WWE NXT 03 08 2011


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Broadcast Announcers: Todd Grisham & William Regal + Matt Striker & Maryse
Location: Houston, Texas | Date: March 8, 2011

Matt Striker & Maryse + The NXT Rookies (Conor O Brian & Darren Young & Lucky Cannon & Jacob Novak & Titus O Neil & Byron Saxton) + The NXT Pros (Chavo Guerrero & Vladimir Kozlov & Tyson Kidd & Yoshi Tatsu & JTG & Hornswoggle): The new theme is REDEMPTION and the new cast consists of some of the most boring performers from previous seasons. Maryse is the guest host and the rookies include Darren Young, Conor O’Brian, Lucky Cannon, Byron Saxton, Jacob Novak, and Titus O’Neil. Maryse said they would be competing to earn a spot on NXT season 6 (…..okay). Matt said there’s no immunity, they will be competing for redemption points. Matt said if there’s a tie between the pros and fans you can use the redemption points to avoid elimination (I don’t really understand either). Darren Young’s pro is Chavo Guerrero, who told Darren he was happy to be his pro because he has good in ring work. Chavo said he can’t take it easy anymore. Chavo told Darren to get noticed; unfortunately Darren got rid of his ridiculous haircut so now getting noticed is much harder. Vladimir is Conor’s pro, Vladimir said Conor tried too hard last season and people will like him for who he is, if not, he’s by himself. Lucky Cannon, who wears what appears to be a decorated bed sheet, has Tyson Kidd as a pro. Tyson said Lucky is lucky because he has the best pro. Tyson said Lucky has been too nice and to take this season by storm like he took his ring attire from the bed in his hotel room (okay he left out the last part). Yoshi Tatsu is with Byron Saxton and told him to relax because he’s too over confident. JTG is Jacob Novak’s pro. JTG said last season Jacob had to deal with Dolph & Vickie but now there will be no distractions. Titus O’Neil’s pro is Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle screamed at him for a few seconds.

Darren Young w/Chavo Guerrero defeated Jacob Novak w/JTG: Darren defeated Jacob with a full nelson release slam (Johnny Gargano calls it the hurtz doughnut).

Maryse & Yoshi Tatsu + Byron Saxton: Yoshi approached Maryse and said she was a great host. Yoshi started to tell her that he liked her but Byron interrupted and said he wanted to talk to him and come up with a great gameplan to win NXT. Maryse left and Yoshi said Byron had bad timing.

Matt Striker & Maryse & The NXT Rookies (Darren Young & Titus O Neil & Conor O Brian & Byron Saxton & Lucky Cannon & Jacob Novak): There was an obstacle course set up around the ring. The stupid course was worth 3 redemption points. Matt said you had to hop over a yellow wall, go under a net, balance on the balance beam, weave your way around some flags and carry a bag up the ramp. Titus went first and got 29.8 seconds. Jacob went next and some fan yelled “You’re ugly!” (Since the crowd was dead you heard it perfectly, only memorable thing from this segment). Jacob got 24 seconds. Byron got 26.5 seconds. Lucky grabbed the microphone and said if anyone thought he was going to do this then they were stupider than he thought. Lucky said the show is all about him, he won most of the challenges in season 2 and it didn’t do any good. Lucky said his only challenge is stealing Maryse from Ted. Maryse rejected him. Conor went next and got 27.1 seconds. Darren Young got 23 seconds and the crowd actually reacted to him winning.

Titus O Neil w/Hornswoggle defeated Lucky Cannon w/Tyson Kidd : Hornswoggle hit Tyson Kidd in the leg around the end of the match, distracting the ref. Hornswoggle pushed Lucky off the top turnbuckle and Titus hit him with a sit down spinebuster for the 3. After the match Tyson tried to put Hornswoggle in the sharpshooter but Titus kicked him.