WWE SmackDown 06 27 2008

June 27, 2008 – Houston, Texas
Announcers: Jim Ross & Mick Foley

DARK MATCH: Tommy Dreamer defeated Kevin Fertig..

Vickie Guerrero: SmackDown! General Manager Vickie Guerrero said Vince McMahon was seriously injured on RAW. Vickie wished the McMahon family the best on behalf of her family. Vickie said she hoped that Mr. McMahon would not be confined to a wheel-chair like she is. Vickie said Vince would prefer it if they focused on the positives, like her wedding and the success of SmackDown! Vickie said they have acquired the best of the best from the draft and introduced SmackDown!’s new announcer – Good Ol’ JR (Jim Ross)!

Jim Ross & Mick Foley: Jim Ross came out to his Boomer Sooner music and said he got a good night’s sleep and he was happy to be on SmackDown!. JR stated on his own official BLOG that he was considering quitting the WWE, but had a change of heart and decided to stay on the job and do his part to make SmackDown! the best program possible.

Triple H (WWE Champion) + Edge (World Champion) + Batista: Triple H things have changed in only a few days for Vince McMahon, whose whole life has come down on him, or down on top of him. Triple H said he was drafted to SmackDown!, but he sees a lot of familiar faces – specifically pointing out Mick Foley and Jim Ross. Triple H then address the WWE fans, saying it doesn’t matter if they are RAW or SmackDown! fans they are still apart of the WWE Universe. Triple H then plugged the Night of Champions PPV, where he will defend the WWE championship against John Cena. SmackDown!’s champion, Edge, showed up for a volatile confrontation with Triple H. Edge said people are waiting for he and Triple H to clash, but he (Edge) thinks that they can get along. Triple H said the one problem was that they both have massive egos – and his was bigger than Edge’s. Triple H said he would still be champion after Sunday, but implied that Edge would lose his title to Batista. Edge got serious and told Triple H to respect him and do what he says. Batista showed up and Triple H tossed Edge out of the ring so Batista could spear Edge! Batista grabbed Edge’s title and held it up in the air side-by-side with Triple H, who was holding up the WWE championship belt.

The Big Show & Kane (ECW champion) defeated Mark Henry & Montel Vontavious Porter: MVP, who has been frustrated with being on SmackDown! lately, tried to walk out on Mark Henry during the match. Mark Henry jumped out and threw MVP back into the ring where he was easily demolished by Kane & Big Show.

Vickie Guerrero & Alicia Fox + World champion Edge: Vickie Guerrero was discussing her wedding with her wedding planner, Alicia Fox (played by developmental Diva Victoria Crawford). Edge burst in complaining about what happened with Batista earlier. Vickie reminded Edge that after he defeats Batista at Night of Champions they will be finished with him forever.

Fit Finlay & Hornswoggle defeated Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins: This Sunday at Night of Champions, Finlay & Hornswoggle will try to become the first father/son combination to win the WWE Tag Team titles. John Morrison & Mike Mizanin, the reigning WWE Tag Team champions, came out to the stage to look down at their next challengers.

Edge (World Heavyweight champion) defeated Matt Hardy (United States champion): This was a great match, but didn’t have the heat and intensity from their bitter feud a couple of years ago. Still it was a really great match!

Natalya Neidhart & Victoria & Maryse Ouellet defeated Michelle McCool & Cherry & Kelly Kelly: It got kind of intense at the end of the match, with Kelly/Victoria and Natalya/Michelle pairing off while Maryse rolled up Cherry for the 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Domino: Domino, who lost his tag team partner (Deuce) to RAW via the draft, has gotten rid of the trademark white shirt. I expect Domino to go on a Funaki-style losing streak starting today.

Rey Mysterio & Hornswoggle: Rey Mysterio bumped into Hornswoggle, who was clearly a big fan of the 619. It’s funny cause Rey isn’t that much taller than Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle shared his green hat with Rey and got him jump up and click his heels together like a happy Irish man.

Rey Mysterio + Batista: Rey Mysterio talked about coming to SmackDown! six years ago and since then he became Cruiserweight champion, WWE Tag Team champion, and World Heavyweight champion. Rey said that SmackDown! will always have a place in his heart, along with the fans. Rey said he was heading for competition on RAW and invited the fans to accompany him on his journey to take down some of the greatest athletes on RAW. Rey said a few things in Spanish for the benefit of the Spanish speaking members of the audience and said good-bye to SmackDown!. Batista (still in possession of Edge’s World Heavyweight title) came out to shake hands with his fellow RAW-draftee and wish him luck.

“The Animal” Batista defeated “The Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga: This is a rematch from WrestleMania 24. The match ended in a DQ when La Familia (Edge, Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins, and Zack Ryder) attacked Batista. Umaga pushed La Familia away, wanting to basically eat Batista alive. Umaga nailed Batista with a Running Butt-smash in the corner. La Familia held Batista down while Umaga climbed to the top rope! Triple H hit the ring to pull Umaga off the ropes and clear the ring of all four members of La Familia. Triple H (a Pedigree) and Batista (a Batista-bomb) hit their finishers on Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder!