WWE NXT 03 16 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Los Angeles, California | Date: March 16, 2010

Darren Young & C.M. Punk w/Straight Edge Society (Luke Gallows & Serena) defeated Matt Hardy & Justin Gabriel: Justin and Hardy worked well together, quickly taking control over Young. Young managed to get a hold of Justin and Punk tagged himself in, looking more bored than ever. Punk tagged in Young again and Justin nearly took over after a roundhouse kick, but missed a springboard cross body block. Young threw Justin into the steel steps for commercial break time. Back from commercial Justin was still getting taken care of by Punk and Young. Justin hit an STO and tried for the 450 splash but Young got out of the way! Justin started to fight back against Punk but still couldn’t get the upper hand. Justin finally got the hot tag to Hardy who cleaned house and hit a nice bulldog on Punk for 2. Hardy followed up with a side effect. Hardy clotheslined Young out of the ring and Gallows attacked Justin and tried to repeat the process for Hardy but Hardy countered with a side effect! Hardy got into the ring to finish Young but Gallows distracted the ref and Punk hit the G2S to give Young the win! After the match Gallows clotheslined Justin, hit a big boot on Hardy, and followed up with a Gallows pole on Young!

The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh defeated Daniel Bryan: Daniel Bryan hit some kicks and locked in a guillotine early on, followed by a missile drop kick, but when he tried for a second one Khali hit the chop and the choke bomb for the win. After the match Big Show came down to the ring and chokeslammed Daniel.

Heath Slater defeated Michael Tarver: Heath Slater threw Tarver out of the ring early on and hit a corkscrew! Tarver took control soon after when he moved out of the way of a charging Slater. Slater got the 3 minutes later with a roll up after Tarver ran shoulder first into the steel ring post. After the match Tarver attacked Slater and hit a T-bone suplex. Christian and Carlito were shown watching the match backstage.

Skip Sheffield & William Regal: William Regal was trying to talk to Skip but Skip kept interrupting Regal by mistake. Regal wound up walking away.

Wade Barrett w/World Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho defeated Skip Sheffield w/William Regal: Sheffield used his speed to take control with a double axe handle early on. Sheffield tried to run Wade into the steel post outside the ring but Wade tackled Sheffield right into it! Jericho yelled things at Josh Mathews during the match like he always does during Wade’s matches. Wade continued to work on Sheffield’s back in the ring. Sheffield started to make a comeback, hitting some polish hammers and a splash, but it was only good for 2. Wade won moments later with a forward attitude adjustment (best way I can describe it).