WWE SmackDown 07 03 2012

WWE Smackdown
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Date: July 3rd 2012 (Live!)
Commentators: Michael Cole & Booker T & Josh Matthews

Primo & Epico & The Usos ( Jimmy & Jey) & Alicia Fox & Natalya & Yoshi Tatsu & Hunico & Camacho & Percy Watson & Hosnwoggle & Maxine & Tamina & Kaityln + Teddy Long + Eve + Santino Marella + Kane: There was a greta American bash party. Primo, Epico and a 3rd person were talking, the Usos were flirting with Alicia Fox. Natalya was lecturing Yoshi Tatsu that Bret Hart was the best ever, he told Hunico something and he told Camacho something all in different languages. They showed Divas putting Hornswoggle in a paddling pool. Teddy Long came in and welcomed us to the super smackdown show up, he doesn’t mind about the mess as Eve was there. Santino came in and couldn’t light the bbq so Kane did.

Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez + Sheamus: Del Rio said he wasn’t here to celebrate America, but instead, to talk about something more important: himself. He bragged about finally getting his one-on-one match with Sheamus and said he’ll send him back to Ireland crying like a little girl. He said Sheamus is just like everyone who likes him – a peasant and a hooligan, someone who takes advantage of hard-working people like himself. Del Rio went to ringside to taunt the fans, asking them to show him his papers. He went to another guy asking the same thing. He vowed to get rid of one of the fans before he gets rid of Sheamus. He told security to come out and get rid of the plant. The person said this wasn’t Arizona, but Texas., Sheamus came out. He pushed Rodriguez aside and went after Del Rio, brawling with him on the ramp. Del Rio was tossed to the side of the ramp and continued the assault on Del Rio. Del Rio then kicked Sheamus in the head. Over by Del Rio’s car, he opened the hood and rammed it into Sheamus, who was bent over the front of the car. He pounded Sheamus with it several times.

The Great Khali & Layla defeated Antonio Cesaro & Aksana:

Teddy Long & Cody Rhodes: Rhodes told Long that the Board has accepted his appeal and he’ll have another MITB qualifying match tonight. Long said he heard and chose Christian.
RAW 1000TH MOMENT: Mick Foley said when Tony Schiavone giving away Mick Foley’s title win, with a note on the screen that stated 600,000 viewers changed the channel at that moment. The screen then noted Nitro never beat Raw in the ratings again.

Cody Rhodes defeated Christian:

The Usos ( Jimmy & Jey) & Tamina & Horsnwoggle & Natalya & Yoshi Tatsu + Zack Ryder + Heath Slater + Brodus Clay & Funkadatcyles: The Usos and Tamina were with Hornswoggle near the mini pool. Teddy Long spoke with Natalya and Yoshi Tatsu, Ryder came in and asked if he can take the DJ booth. Heath Slater came in and started singing ,he got booed. Ryder played Funkasaurus music and Brodus Clay, funkadatclys came in and everyone started dancing.

Dolph Ziggler ( w/ Vickie Guerrero) defeated Alex Riley:

Michael Cole + A.J. + Daniel Bryan + CM Punk: Michael Cole was in the ring, and he introduced A.J. to the live crowd. She came out for the interview . Back live, Cole asked A.J. simply, “what the hell were you thinking?” A.J. said a lot of people have asked her that, then Cole pulled the mic away and answered the question for her, saying she wasn’t thinking. Cole said the Board of Directors made a huge mistake naming her special ref for the WWE Title match. Cole called A.J. “a troubled little girl.” Cole said A.J. is living out a fantasy and said he doesn’t understand what she sees in Daniel Bryan, Kane, or C.M. Punk. He asked her if she has considered going after a real man, a man of power and influence, perhaps a former war correspondent.  Daniel Bryan came out and called Cole a sexist. He said he knows A.J. will call it down the middle at the PPV and that A.J. really only meant to put Punk through the table on Raw. C.M. Punk’s  came out. Punk told Cole to get out of the ring.Punk said he wanted to be honest with A.J., saying she isn’t in a good place mentally. He shouldered some of the blame and apologized, then said A.J. needs professional help. Unlike Bryan, he said he wasn’t going to lie to her face or string her along just to get something he wants. Bryan said Punk needed A.J. to beat him. Punk dropped the mic and took a swipe at Bryan, but A.J. got between them. She made out with Bryan. Punk stuck around and when they didn’t finish, he left the ring. He began to walk to the back when A.J. chased after him. She then made out with him. Bryan, looking on from the ring.

Santino Marella & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & Sgt Slaughter defeated Drew McIntyre & Hunico & Camacho:  Not a good way to treat the three heels.

The Usos ( Jimmy & Jey) & Tamina & Hornswoggle & Natalya & Yoshi Tatsu + Zack Ryder + Heath Slater + Brodus Clay & Funkadatcyles + R-Truth+ Damien Sandow + Eve: Everyone was dancing until Damien Sandhow appeared and got in a fight with Zack Ryder who threw punch on Eves red dress. She left and everyone started dancing!

Ryback defeated Curt Hawkins ( w/ Tyler Reks):  Reks said Hawkins thinks he can beat Ryback. Reks said he knows he can beat Ryback, but after a coin clip between them, Hawkins won.

RAW 1000TH MOMENT: Donald TrumpS favorite Raw moment, when it was Vince’s Appreciation night, only to reveal the picture of him on the cover of Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

Zack Ryder wins the battle royal and is Smackdown GM next week: Big Show eliminated Justin Gabriel,  Big Show eliminated Brodus Clay, Tensai eliminated Ezekiel Jackson, Tensai,Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio eliminated The Great Khali, Zack Ryder eliminated Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes eliminated Santino Marella, Big Show eliminated Kofi Kingston and Cody Rhodes, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan eliminated each other, Jack Swagger was eliminated by ?, John Cena eliminated Alberto Del Rio, John Cena eliminated Tensai, Big Show eliminated John Cena, Big Show eliminated Christian, Kane eliminated Dolph Ziggler & Big Show, Ryder eliminated Kane.