WWE SmackDown 08 19 2011

WWE SmackDown! – August 19th 2011 – Bakersfield, California

Theodore Long + World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton + Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase: Teddy welcomed Randy Orton to the ring. Randy said everyone is used to seeing SD start with Christian whining in the ring. Randy said he isn’t Christian. Randy said he beat Christian so badly and brutally that he can’t even stand. Randy said first he respected Christian, but then Christian started to annoy him and now he despises him. Randy said now it’s all over. Randy said he doesn’t want to talk about lawsuits or contracts, he is ready to start anew. Teddy said he can tell him right now who he is moving onto, the winner of tonight’s 20 man over the top rope battle royal. Cody came down to the ring with Ted. Cody said it’s the legacy reunited. Cody said legacy was the group Randy used to have with them when they were basically considered lesser sons of a greater sire, but times have changed. Cody said he is now a champion too. Cody said he didn’t have to resort to barbarism to win his title. Cody said he’s not happy just being IC champion which is why he will be in the battle royal. Ted said they know Randy better than everyone else in the WWE, they know his strengths and his weaknesses. Ted said they haven’t forgotten about all the times Randy used them. Randy hit Ted with an RKO and left. Cody told Teddy to do something about that. Teddy said he’s going to march back there and make Randy stand in a corner for 10 minutes on one leg before writing lines. Teddy said since Ted can’t compete Cody will take his place.

Cody Rhodes defeated Ezekiel Jackson to retain the WWE Intercontinental title: Cody won with the Cross Rhodes.

Justin Gabriel defeated Tyson Kidd: Justin won with the 450 splash.

Matt Striker & Jinder Mahal w/The Great Khali: Matt asked Jinder what his chances were tonight. Khali yelled some stuff. Jinder said Khali said he will win the battle royal. Jinder yelled at Khali. Jinder said Khali agrees he will win the battle royal.

WWE champion Alberto Del Rio + Daniel Bryan: Alberto said he’s been talking about destiny for a long time and it’s real. Alberto said he cashed his MITB last Sunday and now he’s their undisputed WWE champion. ADR said one year ago he debuted in that very same place, defeating Rey Mysterio. ADR said he still remembers that everyone hated him that night. ADR said now everyone loves him. ADR said he defeated Rey Mysterio for his first title defence too. ADR said he’s a real champion and he faces anyone. Daniel Bryan came down to the ring. Daniel said if ADR is so special than why did he cash in his MITB like everyone else. Daniel said it was ordinary and predictable.

WWE champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Daniel Bryan: ADR won with the cross arm breaker. After the match he wouldn’t let go so Sin Cara hit the ring and scared him off.

Matt Striker & Mark Henry: Matt asked Mark how he felt his chances were in the battle royal. Mark said he should already be the #1 contender for putting out Big Show, Kane and throwing Sheamus through a wall. Mark said they put him in the same boat as everyone else. Mark said it’s the wrong thing to do. Mark said 19 of those men are going overboard and they will all sink.

WWE Diva’s champion Kelly Kelly & A.J. defeated Natalya Neidhart & Alicia Fox: Kelly hit Alicia with the K2. After the match Natalya put the sharpshooter on Alicia.

Mark Henry won the Battle Royal: Wade Barrett & Sin Cara & Sheamus & Mark Henry were the final four. Sheamus eliminated Barrett with a kick. Henry eliminated Sheamus while he was distracted. Mark threw Sin Cara over the top rope to win.