WWE Friday Night SmackDown 01 01 2021

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
January 1, 2021
St. Petersburg, Florida (Tropicana Field)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

The show kicks off with an image paying tribute to Jon Huber “Luke Harper”, who sadly passed away last week.

Clips of last week’s show involving a steel cage match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens airs.

Roman Reigns makes his way down to the ring along with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman. Roman says as the face of WWE, he wants to say “Happy new year”. And last year was a tough year but when you’re the head of the table, when you’re the tribal chief, you make it work. He says everything he touches, turns into greatness. Paul is special council to the tribal chief, discarded, thrown out into the deep end and he saved him. He doesn’t understand it. Heyman is the most genuine, honest man he has ever done business with.

Reigns turns to Jey and says he is a prime example of what he can do. What did he say? Al he has to do is listen to him and understand how his brain works. Why he does what he does. And what happened was that it was Jey’s best year of his career. Main event after main event. Jey is can’t miss because he acknowledged him as his tribal chief at the head of the table. He understood since day one. To everyone else it was which one is he? For him, he was always main event. He wouldn’t put that pressure on him if he knew he couldn’t handle it and he knocked it out of the park every time. And that’s why he loves him.

Kevin’s music hits. Roman says to turn his music off and they don’t want to hear him. He says he’s like a roach that won’t die or go away. He had his time in the sun, he experienced the island of relevancy. He was generous enough to give him a giant pay day, he hope he gave his kids and his wife a good Christmas. He is embarrassing him and his show. He tells Owens to leave. It’s not about him. Tonight it’s about Jey, it’s about their family.

Owens says him standing out here is embarrassing and it should be. Because even though Roman is still Universal Champion, it means he and his family failed. And he knows that because the past few weeks he tried to end his career. And here he is. He should be embarrassed that Jey had to drag him off ladders and handcuff him to a cage so he can still be Champion. Him standing there makes it 100% clear that the big dog is long gone and he has been replaced by a giant bitch.

Kevin says he wants nothing to do with Roman tonight. It’s about cousin Jey because he is here to fight Jey. For everything they have done to him, tonight, Jey will pay because of his cousin. Because he is going back there and telling WWE management that he is going to fight Jey Uso and Roman when he’s done with Jey, his family will have nothing to celebrate. Kevin leaves for the back.

We cut to highlights of Big E defeating Sami Zayn last week to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

The new WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E makes his way down to the ring.

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Big E vs. King Corbin

Sami Zayn is on commentary. The bell rings and we are under way. Corbin is sent to the ropes and a back elbow by Big E. He goes for the cover but Corbin kicks out. Corbin is sent to the ropes but a kick by Corbin followed by a clothesline. He goes for the cover but Big E kicks out. Both men back up and a right hand by Corbin who throws Big E shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Corbin runs and slides under the bottom rope, he gets back inside the ring but Big E hits him with the Big Ending. He goes for the cover but Sami Zayn breaks it up as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: By disqualification, Big E

The Knights of the Lone Wolf and Sami attack Big E. Out comes Apollo Crews. He takes out the Knights of the Lone Wolf. He gorilla presses Zayn over the top rope and to the outside.

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Big E and Apollo Crews vs. Sami Zayn and King Corbin

Crews with a drop kick on Zayn. He goes for the cover but Zayn kicks out. Crews grabs Zayn but a back elbow by Zayn as Corbin is tagged in. Corbin throws Crews onto the ring apron and a right hand knocks Crews down. Zayn tags himself in and throws Crews back in. He beats up on Crews and tags Corbin in. They double team Crews.

Corbin throws Crews to the outside. Corbin taunts Big E which distracts the referee as Knights of the Lone Wolf attack Crews on the outside. Corbin goes to the outside and throws Crews back in. Sami tags himself back in. Sami throws Crews to the outside and distracts the referee. The Knights do nothing as Sami goes to the outside and asks them why they don’t listen. He throws Crews back in the ring and argues with them. Corbin argues with Zayn.

Sami gets back in the ring and a right hand on Crews. He goes to send Crews to the ropes but Apollo reverses it into a powerslam. Big E is tagged in and as is Corbin. Several belly to belly’s by Big E. He runs to the ropes and the big splash. He goes for the Big Ending but Corbin reverses it into the Deep Six. He goes for the cover but Big E kicks out. We see Sami and the Knights arguing on the outside. Apoolo is tagged in and a flying punch onto Corbin. He goes to send Corbin to the ropes but Corbin with a right hand and Sami is tagged in. Sami goes for the Helluva Kick on Crews but he moves out of the way and he almost lands it on Corbin.

Both he and Corbin argue. The Knights get on the ring apron as Sami tells them to calm down they are on the same team. Corbin tells his Knights to leave as he and his Knights leave the ring. Sami turns around and a step up inzighuri by Crews followed by a sit down powerbomb. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Big E and Apollo Crews

Adam Pearce is backstage and in comes Owens. He tells Pearce that he’s here to fight Jey Uso tonight. He’ll fight him either way. He has made months for now, he wants the match. Adam tells him he takes orders from Heyman and Roman. Owens says this isn’t him. That’s not the Adam he knows. He tells Adam he needs it to happen. Pearce says he knows he can’t give him Jey but he can give him anyone on the roster but Jey. Kevin says he’ll take Roman Reigns.

Pearce asks why he’s doing this. Kevin says everyone watching wants to see him kick Jey’s ass and he knows it. Adam says fine, he has Jey Uso tonight.

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Big E is backstage with Crews and in comes Kayla who congratulates them. Big E says he has people celebrating with him from all around the world. From ittle Amanda to little Nolan. And that is why like the 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs, he will be a fighting champion. And that is why next week he will issue an open challenge. Crews says that challenge has been accepted. And it will be an honor to fight him for the Championship he kind of helped him win. Both men laugh.

Riott Squad vs. Natalya and Tamina

Billie Kay is at ringside siding with Natalya and Tamina. The bell rings and we are under way. A shoulder block by Natalya onto Liv. Natalya goes for a hip toss but Liv reverses it acrobatically and gets Natalya into a cover but Natalya kicks out.

Billy argues with Tamina on the outside. A double drop kick onto Natalya. Tamina is tagged in and as is Ruby. A kick by Ruby but a right hand by Tamina. Liv is tagged in but she taggs Ruby back in seconds later as they double team Tamina. Ruby goes for the cover but Tamina kicks out.

Live is tagged in. Tamina pushes Liv away and kicks Riott down. Tamina gets Liv up on her shoulders  as Billie Kay is on the ring apron trying to give Tamina advice. Liv reverses it into a roll up and gets the pin.

Winners: The Riott Squad

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Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair vs. Carmella and Bayley

The bell rings and we are under way. Bianca and Carmella are in the ring. Bianca slams Carmella onto the mat. She gets Carmella up and twists her wrist. She picks Carmella up but Carmella lands on her feet. Bayley is tagged in but a drop kick by Bianca. Belair throws Bayley to the outside. Sasha is tagged in. She throws Bayley back into the ring. She goes for the cover but Bayley kicks out.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Bayley is in the ring with Bianca. A clothesline by Bayley. She goes for the cover but Bianca kicks out. A kick by Bayley as she ties Bianca’s arm up in between the second ropes. A right hand by Bayley and Carmella is tagged in. They double team Bianca in the corner. Carmella goes for the cover but Bianca kicks out. She works on Bianca’s arm in the corner. Bayley is tagged back in. She goes for the cover but Bianca kicks out.

Bayley gets Bianca up but Bianca with a suplex. Carmella is tagged in and she knocks Sasha off the ring apron. Carmella grabs Bianca but Bianca with an inside cradle but Carmella kicks out. Both women back up, a kick by Carmella. She taunts Bianca and an arm bar by Carmella. Bianca reverses it as she lifts Carmella up but Carmella lands on her feet. Sasha is tagged in.

Both women are face to face. Sasha is set to the ring apron but a knee to the face by Sasha. She gets Carmella in the corner and hits her with the double knees. She runs to the ropes and another double knees in the corner. Sasha with another running knee. She goes for the cover but Bayley breaks it up. Bianca gets in the ring and throws Bayley to the outside. Sasha goes for the tag but Bayley grabs Bianca but Bianca throws her into the ring steps.

Bianca with a suplex on the outside. Carmella with a roll up from behind but Banks kicks out. Carmella with a super kick to the face. Carmella goes for the double knees, Sasha moves out of the way and gets the Banks Statement in the middle of the ring. Carmella’s assistant drags Carmella by the foot and to the outside. He gets in the ring. Sasha is face to face with him as he rolls out of the ring. He gets back on the ring apron and does a moon sault to the outside.

Carmella tries to take advantage but Sasha goes for the cover on her but Carmella kicks out. Sasha knocks Carmella’s assistant off the ring apron. Carmella with the Mella Buster. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Carmella and Bayley

Roman Reigns is backstage and he’s not happy. He says with everything he did, somebody still made that match. And that somebody doesn’t appreciate him. He tells Heyman to find out who doesn’t appreciate him.

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Sonya Deville is seen walking backstage.

The Street Profits are in the ring. They have champagne in the ring. They say 2020 you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here. Ford says 2020 wasn’t bad for them. They won both the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships by defeating the GOATS of the GOATS at Survivor Series and winning not one but two Slammy Awards. Dawkins says 2021 will be even better because they have to hit everyone with the big reveal.

They reveal a drum set in the ring. Dawkins plays the drums as Ford mentions they will have a new shirt on WWE shop. We see a clip of last Friday’s show where they reveal a shirt to Sami Zayn mocking him. Ford says he predicts it to be the best selling shirt. Ford says his second prediction is that for years, Dolph Ziggler has been entertaining everywhere he goes. And he has been stealing HBK’s style. And in 2021, he predicts he will get the nickname of the Heartache Kid.

Ziggler and Roode attack the Street Profits from behind. Two super kicks by Ziggler. Roode hits Dawkins with a chair on the outside and he throws him over the barricade. Roode slams Ford’s left leg onto the ring post. Ziggler hits Ford with a chair onto his leg.

-Commercial Break-

Ziggler says the Street Profits have been provoking them for weeks. Roode says what happened out there is on their hands. They talk about how they want the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Daniel Bryan and Otis with Chad Gable vs. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

The bell rings and we are under way. Cesaro is sent to the ropes but a shoulder block takes Bryan down. He goes for the cover but Bryan kicks out. Nakamura is tagged in. They double team Bryan in the corner. A head lock by Nakamura but that’s reversed into a take down by Bryan and another take down. Nakamura with a back elbow and Cesaro is tagged in. Bryan knocks Cesaro to the outside and a suicide dive y Bryan but Cesaro catches him. An uppercut by Cesaro.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Cesaro throws Bryan over the top rope. He throws him back in and goes for the cover but Bryan kicks out. Cesaro with a spinning slam on Bryan. He goes for the cover but Bryan kicks out. Once more, he throws Bryan over the top rope and Nakamura is tagged in. Nakamura with a kick and he places Bryan on the ring apron. A running knee to the face. He goes for the cover but Bryan kicks out.

Nakamura places Bryan on the top rope and a kick to the face. Bryan back down as he goes to throw Bryan over the top rope but Bryan throws Nakamura to the outside. Cesaro helps Nakamura back in and Cesaro is tagged in as is Otis. A clothesline onto Cesaro. Otis throws Cesaro with a release suplex. A clothesline by Otis followed by a splash in the corner. Gable directing traffic as Otis goes for the caterpillar and lands in. He goes for the cover but Nakamura breaks it up.

Otis goes after Nakamrua but Nakamura to the outside. Otis climbs the second rope and goes for the splash but Cesaro moves out of the way. Nakamura is tagged back in. He goes for the knee but Otis picks him up and slams him into the mat. Bryan is tagged in. Bryan with a sunset flip off the top rope but Nakamura kicks out. Bryan runs to the ropes but Nakamura with a kick. Bryan on his feet but Nakamura with an acrobatic arm bar but Otis breaks it up.

In comes Cesaro as the two men fight. Otis to the outside. Bryan with the running knee onto Cesaro. Nakamura with the roll up but Bryan reverses it into the Yes Lock and Nakamura taps out.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Otis

Heyman is backstage and he tells Roman Adam Pearce made the match. Roman says he just doesn’t get it. He tells Jey they’re trying to take everything they built but not to let them.

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Kevin Owens vs. Jey Uso

The bell rings and we are under way. Owens with a take down followed by right hands. Elbows by Kevin as he stomps on Jey. Owens throws Jey into the corner. He stomps on Jey as he rolls to the outside. Owens with a clothesline followed by a senton. He throws Jey back in the ring. Owens with a senton as he goes for the cover but Jey kicks out. Owens kicks Jey’s left leg. Jey back on his feet but Kevin with a right hand. Kevin places Jey’s left leg on the bottom rope and jumps on the leg.

Kevin slams Jey’s leg into the ring apron. A right hand by Kevin as he gets Jey in the corner. A kick onto Jey’s leg as he drops to the mat. Jey back up but Kevin with another kick. He goes for the stunner but Jey hits him with the kick. Owens rolls to the outside. Jey jumps off the ring steps but Owens with a kick takes Jey down.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Kevin with the stunner. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match, Owens asks Roman where he is as he hits Jey with another stunner. He tells Roman to come take care of his family and calls him a bitch. Owens handcuffs Jey to the top rope. He hits him with a super kick. Owens uncuffs Jey as he grabs him and says he will go to Roman. He throws Jey into the barricade. Owens with a super kick and Jay falls onto a table. Kevin climbs on top of the barricade but Roman hits him from behind. Roman and Jey hit Kevin with chairs. Roman throws Kevin off the top of the barricade stage and through a table.