WWE SmackDown 11 19 2010

WWE SmackDown

November 19, 2010 – Richmond, Virginia
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Alberto Del Rio + Montel Vontavious Porter: Alberto said after 24 years Survivor Series will be great because the superstar of the show will be him. Alberto said he’s going to lead team Del Rio to victory and they’re going to destroy Rey Mysterio’s little team. Alberto said he made the little action figure Sgt. Slaughter cry because when it comes to heroes, he is the hero. MVP came out. MVP said Alberto doesn’t have a firm grasp on the English language yet (he ironically almost botched saying this) but the WWE Universe wants someone to punch him in the face. MVP said guys like Alberto are a dime a dozen and are too full to realize that it’s the Ricky Steamboats, it’s the Roddy Pipers and the Sgt. Slaughters that pave the way. Alberto said the only reason MVP holds those legends in such a high regard is because MVP will never be one and he is already one. MVP said he’ll give Alberto a legendary beatdown. Alberto said it sounds like a great idea to everyone and tonight there will be one but it’s not going to be with MVP, it will be with Rey. Alberto said even if he wasn’t in a match already he wouldn’t face MVP because he can’t handle him. Alberto said MVP can face Drew McIntyre.

Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Drew McIntyre: MVP’s arm was worked over a large portion of the match but managed to win with a step up kick to the head.

Edge & Paul Bearer: Edge said Kane is maniacal and more dangerous than ever. Edge asked Paul if something was the matter (Paul was all tied up). Edge said no one would find them (except the cameraman I guess). Edge said they’ve had a great week but he has more ideas for him. Edge had a wheelchair race with Paul even though Paul’s hands were tied up.

Chavo Guerrero & SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long + World Heavyweight champion Kane: Chavo was complaining to Teddy when Kane stormed in. Kane asked where Paul was and Teddy said he didn’t know. Kane destroyed the place screaming “Where is he?!” and I was reminded of The Dark Knight.

Jack Swagger defeated Chris Masters: Chris tapped to the ankle lock even though the ropes were clearly within reach.

Edge & Paul Bearer: Edge told Paul he would have to be on top of his game to beat Kane. Edge said Paul can help him with agility. Edge wanted to play dodgeball and threw a soccer ball at him.

Kaval defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero: Dolph said he’s still undefeated as IC champion and has the hottest girlfriend in the world. Dolph said on RAW he dominated sexual chocolate and the chances of Kaval beating him are somewhere around zero. Dolph said Kaval’s internet fanboys think he’s really special but he’s no Dolph. Kaval ended up winning with a bridging pin. Kaval said that no one just beat him. Kaval said he won NXT recently and with it won a free title match at a PPV and he just made his decision. Kaval said this Sunday he wants Dolph’s title.

Edge & Paul Bearer: Edge was pushing Paul bearer around in circles talking about his cardio. Edge said he was hungry and left to get a pizza.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes defeated Kofi Kingston: Cody won when he grabbed the hair and tights to hit Cross Rhodes.

World Heavyweight champion Kane & Rosa Mendes: Kane said Paul is the only person who’s ever understood him. Kane said now that Paul’s gone he feels like a part of him has been ripped away. Kane said Edge abducted his father and is playing games with him and torturing him. Kane said Edge has no idea what torture or pain is. Kane said when he finds Edge he’ll teach him what those things are by ripping out his guts and shoving them down his throat. Kane was talking to Rosa the whole time and she looked scared.

WWE Diva’s champion(s) Layla El & Michelle McCool defeated Natalya Neidhart & Kelly Kelly: Layla and Michelle won with a double kick to the chest.

Edge & Paul Bearer: Edge was eating a bunch of food and started rubbing food and sauce on him.

The Big Show defeated Tyler Reks : Big Show won easily with the chokeslam.

Josh Mathews & Alberto Del Rio: Josh asked Alberto if he was confident about defeating Rey. Alberto said Rey doesn’t have the essence of excellence.

Edge & Paul Bearer + Kane: Edge was in the parking lot asking for Kane. Edge took the tape off Paul’s mouth so he could scream for Kane. They showed Kane storming through the backstage area looking for Paul. Kane found Paul sitting in the back of a van. Kane asked where Edge was but Paul still had the tape on his mouth. Kane didn’t take it off or untie him and turned away. Edge cross body blocked Kane from the top of the van and threw him into a cart, then drove away.

Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto Del Rio by DQ: The guys from Alberto’s team came down to the ring right away and attacked Rey. Then Rey’s team came down and helped out. Teddy came out and restarted the match as a 10 man Survivor Series showdown battle royal.

Team Rey (Rey Mysterio & The Big Show) were the co-winners!: The participants were Team Rey Mysterio (Rey Mysterio & The Big Show & Kofi Kingston & Chris Masters & Montel Vontavious Porter) and Team Alberto (Alberto Del Rio & Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes & Jack Swagger & Tyler Reks)….. Cody was eliminated first by Chris Masters, who was thrown out by Tyler Reks, who was eliminated by Kofi Kingston, who was elimiated by Drew McIntyre. MVP hit Jack Swagger with a drive by kick and was eliminated by Alberto Del Rio, who was eliminated by Rey. Rey and Big Show eliminated Jack Swagger to win.