WWE SmackDown 04 17 2018

WWE Smackdown Results
April 17, 2018
Providence, Rhode Island
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Smackdown starts with a video package of last week’s comments by Shinsuke Nakamura in regards to his post-Wrestlemania match attack on AJ Styles.

Live in the area, WWE champion AJ Styles music hits as he makes his way down to the ring. AJ says they say you can know a lot by a man from his failures. And if that is the case, you can tell everything you need to know about Nakamura. He dreamed about having that match against him at Wrestlemania and when it happened, he was successful and Nakamura failed. And when that happened, he showed his true colors. Nakamura’s not just an artist but a con artist. Styles said last week he should have been celebrating but instead he was thinking about retribution, payback on Shinsuke. Instead he was presented with a real dream match against Daniel Bryan.

But Nakamura showed his true colors against and ruined that match. Styles says he won’t leave the ring until he confronts Shinsuke. He says he knows that all of a sudden Nakamura forgot how to speak English but he’s here to fight, not to talk. He calls out Nakamura.

Instead Aiden English’s voice is heard and he makes his way onto the stage with Rusev. A loud “RUSEV DAY” chant from the crowd. Aiden says he knows it isn’t us, you wanted Shinsuke. Aiden asks the crowd what day is today and they yell out Rusev day. Aiden challenges AJ Styles to a fight with Rusev. AJ says since it is Rusev day and Nakamura does not have a spine, to fight right now.

AJ Styles vs. Rusev

Rusev gets in the ring and the referee rings the bell. Rusev with right hands takes AJ down. Rusev runs towards AJ but AJ reverses it into the calf crusher. Aiden English gets in the ring and attacks AJ as the referee rings the bell. Both men start beating on AJ. Daniel Bryan runs down to the ring and takes out both men. A loud “YES” chant from the crowd.

Winner: AJ Styles by disqualification

Backstage Shane is with Paige. She says that she has a great idea. In the immortal words of Teddy Long “There’s going to be a tag team match, playa.” She announces AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan vs. Aiden English and Rusev.

Tonight is the “Mellabration” as Carmella will celebrate her title win.

-Commercial Break-

Shelton Benjamin comes out and says that last night on Twitter he said that Chad Gable was an inspirational partner. And that last night, his Twitter account got hacked. He said he would never say anything like that. He no longer needs Chad Gable. Correction, he never needed Gable. But Gable needed him.

Benjamin says he deserves the respect he deserves, the championship matches he is owed and that he’s one of the biggest threats on Smackdown Live. He says he spoke with Paige and asked her to bring him big competition. Randy Orton’s music hits and he slowly walks down the stage.

Jeff Hardy’s music hits and the new United States champion comes over from Raw onto Smackdown Live!

Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin

The bell rings and Benjamin goes for the attack on Jeff. Benjamin throws Jeff Hardy to the outside of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, both men are down in the ring. Both men with right hands and a clothesline by Jeff. An atomic drop takes Shelton down. He goes for the cover but a 2 count only. Jeff on the top rope but Shelton hits him from behind and now Jeff is sitting on the top rope. Shelton Benjamin goes for the back drop but Jeff fighting back and Benjamin goes down. Shelton runs back up on the ropes and delivers a knee to the face onto Jeff. Both men on the top rope and Jeff takes Shelton down again and delivers the whisper in the wind! He goes for the cover but Shelton kicks out at 2 again!

Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate but Benjamin reverses it with a kick to the face. He goes for the cover but just a 2 count. Shelton runs towards Jeff but Hardy kicks him and delivers the Twist of Fate. He goes on the top rope and Swanton Bomb! He goes for the cover and gets the win!

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Backstage, they air a pre-recorded video of The Miz where he says Daniel Bryan direct tweets him last night about punching The Miz in the face. The Miz cuts a promo saying how that won’t happen tonight because The Miz is in Los Angeles with his family. Maryse and his daughter come into the video.

The Miz says he will be on Smackdown Live next week.

Jey Uso vs. Luke Harper is up next!

-Commercial Break-

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose have joined Smackdown Live!

Jey Uso vs. Luke Harper

The bell rings and we are under way. Harper goes for a body slam but Jey goes behind him. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Rowan fighting outside. Jey with a suicide dive through the ropes. He gets back on the ring apron but a massive clothesline by Harper takes Jey down. He goes for the cover and gets the win.

After the match Rowan takes Jimmy out and they grab Jey and slam him into the side apron. They Grab their two mallets but Naomi coming running down asking them to stop. Harper signals to Rowan to back off as The Bludgeon Brothers start walking away.

Winner: Luke Harper

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Sin Cara is in the ring and Samoa Joe’s music hits! Joe is now on Smackdown Live!

Samoe Joe vs. Sin Cara

Sin Cara goes for kicks and punches but Samoe Joe fights back and throws Sin Cara into the corner. Sin Cara gets out but right hands by Samoe Joe. A chop to the chest takes Cara down. Samoa Joe lifts Sin Cara up but Sin Cara gets out and some shots to the ham string. He jumps on the middle rope but Joe catches him from behind. The Coquina Clutch by Samoe Joe as Sin Cara taps out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe says well, if it isn’t the land of opportunity. He says to him, Smackdown looks like the place of hand outs. Because by his absence, everyone has had it easy. Smackdown Live has been cuddled, catered to and everybody has been convinced that they are better than they are. Samoa Joe says that all changes because he is here now and he will get all the opportunities. He says he will have the opportunity to put to sleep Daniel Bryan. He will defang the viper Randy Orton and he will decimate AJ Styles.

He makes a promise that whatever is left of Roman Reigns after Brock Lesnar beats him, he will personally shred and put the big dog out.

-Commercial Break-

A promo stating that “Chaos” is coming to Smackdown Live.

Renee Young is backstage and asks Bryan why he helped AJ Styles. Daniel says he respects AJ. He says while he was retired, he made a list of superstars he wanted to face which would motivate him and AJ Styles was on the top of that list. He wanted to prove that he hadn’t lost a step but unfortunately, Nakamura broke that up.

Big Cass is shown standing behind Daniel Bryan. He says Daniel is what all the fuss is about? He calls him a little man and walks away.

Carmella is introduced to the ring. Carmella says everyone wants to hop on the Carmella bandwagon now that she’s champion. They didn’t support her before and she doesn’t need the fans now. She’s not just the princess of Staten Island but from now on, the fans can call her the princess of Smackdown Live. She says she waited 287 long days and she seized the moment. She laughs and says that she beat Charlotte Flair. She says she beat Charlotte all on her own. All she had to do to beat Charlotte Flair was to wait for Charlotte to be blinded by her own ego.

She says what she did last week was historic. What she did will go down as the biggest moment in all of women’s history. She says why not pay tribute to herself. A video package of Carmella winning the Money in the Bank briefcase and cashing in airs.

She says she misses Franky (her briefcase) and says it’s nothing compared to how long she will meet Cleopatra (the WWE Smackdown Women’s title). Charlotte Flair’s music hits.

Charlotte tells Carmella that her title reign is a lot like her memory, short. The only reason she has that briefcase is because of James Ellsworth and the only reason she has the title is because of Billy Kay and Peyton Royce. She says she is not angry but congratulations. She tells Carmella that it is much harder to stay on top than to get to the top. And Carmella has something of hers…

The Iconics music hits. Billie Kay tells Charlotte that this is pathetic. She’s blaming them for her failures? Peyton mocks Charlotte saying she is a big baby.

Billie Kay says last week Charlotte asked for magic and she got it. Her title disappeared from around her waist. Peyton says she is looking at the future and the future is iconic. Charlotte takes off her robe on the ring apron and attacks Iconic. Both women double team her. Becky Lynch’s music hits and she comes running down to help out Charlotte.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial and we have Charlotte Flair vs. Billi Kay. Outside of the ring, Charlotte is chopping Billie on the chest. She throws Billie Kay back in the ring. A suplex by Charlotte onto Billie. A right forearm by Billie Kay takes Charlotte down. She goes for the cover but a 2 count as Charlotte kicks out. An arm bar by Billie Kay.

Charlotte tries to get out of it but a clothesline by Billie Kay. Another cover but another 2 count only. A kick to the stomach on Charlotte. Another armbar by Billie Kay. Charlotte fights back but Billie knocks her back down and distract the referee. Peyton Royce nails Charlotte on the head.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial and a suplex by Billie Kay onto Charlotte. Charlotte with some chops onto Billie Kay. She sends Billie Kay to the ropes and a chop takes Billie down. A knee to the back of the head keeps Billie down. Charlotte goes for a body slam but Billie Kay reverses it into a cover but a 2 count only. Both women get up and a boot to the face by Charlotte. She locks in the Figure 8 and Billie Kay taps out!

Winner: Charlotte Flair

After the match, Carmella attacks Charlotte with the title. Becky Lynch goes to attack Carmella but Peyton Royce attacks Becky Lynch and it’s a 3 on 2 attack.

Asuka’s music hits! Asuka is on Smackdown! She runs down to the ring and takes out both members of IIconics.

Gallows and Anderson are now on Smackdown!

-Commercial Break-

The Bar are now on Smackdown as Sheamus and Cesaro cut a promo backstage.

The New Day are backstage and mention that The Bar are on Smackdown. They then stop and see R-Truth backstage. They all talk and hug. Dillinger is also backstage and both men do a secret handshake. R-Truth says they are all together on Monday Night Raw! Xavier says it’s Tuesday and it’s Smackdown Live! R-Truth says he will see them tomorrow and walks away.

Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega are now on Smackdown Live!

AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan vs. Rusev and Aiden English

The bell rings and Aiden English starts off with Daniel Bryan. Both men lock up and English gets Bryan in the corner. He goes for a right hand but Daniel ducks and gets Aiden into an arm bar. Aiden sends Bryan to the ropes, Aiden jumps and Bryan grabs him by the leg and a Mexican surf board by Daniel Bryan. He tags AJ in and a double axe onto the sternum of Aiden English.

AJ goes to send English to the ropes but English blocks it and a right hand onto AJ. He sends AJ to the ropes but AJ grabs Aiden by the arm and the gut buster. Rusev tries to get involved but Daniel Bryan gets in. All four men brawl and English and Rusev roll out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Aiden goes for the cover on AJ Styles but AJ kicks out. A knee to the back by English and a headlock. AJ fights out with elbows to the stomach. He runs to the ropes but a back body drop by English onto AJ. English tags in Rusev. Both men double team AJ. Rusev kicks AJ away. A right hand by AJ as he goes to try and tag in Bryan but a bear hug by Rusev. AJ trying to fight back and make the tag but Rusev dumps Styles in the opposite corner.

Rusev tags in English. Once more both men double team AJ as English goes for the cover but AJ kicks out. English stomps on AJ and taunts him. A jaw breaker from AJ Styles he tries to tag in Bryan but English catches him. English goes for a standing splash but AJ moves out of the way. Styles with the Pele kick taking down Aiden English. English tags in Rusev and AJ tags Bryan into the match. Some right hands by Daniel Bryan and a clothesline takes Rusev down.

Rusev in the corner and Bryan with a running dropkick. Bryan goes for the Yes lock but English breaks it up. Bryan throws English out of the ring, Rusev goes for the Machka kick but a dragon screw by Daniel Bryan. The Yes kicks by Daniel Bryan onto Rusev. Bryan with the knee to the face.

Nakamura out of no where low blows AJ Styles. Daniel Bryan is distracted. He turns around and Big Cass big boots him.

Renee Young comes out and asks Nakamura about the attack again tonight. Nakamura says “No speak English” as Smackdown Live goes off the air.

Winners: AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan by disqualification