WWE NXT 07 05 2011

WWE NXT – July 5th 2011  – Tucsan, Arizona

Maryse Ouellette & Matt Striker + Jason Bateman & Titus O Neil & Darren Young: Matt said it was talk the talk time. The topic was winning NXT. Darren went first. Darren said there was supposed to be 2 finalists. Darren said he’s busted his ass and he belongs there. Darren said he’s doing it all by himself. Titus said he doesn’t care because he’s been dominating and he will continue to dominate. Titus said there are no shortcuts in life. Derrick said Titus is a former Florida Gator and the fans don’t like the Florida Gators, Derrick said if he had Darren’s opportunity he would be upset about being back here. Derrick said him and Daniel Bryan are the gods of the internet. Titus won.

Tyson Kidd defeated Yoshi Tatsu: Tyson won with a Fishermans Suplex.

Hornswoggle & Titus O Neil & Maryse: Hornswoggle gave Maryse flowers. Maryse said she loves flowers and that he deserved a kiss. Maryse smashed the flowers over his head. Titus told Hornswoggle to let it go.

Derrick Bateman & Daniel Bryan defeated Darren Young & Titus O Neil: Derrick won the match with a variation of a bulldog.