WWE NXT 01 11 2012

WWE NXT – January 11th, 2012 from Laredo, TX

[Reviewed by: Sean Sweeny]


The show opened with Matt Striker in the ring saying that next week is going to be huge because next week is the 100th episode of NXT.  He said that he wasn’t going to wait till next week and that they were going to begin the celebration this week and then introduced the fabulous Alicia Fox, who was a pro on season three of NXT, to the ring.  Striker said that Fox’s rookie has made a huge impact on NXT as of late, Maxine.  Striker then asked for Fox’s thoughts of Maxine and what she has accomplished.  Before Alicia could even respond Maxine’s music hit and out she came to the stage with a microphone.


As Maxine walked down to the ring she said that she couldn’t believe Fox was here and that now she is standing in her ring.  Maxine continued as she entered the ring by saying that Fox was no use to her the first time around so she should just go.  Fox then said that Maxine was stubborn and rude and mean, and that there isn’t even enough negative words for her to describe Maxine.  Maxine then said excuse me do you have anything to say that I don’t already know.  Stryker tried to break up the argument but Maxine told him to “shove it Seacrest”.  Fox then apologized and said they got off the wrong foot and then asked Maxine how she was doing, or rather who she was doing.  Maxine then said that Fox is just lonely and that it doesn’t matter who or what she’s doing because she always ends up back on her feet.  Fox said that was funny because she thought Maxine was more comfortable on her back, and then shoved Maxine to the ground.  Maxine got back up and said that was fine but prefers to be on top and then pounced on Fox.  Striker then called for a referee to start a match between the two.



Alicia Fox defeated Maxine via pin fall: Fox won with Roll-up pin.



Trent Barreta defeated Tyler Reks via pin fall: Barreta won with Backslide pin.



Justin Gabriel was with Derek Bateman the two were talking about clothes and going out to the club after the show.  Bateman said that he was over Maxine and she can marry Curtis if she wants but he just doesn’t get why she thought he hooked up with Aksana.  Gabriel said that wasn’t it she was upset at the e-mail Derek sent to Teddy Long.  Bateman then got confused and had no idea how that e-mail was sent to Teddy.  Gabriel said that he either then left his phone at the bar again or someone hacked his e-mail.  Gabriel said tough break and put his arm on Bateman’s shoulder and then walked away.  Bateman starred at his phone for a moment before screaming Johnny Curtis’s name and stormed away.



The Usos defeated JTG & Tyson Kidd via pin fall: Jimmy won with a Flush Kick to JTG.



Johnny Curtis w/ Maxine defeated Alex Riley via pin fall: Curtis won with the Sitout Suplex Slam.



As Curtis and Maxine celebrated the victory in the ring, Derek Bateman came out with a microphone.  Maxine started to yell at Bateman but he said it didn’t concern her, it was between him and Curtis.  Bateman said that he knows what Curtis did but he doesn’t know how, but next week this ends.  Bateman then left and as his music hit Maxine began to question Curtis.



Darren Young came down to the ring as they played a highlight of three weeks ago when Young attacked Titus O’Neil.  Young then said that he is the most dominant man in NXT, and he then listed everyone he has defeated and how that makes him the baddest man in NXT.  Young then went on to say that he has heard a rumor that Titus O’Neil is in the back but he is too chicken to come out because he knows how dangerous D-Young is and that he is Mr. No Days Off and he runs NXT.  Young then laughed and O’Neil’s music then hit and out he came to ring.


Young then told O’Neil that he just doesn’t know when to quit and that he is a loser just like everyone here in Laredo.  O’Neil then played up the crowd before saying that they are all winners unlike Darren Young.  Titus said that he is back to address what has happened, and how this all started as a competition for everyone to show they have what it takes to make it in the WWE but somewhere along the line the Redemption points have lost meaning as well as the challenges and if you look at the ring there is no Percy Watson, O’Neil’s befriend and JTG, Young’s soul mate is no where to be found as well, its just the two of them.  So O’Neil suggests they settle things like men right now.  Young then asked O’Neil if he is stupid because they have faced off more times than he can count and he has won them all, and then tells Titus to take his powerful attitude and shove it, because this place was a lot better off when he was at home with his stupid kids.  Titus got offended and said Young can come out here and say anything he wants about him but to leave his kids out of it or he will get the hell beat out of him, and told him that’s two.  Young then said went called Titus’s kids, two little quitters.  The two then trade blows but Stryker called down the officials to break up the brawl and announced that next week Young and O’Neil will face off next week in a No Disqualification match on the 100th Episode of NXT.