WWE SmackDown 10 24 2008

October 24, 2008 – Laredo, Texas
Announcers: Jim Ross & Tazz

WWE champion Triple H + Jeff Hardy + Vladimir Kozlov: Triple H asked if everybody else was as sick of Vickie Guerrero as he was. Triple H says Vickie thinks she can come out and tell people what to do. Triple H said there was a Twinkie truck in the back keeping Vickie occupied right now. Triple H talked about his match with the Undertaker tonight – pointing out that it benefits Vickie Guerrero. Triple H said if he doesn’t make it to Cyber Sunday then all of the fans votes will be worth nothing. Jeff Hardy came out and said there was a great chance that he’ll be voted in by the WWE Universe and an even greater chance that he’ll leave Cyber Sunday as the WWE champion. Vladimir Kozlov came out to the stage and said the people won’t pick him because they know he will beat Triple H. Triple H said it didn’t matter who gets voted in because either way this is what’s gonna happen…. Triple H then kicked Jeff Hardy and planted him with a Pedigree!

Triple H + The Undertaker: Triple H ran into the Undertaker and they looked at each other in silence.

Maryse Ouellet & Natalya Neidhart defeated Michelle McCool & Maria Kanellis: Jim Ross called the team of Natalya & Maryse the “Heartless Foundation” – nice one, JR! I can’t beleive some of the nasty things I used to say about Maryse, because she has gotten pretty good in a short period of time! Hurricane Helms’ face appeared in the corner of the screen and made it clear that he liked the Divas. A few moments into the match, Jesse brough Festus out to the ring dressed as a Mexican with a mariachi band to serenade Maria. While Maria was paying attention to Festus, Michelle McCool got pinned in the ring. The bell rang to signal the end of the match, and Festus went crazy and chased the mariachi band around the ring, up the ramp, and through the curtain – one big guy almost didn’t make it!

WWE Tag Team champions Carlito & Primo Colon defeated Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely: Didn’t Chavo & Bam break up a few weeks ago? Well they shoulda stayed broken up because they started argueing at the end of this match and it ended up costing them the match. Chavo walked out on his former Bodyguard and the Colons won the match. Hurricane Helms popped up in the corner of the screen and pretended to be sympathetic about Bam & Chavo breaking up.

VIGNETTE: Kizarny.

VIDEO PACKAGE: John Cena. Pushing him as a huge pop culture ICON.

Michelle McCool & Maria Kanellis: Michelle McCool confronted Maria for costing them the match. Maria was too worried about her “friend” and went off to find Festus – but Michelle followed her.

Primo Colon & Brie Bella + Carlito: Primo Colon was hitting on Brie Bella when Carlito showed up and tried to move in on his action. Brie said she had to leave for a photo-shoot and the Colon brothers argued over which one scared her off. Suddenly the mariachi band went running by with Festus chasing them, and Maria bringing up the end yelling “wait! calm down!”

R-Truth & Kung-Fu-Naki defeated Shelton Benjamin & Montel Vontavious Porter: Kung-Fu-Naki has sweet new disco music for his entrance. Hurricane Helms popped up on the screen and made fun of MVP’s losing streak again.

Carlito & Primo Colon + Brie Bella + The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh: Primo Colon begged Carlito to let him have the first shot at Brie Belle. Carlito agreed and Primo approached Brie from behind and wrapped his arms around her. Brie got offended, as if she never saw Primo in her life, and walked off. The Great Khali showed up with his translater and said that Primo doesn’t have game.

The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh: The Great Khali said he has received thousands of letters from women wondering what it would be like to kiss him. Ranjin Singh read a random letter from a fan saying she once had a crush on John Cena but now she loves the Great Khali. Singh read another love letter to Khali and then realized it was from a guy named BRUCE. Ha ha. Ranjin Singh then “randomly” picked a tiny super cute girl from the audience to enter the ring and get kissed by the Great Khali. Singh went on the hunt for a second volunteer and found an overweight girl and invited her into the ring too. Khali was about to kiss the cute girl but Singh stopped him. Singh said “anybody can kiss that one! but it takes a real man to kiss the other one!” I hope this stuff is planned, otherwise it is extremely cruel. Khali puckered up and kissed the big girl.

THE Brian Kendrick w/Ezekiel Jackson defeated Super Crazy: After the match, Ezekiel Jackson gave Super Crazy a one-armed Choke-slam!

Triple H vs. The Undertaker ended in a No Contest: Triple H and the Undertaker fought for bragging rights until the Big Show showed up and attacked the Undertaker. Anybody with half a brain could have predicted that outcome. Triple H smashed the Big Show with a chair from behind, but the Big Show shook it off and Choke-slammed Triple H in the middle of the ring! The Big Show then picked up the chair and went after the Undertaker, smashing him repeatedly with the lethal weapon.