WWE NXT 10 10 2012

Location: Winter Park, FL
Date: October 10, 2012
Commentators: William Regal and Byron Saxton

CM Punk appears on the screen and he says that when you look up the word respect in the dictionary, you would find words like admiration and reverence. One would think that being WWE Champion for so long, he would be admired and revered. Instead he has been treated with contempt and watched more main events than he competed in. He is here to watch the NXT Champion Seth Rollins appear in his first main event. He hopes that everyone watching and the NXT superstars, especially Seth Rollins will appreciate his presence tonight. He tells everyone to get ready for a lesson tonight . . . a lesson in respect.

We are live on tape from Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are William ‘Best on the Mic’ Regal and Byron ‘Not too shabby on the mic’ Saxton.

Match Number One Bo Dallas versus Johnny Curtis

They lock up and Bo works on the arm and takes Curtis to the mat and gets a near fall. Curtis goes to the ropes and he wants to stop Bo’s offense. They lock up again and Johnny with a chop instead of a clean break. Bo puts Johnny in the corner and hits a few clotheslines in the corner followed by a clothesline for a near fall.

Curtis with a back elbow to the head and then he kicks Dallas in the face and back of the head. Bo punches Curtis in the midsection but Johnny with a back elbow and he gets a near fall. Curtis with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Curtis with a hard Irish whip. Curtis works on the neck by standing on Bo’s head. Curtis with a snap mare and reverse chin lock.

Bo gets to his feet and he punches Curtis in the midsection and head. Curtis with a back body drop and then he goes to the turnbuckles for a knee drop and he barely misses Dallas. Bo with a clothesline followed by a back elbow and punch to the midsection and forearm to the back of the head.

Curtis with an Irish whip but Bo comes out of the corner and hits a belly-to-belly suplex and then Bo hits a spear for the three count.

Winner: Bo Dallas

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Paige and Audrey Marie versus Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn

Paige and Kaitlyn start things off and they lock up. Kaitlyn sends Paige to the mat thanks to her advantage when it comes to strength. They lock up again and Paige with an arm drag and a scream. Kaitlyn with a knee and side head lock. Kaitlyn with a side head lock take down but Paige escapes.

Paige with a front face lock and she tags in Audrey Marie who gives Kaitlyn an arm drag into an arm bar. Audrey works on the arm and wrist. Audrey with a hammer lock into a side head lock and hammer lock again. Audrey with a side head lock followed by a wrist lock. Kaitlyn with a reversal into a wrist lock of her own and an arm drag. Kaitlyn tags in Alicia and Audrey with a sunset flip but Alicia with a forearm and rollup for a near fall.

Audrey with a near fall but Alicia with a leg sweep for a near fall. Audrey with a snap mare and winnick throw. Kaitlyn tags in and applies a front face lock. Kaitlyn tries to use her strength to escape the hold. Kaitlyn gets out of the hold and she gets a near fall.

Alicia tags back in and she sends Audrey into the turnbuckles a few times. Alicia with a snap mare for a near fall. Alicia with a reverse chin lock followed by a leg sweep that sends Audrey back to the mat. Kaitlyn tags in and she sends Audrey to the mat and gets a near fall. Kaitlyn with a body scissors on Audrey. Kaitlyn with a Lotus Lock but Audrey bridges to get a near fall.

Paige and Alicia tag in and Paige with a running shoulder and she pulls Alicia to the mat by the hair and then she hits a Thesz Press and slams Alicia’s head into the mat. Paige sets for the Knight Light but Alicia with a knee and she gets a near fall. Paige with a kick and drop kick fro a near fall.

Audrey is sent to the floor by Kaitlyn and Paige with an O’Connor Roll that sends Alicia into Kaitlyn to knock Kaitlyn off the apron and Paige gets the three count.

Winners: Paige and Audrey Marie

Jake Carter is in the back talking to a random female. He says that she isn’t part of the team. Trent Barreta enters the room and he says that it must be embarrassing to strike out with the girl. Jake says that he has a team full of women and she could not be on top.

Jake says that it will be embarrassing to see him standing over Trent with his hand raised.

Trent says that next week he will be kneeing Jake in his face.

Briley Pierce is with Seth Rollins in the interview area. He asks Seth about his title defense against Michael McGuillicutty.

Seth says that since he won the title, all he has been thinking about is his first title defense. He says that he is not nervous, he is excited. Michael McGillicutty should be nervous. He says that Michael McGillicutty disrespected him last week.

CM Punk enters the interview area and he tells Seth that just because he is the champion, he does not get respect. Punk says that he has beaten everyone and conquered everyone put in front of him and he does not have any respect. People will tell Seth that respect is not given, it is earned. He says that they both earned their titles. He tells Seth not to give Michael his respect or try to earn it. Seth needs to beat it out of Michael.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Leo Kruger versus Dante Dash

Leo squats in the corner while waiting for the opportunity to pounce on his opponent. Dante is anxious to fight Leo but Leo still does not move. Eventually he connects with a forearm and then he kicks Dash in the chest. Kruger with a double sledge to Dash.

Kruger grabs Dash by the ankle and then he stretches Dash with his knee in Dash’s back and he slams Dash into the mat. He stretches Dash again. Kruger with a short arm clothesline and then he sets for a suplex and he hits it.

Kruger pulls at his hair and he starts to bang his head into the canvas. Kruger with a snap mare driver out of a neck breaker set up for the three count.

Winner: Leo Kruger

After the match, Leo gets on the mic and the lights go down. He speaks in what appears to be Afrikaans. Then he says that his prey does not have to wait long to suffer because he will extinguish their lights quickly. Who will be his next trophy?

We go to commercial.

We are back and Briley Pierce asks Michael McGillicutty how much of the match is about the title and how much is about respect. Michael does not care about respect. When he beats Seth Rollins, he can have all of the respect that he wants. Then he will go after CM Punk and give him some respect when he wins the WWE Championship.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jim Ross has joined William Regal at the announce table and they are also joined by CM Punk.

Punk stands on the stage and he says that he is looking forward to this so he can take a closer look. He wishes both men luck.

Match Number Four: Seth Rollins versus Michael McGillicutty for the NXT Championship

The crowd is clearly behind Rollins and it is getting to McGillicutty. Rollins with a hammer lock as he takes Michael to the mat. Michael gets to the ropes and Rollins releases the hold. They lock up and Rollins with a rollup for a near fall followed by a few shoulder tackles and then he tries for Black Out after a back heel kick but Michael gets to the apron.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael with a kick to the head. Michael with kicks in the corner. Rollins with an Irish whip and hip toss followed by a side head lock take down. Michael gets to his feet and he connects with a back elbow. Michael with a side head lock take down. Rollins with a drop kick or two.

Rollins with a back heel kick and a kick to the chest. Rollins with another back heel kick but Michael sends Rollins over the top rope to the floor. Michael goes to the floor and he hot shots Rollins on the apron. Michael sends Rollins back into the ring after using the apron again and Michael gets a near fall.

Michael taunts Rollins but Rollins with punches. Michael with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Rollins goes to the turnbuckles but Michael crotches Rollins and Rollins is in the tree of woe and Michael with forearms and kicks. Michael chokes Rollins while still in the tree of woe. Rollins gets out of the turnbuckles and onto the mat.

Michael gets a near fall. Rollins punches Michael but Michael with a forearm and hard Irish whip. Michael punches Rollins to get him off the ropes and we go to commercial.

We are back and Rollins is up top but Michael moves out of the way. Rollins lands on his feet and he connects with a series of strikes. Rollins with a single leg drop kick. Rollins with the running forearm into the corner and he connects. Rollins clotheslines Michael over the top rope and Rollins hits a suicide dive onto McGillicutty.

Rollins rolls Michael back into the ring and Rollins sets for a springboard clothesline but Michael knew what was coming and he counters with a drop kick. Michael gets a near fall. Michael tries to pull Rollins up but Rollins lands on his feet and he hits an enzuigiri. Rollins misses Black Out and a round kick. Michael with a Saito suplex for a near fall.

Michael gets another near fall and he shows some frustration. Michael sets for the Perfectplex but Rollins with an inside cradle to counter for a near fall. Michael with a lariat and he gets a near fall. Michael sets for the running neckbreaker but Rollins counters and Rollins hits Sliced Bread for the three count.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match, Seth Rollins celebrates in the ring.

CM Punk gets up at the announce table and he applauds Rollins’ victory.

We go to credits.

Source: Ring Side News