WWE SmackDown 01 09 2009

January 09, 2009 – East Rutherford, New Jersey
Announcers: Jim Ross & Tazz

OPENING SEGMENT: Jim Ross & Tazz opened the show talking about the WWE.com report that Jeff Hardy and his fiancee Beth were involved in a hit and run accident earlier that day. Jim Ross said that Jeff Hardy was okay, and they would show video footage of the accident later in the show. JR also said they would hear from WWE champion Jeff Hardy tonight. So obviously this is all part of a storyline.

Triple H defeated John Morrison: After the match, the Miz distracted Triple H so that Chavo Guerrero could attack him from behind! Chavo aggressively threw Triple H head-first through a table set up in the corner of the ring. Backstage, Vickie Guerrero stood in front of a monitor watching the carnage in the ring.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Triple H made his way backstage and immediately bumped into Vickie Guerrero. Vickie stated the obvious, “you don’t look so good; one down one to go!” reminding him of his upcoming Handicap match and Last Man Standing match. Vickie sarcastically wished Triple H luck and walked off..

The Undertaker defeated WWE United States champion Shelton Benjamin: After a long match, the Undertaker finished Benjamin off with a Tombstone Pile-driver!

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Jim Ross & Tazz talked about the Jeff Hardy hit-and-run car accident that happened last night. They showed police cruiser footage. A police officer found Jeff and his fiancee on the side of the road with their car in the ditch. Jeff explained that some “nutcase” came flying up behind them and ran them off the road. Jeff said he didn’t know the person and described the car. Jeff looked like he hurt his arm, and Beth was a little shaken up. Once again I have to be clear that this is 100% storyline and all part of the show. The rumor that is circulating is that the person stalking Jeff Hardy will end up being Christian Cage.

Tazz & Edge: Tazz approached Edge and asked him about Jeff Hardy’s accident. Edge said he feels bad for Jeff because the black cloud from 2008 has followed him into 2009. Edge said sometimes things like this just happen. Edge said he and Jeff have had problems but he will keep Jeff and his girlfriend in his prayers.

The Bella Twins (Nicole & Brie) defeated Michelle McCool & Victoria: The Bella Twins are looking, Oh My God, hot. Michelle McCool is doing a great job playing the heel – I didn’t think she had it in her. After the match, Michelle McCool went super-heel and attacked Victoria! McCool planted Victoria with a Styles Clash (stolen from A.J. Styles). For the third week in a row, Michelle has assaulted a WWE Diva!

Triple H defeated Mike Mizanin & Chavo Guerrero: After the match, Vickie Guerrero came up on the big screen and said she can’t wait to see how Triple H does in his “Last Man Standing” match with…. THE BIG SHOW!

VIGNETTE: Vladimir Kozlov was shown training in the gym, and the video concluded with Kozlov proclaiming, “I’m still waiting… for competition!”

Montel Vontavious Porter + Mr. Kennedy + The Boogeyman: MVP was not his usual enthusiastic trash-talker, and was quite lazy with his speech when introducing Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy said MVP isn’t mad at him, he is mad at himself. Mr. Kennedy asked what MVP’s loss-record was, and MVP said at least he’s been in the ring week after week trying to be competitive. Mr. Kennedy plugged his movie “Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia” and said he was trying to inspire MVP to stop whining all the time. A crew suddenly showed up and reposessed MVP’s VIP Lounge furniture. Mr. Kennedy said he knows things are bad right now, but, trust me, they could always be worse. Mr. Kennedy left the ring and the Boogeyman popped out from under the ring! The Boogeyman hit MVP with a Pump-Handle-Slam. The Boogeyman was about to spit giant worms into MVP’s mouth, but he squirmed out of the ring first!

The Colon Brothers defeated Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson to retain the WWE Tag Team titles:

SPECIAL COVERAGE: They showed cell phone footage from someone who was on the scene. He actually got a little too close and the police officer told him to back off.

TAPED INTERVIEW BY SATTELITE: Jeff Hardy said he had just left a party and this car came up behind him and forced them off the road. Jeff said he was thankful that he wasn’t injured and nobody was hospitolized. Jeff said he would still be at Royal Rumble to defend his WWE championship.

The Big Show defeated Triple H: The exhausted Triple H fought hard and turned this match into an extremely physical confrontation. Both men went down numerous times but managed to beat the 10-count by referee Scott James. Late in the match, the Big Show choke-slammed Triple H onto the announce table – which failed to break (I hate it when that happens!). The referee counted, but Triple H somehow got to his feet! The Big Show punched Triple H in the face and H fell backwards onto the announce table. The referee counted to ten, and Triple H’s lifeless body did not budge. The Big Show was declared the winner of the match! Vickie Guerrero joined the Big Show at the top of the stage to admire the damage.