WWE NXT 09 13 2011

WWE NXT – September 13th, 2011 – Toronto Ontario

Matt Striker + JTG & Darren Young + William Regal: Matt welcomed everyone to NXT. Matt said normally he’d bring out the rookies but something’s been weighing on his mind that happened last week. Matt said everyone in the area should know what a goon is. Matt said he’s a skilled athlete, but the embodiment of a goon is someone like Darren Young or JTG. JTG and Darren came out. JTG said hockey isn’t a real sport.  JTG said Matt is just like William Regal, who was now in the ring. Matt said William is better than JTG. William asked Darren to translate what JTG said. JTG said William is trying to play him like he’s an XBOX. Darren said all they’ve been saying is that they don’t respect legends. Darren said they don’t respect the future and him and JTG are the future of the WWE whether they like it or not. Darren said JTG is one of the greatest tag team specialist in the WWE. William said he’s not doing this to teach themselves a lesson, they’re doing it to teach JTG and Darren a lesson. William said he agrees that he’s not in the greatest of shape, but when they say he’s washed up he wants to know what they’ll feel like after a washed up old man beats them to death. Darren said that sounds like a challenge to him. Matt said this has been and never was can kick their sorry tails all over Toronto. William said they better never forget that he’s straight up gangster trippin.

Titus O Neil & Percy Watson defeated Tyson Kidd & Derrick Bateman: Titus pinned Derrick with his sitout spinebuster, known as Clash of the Titus.

A.J. + Maxine: A.J. was leaving a message on Hornswoggles answering machine. Maxine came in and A.J. asked where Hornswoggle was. Maxine said Hornswoggle took off with the Bella twins to palm springs for the week. A.J. said she didn’t believe her. Maxine showed her a picture of it on her phone. A.J. said she didn’t believe it and ran away.

Maxine defeated A.J.: Maxine won with a butterfly…drop?

JTG & Darren Young defeated Matt Striker & William Regal: Michael Cole was on commentary for some reason. Darren took out Striker with the double knee gut buster for 3. After the match The Uso brothers hit the ring and threw the heels out.