WWE SmackDown 03 25 2011

WWE SmackDown
Location: Columbus, OH
Date: March 25, 2011
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Booker T, and Michael Cole


SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long & World Heavyweight champion Edge

Edge was complaining to Teddy for showing favoritism. Teddy said what he is doing is in the best interest of the WWE. Teddy said if he or ADR touch each other before their match they will both be banned from WrestleMania.



Rey Mysterio defeated C.M. Punk by DQ

Match ended in a DQ when Rey Mysterio went for a moonsault on the outside and Cody Rhodes ran down and attacked him. Cody beat down Rey and hit him with his knee brace.



World Heavyweight champion Edge + Christian

Christian asked Edge if he was sure about going through with this. Christian said Edge should let his arm rest. Edge said he’s going to take a match with Drew and he’s going to be in Christian’s corner later on. Edge said nothing is going to stop him at WrestleMania.



World Heavyweight champion Edge defeated Drew McIntyre

Edge managed to win with his Edgucation submission after having his arm worked on during the match.



Michelle McCool & Layla El defeated Kelly Kelly & Rosa Mendes

Lay-Cool dressed up like Snooki and mocked her. Layla won with the neckbreaker on Rosa after Michelle distracted her. After the match Lay-Cool made fun of their opponents at WrestleMania. Michelle said Snooki may be famous but she will never be famous and flawless.



Wade Barrett w/The Corre (Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel & Ezekiel Jackson) defeated Kofi Kingston to become new WWE Intercontinental champion

Kofi was ready for TIP when Heath distracted him and took TIP for his troubles. Wade Barrett was able to catch Kofi mid TIP and hit the Waste Land for 3. After the match Justin hit Kofi with the 450 splash.



WWE SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long & Alberto Del Rio

Alberto said he’s not done with Edge yet. Teddy said if they touch each other they are banned. Alberto said Teddy doesn’t have the guts to ban him. Teddy said there’s been 26 WM’s without him and he’s not afraid to make it 27.



The Undertaker

Taker said there’s an old saying that goes the more things change, the more they stay the same. Taker said Triple H is convinced he has the equation in how to eradicate him. Taker said HHH talks with confidence in how he will defeat him at WM and break the streak. Taker said this past Monday he heard HHH and the confidence is starting to fade into uncertainty. Taker said soon the uncertainty will turn into despair because as the days draw closer to the apocalypse, he will realize that the words “dye trying” were more prolific than he thinks. Taker said HHH’s epitaph on his tombstone will be “died trying”. Taker said this Monday night he will tell him this face to face. Taker said HHH’s fate was decided on the night he interrupted him. Taker said at WM HHH will put all of his accolades and success on the line to become a number, 19.



Jack Swagger defeated R-Truth

Swagger destroyed Truth and finished him with the ankle lock. After the match Michael Cole got in the ring and asked Truth how he was feeling. Michael Cole rapped to Truth and him and Jack yelled “what’s up” a bunch of times. Cole and Swagger ran around the ring in circles doing the airplane.



Christian w/Edge defeated Alberto Del Rio w/Brodus Clay

Around the end of the match Edge hit Brodus with a spear on the outside and smacked him in the back with a chair. Alberto got distracted and Christian hit the Killswitch for 3. After the match Edge was going to hit ADR with the chair but Christian grabbed it from him and hit ADR for him.