WWE SmackDown 10 10 2014

WWE SmackDown
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date: October 10, 2014
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tom Phillips, and JBL

Stephanie McMahon welcomes everyone to the show. Steph tells the history of the term Smackdown, created by The Rock, who lost to her husband Triple H on the debut edition. Stephanie says as the best and first GM, she has been through a lot. This brings out John Laurinaitis. The crowd starts chanting People Power. Johnny says he was the best GM in history, as he started the greatest movement. Teddy Long interrupts, saying he was GM for 6 years, and will be damned if Johnny takes that from him.

Johnny makes a Tag Team Match, but Long has one better. Long says a 6-Man Tag Team, while John says a 10-Man. Long says he will do something that has never been done before, a 15-Man Tag. Stephanie says she will borrow a match from Wrestlemania 28, saying it will be their two teams. The two men can choose their captains, and the team that wins will have their GM be named the greatest. Stephanie continues saying Miz will host Miz TV with Dean Ambrose and John Cena. Adam Rose interrupts.

Rose and the Rosebuds wishing Smackdown a Happy Birthday. Rose says what is a party without him? Rose tells McMahon to not be a lemon, but a Rosebud. Stephanie says he’s right, and Rose should be in action, where he will face Kane. Stephanie, Long and Johnny start dancing.

A Smackdown moment is shown, in the main event of the debut show. Triple H vs. Rock for the WWF Title.


Kane says he is not a cheeseburger, bunny, lemon or a Rosebud. Kane says he is normally a demon, but tonight, a party pooper.

Adam Rose vs. Kane

Rose connects with some strikes, and whips Kane. Kane catches Rose, but Adam reverses it into a Sleeper Hold. Kane backs him to the corner, as Kane runs towards him, but eats a boot. Rose dives with a Missile Dropkick, but Kane ducks with an uppercut. Kane connects with a Chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Kane – Pinfall (Chokeslam)

The Rosebuds surround Rose, as Kane goes in the ring and takes them all out. Kane gets them all except the Bunny. Kane stands off with him, as the other members of the Exotic Express try to save him. Kane Chokeslams them all, allowing with Bunny to escape.

A Smackdown Moment is shown, where John Cena debuts against Kurt Angle in an impressive match. Backstage, the Undertaker asks him his name and shakes his hand.


WWE Diva’s champion AJ Lee vs. Alicia Fox in a non-title match

Fox gets Lee in the corner, hitting her head into the turnbuckle. Fox connects with a Northern Lights Suplex pin, but a kick out. Fox locks in a Headlock, but AJ tries to get out. Fox connects with a Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker. Fox goes for another, but Lee reverses it into a Black Widow.

Winner: AJ Lee – Submission (Black Widow)

Fox and Paige try to stop Lee, but Lee throws the two into each other. Lee skips away with her title.


Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston

Rollins throws strikes to Kingston, kicking him out of the ring. Rollins throws Kofi into the barricade. Rollins drops Kingston on the apron, and throws him back in the ring. Rollins connects with a Clothesline. Rollins throws stomps to Kingston in the corner, then throwing him across the ring. Rollins is rolled up, but a kick out. Kingston starts to fight back, connecting with a Dropkick. Rollins runs the ropes, connecting with a Sling Blade. Rollins connects with a Bucklebomb twice, following with a Curbstomp.

Winner: Seth Rollins – Pinfall (Curbstomp)

A Luke Harper vignette is shown.


A Smackdown moment is shown, where it highlights Money in the Bank cash ins on the show.

WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev in a non-title match

Ziggler throws some punches to Rusev, but is caught, and thrown into the turnbuckles. Rusev locks in an Arm Trap Choke, as Ziggler gets out. Rusev then throws Ziggler out of the ring.


Rusev lays Ziggler in the ropes, as he throws knees to his ribs. Rusev chokes Ziggler in the ropes. Rusev starts yelling at Ziggler, as he is hit with a Chin Breaker. Ziggler connects with a Dropkick. Ziggler takes some punches from the top rope. Ziggler goes for a Jumping DDT, but Rusev catches him. Dolph gets out on his feet after being thrown away, as Ziggler connects with a Fameasser. Pin, but a kick out. Ziggler goes for a Superkick, as Rusev throws him around. Rusev connects with his own Superkick, and locks in an Accolade for the win.

Winner: Rusev – Submission (Accolade)

Lana cuts a promo saying this country never had a chance to succeed because its birthplace was Philadelphia. Lana says the Rock is a coward, as she gives Rusev the mic. Rusev says the Rock will pay for what he has done and Big Show will pay for what he has done too. Rusev challenges Big Show on Raw, saying he will crush Show.

A Smackdown moment is shown, when Stone Cold attacked Booker T in the Supermarket.


A highlight is shown when after Raw went off the air, where The Rock was talking with Triple H and Stephanie about the first Smackdown. Triple H says they tore the roof off the place and said he beat him. The Rock says he knows HHH cheated, and the next week, the Rock nearly Rock Bottomed him through the ring. Triple H says it was probably Road Dogg that he did that too. The Rock says if the two main evented Wrestlemania, where Rock does play by play of the match. Triple H says it won’t matter, because it would be the same as always, where Triple H wins. The Rock says he would kick his teeth so far down his throat; he’d have to shove a toothbrush up his ass to brush them. Triple H says to just name a time and place. The Rock asks why they are so close, face to face. Triple H says it’s awkward, but he’s the game, so he’s gotta do it. The Rock says they will back up at the same time. They back up, and continue arguing, as Stephanie says they are both winners. They say they are going to go eat, as the Rock says Triple H is gonna pay the bill, and calls him a cheap bastard.

There is a Smackdown 15 cake on the announce desk, as JBL throws it into the face of Tom Phillips.

Team Teddy (United States Champion Sheamus, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, The Usos, Los Matadores and El Torito) vs. Team Johnny (Tag Team Champions Gold & Stardust, Cesaro, Bo Dallas, Damien Mizdow, Slater Gator and Mini Gator)

Diego and Goldust start off, as Goldust is put in the corner. Goldust whips Diego to the corner, but is taken out with a Takeover. Slater gets in the ring, following by the rest of the teams.


Titus takes out Jey Uso with a fist, as Goldust is tagged. Goldust throws some fists, as Slater is tagged. Slater throws some strikes, as Stardust is tagged. Jey tags Jimmy, as Stardust is taken to the corner. Uso is sent to the apron, as he Superkicks Goldust. Stardust connects with a Springboard Enziguri. Goldust is tagged, as he connects with a Knee Drop. Mini Gator is tagged, as he tackles Slater. Mizdow is tagged, as he connects with a Knee Drop and Body Slam. Pin, but a kick out. Pin, but a kick out. Titus is tagged, as he connects with a Backbreaker across his shoulder. Uso connects with a boot from the corner, taking out Titus. Cesaro is tagged, as he connects with a Gutwrench Suplex.


Jimmy is fending off Heath Slater, as he is hit with a Swinging Enziguri. Cesaro is tagged, as Sheamus follows. Sheamus cleans house, taking out everyone on the other team. Sheamus gets Cesaro in the ropes, as Stardust goes after him. Heath does the same, while Sheamus hits all three of them. Sheamus connects with White Noise. Pin, but Mizdow breaks it. Swagger connects with a Belly to belly. Heath connects with a Calf Kick. The Usos drag Slater Gator out. The Matadores do a Double Suicide Dive. The Usos throws Gold & Stardust out of the ring. The Usos connect with a Plancha. El Torito connects with a Dropkick to the Mini Gator. El Torito goes for a dive, as Bo Dallas throws him out of the ring. Mark Henry grabs him for the WSS, but Dallas gets out. Dallas gets Henry over the ropes, as he celebrates. Sheamus connects with a Brogue. Cesaro grabs Sheamus, and does the Giant Swing, but the Usos catch him with a Superkick. Mizdow is on the apron, as he goes for the Skull Crushing Finale to Sheamus. Jey is tagged, as Sheamus connects with a Brogue and Uso with a Samoan Splash.

Winners: Team Teddy – Pinfall (Samoan Splash)

Long’s team hold him up as they celebrate.

An Erick Rowan vignette is shown.


A Smackdown moment is shown, when they had their 9/11 Tribute show.

Miz is in the ring, where he sets the stage for the Dean Ambrose and John Cena match at Hell in a Cell, where the winner with face Seth Rollins in a cage. Miz says that their match will be a No Holds Barred Contract on a Pole Match. Miz welcomes Dean Ambrose to the ring, followed by John Cena. Ambrose tells Cena that what he did on Raw, he proved that nobody crosses him. Ambrose says nobody pushes him around or crosses him. Ambrose says his brother crossed him and he needs to take his revenge. Ambrose says Cena is close to stealing that from him. Ambrose says nobody steals from him. Cena says he is impressed, where he talks about Ambrose being unstable. Cena says Dean proved that he has “it” as he takes out two baseballs. Cena says Miz doesn’t even know what they are. Cena says after years and years of people trying to stop him, everyone is excited to see someone like Ambrose fight him. Cena says there is a reason he walks down the ramp with his head high, because he has a pair of balls. Cena says Dean may not give a damn about him know, but come Hell in a Cell, he will. Miz says Cena is a 15 time Champion, and asks Dean if he has a chance. Ambrose just says yes. Ambrose says he doesn’t think he is going to do it, but he knows. Miz tries to rile them, as Cena begins to leave. Miz says this is supposed to end with a fight. Cena says he is right, the people want to see Cena and Ambrose fight. Cena says they aren’t going to fight each other, but fight Miz. The two start beating up Miz, as Cena goes for an AA. Ambrose hits an Underhook DDT, as Cena hits an AA to Ambrose.

Cena celebrates to end the show.

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