WWE SmackDown 07 01 2011

WWE SmackDown! – July 1, 2011 – Phoenix, Arizona

Christian & Theodore Long: Christian had a contract with him for his match. Teddy said the deal was if Christian won last week he would get the match, but Mark Henry got the pin. Teddy said if Mark beats Randy tonight it becomes a triple threat match.

World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton defeated Mark Henry by countout: Randy and Mark took the fight to the outside. Big Show’s music hit, distracting Henry, and Randy hit the RKO and made it back to the ring in time for Mark to be counted out. After the match Henry destroyed some stuff and beat up the audio guy.

Daniel Bryan defeated Ted DiBiase: Daniel won with a guillotine.

Christian & Teddy Long: Christian said Mark lost so now he’s definitely the #1 contender. Teddy said word on the street is Christian started Big Show’s music up. Christian said he was on the phone. Teddy said they would have the contract signing in an hour but he had to compete tonight.

Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes: Cody brought up the last time Ted’s won a match. Cody said there’s been flashes of brilliance but then he goes out and loses to a common man. Cody said he can’t guide Ted until he applies his aptitude of consistency to something other than failure. Cody handed him a paper bag and left.

Runjin Singh: Runjin said before the Mahal’s became rich they were pretty close. Runjin said Jinder is jealous of Khali because he became super famous. Ranjin said Jinder wishes he was his brother but he never will be. Runjin said years ago Jinder became his brother in law. Runjin said when Jinder yells at his sister or Khali it’s him telling them to listen or he’ll divorce Khali’s sister and humiliate them.

Christian defeated Sin Cara: Christian won with a spear.

Cody Rhodes w/Ted DiBiase defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Ezekiel Jackson: Ted distracted Ezekiel long enough for Cody to hit Cross Rhodes.

Johnny Curtis: Johnny painted himself into a corner.

Kane defeated Wade Barrett: Kane won with a chokeslam

Teddy Long + Christian + World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton + Sheamus: Teddy said it was time for another (boring) contract signing. Christian came down to the ring first with a lawyer; the ring was set up for one of these. Randy Orton came down alone. Christian said his legal counsel reviewed the contract and it clearly states that if he gets screwed over again he receives another rematch. Christian said Teddy and the refs can’t save Randy anymore. Christian said Randy can’t beat him. Randy said there was a time where he actually enjoyed facing him and respected him. Randy said they had a great match and he won. Randy said they had another epic match and he won again. Randy said the more he wins, the more Christian whines. Randy said it was comical but now he’s getting angry. Randy said Christian is going to have to beat him to get the title and that will never ever happen. Sheamus attacked Randy while Christian was signing it. Sheamus started beating up Christian too. Sheamus tore the contract in half.