WWE SmackDown 05 06 2011

WWE SmackDown!
May 6th, 2011 – Orlando, Florida


World Heavyweight champion Christian + Mark Henry + The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh + Randy Orton + Theodore Long

Christian said he’s been waiting 17 years to hold the title above his head. Christian said he’d dreamed about this moment his entire life and they paled in comparison to how it actually feels being the world heavyweight champion. Christian said there’s a lot of people who helped him along the way and right before he came out there he got a text message from Edge. Christian said Edge told him to enjoy the moment because he earned it. Christian said everybody knows about their storied past and without Edge there is no Christian. Christian said his peeps have always believed in him and wanted that moment, and he thanks them. Christian said Edge said the title belongs to every single one of them. Mark Henry came down to the ring. Mark congratulated him and said he was cheering for him the whole time, not because he was a fan but because he wanted to be the first one to get his hands on that world title. Christian said the title is made out of gold not chocolate. Mark said Edge isn’t here anymore to protect him. The Great Kayla came down to the ring very slowly with Runjin. Khali congratulated him but before he accepts a challenge from Mark he should accept a challenge from someone bigger, slower, and even less talented. Christian said if they get one more freak out there they can run away and join the circus. Randy Orton came out looking like he hasn’t showered in a week. Randy said he’s no freak but he’s new here and he isn’t going to let this opportunity pass him by. Randy told Christian to throw his name in the hat. Teddy Long graced us all with his annoying presence and said it seems to him that a decision needs to be made. Teddy said the WWE Universe should make the decision. They obviously voted for Randy Orton, making the segment pointless.


The Great Khali & Runjin Singh + Jinder Bahal

Khali was sulking when they ran into Jinder Bahal? (Spelling is definitely off, I might not even have his name right). Jinder said things would get way better. Khali left and asked Runjin if it was his stupid idea to have Khali wear a tutu on RAW.


Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan

Sheamus won with 2 brogue kicks.


Cody Rhodes

Cody said there is a common expression “adding insult to injury”. Cody said that is what Rey did at Extreme Rules searing his eyes with mist. Cody said he hates that it will reflect as a loss for him in the record. Cody said he forced Rey to expose himself. Cody said Rey was desperate, gutless, and a coward. Cody said thankfully he won’t have to deal with the malevolence that comes from him because he has been drafted to RAW. Cody said his eyes still bother him but even through burning eyes he can see inside and out that all of them are still ugly. Cody said as a service to them he will provide them with paper bags. Cody told his assistants to hand out the paper bags. Cody told them to hide their hideousness because while his face may repulse them, their ugliness offends him.


Ezekiel Jackson w/Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater defeated WWE Tag Team champion The Big Show w/Kane

Ezekiel won with a freaking clothesline. Wade gave him shit after the match because he’s in the dog house with them.


Layla El defeated Alicia Fox

Layla won with a neckbreaker. After the match kHARMa hit the ring and watched Layla run away. Alicia kicked kHARMa and took an implant buster for her troubles.


WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater +Ezekiel Jackson

The Corre stormed in on Ezekiel and said he has to stop walking away from them. Ezekiel started beating them all up. They managed to take Ezekiel down and hit him with a chair. They threw a huge trash bin on him.


Sin Cara defeated Tyson Kidd

Chavo Guerrero was on commentary. Sin won with the Spanish Fly. Chavo spent the whole match complaining about how Sin stole stuff from the Guerrero family. Chavo and him shook hands and had a stare down after the match.


Todd Grisham & Theodore Long

Todd asked Teddy if it was fair to make Christian defend his title. Teddy said it’s not about what’s fair, it’s about what the WWE Universe wants. Teddy said RAW had a title match the day after Extreme Rules.


Randy Orton defeated Christian to become the new World Heavyweight champion

Orton won by reversing a springboard move into an RKO. Christian seemed really depressed after.