WWE SmackDown 05 09 2014

WWE SmackDown
Location: Buffalo, NY
Date: May 9, 2014
Commentators: Michael Cole and JBL

WWE United States championship catch: WWE United States champion Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose takes down Sheamus, locking the legs of Sheamus. Sheamus stands out with a Headlock Takeover. Ambrose stands out, but is taken out with a shoulder tackle. Sheamus connects with a Clothesline to Ambrose. Pin, but a kick out. Ambrose is hit in the corner, but pushes Sheamus away. Sheamus takes down Ambrose, working on the left arm of Dean. The two trade fists, while Ambrose is whipped, takes out Shemaus with a Thesz Press. The two fight to the floor, as Shemaus puts Dean into the announce table. Dean connects with a Suplex on the floor, and breaks the count. Sheamus hits Dean with a Rolling Senton.


Ambrose runs the ropes, and connects with a Crossbody. Sheamus throws Ambrose into the corner, but hits his shoulder on the corner post. Dean runs the ropes, and connects with a Suicide Dive to Sheamus on the floor. They both get back in the ring, as Ambrose attacks the leg of Shemaus. Ambrose locks in a Figure Four, but Sheamus grabs the bottom ropes. Ambrose goes back again, but is kicked in the face. Sheamus then connects with an Irish Curse. Pin, but a kick out. Shemaus locks in the Cloverleaf. Ambrose crawls to the bottom rope. Sheamus grabs Ambrose on the apron, pulling his shirt up and hitting his chest. Sheamus then picks him up, but Ambrose tries for a roll up. Sheamus does the same to Ambrose, as he flips over. Ambrose is kicked, but connects with a Rebound Lariat. Pin, but a kick out. Sheamus tries fighting back Ambrose, but is kneed in the gut against the ropes. Ambrose runs again, as Sheamus connects with a Brouge Kick. Ambrose falls to the floor, as he breaks the count at 9. Sheamus connects with another Brouge for the win.

Winner and STILL United States Champion: Sheamus (Pinfall)


Bad News Barrett makes his way to the ring. Barrett talks about the weather and storms, saying very soon like Big E, they will all be forgotten pieces of history.

WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett and Cesaro vs. Big E and Rob Van Dam

Barrett and Van Dam start off, as Barrett gets a beating on Rob. Van Dam connects with a Springboard Savate Kick, and follows Barrett to the floor. Cesaro goes for Van Dam, but dodges and gets hit with a Clothesline. Barrett pins, but a kick out. Barrett locks in a Headlock, and as Van Dam runs the ropes, Barrett pulls him by his hair. Van Dam connects with a Spinning Back Kick. Cesaro and Big E are tagged, as Cesaro is hit with a Belly-to-belly. Big E connects with a Splash and pinned, but a kick out. Cesaro runs to the corner, but is hit with a Corner STO. Pin, but a kick out. In the ring, RVD tries to kick Cesaro but hits Big E by mistake. Cesaro takes the distraction and hits a Neutralizer for the win.

Winners: Cesaro and Bad News Barrett (Pinfall)


Kofi Kingston makes his way to the ring. Lana introduces Rusev to the ring.

Alexander Rusev w/ Lana vs. Kofi Kingston

Kingston connects with a few kicks, but is caught and thrown to the mat. Kingston back rolls out of the ring, snapping Rusev into the ropes. Kingston gets back in, but eats a Jumping Superkick. Kingston is thrown to the corner, as he catches Kingston’s legs. Kofi has his legs thrown in the ropes, as he does a Pendulum Kick. Kingston gets some punches in the corner, as he tries to slip underneath, but is picked up. Rusev is hit with a Dropkick. Kingston connects with a Diving Crossbody. Pin, but a kick out. Rusev locks the Accolade for the win.

Winner: Rusev (Submission)

Bray Wyatt speaks on the Titantron of the beauty of flame. Wyatt says mountains must crumble and waters must boil, and everything must be burned to ash. Wyatt says judgement is what tells Cena to fear Wyatt. The fear isn’t what sets men apart, it’s the distance which their willing to go. Wyatt says where he and Cena are going, nobody comes back.


Santino Marella and Emma vs. Fandango and Layla

Marella and Fandango lock up, as Marella is taken out with a shoulder. Fandango is taken out with multiple Arm Drags. Fandango whips Santino to the corner, and goes off the second rope. Fandango misses, as Layla is tagged. Emma gets in with a Thesz press, as Layla is locked in a Dilemma. Emma follows with a Emma Sandwich. Emma gets the Cobra, as Santino is sent over the top rope. Emma is distracted, as Layla wins with a rollup.

Winners: Fandango and Layla (Pinfall)


Roman Reigns vs. Mark Henry

They lock up, as Roman is backed into the corner. They lock up again, as Henry throws Roman into the corner. Roman fights back with fists, but is stopped by Henry. Reigns is whipped into the corner, as Henry throws him to the floor. Henry puts Roman into the ring post, and folds him over that. Henry whips Reigns, but is hit with a Flying Clothesline. Roman charges into the corner, but is taken out with a Clothesline. Henry goes up to the second rope, but Roman goes after him. Roman picks him up, and connects with a Samoan Drop. Roman connects with a Spear for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns (Pinfall)


3.5MB (Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Hornswoggle) vs. Los Matadores and El Torito

McIntyre goes after Fernando, but is whipped into the corner. Fernando does a Float Over, but is kicked in the chest. Pin, but a kick out. Slate is tagged, as he attacks Fernando. Drew is tagged again, as he connects with a kick to the chest. Hornswoggle is tagged, and thrown onto Fernando. Drew is tagged, as he connects with multiple fists. Fernando connects with a Headscissors, as Slater is tagged. Diego is tagged, as he connects with a Double Crossbody with Drew. Hornswoggle and Torito are tagged, as Hornswoggle connects with a punch to the face. Torito returns with a kick and a Gore. Hornswoggle falls to the floor, as he is almost rolled up. Hornswoggle goes for a Leg Drop, but Hornswoggle misses. Slater breaks a pin, and tags himself. Torito rolls up Slater for the win.

Winners: Los Matadores and El Torito (Pinfall)

Raw Rebound


A Mother’s Day Message is shown featuring Mr. T’s Hall of Fame speech.

Batista makes his way to the ring. Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Seth Rollins vs. Batista

Batista backs Rollins into the corner, but Seth fights out with a Dropkick. Batista thrown Rollins into the corner, and smashes him in the back of the head with a forearm. Rollins runs the ropes, and kicks Batista out of the ring. Rollins runs the ropes, but Batista moves away. Rollins goes for a Baseball Slide, but Batista slides the ring skirt over Rollins and attacks him. Rollins is laid over the apron, and then kicked in the head.


Batista throws Rollins into the mat, and then into the turn buckles. Batista ties the injured elbow of Rollins in the ropes, and whips him into the corner. Batista connects with a Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Batista takes Rollins from the corner, as he backflips and throws Batista into the corner. Rollins then connects with Corner Elbow Strikes. Rollins runs the ropes, connecting with a Sling Blade. Rollins goes for a Skywalker, but Batista sends him to the apron. Rollins connects with an Enziguri, and jumps into the ring with a Front Roll. Batista then connects with a Spinebuster. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb, as Rollins gets out with an Enziguri, sending him to the floor. Rollins jumps off the top rope, but is slammed into the announce table.

Winner: Batista (Count Out)

Batista gets Rollins in the ring and connects with a Batista Bomb.


WWE tag team champions The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) and John Cena vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan)

Cena and Rowan start things off, as Cena dives to Rowan in the corner. Cena connects with a Suplex, as Harper is tagged. Cena punches him in the corner, and follows with a Running Bulldog and Big Boot. Jey is tagged, as he connects with uppercuts. Jimmy is tagged, as he connects with a Corner Elbow Strike. Jimmy kick Harper from the corner, and roll him up. Rowan is tagged, as he whips Jimmy from the corner. Jey is tagged, as he slaps Erick in the face. Rowan is kicked, but ragdolls Jey out to the apron. Harper is tagged, as he stomps on Uso’s face. Harper connects with European Uppercuts, and a Catapult into the ropes. Pin, but a kick out. Wyatt is tagged, as he stomps on Jey. Wyatt connects with an Elbow Drop, and a corner Splash. Wyatt crawls from the corner, chasing after Jey. The two trade strikes, as Uso pulls down the rope, sending Wyatt over. Harper is tagged, as he stops the tag. Harper does a Gator Roll, into a Headlock. Uso picks up Harper, but is dropped in the weigh. Pin, but a kick out. Harper then connects with a Big Boot. Rowan is tagged, as Uso dodges a Splash. Jimmy and Bray are tagged, as Uso cleans house. Pin, but a kick out. Wyatt is hit by Cena, as Uso Superkicks Harper and Rowan. Pin, but a kick out. Wyatt and Cena fight on the floor, as Rowan joins. Jey dives over onto them, as Harper connects with a Discus Lariat in the ring for the win.

Winners: Wyatt Family (Pinfall)

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