WWE SmackDown 07 23 2010

WWE SmackDown

July 23, 2010 – Little Rock, Arkansas
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Alberto Del Rio defeated Kaval:

World Heavyweight champion Kane: Kane said as a child he took his goldfish and held it high above its bowl. Kane said he would watch it gasp for air, slowly dying. Kane said that’s how he felt for the past thirteen years until Sunday night. Kane said that’s when 7 bruised battered souls were laid to rest as he won the MITB contract. Kane said he did something unprecedented, he made history, he cashed in his contract that very night to become the new champion. Kane said it was the most gratifying moment of his entire career. Kane said Rey put up a valiant effort against Swagger until Swagger put in the ankle lock. Kane said when he came out to help Rey the gratitude in his face shone bright, but the gratitude turned to horror when he challenged him for the title. Kane said as he towered over Rey and grabbed him by the throat, he could feel Rey’s pulse throb in his hand. Kane said he chokeslammed Rey to the mat with all his force, and that would have been enough, but his primal instincts kicked in, so he dropped Rey on his head and became champion. Kane said everyone applauded again. Kane said Rey has got to understand that he only did what anyone in his position would have done. Kane said he did it several times. Kane said he didn’t do it for himself. Kane said he did it for his brother. Kane said he brought the world title back to where it rightfully belongs; back to the darkside. Kane said he went to his brother’s bedside to share his victory, instead of an overwhelming feeling of pride; his soul was overcome with shame and sorrow. Kane said his once all powerful brother just laid there, unable to appreciate this momentous occasion. Kane said his eyes were still closed, his body limp and unresponsive. Kane said he vowed to him at that moment that no one would ever tear that Holy Grail from his grasp. Kane said his brother’s assailant is still at large and he will not rest until he finds the one who put his brother in a coma. Kane said hell will reign supreme when the champion finally achieves his vengeance. Really cool music played during the entire promo.

Drew McIntyre & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes defeated Matt Hardy & Christian : Matt and Drew started out. Matt started in control, attacking Drew’s left arm. Christian tagged in and smacked Drew across the face twice before locking in a side headlock. Christian elbowed Drew in the face and hit a missile drop kick for 2. Drew fought back with a clothesline and tagged in Cody. Matt and Christian made frequent tags to each other until Cody kicked Matt in the face and tagged in Drew. Drew went for the future shock but Matt back dropped Drew out of the ring. Matt knocked Cody out of the ring too and Christian springboard splashed onto them. Back from commercial Cody was working on Matt. Cody Russian leg swept Matt but missed a knee drop. Christian tagged in and kneed Cody in the gut. Christian strangled Cody on the middle rope but had a stare down with Drew on the outside. Back inside Cody took down Christian with an Alabama slam for 2. Drew tagged in and stomped on Christian. Drew stomped the crap out of Christian before tagging Cody back in. Cody took down Christian with a modified gord buster followed by a knee drop for 2. Cody drop kicked Christian into the bottom rope throat first. Drew tagged in and locked in the arm bar. Cody tagged back in and kicked Christian in the gut. Cody went for another Alabama slam but Christian rolled through and clotheslined him. Drew tagged in and went for Futureshock but Christian got out of it and tagged in Matt. Matt hit a modified neck breaker on Drew for 2 and followed up with a tornado DDT. Cody distracted the ref and then broke up a pin moments later. Christian attacked Cody and Matt accidentally punched Christian in the face. Matt hit Cody with a side effect but Drew booted Matt in the side of the head while he was checking on Christian. After the match Christian helped Matt up and they shook hands.

Josh Mathews & Jack Swagger: Josh asked Jack if he was feeling fortunate about his #1 contenders match. Jack said he was robbed at MITB. Jack said Rey took a page out of the book of Eddy Guerrero. Jack said Rey was about to tap out but since Rey purposely unlaced his boot he was able to slide out of it. Josh said it’s more clever than unfair. Jack said where he’s from that’s called cheating. Jack said it was clever how Rey lost his title moments later because of what he did to Rey’s ankle. Jack said tonight Rey won’t be able to walk after the first fall because he’s going to shatter his ankle. Jack said at Summer Slam he’s going to put Kane in the same place Kane put his father; the hospital.

VIGNETTE: Alberto Del Rios talked about being a role model and said he was the bravest of the brave.

WWE Women’s champions Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla) + SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long: Lay-Cool was celebrating Layla’s win on Sunday. They got each other gifts for being such good friends; friendship necklaces. Teddy Long walked in and congratulated Layla on her victory. Teddy said Layla would be defending her title against Tiffany next Friday. Lay-Cool complained about Tiffany and how Teddy Long said “Real talk” because it’s their line.

Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston w/Michael McGillicutty: Dolph took down Kofi quickly but Kofi got rope break. Kofi rolled up Dolph for 1. They mat wrestled a bit more before Dolph kicked Kofi in the gut. Kofi leaped over Dolph twice and hit an elbow, followed by his corner punches and a European uppercut. Dolph kicked Kofi in the face to take over. Dolph hit a big neckbreaker and stomped on the back of Kofi’s head. Dolph threw Kofi out of the ring and Michael checked on Kofi while Vickie yelled at him. Vickie kicked Michael out for no reason. Back from commercial Dolph had a headlock in. Dolph hit the famouser for 2. Kofi began to fight back with kicks but Dolph kicked Kofi down again. Dolph began wrenching on Kofi’s neck but Kofi fought back and dodged another famouser. Dolph hit another big neckbreaker and pressed his knee onto Kofi’s throat. Dolph began choking Kofi with the rope. Dolph put in a chin lock, Kofi tried to hulk up but Dolph elbowed him in the face before stepping on his throat. Dolph went for an elbow drop but Kofi rolled out of the way. Dolph went for another neckbreaker but Kofi reversed it into a backslide for 2. Kofi jumped on Dolph and began punching him until the ref pulled him off. Kofi superman punched Dolph and hit the boom drop. Kofi geared up for the TIP but Dolph ducked it and tried to throw Kofi from the ring. Kofi skinned the cat but Vickie distracted him long enough for Dolph to hit the zigzag. Dolph locked in the sleeper hold from hell and knocked out Kofi. After the match Dolph posed with the belt over Kofi.

The Big Show defeated Joey Mercury (Mystery Member) w/Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena): The Big Show was supposed to take on Luke Gallows but he left the ring and the mystery member took his place. Show punched MM in the face. MM managed to drop kick Show in the knee but Show grabbed him by the throat and ripped off his mask revealing Joey Mercury! Big Show put on the mask and punched Joey hard in the face for 3.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes: Cody told us how to get rid of disgusting nose hairs. Cody gave us a demonstration of how to use nose hair trimmers and told us to be careful not to hit the mucus membrane.

Josh Mathews & Rey Mysterio: Josh asked Rey if his body could handle the match tonight. Rey said he is going through a lot of pain and he was just getting the feel of being World champion. Rey said his story was just getting started when it was taken away. Rey said he probably wouldn’t have done the same thing Kane did and he’s mad about what happened on Sunday but he has to move on, and the only way to do that is to beat Swagger twice tonight. Rey said next time he faces Kane in the ring, it will be a completely different story, a story with a happy ending.

VINGETTE: Alberto Del Rios talked about loving himself.

Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger: Jack picked up Rey and ran him into the corner easily but Rey rolled up Jack for 1. Rey kicked Jack in the leg but Jack took down Rey and began slamming him into the turnbuckle. Rey elbowed Jack in the face and hit a hurricarana before causing Jack to fall out of the ring. Rey baseball slid Jack into the dasher boards. Back from commercial Jack had Rey in a rolling front chancery. Rey drop toe held Jack into the turnbuckle. Rey went up top but Jack pushed him off. Jack power slammed Rey and locked in a body scissors. Jack locked in a modified single leg Boston crab but Rey got rope break. Jack hit Rey with 2 knee DTs. Rey kicked Jack several times and managed to hit a springboard cross body for 2. Jack wheelbarrow slammed Rey down and locked in the ankle lock. Rey managed to get rope break but Jack wouldn’t let go, giving Rey the first fall by DQ. Back from commercial Rey was getting into the ring slowly. Rey hit a hurricarana and went for the 619 but Jack caught Rey and locked in the ankle lock. Rey submitted, giving Jack the second fall. Jack pulled Rey out of the ring and slammed him down onto the ground. Jack hit the running Swagger bomb back in the ring twice for 2. Jack went for a third one but Rey got his feet up. Jack went for the gut wrench but Rey managed to turn it into the crucifix pin for 3, giving Rey the match. After the match Kane saved Rey from having his ankle broken. Kane disposed of Jack and then held up Rey’s hand. Kane then went for the chokeslam but Rey reversed it and hit the 619.