WWE SmackDown 01 02 2015

WWE SmackDown
Location: Norfolk, VA
Date: January 2, 2015
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tom Phillips, and JBL

Now, then, forever plays and we see our usual five-minute recap of what happened on Raw. This time it was quite a significant replay detailing how The Authority regained power on Monday…

Following the reply, we open up cold with Tom Philips wishing us a Happy New Year and welcoming us to Friday Night Smackdown. You think you know him, boom boom boom, on this day I see clearly a smiling Edge and Christian making their way down the aisle. They climb into the ring with the crowd giving them a lukewarm welcome despite the pumped in noises.

We see a shot of JBL, Tom Philips and Michael Cole at the announce table. Michael Cole announced that Edge and Christian had filed a lawsuit against WWE for breach of contract, assault and battery and loss of consortium. In the ring, Edge was holding a microphone. He said he has been running over what happened on Monday over and over again in his head. He said it feels like it’s his fault and he’s sorry. Edge said that Seth Rollins has a massive target on his back and a John Cena shaped missile coming at him.

Christian said the show must go on and they have a great show planned, which the 40 year + Edge said totally reeked of awesomeness. As they continued talking, a limo pulled up in the parking lot and from it stepped J&J security holding a folder. In the ring, Edge asked what just happened as Seth Rollins hit. Out stepped J&J security waving the folder in their hands. They stepped into the ring and grabbed a microphone.

Noble talked first and said hold on a second fella’s; they have come out here with a prepared statement from the Authority which they would like them to read. Mercury said that Triple H and Stephanie formally confirmed they knew nothing about the pre meditated attack by Seth Rollins and the Big Show on Raw on Edge and Christian. The statement continued that Rollins acted on his own, and although they cannot condone nor support their actions, and that they simply apologize.

Edge tried to interrupt, but Mercury said that he is not finished. He continued and said that The Authority recognize the contractual right that Edge and Christian are to host Smackdown, but in order to ensure the show meets the standards of The Authority, they have appointed J&J security as official observers. He finally finished and Edge simply said that’s really interesting. He said that still means we are in charge, and they have to make some matches. He said the first match will be J&J security against Ryback. He said settle down, he is only joking. It will be Ryback against Big Show.

Christian said that’s a huge match, but he can trump it. He said tonight will be Rusev against Roman Reigns. Edge got in Mercury’s face and said tonight is there show so put that in their little report…

The Wyatt sounder hit, and from the darkness emerged Wyatt with his smoking electric lamp. The cell phones were being held up for the heel. Cole reminded us that on Monday Night Raw there will be an ambulance match, and that this past Monday Wyatt said that they will need to resuscitate Ambrose.

After a break, we saw that Wyatt’s opponent was Erick Rowan….

Bray Wyatt vs. Erick Rowan

Wyatt stood in the center of the ring, and screamed at Rowan, lay down, do you remember who I am? Lay down. Rowan slowly took off his sheep mask and shock his head no. Wyatt got in his face and lay in a couple of right hands. This seemed to anger “Big Red Rowan”, as Cole called him and he went on the offence. He whipped Wyatt to the corner and charged after him but Bray moved and Rowan went shoulder first into the ring post.

Wyatt wrapped Rowan’s arm around the ring post and continued the attack. He finally threw him back into the ring and applied a chinlock. The commentators hyped the Ambulance match as Rowan powered out of the chinlock. He backed Wyatt into the turnbuckle and squashed him. He did this three times, before Wyatt fell to the mat after a shoulder charge.

Wyatt begged off and said, do you not remember me. Rowan grabbed him by the hair and said I’m sorry. The distraction led to Wyatt hitting Sister Abigail for the 1-2-3…

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the match, Wyatt said and so he came, his only begotten son. He asked Dean Ambrose, if he’s willing to do that to someone he loves, what would he be willing to do to you? He said it’s been fun but all good things must come to an end. This will only end when you are on a slab on the back of an ambulance. Follow the buzzards.

They concluded the worst 20 minutes of a wrestling show I’ve seen in a long time by hyping Ryback against Big Show, oh goody…..

Backstage, Edge and Christian were messing with J&J security. Edge mockingly told J&J that they were in the hallway practicing their 5 second pose “for no good reason”. J&J said no no no they will do the five second pose and then did their own version. Edge and Christian backed away slowly as J&J high fived each other.

Back from a commercial, Goldust and Stardust were making their entrance, and hugging their partner Adam Rose. They showed replays of Adam Rose flipping out on the bunny. Back in the ring, Rose, Goldust and Stardust applauded the replay.

Their opponents, R-Truth and The Uso’s made their entrance, as they showed a replay of The Uso’s winning the tag team championships on Raw…

Goldust, Stardust, and Adam Rose vs. R-Truth and WWE tag team champions the Usos in a 6-man tag team match

R-Truth and Adam Rose started this one off. Truth got the crowd chanting “whoop, there it is” which they did. Rose attempted the same but Truth rolled him up for a close two count.

Jay Uso tagged in and bounced off the rope, but Stardust pulled down the rope. Jay fell to the outside where Stardust ripped off his shirt.

Back from a commercial, Goldust was wearing down Jay before the tag champion made a brief comeback before being caught with a running powerslam. The dust brothers cornered Jay and hit a number of double team moves. The heels kept Jay in the corner for a sustained amount of time. We caught sight of the Rosebuds who seemed less kiddy character like, but the commentators didn’t draw attention to it so I don’t know if it was by design.

After a couple of occasions where Jay almost made the hot tag, he eventually sent Goldust to the outside and crawled to his corner and tagged in Jimmy. He hit a number of a kicks and chops on Rose before taking off his shirt. Goldust snuck in but Truth caught him with a kick. Truth dived over the top onto Goldust, but Stardust bounced off the second rope while screeching onto Truth. Rose rolled up Jimmy for a close two count while the former was distracted by the screeching freak.

Jimmy recovered and hit a superkick. He tagged Jay who came off the top with a splash for the victory….

Winners: R-Truth and The Usos
After the match, the Rosebuds charged the ring as the winners celebrated in the ring but the babyfaces cleared the ring…alright…

Next up, we had a Brock Lesnar package followed by a replay of Jack Swagger against Luke Harper from Raw which was labelled as an exclusive.

Following the monumental exclusive replay of the Swagger match from Raw, Tom Philips recapped what had happened on Raw with Daniel Bryan, before we saw the actual announcement from Raw…

Ryback made his entrance as the commentators talked about how it was an emotional night for Ryback on Raw. We then saw Ryback’s own segment from Raw where he talked about his career. Big Show made his way out next with a menacing look on his face. He’s been a heel for at least 3 weeks now; surely it’s time for another character turn soon?!

Ryback vs. Big Show


The two mammoth’s locked up which Show got the better of. Ryback lost his cool and backed Show into the corner and shoulder charged him several times in the corner. Show recovered and clotheslined Ryback over the top rope. Show tried to yank Ryback into the ring, but Ryback fought back. He climbed to the second rope twice and hit two ax handles.

He went to the corner and setup for the meat hook clothesline but Show bailed to the outside. Cole commented that he had never seen Show move that quick before and I have to agree. Ryback stood tall in the ring as we headed to the break…

Back from the commercials Show was hitting chops on Ryback in the center of the ring. Ryback attempted a fight back, but Show cut this short with a kick and a big clothesline. Show targeted the ankle that Ryback revealed was damaged in his promo on Monday, which Philips made mention of. Show showed off Ryback’s scar, and mocked Ryback. Show was now in complete control.

After several lumbering minutes with Show in charge, including Show applying a leglock to the injured leg, Show charged at Ryback when he was against the ropes, but Ryback pulled the top rope down and Show tumbled over the top. Ryback knocked show to the canvas and pounded his head into the mat. He went to the second rope as the crowd cheered Feed Me More. Ryback attempted a big splash but Show caught him ready for a chokeslam. Ryback escaped and hit an impressive spinebuster on the Big Show.

As Ryback again was setting up for the meat hook clothesline, the Russian flagged dropped from the rafters. Rusev and the lovely Lana made their way onto the stage and down the aisle. Ryback made his way out of the ring and started to jaw with Rusev. Following the distraction, Show turned him around and hit the knockout punch. Ryback fell to the floor on the outside and was counted out…

Winner: Big Show by countout

After the match, Ryback made his way back into the ring, which Rusev followed in behind him. He attempted to apply the Accolade but Ryback slithered out. He ducked a clothesline attempt from the Bulgaria…..Russian and hit a clothesline of his own which sent Rusev to the outside. Rusev and Lana retreated up the aisle as Ryback showed tremendous passion and rage in the ring. The commentators used this opportunity to hype the main event of Rusev against Roman Reigns…

Backstage, Edge was standing outside a room, leaning against a wall, by himself. J&J came up to him and asked where’s Christian? Edge said that Christian was in the bathroom having a number two and he’s not going to go in and check on him are you? Noble said oh yes I am. He walked into the room, and Edge looked at Mercury and said uncomfortable, “so…”. Suddenly, a girl’s scream could be heard and Noble exited the room quickly looking sheepish. Edge moved from the wall and we saw that it was a sign for the women’s toilet. He said, “oh yeah he’s in the men’s toilet”.

A Roman Reigns package played. Apparently he assesses and attacks, and he encouraged us to believe that….

In the arena, out walked Tyson Kidd and Cesaro with Natalya in tow. We saw that Los Matadores were already in the ring with El Torito…

Los Matadores (w/ El Torito) vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (w/Natalya)

Before the match, they played a video where Kidd and Cesaro said they were happy that the Authority were back, and that their new year’s resolution was to win the tag team titles.

Kidd started the match and went after Zorro….sorry I mean Diego of Los Matadores. The babyfaces gained the early advantage and tagged in and out quickly. Fernando knocked Kidd to the outside and attempted a suicide dive but Cesaro was there to meet him with a European uppercut. The heels were now in charge, and cut the ring in half. They made quick tags in and out of the ring while keeping the matador in their corner. Cesaro hit the swing and Kidd hit a dropkick.

Fernando finally made a comeback but Tyson cut it short. Tyson went to the top rope and leapt towards Fernando who hit a dropkick. This allowed Diego to be tagged in who deceived Cesaro with his speed. They showed El Torito getting excited at ringside. Diego got caught trying a head scissors, which Cesaro displayed a freakish amount of strength to put Diego on his shoulders. Kidd came off the top with an impressive somersault bulldog for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

They showed Dean Ambrose walking backstage as the announcers plugged he would be in action next….

After the ads, Curtis Axel was posing in the ring, until the Ambrose music hit and out he came. He charged immediately into the ring and knocked Curtis to the outside.

Ambrose immediately followed after him and started beating the holly hell out of Curtis around the announce desk. Curtis collected himself briefly and tried to throw Ambrose in the ring but Dean refused to get in the ring. He regained control and threw Curtis in the ring. He hit dirty deeds with the ref screaming that he hadn’t called for the bell. Dean therefore demanded a microphone.

Once one was passed to him he made his way to the aisle. He said he hopes that Wyatt is listening. On Monday they will be in the first Ambulance match held on Raw, and what a way to kick off 2015, eh? Conveniently, there was an ambulance backed in near the Titan Tron. Ambrose said he will smash the windshield with your face Bray. He will put his body under the wheels and run him over and break every bone in his hand, and then he will run him over again. When you think you can’t take anymore, he will put you in the back of the ambulance, he will get in the driver’s seat and drive us both into happy new year hell. With that the sirens went off on the ambulance.

The Ascension cut a promo in their smoky room. Surely that can’t be healthy for you guys?! They said first there was Hawk and Animal, then came Ax and Smash now there is the Ascension. Welcome to the wasteland…

They showed another replay of the Rollins/Edge/John Cena segment from Raw…

Following the break, the commentators hyped the first Monday Night Raw with the Authority back. JBL gushed over their return. Just when I was trying to get the vomit out of my mouth, The Ascension made their entrance, screaming and hollering. Their opponents, who were already in the ring, were not introduced on TV as far as I could make out…

The Ascension vs. Two Local Jobbers

Total squash with Ascension showing their power moves . JBL put them over well by answering Cole’s question of “do you think these guys will make it” by saying they had a great debut, but the same could be said for a lot of people, only time will tell. Really JBL? That’s how you put over a new act?!

In the ring the Ascension hit the fall of man, Victor made the cover for the 1-2-3…

Winners: The Ascension
Backstage, Edge and Christian were talking next to a Canadian flag. J&J said it’s nearly time for them to leave. They took Edge and Christians posters and flag down and put a giant Muscle and Fitness cover with Triple H and Steph on it. J&J told Edge and Christian you know where the door is show yourselves out. Edge thanked the “garden gnomes”. Edge passed Christian some marker pens and they defaced the Muscle and Fitness cover. Edge drew a big beak on Triple H and gave him an I heart HBK tattoo, while Christian gave Stephanie a monobrow.

In the arena, Roman Reigns music hit, and he came through the crowd while fist bumping the fans. He entered the ring and climbed the turnbuckle. At this point the crowd cheering was clearly piped in. They showed highlights of the Roman Reigns and Big Show feud. Rusev made his entrance for his second appearance of the evening along with the lovely Lana. They stood on the stage while they were announced, then made their way slowly down to the ring with Rusev holding up the Russian flag in the air….

Roman Reigns vs. WWE United States champion Rusev in a non-title match

The crowd chanted USA at Rusev as both men locked up. Rusev backed Roman into the corner but missed with a punch. Both men locked up again, and again Rusev gained the advantage but this time he connected with a knee to the mid-section. Reigns briefly fought back, and it sounded like the crowd were going crazy, but one look at the actual crowd confirmed it was piped in noise.

Rusev regained the advantage and applied a rest hold on the mat. Reigns wasn’t in this for long and he broke the hold with an elbow. He backed up the Russian up against the ropes with punches before knocking him to the outside with a clothesline as we went into the final commercial of the night…

Back from the commercials, Rusev was in control in the ring with a front facelock. Reigns used his strength and backed Rusev into the corner. He went for a shoulder block in the corner, but Rusev moved and Reigns went flying into the corner post. Rusev hit a suplex and gained a close two count.

The announcers sent a shiver down my spine by talking up what is at stake at the Royal Rumble with the winner going to the main event of WrestleMania, foreshadowing perhaps? Rusev applied a bear hug which Reigns broke, but Rusev again knocked him down and re-applied the hold before switching to a chinlock.

Reigns made his way back to his feet where Rusev whipped him into the ropes but Roman came back with an elbow. Yet again Rusev regained the advantage and hit a fall away slam before reapplying the chinlock.

Rusev threw Reigns through the ropes for a breather twice, but both times, Reigns came charging back in with a real look of determination on his face. Rusev looked shocked at this fire. Reigns unloaded on Rusev on the corner with punches and clotheslines. He rolled up Rusev for a close two count. He hit a back suplex on Rusev for another close two count. Reigns went to the corner and setup for the Superman punch but Rusev hit a dropkick.

Rusev setup for a superkick but Reigns caught it and came back with a superman punch. Rusev fell to the outside. Reigns followed, picked up Rusev and rolled him in the ring. At this point, Big Show made his way down to ringside. Reigns went around the ring to meet him with a Superman punch and climbed back in the ring. Rusev clocked him with a superkick for the closet of two counts. Both men were down with Rusev slowly getting to his feet.

Rusev setup for another superkick, Reigns ducked and hit the spear. He covered the big Russian, but Big Show pulled him out of the ring which caused the DQ.

Winner: Roman Reigns by disqualification

Big Show picked up Reigns and threw him into the barriers around the ring on two occasions. Show jawed at the crowd while Reigns was recovering. He picked him up again, threw him into the barricades and hit a spear. He took the top off the announcers table and removed the monitors, you know because they might hurt their opponent. The announcers talked in a somber voice as Big Show brought Reigns over to the desk. He went for a chokeslam but Reigns recovered and knocked Big Show down. Big Show charged at Reigns who moved. Show went flying over the top of the announcer’s desk and landed the other side. Reigns, in a carbon copy of what happened on Raw, picked up the announce desk and placed it on top of Show.

The show closed with Reigns holding his ribs and making his way up the aisle. Tom Philips wished us a happy new year as the copyright logo appeared on the screen.

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