WWE SmackDown 06 20 2014

WWE SmackDown
Location: Columbus, OH
Date: June 20, 2014
Commentators: Michael Cole and JBL

John Cena make is welcomed to the ring. Cena speaks of the two championships hanging over him, saying it is a symbol of excellence. Cena brings everyone up to speed on the events of the last six months. The belts were unified, Batista returned and left, and Daniel Bryan won the title. However, Bryan was injured and now there is need for a new champion. There will be a ladder match, where Cena says it is the start of a bad joke. However, the joke ends when they all enter the ring. Cena saves the punchline, saying he will put them in line and punch them all in the face. Alberto Del Rio interrupts.

Del Rio says he was the first person to qualify, and will be the first to win the title. Del Rio says Cena may not remember how dangerous he is, but says he will by standing as the champion. Sheamus says nobody really gives a damn about what Del Rio has to say. Sheamus says the biggest challenge is him, saying by the time the match is over, he will be world heavyweight and United States Champion. Paul Heyman says he guarantees a champion that has a full time strategist in his corner, ensuring they will all lose. Similar to how Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania, Cesaro will walk out the winner. Roman Reigns enters the ring, saying since Seth Rollins stabbed him in the back he has had issues trusting. Reigns says he doesn’t care how many there are or who they think they are, but not a single one will stop him now. Randy Orton says Roman finally learned he shouldn’t trust anybody, but he is still the face of the company. Orton says Roman will not run through him, and the titles will come home. Roman chases Orton, as they fight on the floor. Del Rio and Cesaro then attack Cena and Sheamus. Cesaro and Del Rio are thrown to the floor.


Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston

They lock up, as Kingston gets a Waist Lock. Rollins grabs a Wrist Lock, but Kingston reverses into a Splash. Pin, but a kick out. Rollins backs Kingston into the corner, as he connects with a Reverse STO. Rollins locks in a Headlock, but Kingston gets out with punches to the gut. Kingston connects with chops and a Dropkick. Rollins throws Kingston into the corner, but is caught with a Pendulum Kick. Kingston dives with a Crossbody. Pin, but a kick out. Rollins is taken down with a Headscissors, as Kofi goes for a TiP, but is caught in the ropes. Rollins attacks Kingston with punches, and follows with a Bucklebomb. Rollins ends it with a Curbstomp.

Winner: Seth Rollins (Pinfall)

Rollins says he is the first in the ladder match and as he goes on, Ambrose cuts a promo on the Titantron. Dean says he wants to wonder if tonight is the night where Ambrose gets even. Ambrose says it will happen. Rollins says it’s a shame he has to face Kane, because otherwise he will kick his teeth down his throat. Dean says he doesn’t buy that whole facade, but after he is done with Kane, he will send them both back to where they belong; hell.


Barrett says he has every intention in winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, so everyone else is like the USA in the World Cup, developing aspirations after defeating Ghana, but will lose.

WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match

Barrett whips Ziggler, but is hit with a Dropkick. Ziggler dives for the corner, but Barrett moves. Ziggler is kicked, as he falls to the floor.


Ziggler is whipped to the corner, but goes for a Float Over. Barrett catches him with a kick to the chest. Barrett pins, but a kick out. Barrett chokes Ziggler in the ropes, then kneeing him. Barrett following with a Running Big Boot, as Ziggler falls to the floor. Barrett throws Ziggler into the barricade, and back into the ring, but a kick out. Barrett locks in a Headlock, but is hit with a Chinbreaker. Barrett is elbowed, and taken out with a Crossbody. Ziggler starts throwing punches, as he runs to Barrett. Ziggler is hit with a Winds of Change. Barrett goes for a Bullhammer, but is hit in the corner. Barrett is rolled up, as Ziggler wins.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler (Pinfall)

Ziggler goes to celebrate on the top rope, and as he jumps off, he is hit with a Bullhammer.


Adam Rose vs. Titus O’Neil

They lock up, but Titus backs him into the corner. Rose is whipped to the corner, but rolls up Titus.

Winner: Adam Rose (Pinfall)

Titus says he wasn’t ready, and demands Rose get back in for another match.

Adam Rose vs. Titus O’Neil

Adam slaps Titus in the face, and rolls him up again.

Winner: Adam Rose (Pinfall)


Dean Ambrose vs. Kane

Ambrose runs after Kane, but is hit with a Big Boot. Kane takes him to the corner, following with a Sidewalk Slam. Kane continues the attack in the corner, with knees to the gut and a kick to the head. Kane is hit with a kick from Ambrose, as he follows with a Missile Dropkick. Dean connects with a Recoil Lariat. Dean is grabbed, but gets away, connecting with a Tornado DDT. Pin, but a kick out. Dean pulls the ropes down, sending Kane over. Dean tackles Rollins at the announce table, and dives for Kane, who hits him with an Uppercut. Kane connects with a Chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Kane (Pinfall)

Rollins connects with a Curbstomp to Ambrose.

Zeb Colter speaks of Big E taking advantage of the distraction from the blonde-headed Russian bimbo. Colter wonders how long Big E has been in cahoots with Lana.

Big E vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

Swagger takes Big E to the corner, connecting with knees. Big E is knocked over the top rope, as Swagger follows. Swagger is taken out with a Body Splash and a Big Ending.

Winner: Big E (Pinfall)

Summer Rae apologizes to Fandango backstage, as she says it was the right choice to pick Layla. Summer says she will never love him as much as she will, as they start kissing. Layla walks out to see this, and goes back into her locker room.


Summer Rae and Layla begin fighting ringside, as Fandango goes to stop it. Layla goes to kick Summer, but hits Fandango instead.

Bo Dallas vs. Fandango

Dallas checks on Fandango, but hits a Bodog.

Winner: Bo Dallas (Pinfall)

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo wonders what will happen when the snake enters the cage with the mice. Wyatt says he is the designer of chaos, he deals the cards, and the world spins around the axis above his teeth and as he clamps down the Earth will shake. Wyatt says all he has to do is climb the ladder, and the era of Wyatt begins. Run.


4-on-3 handicap match: Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, and Alberto Del Rio vs. WWE United States champion Sheamus, Roman Reigns, and John Cena

Sheamus and Cesaro lock up, as Cesaro is backed into the corner. Cesaro takes Sheamus down, as he tags Wyatt. Bray decks Sheamus in the corner, but is hit with a High Knee. Wyatt and Cesaro get in each other’s face, after Cesaro tags himself in. Sheamus and Cesaro trade strikes, as Sheamus hits a Front Powerslam. Cena is tagged, as he connects with a Bulldog and Big Boot. Del Rio is tagged, as he takes Del Rio to the corner. Sheamus is tagged, as he hits Del Rio. Alberto connects with a kick, as Cesaro is tagged again. Cesaro connects with a Big Boot and Suplex. Sheamus hits an Irish Curse. Pin, but a kick out. Sheamus connects with clubs to the chest, and knocks him to the floor.


Del Rio locks in a Headlock, as he kicks Sheamus. Del Rio is hit with a Rolling Senton. Orton and Cena are tagged, as Orton is hit with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. All the opponents brawl on the floor, as Orton hits a DDT to Cena. Orton attacks Cena in the corner, as Wyatt is tagged. Wyatt tackles Cena in the corner, following with another. Cena kicks Wyatt, but is hit with a Side Slam. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio kicks Cena’s arm, and dives for Cena. Del Rio falls to the floor, as Cesaro helps him back in. Orton is tagged, as he connects with a Scoop Slam. Pin, but a kick out. Cesaro is tagged, as he attacks Cena with a Vertical Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Cena gets away from Cesaro, but is hit with a Swiss Death. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio is tagged, as he connects with an Enziguri. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio goes top rope, but Cena hits a Dropkick. Del Rio connects with a Superkick. Pin, but a kick out. Cesaro is tagged, as he kicks Sheamus off the apron. Reigns is tagged, as he cleans house. Roman connects with a Spear to Del Rio for the win.

Winners: Roman Reigns, John Cena and Sheamus (Pinfall)

The faces stand below the championships to end the show.

Source: WrestlingNewsWorld.com