WWE SmackDown 05 21 2010

WWE SmackDown

May 21, 2010 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

DARK MATCH: Kane defeated Dos Caras..

Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena) & 3 young adults + Rey Mysterio: There were 3 people sitting on chairs in the ring with them. Luke said there was a time when he was just like the people in the audience, weak minded, pathetic, and riddled with addiction. Luke said he would wake up and think it was impossible to save himself. Luke said the person who saved him can make the impossible, possible. Serena said everyone watching needs to stand up right now; unfortunately I can’t type while standing. Serena said you need to show Punk the respect that he deserves. Luke said he can’t think of a better place for Punk then Canada, since it’s legal for teenagers to drink alcohol. Luke said the impressionable youth are physically and emotionally handicapping themselves as their parents turn a blind eye. Luke said it would change for the people in the ring because they would take the pledge to extinguish the demons of weakness and addiction, just like Punk will do to Rey at Over the Limit. Serena said the individuals in the ring represent the decay and worthlessness of the country. Serena said they are here tonight to heal them, and at Over the Limit Punk will heal Rey Mysterio. Serena said through Punk the power of straight edge will be seen from now until eternity. Punk said to raise their hands and reach for the sky. Punk said the people in the attendance who have been moved should feel free to raise their hands too and feel the straight edge through them. Punk said this pledge absolves them of all their weaknesses and erases all the bad decisions they have made in their little insignificant lives. Punk said this pledge makes you better than everybody. Punk told them to pledge allegiance to the straight edge society, and went through the pledge with them. Punk said this moment begins the rest of their lives, no longer are they weak like the universe they see before them. Punk said just like Rey Mysterio is going to do; he needs them to show their devotion to the SES with actions as well as words. Luke asked if they were all prepared to accept straight edge. Punk said they need to show commitment and devotion to their new savior, because he is a kind savior but with needs. Punk said they will now show their devotions through actions, as well as words; let the healing begin! Punk Gallows and Serena proceeded to shave the kids heads. After they were done Rey Mysterio came out. Rey said this whole mass induction ceremony was ridiculous. Rey said they all looked silly. Rey asked if he thought this was funny, because everyone will really be laughing this Sunday at Over the Limit, when Punk looks like this! They showed a picture of a bald Punk on the Tron. During commercial Punk said Rey Mysterio thinks he’s cute, but he wants to show Rey what they are going to do to him at Over the Limit. SES beat up the three kids in the ring.

WWE Women’s champion Team Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla) defeated Tiffany & Kelly Kelly: Michelle and Layla both have women’s title belts now and call themselves co-champions. Kelly and Layla started off. Layla locked in a headlock, Kelly pushed her away and Layla hooked up Kelly in a unique looking pin for 2. Layla twisted Kelly’s arm but Kelly did an Arabian press to arm drag Layla. Kelly knocked Layla out of the ring and when Michelle tried to kick Kelly on the apron, Kelly knocked her off too. Kelly hit Michelle with a cross body off the second turnbuckle. Layla tried to get away but walked into a clothesline from Tiffany. Kelly tagged in Tiffany who hit a sunset flip for 2. Tiffany hit a monkey flip but Layla kneed her in the stomach after and tagged in Michelle hit the faith breaker for the 3 moments later.

The Big Show: Big Show said he was The Big Show and the number 1 contender for the championship. Big Show said Swagger has been telling us of his accolades. Big Show said it’s great to be an eagle scout, a state wrestling champion, or prom king, but he doesn’t know about that last one. Show asked if you knew he knocked Swagger out 3 weeks ago. Show said if you think that’s impressive, it’s just one of his many accomplishments. Show even smiled like Swagger after.

JTG defeated Caylen Croft w/Trent Barreta : JTG stomped on Caylen’s head when he fell to the ground trying to get JTG to jump over him. JTG hit a clothesline followed by a neckbreaker variation. Caylen hit a neckbreaker of his own moments later and began punching JTG in the head. Caylen locked in a cravat but JTG fought out of it and exploded on Caylen with all kinds of clotheslines and a drop kick. JTG hit an X factor in the corner followed by his lariat variation for the 3 moments later.

Vickie Guerrero + Christian: Vickie was on her phone when Christian walked in wanting to know why Vickie wanted to see him. Vickie said she understood that tonight was the return of the peep show and she wanted to know who his first guest was going to be, because she was available to be the first guest if he wanted. Christian said he would like to, but he actually wants people to watch the show! Christian said she wasn’t in the top 100 of people peeps wanted to see in his show. Vickie said that was hard to believe. Christian showed a video of people peeps wanted to see in his show including Bret Hart, The Mountie, Jared from Subway, and Lester, the guy who loves chicken. Vickie told Christian to amuse her and tell her who number 1 is. Christian said he can’t, but he’s never seen eye to eye with his guest.

Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins defeated Brent Roberts & Jeremy Barner: Curt and Jeremy started off. Curt smacked Jeremy and hit a big body slam before tagging in Vance. Vance kicked Jeremy in the head and hit a huge slam. Jeremy tagged in Brent who was grabbed by the throat and thrown over Vance’s head. Vance tagged in Curt, hit his inverted DDT, and Curt hit a flying elbow for 3. After the match they grabbed a microphone. Curt said they have 22 days left to make an impact, and they’ll do it, whether they like it or not.

The Big Show: Big Show said he was The Big Show, the number 1 contender for the championship. Show said Swagger went to the U of O on a full scholarship, and he was a 2 time all American in wrestling. Show snapped his fingers and was handed a piece of paper. Show said Swagger was a waltz ballroom dancing champion, weird. Show asked if you knew he chokeslammed Swagger through the announce table 2 weeks ago. Show said that is one of his many accomplishments, and then smiled a dorky smile like Swagger.

Kofi Kingston defeated World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger: Before the match Swagger said Big Show disrespected him last week and disrespected all of his accomplishments, the great state of Oklahoma, and his daddy. Swagger said most importantly he disrespected the World championship itself. Swagger said this Sunday he’s going to disrespect Show, when the fat lady sings the ring announcer will say “The winner, and still World heavyweight champion, the all American American American American, Jack Swagger”. Jack pushed Kofi into the corner but Kofi countered with a flurry of kicks and drop kicking Jack out of the ring. Jack tried to get back inside bug Kofi dropkicked him off the apron. Kofi hit a springboard smack on the head and then clotheslined Jack out of the ring. Back from commercial Kofi had an arm bar in. Kofi pulled the top rope down causing Jack to fall out of the ring again. Kofi jumped over the top rope but Jack caught Kofi and threw him into the steel ring post. Jack took over inside the ring but missed his running Vader bomb. Kofi tried to hit a springboard move but Jack kicked him in the crotch. Kofi hit a sunset flip for 2 and was immediately belly to belly slammed down afterwards. Jack put Kofi onto the top turnbuckle and started smacking him but Kofi caught him and hit a tornado DDT. Kofi took Jack down with some smacks and started doing his corner punches, followed by his SOS pin for 2. Jack ducked a trouble in paradise and tried to hit Kofi with a belly to back suplex but Kofi landed on his feet and hit a Russian leg sweep. Kofi got ready for the boom box but Jack got up and punched Kofi in the back, followed by a kick to the head. Big Show came out and told Jack to hold on. Jack was distracted and walked right into a springboard cross body from Kofi for 3! Big Show said there was one more fact. On the Tron it said “Did you know: Kofi just beat you”!

Christian + Hornswoggle + Vickie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero + Dolph Ziggler: Christian welcomed everyone to the peep show. Christian said it felt great to be back on SmackDown! Christian said this was the first show back on Friday nights so without further ado he’d like to get things started. Christian said him and his guest have never seen eye to eye. His guest turned out to be Hornswoggle… Christian said Hornswoggle was looking good in his DX gear. Christian told Hornswoggle to give them a DX chop. Christian told Hornswoggle to get in his seat, it took him a while. Christian said they had stuff in common, they’re both on SmackDown!, both here to make a big impression, and Hornswoggle is there to get himself in trouble. Christian said he knew Hornswoggle wasn’t good at expressing himself, so he told him he would help him speak Canadian. Christian taught Hornswoggle how to say hozer, eh, hockey, and beer. Vickie came out with Chavo Guerrero. Vickie said she was shutting down the peep show. Vickie thought it was stupid that Hornswoggle was the number 1 guest. Vickie said no one was interested in hearing from that creepy little troll, nor do they want to hear Christian teaching him words from the most useless country in the word, Canada. Christian said he was about to teach Hornswoggle how to say obesity and moose, until she interrupted! Chavo said you can’t talk to his aunt Vickie that way. Vickie said if Christian doesn’t leave the ring she has someone who is going to help him. Hornswoggle hid inside a basket case and Chavo started to get in the ring. Dolph Ziggler attacked Christian from behind and hit the Zigzag.

Montel Vontavious Porter & Rey Mysterio defeated Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows w/Serena): MVP and Luke started off. Luke took down MVP with a shoulder block but MVP took Luke down soon after and then gorilla press slammed Rey onto Luke. MVP hit Luke with a huge kick to the face but when Serena distracted MVP Luke was able to pull him from the middle turnbuckle and take control. Back from commercial Punk had MVP in a weird looking bow and arrow. MVP tried to get the tag but Luke pulled him away. Punk tried to hit his knee in the corner but MVP caught him and pushed him away. Punk pulled MVP away from Rey and Luke hit an elbow drop on his back. Luke hit the running splash for 2. Punk kicked MVP in the side of the head for 2. MVP finally managed to fight back and get the tag to Rey. Rey hit Luke with a west coast pop followed by a springboard cross body block. Rey hit his wheelbarrow bulldog for 2 and then knocked Luke into the ropes. Punk blind tagged Luke and hit Rey with a springboard clothesline. Punk got ready for the G2S but Rey rolled him up. MVP clotheslined Luke out of the ring and got ready for the 619 but the hooded figure showed up. Rey knocked him off the apron and hit a hurricarana on Punk for 3!

Josh Mathews & WWE Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre + Kofi Kingston: Josh asked Drew if he felt he was deserving of the IC title. Drew said Matt Hardy deserved exactly what he got when he gave him a beating he will never forget. Drew said Teddy deserved exactly what he got last week when his authority was completely eviscerated. Drew said he deserves to be the chosen 1. Kofi showed up and said the IC title is his, because he earned it. Kofi said nothing is going to get him out of trouble in paradise.

The Big Show defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Drew McIntyre by DQ: Big Show pushed Drew into the corner and smacked him on the chest. Drew got out of the ring but Show followed after him and threw him back into the ring by his hair. Show started choking Drew on the ropes. Big Show chopped Drew on the chest again, but when he went for a third time Drew poked him in the eye. Drew ran right into a huge lariat. Show grabbed Drew by the hair and pulled him onto the apron. Drew tried to hit the future shock but Drew fought out of it and chopped Drew again. Show shoulder blocked Drew and hit the chokeslam. Jack hit the ring and hit the running Vader bomb on Show, followed by another one. Jack stomped on Big Show’s hand and then ran at him with a chair but Show punched the chair out of his hands. Jack ran away.