WWE Friday Night SmackDown 07 24 2020

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
July 24, 2020
Orlando, Florida (WWE Performance Center)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

Similar to last week, the show kicks off with Jeff Hardy backstage cutting a promo. Jeff says he is an alcoholic and tonight he faces Sheamus at a bar. He says tonight he will slay his demons once more.

Up next is Sheamus who says that after he beats Jeff, it will dawn on Hardy that that is where he belongs. He says by the end of the night, Jeff will find himself in a very familiar place. On a cold floor of that bar. And the headache won’t be a hangover, it will be because of the Brogue Kick.

JBL says if anyone knows a thing or two about a bar fight, it’s himself. And he will give his predictions later tonight.

We cut to the arena and out comes Sasha Banks wearing the women’s tag team belt and holding the Raw women’s championship. Bayley comes out wearing both of her belts as the two make their way down to the ring.

Sasha says greatness is defined by your quality or the state of being great. Bayley says that’s the old definition of greatness and after they have taken over the women’s division, there’s a new definition of greatness. We see a picture of the word greatness with a picture of Bayley and Sasha next to it. Sasha says they don’t just talk the talk but walk it.

Bayley says it’s hard to walk the walk with all the gold around their waists. Sasha says the women’s evolution is over because it started with them and it’s going to end with them. And todasy they enter a new era. An era of greatness. The era of Sasha Banks and Bayley. And to all the little boys and girls at home watching them, just know that if they do great things, one day all their dreams will come true. And no matter how hard you try, we will never be as great as them.

Out comes Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss. Nikki says they stole the championships and the end of Sasha and Bayley is now. Nikki says all she has to show for her match is cracked ribs. And she is going to take it out on the both of them because she wants a shot at the SmackDown women’s championship now. Bayley says at Extreme Rules, she won her match fair and square. And SmackDown, their show, is the land of opportunities. Nikki can have her rematch if she can win her match against a worthy adversary. A former SmackDown women’s champion and future Hall of Famer. Her best friend, Alexa Bliss.

Bayley says the winner can face her for her championship next week. Nikki and Alexa are seen talking and Nikki says they have to do this as she pushes Alexa down.

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Nikki Cross vs. Alexa Bliss

The bell rings and we are under way with Bayley and Sasha doing commentary. An arm bar by Alexa as Nikki rolls out of it and reverses it. Alexa reverses it into a cover but Nikki kicks out. Nikki with a quick roll and Alexa kicks out. A head lock take down by Alexa followed by a head scissors by Nikki and Alexa gets out of it. An arm drag by Nikki followed by an arm bar.

Nikki gets on the second rope and goes fur a DDT but Alexa blocks it and goes for a DDT of her own but Nikki blocks it. Right hand by Alexa but a big right hand by Nikki. A drop kick by Nikki. A running splash by Nikki followed by the bulldog. She goes for the cover but Alexa kicks out. Nikki goes for a DDT but Alexa reverses it with a modified neck breaker. A drop kick by Bliss takes Nikki to the outside. Alexa goes to the outside as Bayley and Sasha cheer them on telling them to fight. Alexa and Nikki take out Bayley and Sasha.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Alexa with a baseball slide onto Nikki who’s on the outside. Nikki gets back in the ring and Alexa stomps on her in the corner followed by a snapmare take down. A kick to the ribs by Alexa followed by another kick. The double knees by Alexa onto Nikki as Nikki rolls to the outside. Alexa goes to the outside as slams Nikki into the barricade. Alexa gets back in the ring as Nikki gets in to break the referee’s count. A kick to the back by Alexa takes Nikki down.

Alexa with the double knees again and again onto Nikki’s ribs. She goes for the cover but Nikki kicks out. Alexa spearing Nikki in the corner and she slams Nikki down onto the mat. A shoulder lock by Alexa as she kicks Nikki on the ribs again. Nikki with a hip toss and she pushes Alexa away. Nikki with right hands in the corner as she slams Alexa face first into the top turnbuckle.

Nikki climbs the top rope and hits the DDT. Alexa back in the corner as Nikki runs towards her but Alexa kicks her away. Alexa with a sunset flip as she goes for the cover but Nikki kicks out. Alexa climbs the top rope but Cross slows her down. Nikki goes for a suplex but Alexa knocks her down. Alexa jumps down, she goes for a right hand but Cross grabs Alexa’s arm and slams her onto the mat. She goes for the cover but Alexa kicks out. Nikki climbs the top rope, she goes for a cross body but Alexa moves out of the way.

The referee checking on Nikki and in comes Alexa as Nikki gets the small package and the pin.

Winner: Nikki Cross

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Nikki and Alexa are backstage and Alexa says last week Nikki said she didn’t get the same opportunities as her but this week she earned it. She’s very happy for her. They both hug it out and Alexa tells her it’s time to focus on beating Bayley and becoming the next SmackDown women’s champion.

FireFly Fun House

We see a clip of the Swamp Fight from Horror Show: Extreme Rules. Wyatt narrates some of it saying Braun came home. We cut to the Fun House and it’s Wyatt saying that it was fun. He says a family reunion warms his soul, Braun Strowman came back home. He says the swamp that Braun fell in is certified organic. Wyatt talks to his lantern and says he is sorry but he can’t let him out again. He says he had his chance, it’s his turn now. He has been unleashed as we see the Fiend coming out of the swamp.

Wyatt smiles and waves bye.

Cole and Graves are backstage as they hint that the beast has been unleashed. We cut to last week’s match involving AJ Styles and Matt Riddle with Corbin attacking Riddle from behind.

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Matt Riddle makes his way down to the ring.

Tony Nese vs. Matt Riddle

Matt with a waist lock take down and another one. A gut wrench suplex by Riddle. He goes for the cover but Nese kicks out. A right hand by Nese as he flies off the second rope and lands a moon sault. He goes for the cover but Riddle kicks out. Nese with a waist lock. Riddle gets to his feet with Tony on his back and he reverses it but Tony drops down. Matt with a kick away and a forearm. A throw away slam by Riddle followed by a kick to the face.

Riddle with the Bro Derick as he goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Matt Riddle

Matt gets on the mic after the match. He says he’s kind of new and not sure how this works but he will give it a try. He calls out King Corbin, calling him bro. Corbin’s music hits and he comes out.

Corbin says you don’t just call out a king. Corbin says Riddle’s request to get him will be denied. He’s not ready. He has a bit of talent, that new car smell but eventually that smell fades. And what you’re left with is a frat boy with no shoes who looks like he just got out of bed. He says Riddle doesn’t belong on SmackDown, he has to go back to NXT. Or better yet, he should go to 205 Live, he would be a top guy there.

Baron says he is so confident that he doesn’t belong here that he is putting out a king’s ransom to anyone to show that Riddle doesn’t belong in this kingdom. Riddle says Corbin is wrong but Corbin is the next special guest star on the Bro Show. He turns around and knocks Tony Nese out as Nese was trying to attack Riddle.

Miz and Morrison are backstage and they talk about Naomi and themselves. Morrison talks about himself as Miz tells him they have a show to do.

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JBL says he has been in some of the toughest bar fights imaginable with the toughest man on the planet, Ron Simmons. He says this isn’t like walking to an alley or a cage, there’s beer on the floor and winning a bar fight is not about talent. It’s about will and Sheamus is the real deal. But Jeff Hardy he has known since he broke into WWE and he won his first title against himself and Ron Simmons. There’s nothing like a man fighting for redemption.

Miz TV: The Miz, John Morrison and Naomi

Miz welcomes everyone to Miz TV. The key to being relevant is to keeping up with what is trendy. Morrison shows his jacket with the #MoreMorrison. But moving on to their guest, she is what the internet has been talking about all week long, Naomi!

He welcomes Naomi to the show and says last week she suffered what must have been a heartbreaking loss. But despite that, Naomi was trending #NaomiDeservesBetter. She says it’s really crazy the fan support that she has. It’s not always easy for her to come out with a smile and push herself in the ring but her fans are her motivation.

Miz says it;’s not the first time she went viral, she went big when she returned at the Royal Rumble. Morrison points out she didn’t win that match. Miz and Morrison says them going viral for their hit music videos makes sense but Naomi going viral over losing, makes no sense. She asks if Lacey Evans makes her sick. Naomi says right now, they make her sick. We see 5 pictures of Seth Rollins puking on the screen as they gloat about it.

Naomi says it’s not about trending or not, they need to ask why are fans so behind her. Why are they upset that Lacey attacked her over a karaoke contest. Miz says he didn’t have those questions for this interview. Naomi asks him why he feels like he could pass judgement on her and her fans. She has been showing up for a decade and she gives it her all. And that’s why her fans support her.

Miz says he did not expect this interview to be so confrontational. Morrison says he is sorry because it’s about to get worse. They introduce Lacey Evans to the show. Out comes Evans into the ring.

Evans asks them if they have ever gotten their ass kicked so bad that it became a pity hashtag which went viral. She has been here over a decade, hasn’t got much to show for it and is just about as washed up as ever. Naomi with a right hand on Evans who was putting on her lipstick. The two begin to fight as Evans rolls out of the ring.

Kofi comes out of the doctor’s office s he tells Big E that he will be out for 6 weeks, at least more. Big E says he is sorry and tells him to take his time and when the time is right, those tag titles are theirs. Kofi says he feels like the universe is trying to speak to them, Woods is out, he is out. He tells Big E it’s his time.

For the past 6 years, Big E has put the group ahead of himself. Even when he was WWE championship, there was no jealousy, nothing. And honestly he could not have done it without him but here and now, it’s about Big E. And it’s about Big E showing what Big E could do. Kofi says they want this for him and not to let them deny him for a decade before he gets his due. And he has earned it and he deserves this and he has their blessing. He tells Big E to put his meat on his meat as the two hug.

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Number 1 Contender for Intercontinental Title: Drew Gulak vs. Gran Metalik vs. Lince Dorado vs. Shorty G

AJ Stytles is at ringside doing commentary. Lucha House Party knock Shorty G to the outside and double team Gulak to the outside. Dorado and Metalik are face to face. Doraddo is tripped by by Gulak as Gulak drags him to the outside and body slams him. Gulak gets on the ring apron and Metalik with a hurricanrana off the ring apron to the outside.

Metalik gets back in the ring and Gable with an arm drag. Both men back on their feet and Metalik with a kick and a drop kick off the second rope. He goes for the cover but Gulak breaks it up. Dorado gets Gulak in the corner and a hurricanrana takes Gulak to the outside. Dorado with a suicide dive onto the outside. Gable climbs the top rope and a moon sault onto all three men on the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Gable with a back drop on Metalik. Gable goes for the cover on Gulak but Gulak reverses it as Gable kicks out. Gable with a snap suplex on Gulak as he goes for the cover but Gulak kicks out. In comes Metalik as Gable stomps on him. In comes Gulak as he stomps on Metalik. Gable and Gulak go for the double team but Metalik with a double back elbow takes both men down. In comes Dorado who cleans house.

Dorado and Gulak left in the ring as Dorado flies off the second rope onto Gulak. He goes for the cover but Gulak kicks out. He climbs the top rope and a cross body. He goes for the cover but again Gulak kicks out. Dorado with the stunner on Gulak. He goes for the cover and Metalik breaks it up. Both he and Dorado argue as Gable pushes Metalik onto Dorado. Gable throws both men down. Gable with a suplex on Gulak followed by a back drop on Metalik. He goes for the cover but Gulak breaks it up.

Gulak gets the Gulock on Gable but Shorty G gets to the ropes and counters it into an ankle lock. Dorado with a big splash off the top rope onto Shorty G. He goes for the cover but Gable kicks out. Dorado with a moon sault off the bottom rope, a moon sault off the second rope. He goes for a third but Gulak trips Dorado up. Gulak on the second rope but Gable throws him to the outside.

Gable with a release German off the top rope on Dorado. Metalik walks the ropes and an elbow drop off the top rope. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Gran Metalik

AJ Styles gets in the ring after the match and extends his hand. He slaps Metalik as AJ gets in Dorado’s face. AJ turns around and a slap by Metalik followed by a DDT.

We see a video of Otis and Mandy’s love story and they mention that it will continue next week.

-Commercial Break-

Kayla is backstage with the new WWE SmackDown tag team champions Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. They talk about their win as Cesaro says he wanted to put Big E through the table. And with Kofi out for 6 weeks, they don’t believe a word Kofi said because it’s not Big E’s time because it’s their time. They do a champions salute.

We see a video showing the rivalry between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus.

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Bar Fight – Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy

Sheamus walks into the bar and asks if everything is ready to go. He then asks for a drink and asks if Jeff is there yet. The bartender says he hasn’t seen him. In comes Jeff and Sheamus tells him he is glad he can make it. He asks Jeff for a shot to take the edge off, Jeff says no thanks as he asks for a cup and is given one.

The referee asks if they are ready, Jeff says not yet. Jeff says his brother had to delete his WWE career and tonight, he has to recover his. He has been doing this since he was 16 and hes had enough mistakes to last a life time and he hopes Sheamus is ready for anything. Sheamus says he will never change. Jeff asks him if he’s still the bar. Sheamus asks if he’s a comedian but he still is the bar. Jeff says cool, he’s connected to everything now. He is that window, the light, the television. He is this bar. Sheamus looks at him confused and says he is the bar and Jeff is just a pathetic junkie.

Sheamus takes his hat off and says to watch out for Jeff and Hardy throws a glass of beer into his face as the two start to fight. Sheamus slams Jeff and drags him across the counter breaking the bottles and glasses on his way. Sheamus asks for a shot. He turns around and Jeff comes flying onto him as the two men start to fight again. Jeff grabs mini basketballs from an arcade and throws it onto Sheamus as the two fight towards the washrooms. Sheamus turns things around with a kick on Jeff. He grabs a keg and uses it on Jeff as he slams the bathroom door on Hardy’s head.

He grabs Jeff and slams him into the bathroom sink. He places Jeff’s face in the urinal and flushes it as he tells Jeff he will cleanse him of his demons. Sheamus grabs Jeff and makes him look in the mirror. That fuels Jeff as he throws Sheamsu into a stall. Jeff walks back towards the bar as Sheamus gets back up. Jeff sneaks up from behind coming out of another washroom holding a ladder.

Jeff hits Sheamus with the ladder back into the bar. Jeff goes for a cross body but Sheamus catches him and slams him into the wall. He grabs an electric guitar and swings it towards Jeff’s head but Hardy ducks. Jeff with right hands as he goes to whip Sheamus into the drums but Sheamus reverses it and Jeff is thrown into the drums.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Jeff blocks it and throws Sheamus onto a chair. Jeff with a kick followed by a stunner. Hardy sets up the ladder and drags Sheamus towards it stomping on him. Jeff climbs the ladder but the bartender attacks him. Jeff beats up the bartender as he powerbombs him through a table. Sheamus hits Jeff from behind with a chair taking him down.

Sheamus grabs his hat, places it on Jeff’s face and tells him sweet dreams. Sheamus goes behind the counter and pours himself a beer. Sheamus downs the beer and walks back towards Hardy. He asks for the referee but when he takes off the hat, Jeff’s face is colored with face paint. Jeff gets up and starts to beat on Sheamus. He smashes a beer bottle over his head.

Jeff climbs the ladder and a swanton off the top. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Jeff Hardy