WWE Monday Night RAW 12 27 2021

WWE Raw Results
December 27, 2021
Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan.
Commentary: Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE Raw kicks off with RK-Bro as Randy Orton and Riddle walk down to the ring. Riddle is wearing a party hat with a Christmas card in hand. Orton tells Riddle there is no way he is reading what’s on that card. Riddle cuts him off and welcomes Detroit to the final Raw of the year. And if you love what RK-Bro did in 2021, you will love what they will do in 2022. Riddle asks Orton if he can close his eyes and look into the future.

Orton tells him to stop. The only way he will have a happy new year is if he defeats Otis tonight. And the onyl way they will have a happy new year is if they retain at Day 1 on Saturday. Riddle says when Orto nwas taking care of business last week against Gable, he was doing some self reflection, some self viporing. And he started to see that his skin was turning green. Orton says Riddle needs to go see a doctor. They are not living in the Matrix. Orton asks someone in the production truck to show them what happened last week.

We see a clip of Orton against Chad Gable from last week where Orton got the win. We see Orton trying to give Otis the RKO three times but failing. Riddle asks Orton how he got a video to play on the screen like that, it was magic. He tells Orton he was thinking that Otis might be un RKO-able and how many burritos Otis can eat. He says it got him thinking of the time they went out for burgers and Orton told him he was his best friend.

Orton cuts him off and says they all know Otis is a power house. Out come the Alpha Academy.

Gable asks Orton how a nitwit like him got ahead of the curve. And how everyone is going to learn something he has known all along and that is that there is no greater threat in all of WWE like Otis. Gable states that he taught Otis everything he knows. He recently achieved his masters degree and he did it with an immaculate 4.0 GPA as the fans boo. He says maybe even the mindless morons of Detroit can comprehend the fact that Orton is no match for Otis.

He tells Orton that when Otis is done with him tonight, regardless of the outcome, it won’t be long before those championships are around the waists of the Alpha Academy. Riddle tells Gable that he considers himself a man of higher education. He says he has a lot of knowledge that he would like to show Orton tonight as he challenges Gable to a match right now.

Gable says Riddle is what he likes to call an ignoramus. He accepts Riddle’s challenge. Riddle tells him he better check himself before he wrecks himself. Riddle tells Orton he has something for him after he wins.

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Riddle with Randy Orton vs. Gable with Otis

The bell rings and we are under way. Gable with waist lock take downs followed by an arm drag. Gable with an arm bar but Riddle reverses it into a triangle as Gable reaches the ropes. A back elbow by Gable followed by right hands but Riddle with right hands and kicks in the corner. Gable grabs Riddle’s leg and slams it onto the second rope.

Gable slams Riddle’s left leg into the mat. Gable with a tiger suplex but Riddle kicks out. Gable climbs the top rope, he goes for a moonsault but Riddle catches Gable, he goes for the triangle but Gable reverses it into an ankle lock as Riddle gets out of it. Gable rolls Riddle, he goes for a German, Riddle lands on his feet and hits Gable with a knee to the face. Riddle climbs the top rope and hits Gable with the Floating Bro. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Riddle

Otis knocks Riddle down after the match.

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Randy Orton with Riddle vs. Otis with Chad Gable

The bell rings and we are under way. Otis slams into Orton taking him down. Otis with a big splash. Otis with a headbutt. He throws Orton in the corner and spears Orton. Gable goes for a power slam but Orton lands on his feet, he goes for the RKO but Otis pushes him to the outside of the ring. Otis runs towards Orton but Orton moves out of the way and Gable slams into the ring steps and ring post. Orton gets back in the ring. Gable on the ring apron as Orton kicks him.

Orton gets Otis on the second rope and hits him with the DDT. Orton goes for the RKO but Otis pushes him onto the ropes and Orton with a power slam. Otis climbs the second rope, he goes for the splash but Orton moves out of the way. Orton hits him with the RKO. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Randy Orton

Riddle tells Orton he is proud of him and it’s the time everyone has been waiting for. It is time for Orton’s present. And there is only one present big enough and good enough for his friend Randy Orton and that’s a big beautiful hug. Riddle opens his arms and chants Randy as does the crowd. He tells Orton nobody will know. He tells Randy to give the fans what they want as both of them hug in the ring.

Orton fakes giving the RKO to Riddle as they celebrate.

-Commercial Break-

We see a clip of last week’s Raw where it was Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens against Big E and Bobby Lashley.

Kevin Patrick is backstage with Kevin Owens. He asks him about last week as they air a message from Big E. He talks about how this is all about him and how he will retain his championship. Owens says it’s about him, his story. The important Kevin story and how last week was his idea. And at Day 1, he will win the championship. He tells Kevin Patrick he doesn’t like his name and his new name is Burt.

Dana Brooke and Reggie vs. R-Truth and Tamina

The bell rings and we are under way. R-Truth and Reggie start the match. A head lock by R-Truth as Reggie gets out of it. R-Truth goes for a clothesline, Reggie jumps out of the way and hits R-Truth with a back elbow. Tamina is tagged in as she hits Reggie with a superkick. Dana with a knee to the face of Tamina as she gets in the ring. Dana with kicks followed by a dropkick.

Dana with a moon sault. She goes for the cover but Tamina kicks out. Dana runs to the ropes but Tamina hits her with a back elbow. R-Truth tags himself in. He lifts Dana up but Dana lands on her feet and tags Reggie in. Reggie rolls R-Truth up and gets the win.

Winners: Reggie and Dana Brooke

After the match, R-Truth and Tamina argue. Tamina goes for a clothesline but R-Truth moves and leaves the ring. Dana with a right hand onto Tamina as she leaves the ring and celebrates with Reggie.

We see a clip of last week’s match involving Rhea Ripley and Zelina Vega.

Megan Morant is backstage with Nikki A.S.H. She asks Nikki about Rhea’s match last week. Nikki says Rhea doesn’t need her help and they chose to be tag team partners because they wanted to be partners. As an almost super hero, she likes to think that she inspired Rhea, even though she has been down on her luck.

Nikki says Carmella and Vega keep trying to get in their heads as her and Rhea challenge Carmella and Vega to a Women’s Tag Team championship match.

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RK-Bro-Nament finals – The Street Profits vs. Rey, Dominik Mysterio

The bell rings and we are under way. Dominik and Ford start the match. Both men shake hands and Ford with an arm bar as he tags Dawkins into the match. Dominik rolls out of it and tags Rey into the match. Rey runs to the ropes and a hurricanrana takes Dawkins down. Right hands by Rey in the corner but Dawkins lifts him up, Rey lands on his feet but a shoulder tackle by Dawkins.

Ford is tagged in as they double team Rey. Ford goes for the cover but Rey kicks out. Rey runs to the ropes, Ford goes for a drop kick as Rey moves out of the way. Dominik is tagged in and they double team Ford. Dominik goes for the cover but Ford kicks out. Rey is tagged back in. He runs to the ropes but a kick onto Ford as Dominik is tagged in. Rey jumps off the second rope, Ford catches him but Rey sends him to the outside. Rey knocks Dawkins to the outside of the ring. Rey and Dominik with double suicide dives onto the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Ford and Dominik are in the ring and both men are down. Dawkins and Rey are tagged in. Rey with a sit down on Dwakins. He jumps off the second rope and a crossbody. He goes for the cover but Dawkins kicks out. Rey trips Dawkins up onto the second rope. Rey goes for the 619 but Dawkins with a spinning back elbow. He goes for the cover but Rey kicks out. Dawkins lifts Rey up but Rey hits him with a tornado DDT. He goes for the cover but Ford breaks it up. Dominik knocks Ford down with a neck breaker. Dawkins hits Dominik with a clothesline.

Dawkins slams Rey down as Ford is tagged in. Ford with a massive frog splash. He goes for the cover but Dominik breaks it up. Dominik jumps onto Dawkins on the outside of the ring. Ford picks Rey up but Rey trips him onto the second rope. He tags Dominik in. Rey with the 619 onto Ford. Rey with a hurricanrana on the outside onto Dawkins. Dominik with a frog splash onto Ford. He goes for the cover but Ford kicks out. Dominik trips Ford up onto the second rope. In comes Rey, they run to the ropes, Dawkins trips Rey up. Dominik with the 619 onto Ford. Dawkins throws Rey to the outside. He lifts Dominik up on his shoulders and Ford with a clothesline off the top rope. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: The Street Profits

-Commercial Break-

The Miz is backstage and he says he has called in WWE Hall of Famer, Eric Bischoff. The camera shows Bischoff as both men shake hands. Bischoff says he has been to WWE weddings and when he got his invitation, he couldn’t say no. And this is going to be must see TV.

AJ Styles is in the ring. Styles says that Omos mentioned that the next time he would see AJ, they would have a match. AJ says he is here and asks where Omos is. AJ says maybe Omos is scared that he won’t live up to his full potential. AJ says he was scared early in his career but he was never selfish. AJ says you have to pay your dues to get to the top and his dues will be paid to him. Styles says the next time he will see Omos in the ring, he is going to kick his teeth in.

AJ tells him he has 20 plus years of experience on him. He has seen the giants come and go but there has only been one phenomenal AJ Styles. Grayson Waller of NXT is in attendance. AJ tells him to get in the ring. Waller jumps the barricade and gets in the ring. AJ introduces him to the WWE Universe as they boo him.

Waller says that’s nice of him and maube since he came to his house in NXT, he thought he would come to visit him on Raw and show everyone what they can see every Tuesday on NXT. He tells AJ all he had to do was get under his skin and AJ is begging to get in the ring with him and he likes it. He says they will be even better when Omos is done with him and he takesh is spot.

AJ tells him he likes it here because this is where stars are made and Waller is not a star, not even close. AJ says since he is here, he will show him around. He can give him a Phenomenal Forearm that way he can count his stars on the way out.

Out comes Apollo Crews to the ring with Commander Azeez. Apollo tells AJ that he and mos are similar to himself and Commander Azeez. But his giant has now left him and they are a united front. He tells AJ that his giant is not there tonight but his is.

Commander Azeez challenges AJ to a match as AJ accepts.

-Commercial Break-

Megan is backstage with Carmella. She says that Vega and herself accept Rhea and Nikki’s challenge. it’s a tag team match and that means Nikki will have to get tagged in and we all know what will happen. She says Nikki is almost second best, she is almost a good tag team partner, she is almost good enough. But almost doesn’t count. She says Vega and herself will remain WWE Women’s Tag Team champions.

AJ Styles vs. Apollo Crews

They announce that during the commercial, Apollo said he would replace Commander Azeez in the match. The bell rings and we are under way. AJ with a right hand followed by a big splash in the corner. AJ with a knee to the face. He goes for the cover but Apollo kicks out. Apollo with a right hand followed by a suplex.

Apollo with a back body drop. Apollo goes for the cover but AJ kicks out. Apollo throws AJ face first into the turnbuckle. An arm bar by Crews as he slams AJ into the turnbuckle. Apollo grabs AJ but AJ throws him to the outside. AJ on the ring aron as Apollo trips him up. Apollo with a gorilla press as he throws AJ into the ring apron. A knee to the face by Crews.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, AJ with an overhead kick in the ring. AJ with right hands as he slams Apollo neck first onto his knee. AJ goes for the cover but Apollo kicks out. AJ goes for the sunset flip, Apollo reverses it as he picks AJ up and powerbombs him. He goes for the cover but AJ kicks out. Apollo runs towards AJ but AJ with an elbow to the face.

AJ jumps off the second rope and hits Apollo with an inverted DDT. Styles on the ring apron as Commander Azeez drags Apollo onto the ring apron. AJ runs towards Apollo but Apollo picks him up and slams him neck first onto the ring apron. Apollo throws him into the ring. He goes for the cover but AJ kicks out. Apollo places AJ on the top rope but AJ slides under him, AJ rolls Apollo up and goes for the cover but Apollo kicks out. AJ hits him with the Styles Clash. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: AJ Styles

Commander Azeez gets in the ring as AJ rolls to the outside. Azeez tries to help Apollo up, Azeez turns around and AJ hits him with the Phenomenal Forearm.

A video airs of Seth Rollins from his home where he cuts a promo talking about how at Day 1 he will become the new champion.

-Commercial Break-

Kevin Owens is in the ring. He says he is in a great mood, a festive mood. He had a great Christmas at home with his family. Last night he got to main event a steel cage match at Madison Square Garden, a match he won. And on Saturday, he will become the WWE champion. He says he is the only one of the four who is on Raw and it makes him smarter than Seth, tougher than Big E and a lot stronger than Bobby Lashley.

Owens says he can’t blame them for not wanting to show up and come to a dump like Detroit Michigan. He says at Day 1, they will finally get a champion they can be proud of. He says the odds might not be in his favor but Seth Rollins stomped Bobby Lashley’s head into the steel steps last week. He says that helps him out because if Lashley shows up, he will go after Seth. And Big E was speared by Lashley and if Big E shows up, he will go after Lashley.

He says he and Seth are one mind, one heart, one soul and that is because he created the perfect plan and at Day 1, that will make him the new WWE champion. Out comes MVP to the ring.

He tells Owens he couldn’t be more wrong. He says he will give Owens credit for the past month but Lashley has not forgotten about him. He says that it takes a lot more than a stomp on the steps or a powerbomb on the ring apron to take him out. But he will be at Day 1 and he says that Lashley will destroy Owens and someone will end up in the Hurt Lock.

Owens says he feels pretty good about his odds and he can text Lashley that. MVP calls him an idiot. Owens says his mother says he is special and out comes Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. Cedric says that Owens is right, one man cannot beat three. Shelton says even Lashley can’t take on the whole world. When was Lashley at his best, when he was with them in the Hurt Business. They all know what Bobby needs. MVP cuts him off and says Lashley doesn’t need anyone. But if they want to talk business. Owens cuts them off and says Cedric and Shelton want to reform the Good Business, they want MVP to tell Lashley that it’s a good idea to reform the Hurt Business and they think if they have a match against Owens, it’ll be good to reform the Hurt Business and for them to have a match.

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Kevin Owens vs. Cedric Alexander with Shelton Benjamin

The bell rings and we are under way. Owens with right hands as MVP is on commentary. Owens slams Cedric into the turnbuckle. Owens climbs the top rope as Cedric rolls onto the ring apron. Owens on the ring apron as Cedric clotheslines him down. Cedric goes for the cover but Owens kicks out. Cedric grabs Owens but Owens lifts Cedric up and slams him neck first onto his knee. He goes for the cover but Cedric kicks out. Owens throws Cedric to the ropes but Cedric with a kick to the side of the head. Owens falls to the outside as Cedric hits him with a suicide dive. He throws Owens back into the ring. Cedric with a kick to the side of the head.

Cedric slams Owens face first onto the mat. He goes for the cover but Owens kicks out. Cedric runs to the ropes but Owens with a clothesline. He hits Cedric with a powerbomb. Owens hits him with the stunner. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Shelton gets in the ring. He asks for a microphone as Owens hits him with the stunner.

-Commercial Break-

Mike Rome is in the ring. He tells everyone to look at the titan tron as they show the history of Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch.

United States championship – Damian Priest (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings and we are under way. Ziggler with right hands as he goes for the Zig Zag but Priest pushes him away. Priest with a big boot takes Ziggler down. He throws Ziggler into the corner. Priest with a right hand. Priest goes for a splash but Ziggler moves out of the way.

Ziggler slams Priest into the corner. Right hands by Ziggler but a right hand by Priest. Ziggler to the ropes and a spinning back elbow by Priest. He clotheslines Ziggler to the outside of the ring. Priest to the outside, he lifts Ziggler up and throws him onto the chairs in the time keeper area.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Ziggler with the Famouser. He goes for the cover but Priest kicks out. Right hands by Ziggler knocking Priest down. Ziggler goes for another right hand but Priest hits him with a right. Priest with an elbow to the face.

Damian hits him with the broken arrow. He goes for the cover but Ziggler kicks out. Ziggler with a back elbow but Priest lifts him up, Ziggler rolls him up but Priest kicks out. Ziggler with a jumping DDT. He goes for the cover but Priest kicks out. Ziggler with a right hand but Priest with right hands and kicks. He throws Ziggler down and hits him with right hands.

Priest gets Ziggler in the corner as he starts to punch on Ziggler, the referee counts to five and he is disqualified.

Winner: By disqualification, Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler is on the outside after the match as Priest throws him into the barricade. Eric Bischoff is in the ring which is full of roses. He says it is truly great to be back in a WWE ring. He says especially for such an amazing moment as they are about to see. He introduces The Miz to the ring who trips as he is coming up the ring steps. Bischoff introduces Maryse who is wearing a white wedding dress.

The Miz says he has been WWE champion, dominated Dancing with the Stars, his wife returned to Raw, it has been a great year. He says on Saturday at Day 1, he will prove that old Edge is gone. He tells Maryse that they were married in the Bahamas and now they are in Detroit. But it’s where you are but who you are with and he is with the one truly love. He thanks Eric on agreeing to officiate the ceremony.

Bischoff thanks him and says that it means a lot to him to be there sharing that moment. He tells Maryse she has the honor of reciting her vows first. Maryse talks about how the first time she met him 15 years ago, he was the man of her dreams. The fans boo. She says at Day 1, he will show everyone that he is much better than Edge. And if loving him is wrong, she never wants to be right. She asks him if he will continue to be her husband.

The Miz asks them if they think he should but their opinion doesn’t matter, they live in Detroit. Bischoff tells Miz he has the honor of reciting his vows. He says in 2006, when they met, she didn’t speak a word of English. Miz begins to read in broken French and some Spanish. He continues in English and says if he was a woman, he would want to be her. He asks her if she will continue to be his wife. The fans boo. Maryse says yes she will.

Bischoff asks if anyone has any objections but they know how this will turn out. Edge’s music hits and he tells Miz not to fall and he tells Eric it’s good to see him. He says he can talk about how obnoxious they both are but he won’t do that. He won’t talk about what kind of a man he is using his wife as a shield. Because this Saturday at Day 1, he is going to beat him up. Miz says they knew he was going to show up but they wanted him to have a front row seat to see what true love looks like. Miz and Maryse begin to kiss as Edge tells them to get a room.

Edge says for the last few weeks, they have embarrassed him but at Day 1, he is going to embarrass them. Edge begins to look around the ring and he tells Miz he is just playing mind games. He asks Miz if he wanted this to be a white wedding. The lights turn red as The Brood’s music hits. Edge leaves the ring and black liquid drops from the ceiling onto Miz and Maryse.