WWE NXT 06 01 2010 (Season Finale)


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Dallas, Texas | Date: June 1, 2010

Matt Striker + NXT Remaining 3 (Wade Barrett & David Otunga & Justin Gabriel): Matt welcomed everyone to the season finale of NXT. Matt said tonight one rookies dream would come true but first he’d like to introduce them to the 5 rookies who have been eliminated. They were sitting in the front row. Matt then introduced the 7 NXT Pros. The pros took their seats on stage. Punk still had his hilarious mask on. Matt then introduced the 3 NXT finalists to the ring, Justin Gabriel, Wade Barrett, and David Otunga. Matt congratulated the 3 of them. Matt said two of them would go home empty handed and the last one will be the next WWE breakout star. Matt said since there are 3 NXT Rookies left they will be having two pro polls tonight. Matt said all three of them would see action tonight in a triple threat match next.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Cody Rhodes’ rookie will be Husky Harris (aka Windham Rotunda, Mike Rotunda’s son)..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: John Morrison said he’s a pro on NXT season 2 and his rookie was like a giant redwood tree. John said he’s a little bit hard to talk to but if he opens his mind he will be shown how to burn down the rest of the forest. His name is Eli Cottonwood.

Wade Barrett w/Chris Jericho defeated Justin Gabriel w/Matt Hardy and David Otunga w/R-Truth: Wade went straight for Justin but wound up getting knocked out of the ring by David. Justin baseball slid Wade but was attacked by David right after. David tacked Justin in the corner and took him down with a clothesline for 2. Wade kicked David in the head and threw Justin out of the ring. Wade tried to vertical suplex David but wound up in a sunset flip pin from Justin for 2. Wade left the ring and David back dropped Justin over the top rope onto Wade. David put Justin back into the ring for 2, followed by a running powerslam. Wade hung David on the rope but then took a kick from Justin off the apron. Justin hit David with the 450 splash and was pulled out of the ring by Wade, who pinned David to eliminate him from the match. Back from commercial Wade had Justin in an arm bar. Wade locked Justin in an abdominal stretch. Wade started chopping Justin in the ribs. Justin finally got out of it. Wade Irish whipped Justin and then splashed an empty turnbuckle. Justin started kicking Wade and dropped him wit ha roundhouse kick, followed by a roaring elbow. Justin splashed Wade and hit him with a springboard cross body block for 2. Wade picked up Justin for his finisher but Justin reversed it into a pin for 2. Justin hit an STO and went up top. Wade got his knees up for the 450 splash and pinned him for 3.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Montel Vontavious Porter rookie will be someone named Percy Watson..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Zack Ryder said he could tell you all of his rookie’s attributes, but what really matters was what he can teach his rookie, like how to dress and get girls. His rookie is Titus O’Neil.

Matt Striker & NXT Final 3 (Wade Barrett & David Otunga & Justin Gabriel) & Eliminated Rookies (Daniel Bryan & Darren Young & Michael Tarver & Skip Sheffield & Heath Slater): Matt said he wanted to know what the people who knew them best thought. Matt asked Michael Tarver who he thought should be eliminated. Michael said whether he’s in that chair or in the ring he is the product, and if he had to choose anybody he would choose himself. Matt asked Daniel Bryan who should win NXT. Daniel said David Otunga can’t wrestle, and Justin can’t talk, so Wade Barrett should win. Skip Sheffield said he didn’t care. Darren Young said his money is on Wade Barrett because he’s built for it mentally and physically. Heath Slater said he’s been in the ring with each of those men (obviously…) but Wade Barrett should win. Matt said it was time for the pros poll. Wade Barrett was still #1 and David Otunga was still #2, Justin Gabriel was eliminated first! Justin said he was just a kid from South Africa living his dream, but now the dream is over. Justin said it’s not really, because he’s the most tenacious person he knows, so he will keep coming back until he makes it in this company. Justin said he’s had some ups and some downs, but he keeps getting up and keeps coming back because some day he’ll be the world champion. Matt Hardy stopped Justin at the top of the stage. Matt said Justin is very much like him, because he will not die. Matt said Justin will be back.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Michelle McCool & Layla El said they’re rookie was teeny tiny and has competed all over the world. Lay-Cool said if he doesn’t like them then he can at least carry the titles for them. Their rookie is Kaval (Formerly Low-Ki)..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mark Henry’s rookie was someone named Lucky Cannon..

Matt Striker & Wade Barrett & David Otunga: Matt said they’ve had a chance to prove themselves physically but now it’s time to prove themselves verbally. Matt told them they would have 60 seconds to tell the other rookie why he should be eliminated and why they should be crowned. David went first. David said Wade Barrett is ugly and has a crooked nose. David said Wade only intimidates his dentist, and the only PPV match he would pay to see is a triple threat between Wade Aqua fresh and Listerine. David talked about how hot he thinks he is compared to Wade a bit more. David said Wade doesn’t have the “It” factor or his charisma. Wade said David was thoroughly entertaining and it probably had the viewers turning off. Wade said he’s a fighter which is why he has a broken nose. Wade said David is a body builder but doesn’t have a clue on how to use it. Wade said The Great Khali moves with better balance than David. Wade said if David added 2 more letters to the beginning of it, and you would know what Wade thinks of David.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kofi Kingston said his rookie was the son of Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig, yet for some reason they’re calling him Michael McGillicutty.

Matt Striker & David Otunga & Wade Barrett: Matt said it’s the moment they’ve been waiting for. Miz said he has a very important announcement. Miz said he will be back for season 2 of NXT. Miz said unlike this season he won’t be burdened with an egotistical loser like Daniel Bryan. Miz said this season he will have a winner, Alex Riley. This guy looked like a total dork. Matt said he looks forward to seeing Miz on season 2, but they aren’t done with tonight. William Regal started to congratulate Jericho. Truth said the results haven’t been revealed yet. William said the only good thing about David Otunga is that he married well but he’s seen David’s wife and he didn’t marry that well. C.M. Punk said the only reason David’s here is because he’s got a wife. William started to congratulate Wade and Punk told him to shut up and sit down. Truth and William started arguing and William dared one of them to do something to him. William said Jericho knows better, so does Kermit (Miz) and Eugene (Matt Hardy). Truth did a little dance and Christian told William he hasn’t won a fight in over a year. Chris Jericho said Wade’s not winning because he’s English; he’s winning because Chris Jericho is his pro. William said he’s always liked Chris Jericho’s 2 moves, but Wade would have won with anyone as his pro. Everyone continued to awkwardly argue until Matt Striker told them to stop. Wade Barrett won! David said this couldn’t be real, he must be getting punk’d. David said it’s okay because he’s been eliminated from a reality show before and went on to become bigger and better. David said even though he didn’t win he’s still the breakout star. Wade said this wasn’t anything him or Chris Jericho didn’t know from the beginning. Wade said he didn’t come to WWE or NXT for a pat on the back or to gain approval. Wade said he came there to make a lot of coin and now he has a PPV title match. Wade said this was the beginning of a brand new era, the era of Wade Barrett. Wade said a few weeks ago he said that the wings of change were blowing, but now they stop blowing because change is here and now.