of action. Charly says the suspect is still at large. Elias says he knows who hit him. Hardy tried to send him to the big stage in the sky. While God would love a concert, Elias isn’t ready. On October 26, he has a new album coming out. Next week, he’ll have a concert for his return to Raw.

Next week will be the season premiere of WWE Raw.

Cedric Alexander, who is back after being off for a few weeks, comes out with the Hurt Business. If Ricochet wins, the Hurt Business is done with him. If Alexander wins, Ricochet joins the Hurt Business.

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Cedric Alexander w/ The Hurt Business vs. Ricochet

If Ricochet wins, the Hurt Business is done with him. If Alexander wins, Ricochet joins the Hurt Business.

They collide in the ring and Ricochet gets a two count. Alexander quickly takes him down with a waistlock and dropkicks him in the head. Alexander punches away at Ricochet. Ricochet fights out, but Alexander follows and chops him in the corner. Alexander boots him in the head and stomps him. Alexander hits a snap suplex for a two count. Alexander applies a chin lock on Ricochet. Ricochet fights up, but Alexander reverses a whip and crushes him with a clothesline. Alexander applies a front facelock and rolls him around the ring. Alexander continues to dominate Ricochet and slaps him in the face. Alexander throws Ricochet down. Ricochet surprises him with an inside cradle for a two count. Ricochet follows up with a half nelson suplex for another near fall. Ricochet goes for a 630, but lands on his feet when Alexander moves. Ricochet backflips and kicks him in the face. Alexander quickly comes back with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Ricochet landed on the referee, and he is hurt. MVP throw a chair in the ring, but Ricochet intercepts it. Ricochet teases hitting the referee, but instead smacks the mat with the chair, throws it to Alexander (he catches it), and collapses to the mat. The referee turns and sees Ricochet down on the mat and disqualifies Alexander. The old Eddie Guerrero lie, cheat, and steal finish.

Winner by Disqualification: Ricochet

The Hurt Business is done with Ricochet.

A dual-brand Women’s Battle Royal is coming up.

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Video Package: Keith Lee and Braun Strowman had a wild brawl

Keith Lee will battle Braun Strowman on the Season Premiere of Monday Night Raw.

Stephanie McMahon is back for the final round of the 2020 WWE Draft.

— Titus O’Neil drafted by Raw
Carmella drafted by SmackDown
Peyton Royce drafted by Raw
— Aleister Black drafted by SmackDown
Akira Tozawa drafted by Raw

Additional picks will be announced on Raw Talk.

Raw Women’s Champion Asuka makes her way to ringside. She’ll be on commentary for the next match.

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#1 Contender’s Dual-Branded Women’s Battle Royal

Participants: WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Nia Jax, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Shayna Baszler, Billie Kay, Tamina, Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose, Natalya, Lana, Lacey Evans, Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan, Nikki Cross, Ruby Riott, Peyton Royce

Before the match begins, Nia Jax says she’s most likely going to win this match over Shayna Baszler. Jax tells everyone to jump over the top rope rather than her eliminating everyone. All the women attack Jax and Baszler, but they survive. Jax and Tamina go face-to-face, but Jax soon eliminates her. Billie Kay goes after Jax, but Jax easily eliminates her. Baszler gets Mandy and Dana on the apron, and Jax knocks them off. Asuka is upset about that. The remaining women stare at Jax and attack her. Baszler joins in and eliminates Jax! Jax is furious. Lana, who is outside the ring, takes the brunt of Jax’ fury and takes her fourth Samoan Drop through the commentary table.

We cut backstage to see WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton brawling. Orton rakes the eyes and clubs the chest.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Nikki Cross elbow Lacey Evans back. Evans drops Cross on the apron and gives her the Woman’s Right to eliminate her. Baszler viciously knees Riott in the face and puts her in the Kirifuda Clutch. During the break, Peyton Royce was eliminated by Natalya. Bianca Belair slams Morgan on Riott. Belair then counters out of a Kirifuda Clutch from Baszler and dumps her over the top rope. Natalya puts Belair on the top rope, but Belair fights her off. The Riott Squad then eliminates Belair.

The final four are Natalya, Lacey Evans, Ruby Riott, and Liv Morgan. The Riott Squad attacks Evans and Natalya. Evans and Natalya try to whip the Riott Squad into each other, but they put the brakes on. Natalya and Evans then eliminate the Riott Squad. It’s down to Natalya and Evans. They brawl. Natalya puts Evans on the apron, but Evans fights back and gets in the ring. Evans bounces off the ropes and knees Natalya. Natalya slaps Evans in the face a few times. Asuka apparently left commentary and is watching the television sideways backstage. Evans and Natalya both go over the top rope to the apron. They each have near eliminations, but each hangs on. Natalya then swings Evans into the ring post to win. Lana, who was never eliminated, kicks Natalya to the floor. Lana is the #1 contender to the Raw Women’s Championship…

Winner: Lana

McIntyre and Orton brawl to ringside. Orton uppercuts McIntyre and kicks him. They continue brawling until referees and producers separate them.