WWE SmackDown 06 25 2010

WWE SmackDown

June 25, 2010 – Manchester, New Hampshire
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long & Vickie Guerrero + Drew McIntyre: Teddy said this had been a whirlwind of a week in the WWE and that Rey Mysterio will be defending his title at the new PPV Money in the Bank. Vickie said in the next 2 weeks herself and Teddy will evaluate the talent to choose which 8 men compete in the SmackDown! Money in the Bank match. Vickie said Vince was rendered incapacitated this last week on RAW. Drew walked in and asked Teddy why he was happy. Drew said he humiliated Teddy last week and humbled him. Drew said when he tells Vince about Teddy’s officiating at Fatal 4 Way; Teddy cut him off and said that due to the absence of Vince he can run the show how he sees appropriate. Teddy said he was first going to reinstate Matt Hardy and they would be competing tonight. Teddy told Drew to get out. Vickie told Drew to get out too.

The Big Show defeated Jack Swagger by DQ: Jack said he wanted everyone to know that he’s filed a protest against the WWE. Jack said he’s protesting the fact that he has to fight a 500 pound giant and that he had to defend the title in a Fatal 4 Way. Jack said it’s impossible for a naturally born champion to come out victorious in a Fatal 4 Way. Jack said there were no rules in place to protect him or the world title. Jack said when Kane came out and interfered with the match he was cheated. Jack said he was cheated out of the world heavyweight championship. Jack said he’s invoking his rematch at Money in the Bank and he’s confident that he will come out victorious because if there’s one thing his daddy has taught him it’s that cheaters never win and winners never cheat. Jack said until then he is going to make everyone suffer. Jack said his father suffered on father’s day. Jack said right now he’s going to make Big Show suffer. Show took control early on with some punches and chops. Show sat on Jack while he was hung up on the middle rope. Show knocked Jack out of the ring with a head butt. Jack got hung up on the top turnbuckle and Show took Jack down with a superplex. Back from commercial Show was attacking Jack’s left arm. Jack tried to lock in a front chancery but Show easily pushed Jack off and slammed into him. Jack managed to tackle Show’s left leg to take him down. Jack began working on Show’s left leg with a step over toe hold but Show pushed him away. Swagger shoulder tackled Show by jumping off the middle rope and followed up with a leg drop. Jack hit the Swagger bomb once and went for it a second time but Show grabbed Jack by the throat. Swagger reversed the chokeslam into a victory roll into an ankle lock. Show made it to the ropes but Jack wouldn’t let go.

Christian & Montel Vontavious Porter & Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler & The Gatecrashers (“American Psycho” Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins): MVP and Curt started. MVP took Curt down with some punches and a T-bone suplex. Christian tagged in and took over. MVP tagged back in but Curt was able to fight back and tag in Dolph. Dolph Irish whipped Curt into MVP who took all 3 of them out. MVP Kofi and Christian all jumped out of the ring onto the heels. Back from commercial MVP was hitting Dolph in the face with a running forearm. MVP tagged in Kofi who rolled up Dolph awkwardly for 2. Curt tried to enter the ring which distracted Kofi long enough for Dolph to take over. Vance tagged in and hit Kofi with a swinging neck breaker. Kofi fought out of a headlock with a jawbreaker but Curt tagged in Dolph who attacked Kofi with a big elbow drop for 2. Kofi managed to kip up hurricarana Dolph and get a tag to Christian. Christian knocked the gatecrashers off the apron and took out Dolph with an inverted DDT for 2. Dolph rolled through the sunset flip and hit Christian with a big drop kick. Christian hit a missile drop kick and everyone started fighting. Kofi took down Curt with the TIP and MVP knocked Vance out of the ring. Dolph went for the zigzag but Christian reversed it and hit the killswitch for 3.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kane was talking to an empty casket and said he would get vengeance tonight and bring hell down on the guilty party. Kane said he will eviscerate Punk and break his body in two. Kane said he will decapitate the head of the SES. The music playing in the background makes these segments awesome.

Matt Hardy defeated Drew McIntyre : Matt and Drew yelled at each other a bit before Drew went for a punch but missed. Matt ducked the punch and took over early on, knocking Drew into the announce table. Matt put Drew back in the ring and tackled him out on the other side. Drew ran Matt into the steel ring post on the apron. Drew hit Matt with a back suplex on the floor. Matt made it back into the ring in time. Drew started punching Matt and locked in a crossface chicken wing. Matt managed to kick a charging Drew in the face but was Michinoku driven off the top rope. Drew stayed in control and locked in his crossface chicken wing variation again. Matt kicked Drew away but was taken down again. Drew put Matt on the turnbuckle backwards and hit a super back suplex, but Matt grabbed the rope at 2. Back from commercial Drew had his submission in again. Matt got out of it but was tackled into the turnbuckle. Drew took down Matt with a clothesline and stomped on his face. Matt managed to elbow Drew in the face and bring him down with an inverted DDT variation. Matt countered a punch with a side effect for 2. Matt went for the bulldog but Drew countered it into a big boot for 2. Drew hit a neckbreaker for another 2. Drew lost his temper more and more with each unsuccessful pin. Drew got ready for future shock but Matt back dropped Drew out of the ring and hit him with an axe handle. Matt tried for the twist of fate on the outside but Drew ran Matt into the steel steps. Drew got ready to stomp Matt’s head into the steps but Matt tripped Drew, causing him to land back first on the steps. Drew walked right into a twist of fate back in the ring for 3. After the match Teddy Long came on the Tron and told Drew that his visa expired! Teddy told Security to escort Drew out of the building and back to his home country.

Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris: Cody said the cameraman was trying to get a look at his naturally sculpted features. Cody said he was the most attractive WWE superstar. Editor’s note: Pretty sure that award goes to The Great Khali. Cody brought up some poll saying the divas voted him most handsome superstar. Cody told Husky to take his vest off. Cody said unfortunately Husky represents the average male with his horrible tattoos and dirty hair. Cody thanked Husky for his time and apologized for being so good looking. Cody said it’s not genetics because of his brother and father. Cody said sometimes a blessing can be a curse. Cody asked some random fan if he knew how difficult it was to maintain his delicate smooth skin. Cody asked Todd if he knew how many countless hours Cody spent in the gym while he went on the internet and read comics. Cody told Tony that he hasn’t had a carb since Bill Clinton was president. Cody thanked the divas for having good taste. Cody said he couldn’t help that he had a God given ability to excel in the ring. Cody said he wanted Teddy and Vickie to consider him for Money in the Bank. Cody said from now on he will be called “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. Cody repeated this several hundred thousand times in a row before finally shutting up.

Vickie Guerrero + Dolph Ziggler: Dolph said their relationship was supposed to be a 2 way street and that he wants something in return. Dolph said he wants an IC title match or else he’ll break up with her.

Kelly Kelly w/Tiffany defeated Rosa Mendes: For some reason Rosa was skipping rope in an attempt to stand out or get in even better shape I guess. Lay-Cool came out with “What did I do to deserve this” Kaval to view the match. Kelly kicked Rosa in the midsection and hit the K2 to win the match. Kelly threw the skipping rope at Lay-Cool after the match,

VIGNETTE: Alberto Del Rio (aka Dos Caras Jr. unmasked)..

Kane vs. C.M. Punk ended in a no contest: Punk said he only had one thing to say, that he was an innocent man! Punk attacked Kane as soon as he got in the ring but was thrown out of the ring easily. Kane threw Punk around on the outside easily. Gallows and the masked man both tried to help but were also beat up easily. Finally SES got the upper hand and took control. They Irish whipped Kane into the dasher boards and then threw Gallows against him. Kane back dropped Punk over the dasher boards and started destroying everyone again. Kane chokeslammed the masked man and tried to put Punk through the announce table but Gallows made the save. Kane chokeslammed Gallows through the announce table and Punk tried to escape through the audience. Kane body slammed Punk through a table in the lobby. Kane put Punk through a second table and knocked him outside. Punk ran away with Kane looking on.