WWE SmackDown 09 17 2010

WWE SmackDown

September 17, 2010 – Detroit, Michigan
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Christian + Alberto Del Rio: Christian was about to announce his guest when Alberto’s ring announcer cut him off and introduced Alberto Del Rio. Christian welcomed Alberto and said he’s made quite the impression in his short time on SmackDown! Christian said Alberto has a nice suit, great cars and his own ring announcer. Christian said he’s looking at 2 different guys. Christian said there’s the guy right in front of him and the guy in the boring introduction videos. Christian asked which guy he was, the guy that’s great or the guy that’s like a cheap fajita. Alberto said the only thing you need to know about him is what he did to Rey. Alberto said it was just phenomenal. Alberto said that tells you everything you need to know about him. Christian said he’s been around the WWE for a long time and everyone knows his credentials. Christian said he’s seen the next big thing, a bunch of male cheerleaders and the boogeyman, but he’s outlasted them all. Christian asked Alberto if he was like those guys or if he was the most interesting man in the world. Alberto said Christian has done everything. Alberto said he’s the man who’s going to change the WWE forever. Alberto said he’s going to bring pride to his Mexican people and Christian is going to end up cleaning his house. Christian thanked him for the offer and said Alberto is clearly proud of what he did to Rey. Christian said he has pride too and it’s telling him that he needs to know if Alberto is as good as he says he is. Christian challenged him to a match at Night of Champions. Alberto said he didn’t think so because if he faces him Christian is going to end up like the fans. Alberto said the interview was over. Alberto said he would think about the match. Christian smacked Alberto in the face so he left.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre defeated WWE Tag Team champions The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith w/Natalya): Drew and David started out. David managed to gain the upperhand with his strength, powerslamming Drew and hitting Cody with a belly to belly. Tyson tagged in but Cody took over. Cody went to the outside and was slapped in the face by Natalya. Back from commercial Drew had a headlock on David. Tyson tagged in and tripped Drew. Tyson wound up getting bodyslammed and stomped on. Tyson used his speed to take over momentarily before getting knocked off the apron. Tyson got isolated and beat on for a while before finally making the hot tag to David. David nearly got the sharpshooter on Cody but Drew distracted him. David went for the Hart attack but Drew pulled Tyson out of the ring and Cody hit David with CrossRhodes for 3.

Kofi Kingston defeated Jack Swagger: Kofi said the only reason Dolph was the IC champion was because of Vickie Guerrero. Kofi asked what kind of man hides behind his woman. Kofi answered a coward and said Vickie was a beast of a woman. Kofi said Vickie has done everything in her power to ensure her flavor of the month keeps the belt. Kofi said this Sunday things will be different because if Dolph gets DQ’d or counted out he will lose the title. Kofi said he loves the WWE Universe and is going to do them a favor by winning the WWE IC title and ridding the WWE of the most repulsive couple. Kofi said as soon as Dolph loses the title Vickie will rid herself of Dolph. Kofi said there will be trouble in paradise this Sunday. Jack came out and the match started. Jack went for the ankle lock early on but Kofi got out of it. Kofi kicked the crap out of Jack and remained in control until Jack kicked him in the stomach and put in a double chickenwing. Jack tried to catapult Kofi out of the ring but he skinned the cat and went for a springboard move. Jack caught Kofi and turned it into a spinebuster. Back from commercial Jack was in control. Jack put in an abdominal stretch using the ropes and then hit a running Swagger bomb. Jack locked in a rolling front chancery. Kofi managed to fight out of a body scissors but his pendulum kick was blocked. Jack put in a sitting abdominal stretch. Kofi finally hit a big cross body block for 2. Jack blocked both the SOS and the TIP and put in the ankle lock for a few seconds. Outside the ring Kofi hit a Thesz press. Back in the ring Jack went for the ankle lock again but Kofi rolled out of it and walked into a big boot. Kofi put his feet up for the running Swagger bomb and hit the TIP for 3.

Hornswoggle & SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long & Sister Mary Ann: Hornswoggle was in a classroom with Teddy and a nun. The nun got mad at Teddy for referring to Hornswoggle as horny. The nun told Teddy to take a seat too. The nun told them to write ABC, Teddy wrote it down and Hornswoggle drew the nun as a devil. Hornswoggle switched the papers so Teddy got yelled at again. I can’t believe I’m recapping this. Hornswoggle threw a paper airplane at her head and Teddy got blamed. Hornswoggle wouldn’t let the nun smack Teddy on the hand with a meter stick. Hornswoggle tortured the nun a bit and got chalk all over her. The nun said Hornswoggle needed an exorcism.

WWE Women’s champion(s) Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla w/Kaval) defeated Rosa Mendes & Kelly Kelly w/Naomi: Lay-Cool bullied Naomi on the outside so Kelly and Rosa attacked. Back in the ring Michelle acted like Kelly smelled so bad she couldn’t wrestle. Kelly and Rosa remained in control until Lay-Cool cheated to win.

WWE Women’s champion(s) Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla w/Kaval): Lay-Cool said they knew Melina was watching and that she was eager to see who she would be facing. Michelle pulled out a cute hat (her words) with pieces of paper in it. Michelle said the name she pulled would face Melina on Sunday and Kaval would draw. Kaval drew and it was Michelle. Layla knocked the hat over by accident and left happily. Kaval told Layla that all the papers said Michelle on them. Layla was pissed and said Michelle would be standing alone this Sunday.

C.M. Punk defeated Christian: Alberto was on commentary. Punk took over quickly after Christian ran into a knee. Punk seemed to focus his offense on Christian’s ribs and the cut on his forehead. Punk knocked Christian out of the ring right before commercial. Back from commercial Christian was fighting out of a rear naked choke. Christian and Punk ended up knocking each other over. Christian made his comeback but Punk blocked a Killswitch attempt and went for the G2S which was also blocked. Punk blocked another killswitch attempt into a roll up. Christian turned that into a roll up of his own and Punk kicked out then followed up with the knee to the face in the corner. Christian managed to reverse a bulldog into an inverted DDT. Alberto went on the mic and distracted Christian long enough for Punk to hit the G2S. After the match Alberto grabbed a chair and got into the ring. Alberto set the chair up on Christian’s neck and said his answer was still no. Big Show came running down to make the save but Alberto escaped and Punk kicked Show in the head. Show pushed Punk away and punched him in the head.

World Heavyweight champion Kane + The Undertaker: Kane said this Sunday the final chapter in the epic rivalry between him and Taker will be written. Kane said this time the story will not end with Taker triumphantly summoning the power of the dark side and vanquishing his opponent with righteous fury. Kane said this time he will be the author of the Taker’s demise. Kane said this time it ends the same way that it started; with Taker sprawled helpless at his feet. Kane said this time the dark side will betray him because the powers that were once his are now Kane’s. Kane said this time not only will he emerge from Night of Champions still world champion, but the plot that he hatched 13 years ago will be realized when the phenom becomes nothing more than a distant memory. Kane said this time it ends on his terms. Kane said Taker wants the match to be no holds barred. Kane said that’s exactly what he wanted. Kane said Taker’s pride played right into his hands because now there are no rules and this Sunday there will be no holds barred. Kane said at Night of Champions the devil’s favorite demon will make sure he rests in peace. Undertaker came out. Halfway down the ramp the lights went out and Kane ended up behind Taker. Kane beat the living hell out of Taker and finished him off in the ring with a chokeslam and the tombstone.