WWE NXT 06 08 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Location: Tampa, Florida | Date: June 8, 2010

Matt Striker + NXT Rookies & Pros: Matt Striker said the graduating class from NXT season 1 made a bombastic impact last night, destroying everything in their path. Matt asked if the next season of NXT would do the same. Each of the pros came out and introduced their rookies. Watching Kaval enter to Lay-Cool’s music is pretty funny, especially when they forced him to hold their belts. Kaval looked ridiculous in a NASCAR like jumpsuit. Everyone got in the ring together. Matt told everyone to spread out. Matt said the NXT rookies last season were evaluated from the pros, but this season only 50% of the evaluation is from the NXT pros, the other 50% will be from the fans. Matt said you can go onto WWE.com and vote for or against whomever you feel should become the next breakout star. Matt said season 2 will only be 12 weeks long. Matt said in 3 weeks the first pros poll will be revealed, and in 6 weeks the first elimination. A couple of the rookies started shoving each other like little kids and Matt said there would be a match next.

John Morrison & Eli Cottonwood defeated Zack Ryder & Titus O’Neil: John and Zack started off. Zack tried to taunt John and was hit with a clothesline. John tagged in Eli who intimidated Long Island Ice Z. Zack tagged in Titus. Eli locked in a side headlock but Titus fought out of it. Eli swung at Zack and took a clothesline from Titus. Titus started barking like a moron and took a kick to the midsection. John tagged back in and hit Titus with a drop kick. Titus retreated from the ring. Back from commercial Zack had John in a headlock. John fought out of it and hit a leg lariat for 2. Zack tagged in Titus, who walked right into a pele kick. Zack broke up the pin so Eli kicked him out of the ring. John hit starship pain moments later for the 3. After the match Matt asked John what he thought of Eli. John said Eli held his own and asked the fans what they thought. They cheered, John said a lot of people are happy with him but everyone has an opinion, which is what matters. Matt asked Miz what he thought. Miz said they had an opportunity to impress the audience and entertain them, but they didn’t. Miz said he wasn’t entertained, they failed.

Montel Vontavious Porter & Percy Watson defeated Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris: Cody and Percy started off. Cody locked in a headlock but Percy fought out of it and was hit with a shoulder block. Percy wore ridiculous red glasses. Cody cornered Percy but wound up taking a clothesline. Cody hit a chin breaker and kicked Percy in the head before tagging in Husky Harris. Husky tackled Percy in the corner and followed up with a gut wrench suplex, before tagging in Cody. It was an illegal tag so they had to do it again. Cody hit Percy with a vertical suplex for 2. Back from commercial Percy was being beaten down by Cody. Cody tagged in Husky, who hit a body slam and followed up by a running senton for 2. Percy got the hot tag to MVP who exploded on Husky. MVP hit ballin’ while Percy and Cody argued. Cody climbed to the top rope and took a kick to the midsection from MVP. MVP tagged in Percy who hit a float over DDT for 3. After the match Matt asked Cody what he thought of Husky. Cody said Husky looks like Dusty Rhodes and all the fans. Cody said he doesn’t care to talk about Husky Harris. Cody said you can’t mold an already great athlete (Percy) into a WWE star but he’ll mold Husky into the next breakout star. Matt asked MVP what he thought. MVP said Percy worked his way out of trouble and is ready for prime time.

Matt Striker & NXT Rookies & NXT Pros: Matt invited the rookies and pros back out to the ring. They played the video of NXT season 1 destroying the RAW set and John Cena last night. Matt asked Kaval what he thought. Kaval said it was unbelievable but that’s how you make a statement in the WWE. Lucky Cannon thought it was cowardly, but it still made a statement. Husky Harris said he didn’t agree with that they did but he doesn’t care because he’s there to win NXT. Alex Riley sneezed a few times and said he was allergic to Matt. Percy Watson said it wasn’t appropriate at all. Percy looks like Urkel. Eli Cottonwood said he deserved every bit of it. Titus O’Neil said season 1 should try that with them. Titus said if you’re going to fight, make it a fight, and if your going to win, make it a win. Titus said if Zack Ryder pushes him again John Cena won’t be the only hurt one. Michael McGillicutty said that the NXT 1 guys made an impact, which is all that matters. Matt said there’s a concern in the locker room for the men and women in the WWE. Matt said on behalf of everyone who was slaughtered last night he would like to official welcome to rookies to NXT. The NXT pros beat up the rookies as a hazing and as a way to stop them from a possible mutiny.