WWE SmackDown 08 29 2008

August 29, 2008 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Announcers: Jim Ross & Tazz

DARK MATCH: Jake Hager defeated Jamie Noble..
DARK MATCH: Sho Funaki defeated Nick Nemeth..

The Undertaker: Vickie Guerrero was with her Familia backstage watching the Undertaker on a production monitor. The Undertaker said that Vickie asked for his forgiveness, but he is not the forgiving kind. The Undertaker said he was coming for Vickie’s soul, and once he takes it, Vickie will burn in hell. Backstage, Chavo Guerrero, Bam Neely, Zack Gowan, and Curt Hawkins backed out of the room and Vickie realized she was alone and started freaking out. Vickie tried to leave the room too but the door was locked (from the inside?).

R-Truth defeated Kenny Dykstra: R-Truth is Ron Killings from TBA making his SmackDown! debut. I think he may be the first wrestler ever to use the same entrance music in both companies. He looks good in a WWE ring. Kenny Dykstra is on a huge losing streak, but that didn’t stop him from talking a lot of trash before the match. Word on the internet is that Vince McMahon was throwing a fit backstage during this match because newcomer R-Truth sold too much when he was supposed to basically squash young Kenny. Apparantly there was some miscommunication between R-Truth and some road agents when preparing for the match. The average mark watching the match wouldn’t know any different.

Michelle McCool + Maryse Ouellet: Michelle McCool was in the middle of a photo-shoot when she was interrupted by Maryse Ouellet. Maryse told Michelle to enjoy the photo-shoot with the Divas title, because it could be her last. Maryse said the Divas belt would look better on her anyway. Michelle said it takes talant to be Divas champion, and Maryse said jealously is so ugly. I must admit, Maryse is doing a great job developing her character as well as her wrestling skills. Good for her. I was hard on her before, but I am happy to be proven wrong.

Natalya Neidhart & Maryse Ouellet defeated Michelle McCool & Maria Kanellis: Maryse pinned Maria to win the match for her team. After the match, Michelle and Maryse started to fight intensely! Natalya pulled Michelle off and held her back so that Maryse could drill Michelle in the face with a brutal forearm!

Eve Torres (she’s so cute) & Jeff Hardy: Jeff Hardy said Montel Vontavious Porter has been critisizing him for the way he lives his life, but tonight it will be MVP who is laying on his back looking at the ceiling.

Vickie Guerrero: Vickie Guerrero was still pacing back and forth in her office, and tried to call for help but the phone was dead. Vickie threw the phone against the wall and continued to freak out.

Jeff Hardy defeated Montel Vontavious Porter: Late in the match, Jeff Hardy was knocked off the top rope and he landed really badly on the back of his neck in a very disturbing moment. A few minutes later, Hardy somehow recovered and pinned MVP after a Swanton-bomb. After the match, Shelton Benjamin ran down and hit the Pay Dirt on Hardy, and then gave MVP the same move!

Josh Matthews & Candice Michelle: They showed coverage of the Democractic Convention in Denver Colorado. Candice Michelle plugged the SmackDown! your vote campaign and stressed that you can change the world with your vote. They also showed clips of Shelton Benjamin and Batista interacting with people at the event.

Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins vs. Jesse & Festus ended in a No Contest: Only a few seconds into the match, the Big Show walked down to ringside and destroyed Jesse, Zack Ryder, and Curt Hawkins. The bell rang, so Festus went quiet at ringside and didn’t get the same treatment from the Big Show.

The Big Show: The Big Show said that it seems like the General Manager (Vickie Guerrero) has been busy lately with the Undertaker. The Big Show saidthat he would never be over-looked again. The Big Show looked around at the carnage in the ring and simply said, “oops!” If you haven’t been paying attention, Big Show is pissed about not being included in the Championship Scramble.

Vickie Guerrero: Vickie Guerrero was still trapped in her own office and was still freaking out – wow take a chill pill, baby!

Brie Bella defeated Victoria: Brie Bella is a trainee from FCW, who is actually one half of a tag team known as the Bella Twins – with her real life twin sister Nicole Bella. Brie wasn’t half bad for someone who has been in the business hardly a year. And she is easy on the eyes, too. Late in the match, Brie tried to escape Victoria’s wrath by crawling under the ring, but Victoria pulled her back out by the leg. Suddenly, Brie had a burst of energy and rolled Victoria up for the 1-2-3 to win the match!! Ahhhh, this is excellent, they did the old twin switcharoo and the fans are clueless! This is going to be GOOD!

VIDEO PACKAGE: They did an update on John Cena‘s neck surgery..

THE Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson: THE Brian Kendrick said he won the biggest match of his career last week. Kendrick said this week his opponents are fighting eachother. Kendrick said it’s not about who wins the little battles, it’s about who wins the war. Kendrick was confident that he would become WWE champion at Unforgiven!

WWE Champion Triple H defeated WWE United States Champion Shelton Benjamin: A great athletic match was ruined by the appearance of the Great Khali & Ranjin Singh. Triple H was briefly distracted, but maintained his focus long enough to hit the Pedigree on Shelton Benjamin for the win! While Triple H was bad-mouthing the Great Khali, Shelton Benjamin used his U.S. belt to knock the WWE champion out cold! Benjamin raised his belt above his head and left, while Khali stepped into the ring and planted Triple H with a Tree-slam!

Vickie Guerrero: Vickie Guerrero was still freaking out when the lights went out in her office and she screamed at the top of her lungs for ten seconds before SmackDown! went off the air……