WWE SmackDown 07 30 2010

WWE SmackDown

July 30, 2010 – Corpus Christi, Texas
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Alberto Del Rio defeated Chavo Guerrero:

World Heavyweight champion Kane : There was a casket in the ring behind Kane. Kane said for 60 days and 60 nights he’s sat at his brother’s bedside waiting as he suffered silently to show him a sign. Kane said yesterday the unthinkable happened; he moved. Kane said he also opened his eyes and then for the first time in 2 months; spoke. Kane said his voice was weak and frail, and he could only manage to utter 2 words. Kane said those 2 words was the name of his assailant. Kane said when he heard the name a tidal wave of anger and pain coursed throughout his body. Kane said he couldn’t believe what he had heard. Kane said this entire time the guilty party has been staring him in the eyes but he’s been too blind to see it. Kane said it was Rey Mysterio! The name echoed for some reason. Kane said his brother and I sat staring at each other before he closed his eyes and drifted back into unconsciousness. Kane said the name Rey Mysterio hung in the air like a demon. Kane asked why? Kane said Rey couldn’t have done it alone but that doesn’t matter. Kane said the more he realized that it’s true it started to make sense. Kane said Rey had the most to gain. Kane said it all goes back to when Rey beat him to earn a spot in Fatal 4 Way. Kane said after that match Rey made a conscious decision to take the coward’s way out. Kane said like a virus invading its host Rey won a battle royal and went back into the Fatal 4 Way. Kane said 2 weeks later Rey emerged victorious, laced in gold. Kane said for what Rey had done, the only reason he won is because Taker wasn’t there to stop him but HE was there to stop him. Kane said at SummerSlam he will beat him again, but this time victory will not be enough. Kane said this time he will make Rey pay for his sins and experience what his brother had endured. Kane said he will open the casket and stuff Rey inside. Kane said he will damn Rey to eternal Hell where the fires will consume him over and over. Kane said Rey will be praying, but not to God, he will be praying to Kane! Kane said then he will shut the lid and Rey Mysterio as they have known him, will cease to exist. Kane said as Rey gasps for air and the light dims, his fate will be sealed and so to will his soul. Kane said as the life oozes out of his pores, the last thought that will go through his mind will be to repent over what he had done. Kane said then the only thing left will be the darkness.

Christian defeated Drew McIntyre : Christian got behind Drew but Drew backed into the turnbuckle. Drew went for a cheap shot but Christian ducked it and hit a punch of his own. Christian tried to roll Drew up but Drew stomped on his face. Christian back dropped Drew out of the ring and hit a drop kick after missing a baseball slide. Drew crawled under the ring and pulled Christian into the apron. Drew stomped on Christian’s arm and put in a key lock. Drew clotheslined Christian onto the apron shoulder first. Back from commercial Christian was getting back in the ring. During the break Drew gave Christian a shoulder breaker onto the steel steps. Drew locked in a chicken wing and sat on Christian. Drew body slammed Christian onto his arm and slammed it down against the apron. Drew went back to the key lock. Christian managed to fight out of it and hit Drew with a drop kick. Christian drop toe held Drew into the middle rope but was back dropped onto the apron. Christian stunned Drew on the ropes and hit a cross body but Drew rolled through for 2. Drew went for the Futureshock but Christian reversed it into a killswitch attempt, Christian couldn’t get it so he went to an inverted DDT instead. Drew wrenched Christians arm down hard for 2. Drew stomped on Christian’s arm. Drew went for a stomp off the middle rope but Christian kicked Drew in the face. Christian went for a sunset flip but only got 2. Christian hit a flying uppercut off the middle rope. Drew kicked Christian in the gut and threw him into the steel ring post. Drew went for a Futureshock but Christian reversed it into a small package for 3.

DCR GROOMING TIPS: “Dashing” Cody Rhodeswanted to talk about acne. Cody had given himself a facial and told us to do it too. Then he smiled like a total dork at the camera.

VINGETTE: Alberto Del Rio talked about excellence and how he has it.

Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Serena & Luke Gallows & Joseph Mercury): Punk asked who would let him down tonight. Punk wanted to smell Serena’s breath. Punk thanked Serena for showing up to work sober. Punk got mad at Joey for not doing anything while Show ripped his mask off. Punk said Luke’s been incompetent since WrestleMania. Punk showed everyone his sling and told them it was the reason he couldn’t stop Show. Joey said his mask was taken off to. Punk yelled at Joey and asked him if he needed a tissue. Punk said there’s one person standing in the room who would be okay on his own, him. Punk said they couldn’t stop Kane from injuring him, Rey from shaving him, and Show from tearing off his mask. Punk said they were all nothing without him. Punk told them to do something. Punk threw a bag at Luke and said if they don’t do anything they can all pack their bags.

The Big Show defeated Luke Gallows w/C.M. Punk & Joseph Mercury & Serena by DQ: Luke went straight for Show but Show took him down quickly. Show smacked Luke in the chest. Show told Tony to bring the mic over there so everyone could hear him smack Luke’s chest. Luke went for a right hand but Show locked in a front chancery. Show threw Luke across the ring. Show clotheslined Luke out of the ring and went after him. SES attacked him, causing the DQ. Luke and Joey held down Show while Punk stomped Show’s hand into the steel steps. Serena stomped her heel into Show’s hand. Punk threw the sling at Show and they left.

Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston by DQ: Kofi put in a front chancery but Dolph hurried to the ropes. Kofi put in a half nelson but once again Dolph scurried to the ropes. Dolph took control but Kofi quickly hit a monkey flip and the corner punches. Kofi took Dolph out with an uppercut for 2. Dolph started attacking Kofi’s back with body slams. Kofi kip upped into a hurricarana. Dolph put in a cravat and stunned Kofi on the ropes. Kofi fought back but Dolph hit an inverted power slam. Back from commercial Dolph was still in control, attacking Kofi’s neck and spine. Dolph put in a last chancery at one point, but didn’t hold it in for long. Dolph went for another neckbreaker but Kofi fought out of it and took some kicks to the head. Kofi managed to grab Dolph and catapult him into the corner. Kofi double palm struck Dolph and hit a superman punch but Dolph fought back with a famouser. Dolph choked Kofi on the bottom rope and Vickie smacked Kofi in the face. Kofi lost his temper and attacked Dolph. Kofi wouldn’t stop attacking Dolph even though he was in the ropes, getting himself disqualified. Kofi threw Dolph over the announce table and continued to attack him. 2 referees had to pull Kofi away.

Josh Mathews & Jack Swagger: Jack said he wasn’t in the mood for Josh’s brainless questions. Jack asked if he wanted to know how he felt about the title or about his father’s recovery. Jack said Josh should be asking what he’s going to do to Rey tonight in the no DQ match. Josh asked Jack and he said he would throw him down a flight of stairs and throw him into the Gulf of Mexico. Jack said if Rey can’t walk he can’t swim and with 2 broken legs he won’t be able to compete at SummerSlam.

WWE Women’s champion Michelle McCool w/Layla defeated Tiffany w/Kelly Kelly: Vickie Guerrero came out and said Michelle would defend the title instead of Layla. Michelle began taunting Tiffany, who retaliated with a drop kick and some stomps. Tiffany put Michelle onto the top turnbuckle and hit a superplex. Layla tripped up Tiffany so Kelly attacked her. Tiffany kicked Layla down and went up top. Michelle pushed Tiffany and hit the faith breaker for 3. After the match Teddy Long came on the TitanTron and said that there was only one women’s championship and that Lay-Cool needed to figure out which one of them was the champion by next week or he would.

VIGNETTE: Alberto Del Rio talked about how people want things. Alberto said everyone has the power to get these things, but they don’t. Alberto said people are mentally constipated.

Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio ended in a No Contest: Jack Irish whipped Rey hard into the turnbuckle but missed the Swagger bomb and took a drop kick. Rey went for the 619 but Jack got out of the ring. Rey went for a springboard moonsault but Jack grabbed Rey by the ankle. Rey used Jack’s momentum to throw him into the steel steps. Back from commercial Rey was getting out of a superplex attempt. Rey hit a west coast pop but Jack ducked a cross body. Rey managed to send Jack out of the ring. Jack wheelbarrow slammed Rey into the dasher board and went after him through the audience. Rey kicked Jack in the face and went for a hurricarana off a rail but Jack caught him and ran Rey into it. Jack threw Rey around and wound up throwing him outside down a flight of stairs. Jack followed Rey across the highway. Jack started carrying Rey across the highway and almost got run over. Jack put Rey down and yelled at the driver. Jack continued to carry Rey to the Gulf but Rey started fighting back. Rey threw Jack over a barricade and hit a west coast pop. Jack got ready to throw Rey into the gulf but Rey turned it into a headscissors take down and threw Jack into the Gulf! Jack started freaking out saying he couldn’t swim. Rey started to walk away but Kane grabbed him by the throat and threw him into the Gulf.