WWE NXT 05 17 2011

WWE NXT May 17th 2011


Darren Young defeated Titus O Neil by count out

Darren Young said he defeated Titus O Neil, who has been dominating NXT. Darren said he got rid of Hornswoggle and Titus will never beat him and win NXT. Midway through the match Chavo came on the Tron with a chained up box with Hornswoggle inside, wanting to get him out. Titus ran backstage and saved him, getting himself counted out in the process. Titus saved Hornswoggle and got jumped by Chavo. Chavo said he hasn’t forgotten everything Hornswoggle has done to him and took him to the ring. Chavo hit Hornswoggle with the frog splash and Titus hit the ring, chasing them away.


Yoshi Tatsu defeated Byron Saxton

Yoshi finished off Saxton with a flying kick off the top rope.


Matt Striker & Maryse Ouellette+ Vladimir Kozlov & Conor O Brien + JTG & Jacob Novak

Maryse said tonight is the first elimination but before they get started they have some serious unfinished business to take care of. Vladimir Kozlov and Conor O Brien came down to the ring. Matt said Vladimir and JTG have engaged in a bet to mould their rookies into their own likeness. Vladimir said Conor is best of the best like him. JTG & Jacob Novak came down to the ring. Maryse said they needed a judge and when Matt said the live crowd they went nuts like they always do. JTG said before they get started he needs to introduce his rookie. Jacob said the crowd was haters like the stupid English commentator. Jacob said he took Regal to the max and Regal only won because he hurt his back. Jacob said Vladimir should have taught Conor how to wrestle. Apparently Jacob was rapping but I didn’t realize this until late into the promo. Conor and Vladimir danced and broke boards, winning the bet. JTG pushed Vladimir after, getting kicked in the chest in the process.


Vladimir Kozlov w/Conor O Brien defeated JTG w/Jacob Novak

Vladimir won with a urinage


Maryse Ouellette & Yoshi Tatsu + Lucky Cannon

Yoshi asked Maryse if she saw his match and she said no. Maryse showed Yoshi a purse Lucky bought for

her. Yoshi said she liked people more than things and broke up with her. Maryse said they weren’t even dating and Lucky came in, saying he’d take her on a shopping spree.


Jacob Novak was eliminated.

Maryse & Matt & the 6 rookies were standing ringside. Maryse said they all had passion but one had to leave tonight. Jacob Novak was eliminated. Jacob said that’s twice people have shoved him out. Jacob said NXT might not be his place but he will be in the WWE.