WWE NXT 06 14 2011

WWE NXT – June 14th 2011 – Providence, Rhode Island

Matt Striker & Maryse + Lucky Cannon & Titus O Neil & Conor O Brien & Darren Young
Matt said it was time for the boring Talk the Talk challenge. Matt wanted to hear who should be eliminated and why. Lucky said Titus had been riding the coattails of his pro since the beginning of the season and he has 0 personality. Lucky said Titus is completely clueless in the ring. Lucky said the show is all about him. Titus said the only things Lucky has managed to steal are the old robes out of his grandma’s closet. Titus said he’s a graduate of the U of F. Titus said Lucky has 0 points, has won 0 challenges and the only thing he’s been doing all competition is running behind Maryse. Titus said the only delicious thing they’re having tonight is the sweet taste of his elimination. Conor said Darren should be eliminated because he main evented Summerslam but he blew it. Conor said if it was him he would have never looked back. Darren said Conor made the biggest mistake of his career, hit him and ran. Titus won the challenge and 3 more pointless redemption points.

Darren Young w/Chavo Guerrero defeated Yoshi Tatsu
JTG joined commentary mid match. Chavo distracted Yoshi while he was on the top rope and Darren threw him off for 3. After the match JTG attacked Yoshi. Vladimir & Conor made the save.

Lucky Cannon & Maryse
Maryse said she felt really bad about what happened last week. Yoshi said he understood and the little troll hornswoggle is going to suffer. Maryse said her purse is fixable and she fixed it using his credit card. Lucky looked annoyed.

Titus O Neil defeated Lucky Cannon w/Tyson Kidd
Lucky said he saw what R-Truth did on RAW and it was great especially after what Hornswoggle did to him and Maryse. Lucky said he’s going to do the exact same thing when he gets back. Titus won with the sit out spinebuster.

RINGSIDEMaryse & Matt Striker & Darren Young & Titus O Neil & Conor O Brien & Lucky Cannon
Lucky was eliminated. Lucky asked if he should be upset or be angry. Lucky said it’s a joke just like this show. Lucky said NXT is a joke and he should be on RAW or SmackDown! beating up Cena or Orton. Titus started singing the goodbye song. Maryse said this is her show and this isn’t fair. Maryse said she appreciated everything Lucky has done for her but there’s something she needs to tell him; the purse he gave her is worthless. Maryse said Lucky is a cheap loser. Maryse smacked him.