WWE SmackDown 05 02 2008

May 2, 2008 – Atlantic City, New Jersey
Announcers: Michael Cole & Mick Foley

DARK MATCH: ECW’s Elijah Burke defeated Jamie Noble..

ON STAGE – Theodore Long: Theodore Long said that the WWE Tag Team championships, the WWE United States championship, and the World Heavyweight title will be defended tonight on SmackDown!

IN THE RING – Michael Cole: Michael Cole introduced the new color commentator for the WWE SmackDown! brand – Mick Foley!!!

John Morrison & Mike “The Miz” Mizanin defeated Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore to retain the WWE Tag Team titles: John Morrison finished off Shannon Moore with his finishing move, which he calls the “Moonlight Drive.”

Vladimir Kozlov defeated ECW’s Colin Delaney: ECW General Manager, Armando Estrada, introduced Colin Delaney, and then introduced Delaney to his opponent – Vladimir Kozlov!

Nunzio + Mark Henry: Nunzio was lacing up his books when Mark Henry came in and announced he was Nunzio’s opponent tonight. Mark felt that it was necessary to remind Nunzio that he was also the “World’s Strongest Man.”

Victoria & Natalya Neidhart defeated Michelle McCool & Cherry: Natalya pinned Michelle while pulling on the tights for leverage.

“World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry defeated ECW’s Nunzio: Nunzio brought out The Big Show to stand in his corner and watch his back. When Mark Henry went for some post-match violence on Nunzio, the Big Show slide into the ring and Mark Henry promptly exited the other side and retreated backstage. The Big Show grabbed the microphone and told Henry, “Next time, why don’t you try picking on somebody your own size!”

Matt Hardy defeated Montel Vontavious Porter to retain the WWE United States title: What a hard-hitting match between long time rivals. MVP connected with a lot of big offensive moves, but Matt Hardy scored the victory after a Twist of Fate.

Mick Foley & Batista: Mick Foley showed video footage from Batista’s match with Shawn Michaels at Backlash. Batista said he respects Shawn Michaels for what he’s done in his career, but doesn’t respect the way he got there. Mick Foley then played footage from RAW where Chris Jericho insinuated that Shawn Michaels faked the knee injury to gain an advantage over Batista and the victory. Batista said he hopes for Shawn’s sake that he is really hurt, because if he isn’t, when he sees Shawn, he WILL be hurt!

Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins defeated Jesse & Festus: Festus, who was still recovering from a throat injury at the hands of the Undertaker, took a thrust to throat during the match and didn’t react very well to it and Jesse was quickly defeated while competing on his own.

Fit Finlay defeated Julio Dinero: Hornswoggle did not accompany Papa Finlay to the ring, but we later saw that he was hiding under the ring. Hornswoggle pulled Julio under the ring, and Finlay pulled him back and finished him off in the ring. After the match, Finlay set up Julio in the corner and Hornswoggle gave him a Tadpole Splash!

The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali: Before the match, Vickie Guerrero (with Edge) came out and said there will not be a World Heavyweight championship match tonight. Vickie talked about Undertaker using his illegal choke against many WWE Superstars in the past few months. Vickie said it was her responsibility to look after the wellbeing of her Superstars. Vickie announced that Undertaker’s choke-hold was banned and if Undertaker uses the hold in a match again he will have hell to pay. Vickie added that since Undertaker shows no remorse over the people he has injured, and since she has been under extreme pressure by the regulatory authorities, she regretes to inform Undertaker of the World Heavyweight championship. Wow. Vickie advised Undertaker to walk up the ramp and surrender the title directly to her. Undertaker didn’t move. Vickie sent the Great Khali down to the ring to get the belt for her. This is supposed to scare the Undertaker? He’s beaten the Great Khali dozens of times. The Undertaker laid the belt down on the mat in front of him and dared the Great Khali to pick it up. Khali cautiously bent over, stopped, and then bent down again to get the belt – but Undertaker kicked Khali and locked him in the yet-to-named choke submission hold until he was rendered unconcious. While this was going on, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder snuck in and snatched the World Heavyweight title and delivered it to Vickie Guerrero.