WWE Friday Night SmackDown 12 27 2019

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
December 27, 2019
Detroit, Michigan
Commentary: Michael Cole and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE Smackdown kicks off with Elias in the ring playing the guitar. He sings a song talking about how we need Elias and he runs down 2019 joking about how we’ve had a few regrets like Bayley’s haircut. Elias also notes that at least on Smackdown there’s no Lana and Lashley weddings. He welcomes everyone to Smackdown as we get the intro video and pyro.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz vs. Baron Corbin – Number 1 contender match for Unviersal title

Out comes Daniel Bryan first and Corbin says he has something to say before the match. He says he sees Bryan chopping at the bit but this is Smackdown, this is his kingdom and they do things his way. Corbin says all these people like Bryan but that’s because all these bottom feeders are jealous of his success. Corbin says yes, Bryan and The Miz have families. They are terrible fathers, yes, he and The Miz want to face Bray Wyatt and yes they are former world champions who have main evented Wrestlemania.

Corbin says that if they think they will beat him tonight, The Fiend has probably taken out some brain matter and what Bryan should do is step aside. Because it’s a disgrace that the king even has to compete tonight. He earned his opportunity when he beat Roman Reigns twice. That’s something no other superstar has done since he has returned. The WWE Universe should be begging him to vanquish Bray Wyatt because only thew strongest, most powerful, more fearsome superstar should be Universal champion. And that is him.

Baron says he gets it. Daniel is a nice guy, the problem is he’s no longer championship material. Kind of like The Miz who plays an action hero in the movies but is not really an action hero. He’s the only one with the ability to beat Wyatt and when he does… Roman Reigns’ music hits and Corbin falsl to the floor. He turns around and there’s Roman Reigns.

Roman with right hands on Corbin. Corbin fights back but Roman throws him into the barricade. Roman Reigns jumps off the ring steps and hits him with a Superman punch. Roman goes to spear Baron but Corbin jumps the security rail and runs as WWE officials pull Roman away.

-Commercial Break-

Baron Corbin is backstage with WWE officials asking to postpone the match. He is being told they don’t have the power to postpone it and Corbin is angry.

The New Day and Braun Strowman vs. Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn

The bell rings and we are under way. Cesaro is in the ring with Big E. Both men lock up and it’s a headlock by Cesaro which is countered by Big E. A shoulder tackle by Big E and Kofi is tagged in.

Kofi with a back splash on Cesaro. He goes for the cover but Cesaro kicks out. Nakamura is tagged in. A spinning elbow by Kofi followed by a clothesline taking Nakamura to the outside. Kofi runs to the ropes but Zayn trips him. Nakamura attacks Kofi from behind and Zayn is tagged in. Zayn starts stomping on Kofi and throws him to the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Cesaro is in the ring with Kofi and a drop kick by Kofi. Nakamura is tagged in and he attacks Kofi. A kick by Nakamura followed by a headlock. Cesaro is tagged back in.

A gutrench suplex by Cesaro. He goes for the cover but Kofi kicks out. A headlock by Cesaro but Kofi fights back. He goes for the tag but Cesaro lifts Kofi up, Kofi flips and reverses it into a cover but Cesaro kicks out. Cesaro gets up quickly and an uppercut takes Kofi down. He goes for the cover but Kofi kicks out.

Nakamura is tagged in. Nakamura with knees to the side of the face followed by a chin lock. Kofi tries to fight out of it but Nakamura with an abdominal stretch. Nakamura mocks Big E while he has Kofi in the stretch. In comes Big E as the referee tells him to get back on the apron. As Big E turns his back, Nakamura attacks him from behind. Nakamura turns around and the SOS by Kofi onto Nakamura.

Cesaro is tagged in and he attacks Kofi. He goes for a right hand on Strowman but Strowman catches his arm. Sami pulls Braun’s arm and walks away. Strowman follows Sami but Cesaro dives through the ropes taking Strowman down. CFesaro back in the ring and a back body drop by Kofi. Nakamura is tagged in. Kofi goes for the tag but no one is there.

Cesaro and Nakamura double team Kofi. Nakamura goes for the cover but Big E pushes Cesaro onto Nakamura on the cover. Big E throws Cesaro to the outside as Nakamura kicks Big E taking him to the outside. Kofi stands up and the double knees by Kofi onto Nakamura. Both men are down.

Strowman is back on the ring apron and he’s tagged in. Strowman bulldozes through Nakamura and knocks Cesaro off the ring apron. Strowman knocks Nakamura causing him to fall to the outside of the ring. Strowman looks at the fans and goes to the outside. He runs around the ring and shoulderblocks Nakamura and Cesaro. He runs towards Sami as Sami is running away. He keeps running and a flying kick by Nakamura takes Strowman down. Nakamura throws Strowman back into the ring.

Nakamura runs towards Strowman but a clothesline by Braun takes Nakamura out. Strowman lifts Nakamura but in comes Cesaro who delivers a springboard uppercut. Big E grabs Cesaro from the outside of the ring and throws him into the time keeper area. With the referee distracted, Nakamura grabs the pancake platter but Kofi grabs it from behind and hits Nakamura with it. Strowman with a big powerslam onto Nakamura. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: The New Day and Braun Strowman

The New Day says to cut the music and Kofi says Strowman has a great set of hips on him. Kofi says it’s time that the world saw what those hips can do. Big E says we all know someone will get these hands but tonight, the good people of Detroit are going to get this dance.

The New Day’s music hits as Big E and Kofi try to get Strowman to dance. Strowman pushes Big E and Kofi into two different corners. Strowman stands in the middle of the ring looking at them both as the fans chant “Get these hips”. Strowman asks to play the music as he starts to dance while Big E and Kofi are laughing and start to dance with him. Strowman shakes their hands.

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Kayla Braxton is backstage and she says that due to Roman’s attack, Corbin is refusing to compete and is demanding that the triple threat be postponed. However, WWE officials have stated the match will not be postponed and instead it will be The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan tonight for the chance to become the number 1 contender to The Fiend Bray Wyatt’s WWE Universal championship.

Sonya DeVille is signing WWE programs as Mandy Rose tells her that her match is next and she needs Sonya with her. Sonya says that Mandy didn’t go to the ring with her last week when she needed her. Mandy says that was because she hugged Otis and her dress was full of sweat. Sonya says she will see her after as she has to finish signing the programs.

Otis comes up to Mandy Rose and thanks her for last week. He apologizes for sweating up her dress last week and hands her a home made Holiday fruit cake made by his mom. Mandy looks to appreciate it and thanks him. He’s about to say something as Mandy tells him that she has a match and has to go.

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Carmella vs. Mandy Rose

The bell rings and we are under way. A knee to the stomach by Mandy takes Carmella to the corner. Mandy goes for a clothesline but Carmella ducks and taunts Mandy. A spear by Mandy takes Carmella down. Mandy with a drop kick followed by a knee to the face. Mandy goes for the cover but Carmella kicks out.

Mandy Rose with a modified headlock submission. Mandy taunts Carmella as Carmella slaps her in the face. Mandy slaps her back as Carmella starts with the right hands. An elbow to the face by Carmella followed by a kick to the face. Carmella with a hurricanrana followed by a clothesline. She goes for the cover but Mandy Rose kicks out.

Mandy is in the corner and drops Carmella face first into the corner. Mandy sends her to the ropes and goes for a clotheline but Carmella reverses it into a cover but Mandy kicks out. Mandy goes for a cover herself but Carmella kicks out. Carmella with a cover herself but Mandy kicks out. A super kick by Carmella. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Carmella

-Commercial Break-

Sheamus cuts another promo talking about his return.

Number 1 contender match – The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

The bell rings and we are under way. A shoulder block by Miz takes Bryan down. Bryan gets back up and a test of strength between both men and an arm bar by Bryan but an elbow to the face by Miz. A kick to the face by Bryan takes Miz down.

Bryan with an arm bar and he sends Miz face first into the turnbuckle. Bryan stgarts with the yes kicks. He goes for the running knee but Miz throws him over the top rope as Bryan lands on the ring apron. Miz slides under Bryan and trips him off the ring apron. Miz throws Bryan onto the barricade and back into the ring.

Miz goes for a kick but Bryan ducks and a dropkick. Bryan goes for a kick, Miz ducks, both men run to the ropes and a double cross body as both men are down. In come Corbin’s security as they start attacking both Miz and Bryan as the referee calls for the bell. Miz and Corbin turn the tables and clean house.

Winner: No contest

Kayla is backstage with Corbin as he says that was justice. He says they should not be out there competing without him. And she should save her questions for Roman Reigns and that’s why he’s refusing to compete. Roman is making it an unsafe work environment. Kayla says Roman has been asked to leave the building. Corbin says he is entering himself back in the match tonight and he will win. Miz and Daniel Bryan attack him backstage.

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A Moment of Bliss – Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross with Lacey Evans

Alexa Bliss welcomes everyone to A Moment of Bliss. And yes, they have their coffee. Bliss asks Nikki if she would like to do the honors as Cross welcomes Lacey Evans to the show. Out comes Evans to a Moment of Bliss.

Bliss welcomes her and Evans thanks her for having her on the show. Bliss mentions how she has stepped up to Bayley and Banks since she got to Smackdown. Bliss mentions how last week Sasha Banks was tauning Lacey’s 6 year old daughter.

We see a clip of last week’s show where the event took place.

Bliss asks her how it makes her feel. Lacey says she is proud of her daughter, she’s a fighter like her mother but Sasha crossed a line you don’t cross. Her daughter means everything in the world to her and when she saw her yell mom and Sasha was in her face, she snapped. And she speaks for every parent in the world when she says you don’t mess with their child.

Evans says if they didn’t pull her off Sasha last week, Sasha would not have walked out of the arena. And while she appreciates being on the show, she is aware of what usually happens on these shows and she won’t allow herself to be attacked from behind by two people who are not role models for anyone in the arena. And if they’ll excuse her, she will set the mic down and go to the ring because she’s ready for her match.

Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks

Dana Brooke’s music hits but she has been attacked by Sasha Banks and Bayley. Sasha says Lacey may be a good mother but she’s a terrible tag team partner. Evans runs to the stage as all four women fight.

-Commercial Break-

The bell rings and we are under way. Lacey is in the ring with Bayley. Lacey goes after Sasha who is on the ring apron but Bayley attacks her. Lacey fights back and Dana is tagged in. Dana with an acrobatic back elbow. SHe runs to the ropes and a splash. She goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Bayley fights back and gets Dana in the corner. Sasha is tagged in.

Sasha Banks beats up on Dana. She throws Dana in the corner and Sasha places Dana on the top rope. A kick to the face by Dana who jumps onto her feet and delivers a suplex. She goes for the cover but Sasha kicks out. Dana gets Sasha up but Sasha drops Dana onto the mat. Bayley is tagged in and they double team Dana. Bayley goes for the cover but Dana kicks out. A headlock by Bayley but Dana fights out of it.

Dana tries to make the tag but Bayley with a clothesline. She goes for the cover but Dana kicks out. Sasha is tagged in and the double knees by Sasha. She goes for the cover but Dana kicks out. A headlock by Sasha in the middle of the ring as Dana with elbows gets out of it. Dana runs and knocks Bayley off the ring apron. A step up inzighuri by Dana takes Sasha down.

Dana tags Lacey as Bayley is tagged in. Lacey with clothesline onto Bayley followed by a swinging neck breaker. Lacey runs to the ropes and baseball slides Sasha who was outside of the ring. Lacey back on the ring apron knocks Bayley down. Lacey places Bayley down and climbs the second rope. Lacey with a moonsault off the top rope. She goes for the cover but Sasha breaks it up.

Lacey gets right back up as Sasha runs out and Lacey starts chasing her outside of the ring. Sasha gets in the ring as does Lacey. A Bayley to belly by Bayley. She goes for the cover but Dana breaks it up. Sasha throws Brook to the outside. Sasha is tagged in.

They go to double suplex Lacey but Lacey lands on her feet and Dana is tagged in without either woman realizing. The Woman’s Right by Lacey onto Bayley. Sasha lands the Banks Statement on Dana as Dana taps out.

Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks

Mandy is backstage and grabs a bite of the fruit cake by Otis. In comes Ziggler who says 2020 is coming up and she must have plans for New Years Eve. Mandy says she has no plans. Ziggler sees the cake and asks if she got him a gift already and Mandy says Otis gave it to her and his mom made it. Ziggler says he wouldn’t feel too special about it as he’s pretty sure Otis gave one to everyone in the locker room.

Ziggler tastes it and he says he heard someone found a roach in it. And what would Otis know about a woman like her, what she really wants. Ziggler steps on the cake. He asks her what she’s going to do for New Years and in comes Corbin saying he has to talk to him now as Mandy looks confused.

-Commercial Break-

We get a video package of Mustafa Ali talking about how 2019 wasn’t his year. We see a clip of his broken eye and Money in the Bank. Followed by his chase of the Intercontinental championship. He says he refuses to stand in the dark, he stands in the light. He will continue to bring the change and his chase to becoming a champion.

Otis is backstage and he sees his cake on the floor. He grabs the plate and has a look of sadness on his face.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz vs. Baron Corbin – Number 1 contender match for Unviersal title

The bell rings and we are under way. Bryan and Miz double team Corbin. THey send him to the ropes but Corbin slides to the outside. Miz goes to roll up Bryan but Bryan kicks out. Both men go face to face. A right hand by Bryan and both men fight. Miz gets Bryan in the corner but Bryan runs to the ropes and a suicide dive takes Corbin out. Miz goes for a baseball slide but Bryan sends him into the ring post. Bryan climbs the ring apron and a flying knee takes Miz out.

Corbin throws Bryan into the time keeper area. He grabs Miz and throws him into the barricade. Corbin throws Miz into the ring. Corbin gets Miz up but Miz with a jaw breaker. Miz fights back but Corbin throws Miz shoulder first into the ring post. Corbin slides to the outside and takes Bryan out. Miz attacks Corbin on the outside but Corbin with a backbreaker. He throws Bryan back into the ring.

Baron gets Bryan up but Bryan with an uppercut. Bryan runs to the ropes but an elbow to the face by Corbin. He goes for the cover but Bryan kicks out. Corbin lifts Bryan up but Bryan lands on his feet. A kick to the face by Bryan. In comes The Miz and a neckbreaker onto Corbin.

Corbin is in the corner and Bryan with the yes kicks. He runs and the double knees onto Corbin. Miz with the double knees onto Corbin. And again and again. This time the Deep Six onto Miz. Bryan on the top rope with a drop kick.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Miz and Bryan exchange cover attempts. Miz with a kick to the face takes Corbin down. A DDT by Miz onto Bryan. Corbin goes to attack Miz but Miz fights back. Miz with kicks to the chest. He drops Corbin down and locks in the figure four leg lock in the middle of the ring. A diving headbutt by Bryan off the top rope lands on Corbin. He goes for the cover but Corbin kicks out. Bryan with the La Belle lock onto Corbin but Miz breaks it up.

All three men are down. Daniel Bryan with a chop to the chest onto The Miz as both men begin to exchange chops. Miz with right hands and a kick takes Bryan to the outside. Miz and Corbin fight but Corbin with the End of the Days. He goes for the cover but Bryan breaks it up. Corbin gets Miz in the corner but Bryan with the running knees. In comes Ziggler and a super kick onto Bryan. He places Corbin on Bryan. With the referee counting, Roman Reigns pulls Corbin to the outside. He hits Ziggler with the Superman punch.

Roman Reigns clothesline Corbin over the barricade.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Michael Cole mentions that Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin have fought to the outside of the arena.

In the ring, Bryan has Miz on the top rope and a suplex as he drops Miz but Bryan’s legs are caught under the top rope. Bryan sits on the top rope but Miz with a right hand. Miz stands on the second rope, he grabs Bryan’s knee and a shin breaker off the second rope by The Miz. The yes kicks by Miz but Bryan catches the last one. A slap to the face by Bryan. And now it’s the yes kicks by Bryan. He goes for the last one but Miz catches Bryan’s knee and attacks his knee.

The Miz slams Daniel’s knee into the ring mat. Miz attacks the knees again. Miz goes for the figure four but Bryan kicks him away. Miz on the ring apron, jumps off the top rope but Bryan catches him and lands an arm bar submission. Bryan goes for the transition as he tries to get the La Belle lock but Miz bites Bryan’s hand. Both men up, Bryan with a kick onto The Miz and both men are down.

Bryan the first one on his feet. Bryan goes for the running knee, Miz reverses it into the Skull Crushing Finale. He goes for the cover but Bryan kicks out. Miz gets the figure four in the middle of the ring. Bryan fights back with right hands and Bryan counters it trying to get the La Belle lock and he gets it locked in. The Miz taps out.

Winner: New number 1 contender for the Universal championship, Daniel Bryan

The Firefly Fun House music plays and Bray Wyatt is in the Fun House. He congratulates Bryan on the win. He says now, he’s about to have so much fun but he doesn’t know if he is quiet done with him just yet. He remembers everything. He asks Daniel if he is willing to do whatever it takes. Is he willing to let him in? Back in the arena, the fans chant let him in as Bryan starts the Yes chant.