WWE SmackDown 10 23 2018

WWE Smackdown Results
October 23, 2018
Newark, New Jersey
Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE Smackdown Live kicks off with The New Day. They come out and talk about how they were cheated by The Bar last week. Kofi says they didn’t just set the bar, they lowered the bar. Kofi mentions how he doesn’t understand The Big Show. Big E says they thought The Big Show was cool. Kofi says tonight, he wants pay back. Sheamus, Cesaro or Big Show, he wants one of them tonight. Out come The Bar with The Big Show.

Kofi vs. The Big Show

The bell rings and we are under way. Kofi with a running drop kick. He goes after The Big Show but The Big Show catches Kofi and throws him around the ring. Big chops by The Big Show onto Kofi. The Big Show with three choke slams. He goes for a fourth but Big E and Xavier Woods come in as do The Bar. A fight breaks out as the referee calls for the bell.

The Big Show and The Bar clean house as The Big Show choke slams Big E and delivers the K.O punch to Xavier Woods.

Winner: No contest

The Usos vs. AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan and Jimmy Usos start things off. A head lock by Bryan but Jimmy sends him to the ropes and a shoulder block by Daniel Bryan. A quick tag by Jay and a clothesline by Daniel Bryan takes Jay to the outside. In comes AJ Styles who knocks Jimmy to the outside. AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan jump over the top rope onto the Usos on the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, The Usos are double teaming Daniel Bryan in the ring. Jay goes for the cover but Daniel Bryan kicks out. A head lock by Jay but Daniel Bryan starts fight back. Right hands by Bryan, he runs to the ropes and a double clothesline takes both Bryan and Jimmy out. Bryan tags AJ in and Jimmy tags Jay in.

Styles with a knee to the back of the neck of Jimmy. He goes for the cover but a two count. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Jimmy breaks it up. He runs towards AJ but Styles locks in the calf crusher. Jay breaks it up but in comes Daniel Bryan. Daniel throws Jay to the outside. Styles goes for the phenomenal forearm but Jimmy moves out of the way, Jimmy goes to hit Bryan but Bryan blocks it. AJ goes for an overhead kick but Jimmy moves out of the way and AJ hits Daniel Bryan. Jimmy tags Jay in and a super kick onto AJ Styles. He goes for the cover and gets the win.

Winners: The Usos

A video package showing the feud between WWE Raw women’s champion Ronda Rousey and Nikki Bella airs.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage, AJ is walking with Daniel Bryan. AJ is asked if what happened was an accident or intentional. AJ says of course it was an accident, just like last week was an accident. Daniel says his was for sure an accident. AJ asks Bryan if he’s calling him a liar. Bryan says AJ’s nose could be growing. AJ asks if he is referring to Pinocchio. Bryan says sarcastically that he is convinced it’s an accident and Daniel pulls the Two Sweet sign.

A video of the fight between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch at the WWE Performance Center airs.

Following that, Charlotte is talking backstage about Becky’s attack at the Performance Center and how she will become the new WWE Smackdown women’s champion.

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Rusev with Lana vs. Aiden English

The bell rings and Rusev chases Aiden out of the ring. Lana stops Aiden and a right hand by Rusev. He throws Aiden into the barricade and into the ring. Rusev gets in the ring but a kick to the face by English and a swinging neck breaker takes Rusev down. Aiden starts to stomp on Rusev. He points to Lana and tells Lana this is her fault. Lana throws her shoe at Aiden who turns around and gets hit by the Mochka Kick. Rusev with the Accolade. Aiden English taps out.

Winner: Rusev

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Miz TV with Rey Mysterio

The Miz welcomes everyone to Miz TV. He says that last week, the entire world celebrate Smackdown 1000 and he talks about how Becky Lynch shut down Edge on his show. Or Evolution. And most importantly, his defeat of Rusev to qualify for the WWE World Cup tournament. And no one can forget Rey Mysterio defeating Shinsuke Nakamura.

Rey Mysterio’s music hits and out he comes to the ring. The Miz says that as the host of the show, he is wondering why Rey Mysterio is back. Rey says it feels so good to be back home. The Miz cuts him off and says he knows why he is back. Because he wants to show that the little man can achieve little things and if you wish big enough and you try hard enough, all dreams can come true like going to Crown Jewel. How very 90s of Rey.

The Miz says that no one is interested in the underdog anymore but they are interested in large than life stars like himself. The Miz says that while Rey has been on hiatus, The Miz has been beating everyone. He is the star and at Crown Jewel, he will go on to the finals and prove to everyone that he is the best in the world.

Rey Mysterio says he is very disappointed because he thought he was booked to be on Truth TV. A loud “Truth TV” chant from the crowd. The Miz asks if he’s joking. Rey tells The Miz to take it easy. Rey says he didn’t come back to Smackdown Live to be on a dusty talk show. He came back to compete. If he has nothing else to say, to shut his mouth and to throw down right now. The Miz tells Rey that no one here wants them to fight, it’s just not going to happen. A loud “Yes” chant by the crowd.

The Miz says he is a changed person as he throws the microphone on Rey Mysterio and starts to beat on him.

Rey fights back and hits The Miz with an inzighuri. He goes for the 619 but The Miz rolls out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey goes right after The Miz and The Miz is thrown to the outside. Rey slides through the bottom rope and a splash right onto The Miz. He throws The Miz back in the ring and a cross body off the top rope by Rey. He gets The Miz in the corner and starts punching The Miz. He backs up and goes for a splash but The Miz moves out of the way and Mysterio hits the top turnbuckle.

A knee to the stomach by The Miz onto Rey Mysterio. A knee to the spine and a head lock by The Miz. Rey starts to fight back but The Miz throws Rey into the turnbuckle. A right hand by Mysterio and Mysterio drops The Miz on the middle rope. He goes for the 619 but The Miz moves out of the way as The Miz lands a DDT. He goes for the cover but Rey kicks out.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Miz with the “It” kicks. He goes for the cover but Rey Mysterio kicks out. The Miz grabs Rey and climbs the second turnbuckle. The Miz is looking for the Skull Crushing Finale off the second rope but Rey counters it taking The Miz down. Rey on the ring apron, he jumps off the top rope and a sitting senton onto The Miz. A kick to the head by Rey. Mysterio flies off the top rope but The Miz catches him and lands a neck breaker. He goes for the cover but Rey kicks out again.

The Miz with a boot to the face, he goes for the cover but again Rey kicks out. The Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Mysterio counters it sending The Miz into the second rope. He lands the 619 on The Miz. Rey jumps off the top rope and a splash onto The Miz. He goes for the cover and gets the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

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Asuka and Naomi vs. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose

The IIconics come out before the bell. Billie Kay she is excited and Peyton Royce asks what’s exciting about Newark. Billie says no, she is excited about the Evolution PPV. Lana’s music hits and she wishes everyone a happy Lana day. Out comes Carmella and she says no one wants to hear them talk but what they really want is a dance break. Music hits and Carmella starts to dance. Zelina Vega comes and throws Carmella into the ring. All the women get in the ring and start to fight. It ends with Asuka throwing Zelina Vega out of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Shane McMahon’s music hits and out comes the WWE Smackdown Live commissioner. Shane hypes up the Evolution PPV on Sunday. Shane talks about the World Cup tournament at Crown Jewel and how the winner will be the best in the world. A loud “CM Punk” by the crowd with which Shane replies by saying “I don’t think he’s in the tournament.” Shane says he thinks someone from the blue brand will win. He introduces Jeff Hardy for the main event.

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Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton

The bell rings and we are under way. Both men lock up and a shoulder block by Jeff Hardy. Jeff goes for a big splash but Orton moves out of the way. Orton throws Jeff to the outside and slams Jeff’s head into the metal steps. Orton throws Jeff back in the ring and goes for the cover but Hardy kicks out.

Orton with a standing drop kick on Jeff Hardy. He goes for the cover but again Hardy kicks out. A head lock by Orton but Jeff Hardy tries to get out of it with elbows onto Orton. Jeff quickly climbs the top rope but Orton trips Hardy and he’s caught up in a tree of woe. Orton begins to stomp on Jeff until the referee breaks it up.

Randy Orton goes to the outside of the ring and stick his finger in Jeff’s ear. He grabs Jeff onto the outside and slams him face first onto the announce desk. He picks Jeff up and drops him on the announce table. He grabs Jeff and throws him back into the ring. He goes for the cover but a two count only.

Orton goes after the ear again but Jeff starts to fight back. An atomic drop by Jeff. He goes for the cover but Orton kicks out. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate but Orton pushes him off. A boot to the face by Jeff. He climbs the top rope and whisper in the wind onto Orton. Jeff goes for the cover but Orton kicks out.

Jeff lands the Twist of Fate and climbs the top rope. He goes for the Swanton Bomb but Orton rolls out of the ring. Hardy gets on the ring apron and goes for the Swanton Bomb on the outside but Orton rolls out of the way.

Randy Orton throws Jeff Hardy back in the ring. Orton goes for the RKO but Jeff reverses it into a back slide. He goes for the cover but Orton kicks out. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate but Orton reverses it into an RKO. He goes for the cover and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Randy Orton