WWE SmackDown 01 08 2010

WWE SmackDown

January 8, 2010 – Louisville, Kentucky
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

DARK MATCH: Tyler Reks defeated The Hurricane..

Batista + Rey Mysterio: Batista stopped at the top of the ramp and demanded that they put a spot light on him and darken the rest of the arena. Batista said we’re in a brand new year but it seems like nothings changed. People still boo him, and Teddy Longs still sticking it to him. He screwed him out of the title at TLC and said nothing about Rey Mysterio screwing up his match last week. He appreciates Vickie trying to help him but she isn’t the GM! He’s the former world champion and demands an explanation for why the #1 star is being treated badly! He said he would leave and take everyone with him because they all paid to see him (Yet he just said they all boo him?). Rey Mysterio entered and explained to Batista he’s not the world champion because he’s blinded by his selfishness and greed, and that everyone can see his true colors, he’s nothing but an arrogant crybaby! Rey said he got himself payback last week for Batista ruining his match with Undertaker, and that returning the favor is what friends are for! He said you don’t see him complaining about the match tonight because he came here ready. Rey taunted him by asking if he was scared that he was going to be beat again! Rey then asked the fans if they thought the same thing. Batista went nuts and said he doesn’t deserve a match with him but that he has it and that Batista will make sure he doesn’t walk out of here! Rey said he’s wrong and that it will be Batista who doesn’t walk out tonight!

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kane: Ziggler started out the match by trying to avoid Kane but Kane quickly caught him. Since Kane is on his quarterly face run, he refrained from fighting dirty and throwing Ziggler all over the ring. At one point Kane put Ziggler on the top turnbuckle and Ziggler punched him off and drop kicked him to the head! Ziggler managed to get Kane into the same headlock he did last week, but Kane quickly knocked him off. Kane nearly destroyed him with a big boot but only got a 2! He hit his top rope lariat and then went for the chokeslam but Ziggler countered it and hit the zigzag! Kane kicked out at 2 and Ziggler locked in that headlock again. Kane fell out of the ring (instead of going for a ropebreak) with Ziggler still holding on and at an 8 count Ziggler let go and ran back into the ring and ended up winning by count out! It appears Ziggler is out of the dog house, at least temporarily.

Beth Phoenix & Michelle McCool & Layla: Michelle apologized for kicking Beth in the face last week and that it was meant for Mickie. Her and Layla continued sucking up to Beth, and said they had a new present for “Piggie” James(I wish this angle would end), a pig trough full of lettuce. Beth said they were unbelievable that they were back there playing games when Layla has a match with her tonight! Layla looked terrified.

Chris Jericho & The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd & Natalya Neidhart): Chris Jericho was talking about how everyone’s been pointing their fingers at him for being kicked off Raw, trying to demean him and patronize him, trying to sweep him under the carpet. He says he’s still the best at what he does, that he’s the face of the company, and that they still had business to take care of. He said two weeks ago he told them to make an impact, but that they responded by taking his head off, but that he respects that because they went after the biggest star in the company. He wanted to know if they were going to continue to make an impact tonight? Natalya said they were more than ready, and that Chris Jericho wasn’t going to be the best in the world forever and that it was their time! David Hart Smith said that what happened to Bret last week was an embarrassment and that it would never happen to them. Tyson Kidd said they were better than the best, period!

Chris Jericho and the Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya Neidhart) defeated R-Truth and Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG): Cryme Tyme and R-Truth dominated Hart Dynasty and Jericho early on and Jericho got thrown out of the ring for the mandatory commercial break spot. Midway through the match Shad fell out of the ring when David held the top rope down, and Natalya kicked Shad in the ribs! Shad got the hot tag to JTG and after a minute Jericho locked in a brutal liontamer to win the match!

C.M. Punk w/Luke Gallows: Punk entered the ring. He told everyone to quiet down and spoke about how last week he promised to save a lost soul in the audience. He said that his crusade is very real, and that he is a man who keeps his promises, unlike the weak minded fans! He asked which member of the WWE universe has what it takes. After a while of “searching”, he found someone and told Luke to escort them to the ring. The fan says his name is James. Punk told him he has nothing to fear from him or Luke. He said he can read him like a book, and see through the entire audience. He told James there is hope, and that he is looking at it. Luke sets up a chair for James and Punk tells him this is the most important day of his life, and that Punk is his savior (What is he Jesus now? He has the beard and hair for it already). He asks him if he’s tired of living life like all the losers in the audience, James says yes. He tells him to stop treating his body like a sewer, and James said he’s tried a few times to stop smoking, but Punk says “That is not good enough!”. Punk says Straight edge is a commitment and that he must stop trying and start doing. Punk makes James pledge some more, and tells him to find the willpower to just say no next time, and resist the temptation. Punk says to become a full time member of straight edge society, he must shave his head. James is reluctant at first (I guess he loves his 2 inches of hair on the top of his head) but Punk talks him into sitting back down. Punk asks him if he accepts straight edge into his life, and then shaves his head! Punk says now when James looks in the mirror, he will know he is stronger than all those people sitting here, and that he has evolved far beyond all those sheep. Punk says it has happened and that next week it will happen again.

Luke Gallows w/C.M. Punk defeated Matt Hardy: Matt Hardy was able to get in an average amount of offense(I’m surprised he was booked that way considering the stunt Jeff pulled the other night) but Luke quickly started dominating the match. Punk got Matt’s attention and Gallows won with a big boot and his finisher.

Theodore Long & Maria + Vickie Guerrero + The Great Khali & Runjin Singh: Teddy Long sucks up to Maria about being cast in that crap the Celebrity Apprentice and that he knows she’s going to so well. Vickie shows up and says she loves that show too but that she was too busy to do it. She told Maria she reminds her of when she was young, and beautiful, and full of ambition and Teddy long said “When did it all go downhill for you?”! Vickie told him to shut up and showed Maria the new line of WWE superstar action figures and asked Maria to talk about them. Maria actually did an okay job, and Teddy said Vickie’s action figure is probably the biggest, but then says “Well maybe not” when Khali and Runjin Singh arrive. Khali talks a bit and Runjin translates saying Khali loves the action figures and likes Vickie’s action figure the most because it reminds him of the cows back home! Khali ends this segment by saying “Moooo!”

Beth Phoenix defeated Layla w/Michelle McCool: They show a recap of last week of when Beth cleaned house after Michelle cost her the match with Mickie James. The way Layla holds her hip when she walks to the ring drives me completely insane. Layla starts the match by trying to apologize to Beth for last week, and Beth destroys her in response! Basic squash match. After the match Layla held Beth’s leg while Michelle kicked her in the head! They started beating on her and Mickie came down and made the save! Beth threw Team “Lay-Cool” out of the ring and then stared down Mickie. Mickie responded by kicking Beth in the head!

Josh Mathews & Drew McIntyre + John Morrison: Josh told Drew he has beaten John Morrison two times already, but not without controversy. They show a recap of his match last week with Morrison. Josh accuses Drew of blatantly pushing John. Drew says he just saw Morrison getting increasingly frustrated, and that he didn’t just defeat him, he dominated him. He said that when John realized he was the better man he snapped, and that he would be the first IC champion to win the royal rumble. John Morrison shows up and asks if he’s interrupting because he’s getting a weird awkward vibe. Morrison says Drew must have an easy time talking that way when he’s not there, but now that he’s standing in his face does he have anything to say? He dares Drew to say something to his face and to give him a reason! Drew remains quiet and Morrison impersonates his accent a bit. Drew says he knows what he’s trying to do but it won’t work, and that its time to accept that its over and that Drew is moving onto bigger and better things than him. Morrison says this is starting to get boring (read my mind) and that one of them needs to lose their temper, and since Drew won’t it mine as well be him, and smacks Drew in the face! He then beats on Drew for a bit until security and a referee show up.

Rey Mysterio vs. Batista ended in a No Contest: Rey Mysterio tried to use speed to his advantage but ended up being caught by Batista and dominated for a bit. They go for the mandatory outside the ring commercial break spot after Batista slammed Rey into the ring post! Mysterio gained the upper hand and hit Batista with a frog splash, but Batista put his elbow up and they both got hurt. Mysterio went for a spring board but Batista catched him with a huge spine buster. Batista hit the spear and went for the Batista-bomb but the lights went out and Undertaker’s music hits! When the lights came back on Batista was down. Mysterio set up the 619, and connected, but afterwards Undertaker’s music hit and the lights went out once again. When the lights come back on Batista and Rey are both down again. The fans didn’t like this and began to boo. Once again Undertaker’s music hits but this time the lights only dim and Undertaker’s pyro and Titantron video hit and the episode just ends! (Stupid)