WWE NXT 09 07 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole
NXT Hosts: Ashley Valance (ring announcer) & Matt Striker
Location: Baltimore, Maryland | Date: September 7, 2010

Matt Striker + NXT Rookies (Naomi [Introduced by Kelly Kelly] & Jamie [Introduced by Nikki & Brie Bella] & A.J. [Introduced by Primo Colon] & Maxine [Introduced by Alicia Fox] & Aksana [Introduced by Goldust] & Kaitlyn [Introduced by Vickie Guerrero]: Matt welcomed the WWE “Pros”, who in turn introduced their divas. Vickie Guerrero said she fired her rookie diva Aloisa because she needs to learn the hard way that she may be taller than Vickie, but will never be bigger than Vickie. Vickie’s new diva was an extremely attractive girl named Kaitlyn. Matt said divas are smart, sexy, and powerful. Matt said he wanted to give the fans an opportunity to meet them since 50 percent of the votes came from fans. Kaitlyn went first. Kaitlyn said Matt Striker was handsome. Kaitlyn said she’s not the girl next door, she lived 2 houses down. Kaitlyn said she was the girl who gave you your first kiss, and then gave you a wedgie after. Kaitlyn said she won homecoming queen and class clown in the same night. Vickie asked Kaitlyn if that was the best she could do and got mad at her. Vickie said if Kaitlyn was going to represent her she would do it well. Kaitlyn said she was excited to have Vickie as her pro and she would give all the fans wedgies. Aksana went next and said she liked to call herself the billion dollar baby. Aksana said Aksana wasn’t there by mistake; Aksana was there because she follows her dreams and her heart. Aksana also liked to talk in third person. Aksana talked about how great Aksana was and said she would entertainment the fans. Maxine went next and made fun of Aksana for not making much sense. Maxine said she had three senses; a business sense, street sense, and common sense. Maxine said the common person is lucky to have any of those qualities. Maxine said she’s not average and a triple threat in a skirt. Maxine said the only position for her was at the top. A.J. went next and said Maxine needed a hug. A.J. said this was a dream come true and that all she’s done for the last 13 years was want to be there. A.J. said there wasn’t a damn thing that would stop her. Jamie introduced everyone. Actually, Jamie said she was ready to step out from behind the microphone and be a part of the greatest entertainment in the whole world (I hope she doesn’t mean porn). Jamie said she never put less than 110 percent into everything she does and she will be the next breakout diva. Naomi said the WWE Universe has been missing something for a long time; her. Naomi said she was a fighter and didn’t back down from anybody no matter what size. Naomi said actions spoke louder than words and she’s not going to talk about all the things she can do because her actions will speak for why she should be the season 3 breakout star.

Matt Striker & NXT Rookies (Jamie & Naomi & A.J. & Maxine & Aksana & Kaitlyn) + Michael Cole + Tony Chimmel + Josh Mathews : Matt said the first elimination would be in 4 weeks and whoever won the most challenges would be immune. Matt said the first challenge would be a diva dance challenge and Naomi would go first. Matt said Naomi would dance with Michael Cole. Michael Cole was wearing ballet slippers, a fedora, and red legwarmers. Michael was actually hilarious and Naomi was pretty good I guess. The dance music was horrible. Jayme sucked. Matt Striker told Michael Cole to go sit down. A.J. danced with Tony Chimmel in a very slutty way. Maxine went next and also danced like a slut with him. Tony left to go take a cold shower and Aksana danced with Josh Mathews. Josh and Aksana danced awkwardly. Kaitlyn and Josh did a dorky dance that included the robot. Naomi won.

Kelly Kelly & Naomi defeated Alicia Fox & Maxine: Kelly and Alicia started. Kelly hit the headscissors and hurricarana early on before tagging in Naomi. Naomi stayed in control until running right into a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Maxine tagged in and pulled Naomi’s hair. Eventually Naomi rolled up Maxine in a small package for 3, Kelly stopped Alicia from breaking it up. It was an awkward finish and the rookies continued wrestling for several seconds and Naomi even pinned Maxine again.

Naomi beat Maxine and Kaitlyn and A.J. and Aksana and Jamie: There were 5 stations set up, each with one less flag than the last. The first station only had 5 flags so Jayme was eliminated. A.J. was eliminated second. Aksana was eliminated third. Naomi completely dominated, always being the first there. Kaitlyn was eliminated next, followed by Maxine. Naomi said she was excited and that her athleticism was an advantage.

Primo Colon & A.J. defeated Goldust & Aksana: Goldust and Primo started off. Goldust took care of Primo and the women tagged in. Aksana awkwardly beat up A.J. until she hit a wheelbarrow bulldog (the second try) for 3. After the match Vickie dragged Kaitlyn down to the ring. Primo said this was A.J’s moment. Vickie said Primo may be used to failure but she’s used to success. A.J. told Vickie to go away. Vickie told Kaitlyn to sic her so she tried to but wound up getting thrown into Vickie. Vickie seized on the floor for a few seconds and stormed away.