WWE SmackDown 04 29 2011

WWE SmackDown!

Greensboro, NC

April 29, 2011

Randy Orton + Drew McIntyre + Alex Riley + Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay & Ricardo Rodriguez + Christian + Theodore Long

Randy Orton introduced himself. Randy said he’s looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead but he has unfinished business this Sunday involving CM Punk. Drew McIntyre came out. Drew said he didn’t buy a ticket to see them or something. Drew said he’s moving onwards and upwards to Monday night RAW. Drew said it’s a real shame because the WWe Universe is going to have to wait for Drew vs. Randy. Drew attacked Randy but ate an RKO. Alex Riley came down to the ring and took an RKO before he could say anything. Alberto Del Rio came out with Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez. Alberto said he feels bad for the fans because they’re losing him and after this Sunday they’ll lose the World Heavyweight championship too. Alberto said Randy knows how to make a first impression but he knows how to make a lasting one. Christian came down to the ring for the save. Teddy Annoying Long came out to remind everyone that it was still his show. Teddy said if they wanted to fight they could have a tag match later.


Kofi Kingston & WWE United States champion Sheamus

Sheamus attacked Kofi on his way down to the ring and totally destroyed him on the outside. Sheamus hit him with a brogue kick.


Sin Cara defeated Jack Swagger

Michael brought out Jack Swagger. Michael said Jack will sit back and watch him destroy JR. Michael Cole made fun of JR a bit. Jack Swagger came out. Sin beat Jack with a big roll up. After the match Jack attacked Sin but he ducked him and then hit him with a cross body.


WWE Tag Team champions The Big Show & Kane defeated Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater to retain

Kane and Show won with double chokeslams.


The Great Khali & Runjin Singh + Rey Mysterio

Khali wished Rey luck. Another man showed up and Khali was in awe.


Rey Mysterio defeated Mark Henry by DQ

Rey said it’s hard leaving them. Rey said they’ve allowed him to enter their homes every Friday night and he’s enjoyed every single minute of it. Rey said they’ve had lots of fun and won the world title together and just because he’s on RAW doesn’t mean the journeys ended. Rey said it continues this Sunday when he defeated Cody Rhodes and they celebrate. Mark said it’s unfortunate that Rey’s farwell is his debut. Rey managed to hit the 619 but was then attacked by Cody Rhodes. Cody knocked Rey around the arena and threw him to Mark, who hit the WSS. Cody put a paper bag on Rey’s head.


Michelle McCool vs. Layla was a draw

Michelle and Layla began fighting on the outside and the match was thrown out. Michelle challenged Layla to a loser leaves WWE match.


Matt Striker & Christian

Matt asked Christian his thoguhts on this Sunday. Christian said 6 months his own destiny came into question when Alberto tore his pec. Christian said every morning he asked himself if he was going to get a chance to fufill his potential. Christian said one minute Edge is defending his title on the biggest stage of them all, and now in an instant his career is over. Christian wondered if he was in the right place at the right time or if it was time for him to fulfill his potential. Christian said he’s never even touched a title before because he never felt like he deserved it, but this Sunday it’s his destiny to keep it.


Randy Orton & Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay

Randy hit Brodus with the RKO for 3.