WWE SmackDown 01 28 2011

WWE SmackDown

January 28, 2011 – Cincinnati, Ohio
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker & Micheal Cole

Vickie Guerrero + Randy Orton + Dolph Ziggler: Vickie said since Teddy Long was still injured from last week, she would be in charge for tonight. Randy Orton came out and said she’ll have to excuse him for beating up her boyfriend (Ziggler) later tonight, just like Miz will have to excuse him for taking his WWE title at the Royal Rumble. He said as for Vickie, she has no excuses (whatever that means). Ziggler came out and said that on his show, Orton will show him and Vickie some respect (good job by Ziggler BTW). Orton said that around here, you have to earn respect, and then hit Ziggler with a RKO.

LayCool (Michelle McCool & Layla El) defeated Kaitlyn & Kelly Kelly: Before the match began, Kelly Kelly & Kaitlyn attacked LayCool from behind on the entrance ramp. Once the match started, the finish saw Kaitlyn take out Layla and then walked into a kick from McCool who got the pinfall. Kelly Kelly was never tagged in.

Drew McIntyre defeated JTG: Kelly Kelly stayed behind after her match and watched McIntyre. A lot of pin attempts leading to only a one count. McIntyre won after reversing a Backslide into a Future Shock DDT. Kelly came in the ring after the match but McIntyre just walked away (don’t blame him).

Todd Grisham & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes: Cody Rhodes had his backed turned away from the camera the entire interview so we couldn’t see his face. Rhodes talked about how Mysterio injured his face on purpose so he would be taken out of the Rumble. He said he can’t even look at himself in the mirror anymore. He talked about how a kid said he wasn’t dashing anymore and said he was right. He excused Grisham and the interview was over.

Josh Matthews & World Heavyweight champion Edge : Edge said he remembered what The Corre did to him last week, but has bigger fish to fry. Like the main event tonight. He talked about the Rated RKO reunion and how he was going to tear Ziggler in half with a Spear.

Alberto Del Rio: Alberto Del Rio said that he wasn’t going to say that it was his destiny to win the Rumble, he was going to show us. He said that he had 39 wrestlers backstage for a Royal Rumble exhibition.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Seth Allen vs. Mike Stevens vs. Kane vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Rey Mysterio: Del Rio eliminated the jobbers, Seth Allen & Mike Stevens. Kane came out and tried to toss Del Rio over the top rope. Kingston came out and eliminated both of them. Del Rio and Kane came back in the ring to gang up on Kingston but Rey Mysterio came out to even the odds. Vickie Guerrero came out and made a tag team match for right now.

Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio defeated Alberto Del Rio & Kane: A lot of double teaming from Mysterio & Kingston. Near the end of the match, Del Rio pushed Kane in frustration and got a Big Boot for it. Kane walked out on Del Rio which led to Mysterio’s and Kingston’s 619/Trouble in Paradise combo for the win.

The Big Show + The Corre (Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson & Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater): Big Show came out and said when you are a target, you become a target. He said that he never won the Royal Rumble, but this year will be different. The Corre came out and surrounded the ring. Big Show called them all cowards. Slater came in the ring and attacked Show which led to a match.

The Big Show defeated Heath Slater: After Big Show squashed Slater, the rest of Corre came in and attacked him. Chris Masters, Daniel Bryan, Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, and R-Truth came out to make the save.

Rated RKO (World champion Edge & Randy Orton) defeated WWE champion The Miz (w/Alex Riley) & Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero): Before the match, Miz said that Orton hitting a RKO on Ziggler meant absolutely nothing. He said the only voice Orton will be hearing after their match at the Rumble will be his voice saying “I’m The Miz, I’m still WWE Champion, and I’m AWESOME!” (Miz nearly having a orgasm saying that line). Edge hit a Spear on Ziggler for the win however Vickie got on the mic and said that until further notice, the Spear was banned and if he uses it at the Royal Rumble, he will lose the World title! Since he can’t use it Sunday, he decided to hit three more on Ziggler. One off the apron and two on the outside.