WWE Friday Night SmackDown 09 04 2020

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
September 4, 2020
Orlando, Florida (Amway Center)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE SmackDown kicks off with clips of last Sunday’s Universal Championship match from Payback with Roman Reigns as the new Champion.

Live in the ThunderDome, it’s the new WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns along with Paul Heyman. They take their time to get to the ring as Heyman says:

“Just when you thought I was out, he pulled me back in.” Heyman says not to make fools of themselves as it is Roman corrupting him and not the other way around. And this happened because he was gone, tossed aside, thrown into the shark infested ocean of obscurity. He says Reigns rescued him and pulled him back into the island of relevancy. He says they did the same thing to Roman as they did to him.

Heyman says The Fiend does Fiendish things. A Monster does Monster things. Imagine turning on Fox and you see Strowman. He says Roman as Champion has always been defined on what WWE was built on. Family, legacy, the accountability of owning one’s champions as the champion. And on Raw, they have a challenge to see who will challenge for Clash at Champions. Raw did a triple threat but SmackDown will do a fatal four way tonight.

Paul says he will let the names of the four gentlemen be hyped by Anderson Cooper and Carmella’s boyfriend as they don’t deserve to say their names. Heyman says his name is Paul Heyman and he serves as special council to the tribal chief, your Reigning, defending undisputed, Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reign.

Roman says he is a man of his word. He did what he said he would do. He wrecked the Fiend, The Monster and left as the Universal Heavyweight Champion. He says this is his island and he doesn’t care who he faces at Clash of Champions. He says when you have his power, all you have to do is show up and win. Believe that. He drops the mic and they leave.

-Commercial Break-

Jey Uso welcomes back Roman Reigns backstage as Reigns tells Heyman to leave. They ask him what he’s doing with Heyman. He says he has it under control and to let him handle it. Roman says he loves him and he has to leave.

Heavy Machinery vs. The Miz and John Morrison

The bell rings and we are under way. The Miz is in with Otis and Otis drops Miz down. A back elbow by Mizz and right hands by Miz but a shoulder tackle by Otis as Tucker is tagged in.Tucker goes for the cover but Miz kicks out. A jaw breaker by Miz and Morrison is tagged in.

A single leg take down by Tucker followed by a hip toss. A splash by Tucker and Otis is in. A double team onto Morrison. In comes The Miz and Heavy Machinery clean house.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Miz and Morrison double team Tucker but Otis is tagged in. He cleans house and drops Morrison down. Miz attacks Otis as they double team him. Morrison goes for the cover but he kicks out. Miz is tagged in. Morrison still in the ring as Otis goes for the tag but Tucker is taken down off the ring apron. Miz attacks Otis but Otis is fired up. He grabs Miz and throws him across the ring.

In comes Morrison and he is tossed around. Otis with a big splash on both men. Otis with the caterpillar on Miz. Otis on the second rope with a big splash on Miz. He goes for the cover and gets the win.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

Morrison grabs the Money in the Bank briefcase and runs off.

Big E is backstage with Gulak and Lucha House Party. He says Woods is back to host Talking Smack but it’s also his birthday. There’s a birthday cake on the table. Big E says when he wins the four way match, he will cash in his golden ticket for the Universal Championship Match against Roman Reigns. In comes security who tells Big E that Woods is in the building. Big E grabs the cake but it’s Sheamus who attacks him and hits him with the Brogue Kick.

Sheamus lifts Big E up on top of a car and slams him onto the windshield.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Big E is being stretchered off. Kayla says Big E has major lacerations and likely other serious injuries. Sheamus comes in and says it’s tough to watch but he can’t keep his eyes off him. Sheamus says he was out here minding his own business when out came Big E fired up. He did what anyone would do and he defended himself.

Sheamus says he is focused on the match while Big E lets his friends drag him down. He says you can’t dwell on it, you have to move forward and he has a big match tonight. Sheamus says it might even be a triple threat match.

We see a clip of the Women’s Tag Team Championship Match from Payback where we had new champions.

Alyse Ashton is backstage with the Sasha Banks and Bayley. She asks about their match tonight. Bayley says Baszler and Jax had never teamed together, they didn’t know what to expect but they are ready. Sasha asks if there’s a point to Alyse’s question as she says they will win back their titles.

-Commercial Break-

Adam Pearce says Big E won’t be able to compete tonight but it will still be a fatal four way match. In comes Paul Heyman who asks Pearce to go with him.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match – Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax (c’s) vs. Bayley and Sasha Banks

The bell rings and Bayley and Banks go after Jax and Baszler taking them to the outside. Jax and Baszler grab Bayley and Bayley and throw them into the barricade.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Jax is in the ring with Bayley. Jax goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Jax drops Bayley shoulder first on her knee. She goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Jax backs up onto Bayley in the corner. A head lock by Jax onto Bayley in the middle of the ring. Back elbows by Bayley but Jax throws her into the corner.

Jax goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out. Jax throws her in the corner and Baszler is tagged in. They double team her in the corner. A take down by Baszler as she goes after Bayley’s shoulder. Jax is back in. She slams Bayley’s right knee into the mat. She lifts Bayley up and in comes Banks. Jax lets go and Bayley attacks her left knee and Banks is tagged in.

Right hands by Banks but Banks is thrown onto the ring apron. Knees by Banks as she gets into the ring and hits her with the double knees. Banks on the top rope and the Meteora. She goes for the cover but Nia kicks out. Banks on the shoulders of Jax but Jax gets Banks on her shoulders and Shayna is tagged in. Banks knocks Shayna to the outside and Jax onto the apron. Bayley is tagged in. They double team Jax and drop her onto the outside. In comes Shayna from behind but a back suplex by Bayley.

Banks is tagged in and she hits her with a flying knee. She goes for the cover but Baszler kicks out. Bayley is tagged in and they double team Baszler. Banks back in. She stomps on Baszler in the corner. Bayley is tagged in. They lift Shayna up but Shayna takes Banks down. She hits Shayna with the Backstabber. Bayley is tagged in. She climbs the top rope and hits Shayna with the elbow. She goes for the cover but Shayna kicks out.

Bayley tags Banks back in and they double team Shayna. Banks and Shayna on the ring apron. Banks goes for the double knees but Shayna moves out of the way as Banks hits the ring post. Banks gets back on the ring apron and catches Shayna off the top rope. Banks goes for the double knees but Shayna slams her into the turnbuckle.

Shayna goes after Sasha’s knees. Baszler goes for the figure four but Banks goes for the roll up as Shayna kicks out. She knocks Bayley off the ring apron. Shayna goes after Sasha’s knees. In comes Bayley and she hits Shayna with the Bayley to Belly. Both Banks and Shayna are down. Banks goes for the cover but Shayna kicks out. The Banks Statement by Sasha. Jax attacks Bayley and gets in the ring. She breaks up the submission. Jax is tagged in but a sunset flip by Sasha as Jax kicks out.

Jax gets Sasha up on her shoulders. She climbs to the second rope, in comes Bayley who drops Jax. Shayna gets in and she’s double teamed. Jax off the second rope with a cross body on Bayley and Banks. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Sasha Banks is still in the ring surrounded by EMT’s, WWE officials and Bayley. Sasha pushes them all away as Bayley helps her out of the ring and attacks her. Bayley kicks Sasha and throws her into the ring steps. Bayley slams her into the ring post. Bayley grabs Sasha’s bad leg and slams it into the ring steps.

Bayley throws Sasha back in the ring and stomps on her. Bayley slams Sasha into the mat. Bayley yells at Michael Cole and asks him if it’s boss time. Bayley tells Sasha she deserves all of this and attacks Sasha’s bad leg. She grabs a chair and gets back into the ring. Banks kicks Bayley away but Bayley hits her with a knee to the face. Bayley places Sasha’s head in between the chair and climbs the second rope. She jumps off and lands on the chair.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Sasha Banks is being taken in an ambulance as the ambulance drives off.

We see a clip of last Friday’s SmackDown where Sami Zayn attacked Jeff Hardy on the stage. Back in the ring, Sami asked Craig Hamilton what kind of introduction that was as he was holding the Intercontinental Championship and he wasn’t addressed as the Champion. Craig says it wasn’t in his notes. Sami tells him to come over and asks who is in charge. He grabs the headset and talks to Marty from production. He asks him if Intercontinental Champion was included in his graphic during his entrance.

Sami says they will review the entrance as Jeff Hardy’s music hits. Out he comes with the Intercontinental Championship. He tells Sami if he wanted a match for the title, all he had to do was ask. Sami says it’s generous of him but confusing as he is the champion. If anything, Jeff should ask him for a match. The two argue and out comes AJ Styles to the ring.

AJ asks how they could parade around with the titles knowing that he is the uncrowned Intercontinental Champion. Sami asks what is going on. Jeff says he is ready to defend his title anytime. Styles attacks Jeff and as does Zayn. Styles attacks Sami and Jeff hits the Twist of Fate on Styles. He goes for Sami but Sami hits him with the Helluva Kick. He grabs his Intercontinental Championship and runs off.

Jey Uso is named as Big E’s replacement in the fatal four way match.

-Commercial Break-

Tucker comes in and tells Otis that he looked everywhere and he can’t find Miz and Morrison. Otis tells him he doesn’t keep the Money in the Bank contract in the big suitcase. Otis takes out a lunch box and shows him the contract. Tucker asks where he keeps the contract. We cut to Miz and Morrison and see Morrison opening up the briefcase and there’s a stapler along with a sandwich.

Jey Uso thanks Roman for getting him in the math. Roman tells him Paul made it happen and it’s about time he’s shown some respect that way they can go to Clash of Champions. Roman tells him he knows his brother would win and wishes him luck.

Out comes Baron Corbin and he says this match has been tainted. Jey Uso does not belong in this match just because his cousin is Roman Reigns. Matt Riddle, who was already in the ring, comes out and attacks Corbin. The two fight on the ramp.

Out comes Sheamus and he attacks Riddle. Jey attacks Corbin on the outside.

-Commercial Break-

Bray Wyatt says he lost his favorite toy but he will get it back. And he will see everyone next week.

Alexa and Nikki are backstage and she apologizes for last week. Nikki forgives her as Alexa hugs her and walks away.

Fatal Four Way Number 1 Contender’s Match for the WWE Universal Championship – Matt Riddle vs. Jey Uso vs. Baron Corbin vs. Sheamus

The bell rings and we are under way. Corbin is knocked out of the ring. Sheamus takes Jey down but Jeey throws him to the outside. Riddle goes for the cover but Jey kicks out. Riddle knocks Sheamus off the ring apron. Jey goes for the cover but Riddle kicks out.

Jey runs to the ropes but Corbin drags him to the outside and throws him into the barricade. A back breaker by Sheamus onto Riddle. He goes for the cover but Riddle kicks out. Sheamus in the ring as he an Corbin double team Riddle. Corbin knocks Jey off the ring apron. Riddle throws Sheamus to the outside and a spinebuster by Corbin. In comes Uso and he knocks him down. He goes for the cover but Jey kicks out.

Sheamus and Corbin are face to face in the ring. They go after Jey in the corner. Riddle is knocked off the ring apron. Corbin to the outside but Riddle knocks him down. Jey and Sheamus with right hands and in comes Riddle as he goes after Sheamus. Corbin gets in the ring. Riddle and Jey go after Sheamus and Corbin. A Deep Six by Corbin onto Jey and the Irish Curse Backbreaker by Sheamus onto Riddle. They both go for the cover but Jey and Riddle kick out. Sheamus with a clothesline onto Corbin.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Sheamus knocks Corbin to the outside. Sheamus with beats on Jey Uso as he lifts him on his shoulders. He turns around but a kick by Riddle onto Sheamus. In comes Corbin and Riddle knocks him down. Riddle with right hands followed by a release suplex. Riddle with a kick to the face and a German suplex. He goes for the cover but Sheamus kicks out.

Riddle with a triangle on Sheamus but Sheamus gets out of it and lifts Riddle up and slams him onto the mat. He goes for the cover but Riddle kicks out. Sheamus with the cloverleaf on Riddle in the middle of the ring. Jey Uso with a kick to the head takes Sheamus down. In comes Corbin who goes for the cover on Jey but Uso kicks out. Jey with a kick takes Corbin down. A kick onto Riddle and one onto Sheamus. Jey with another kick onto Corbin as he clears the ring.

Jey goes for a suicide dive but Corbin knocks him down. Sheamus and Riddle throws Corbin over the barricade. Jey flies over the top rope onto Sheamus and Riddle. Corbin grabs Jey from the the side of the barricade but Jey knocks him away. Both men on the other side of the barricade as Corbin throws Jey over the screens where the fans are being shown.

Corbin throws Riddle back into the ring. Corbin goes for End of Days, Sheamus with the Brogue Kick onto Corbin, Riddle with the Bro to Sleep on Sheamus. Riddle climbs the top rope and the Floating Bro on Corbin. Jey with the frog splash onto Riddle. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: New number 1 contender for the Universal Championship, Jey Uso

Kayla is in the ring and she asks Jey about the win. He says yes sir, big dog, he made the family proud too. But Roman Reigns, it’s lockdown, welcome and you know the rest.