WWE NXT 02 08 2012

WWE NXT – February 8th, 2012 from Tulsa, OK
[Reviewed by: Sean Sweeny]

The show kicked off with Matt Stryker in the middle of the ring. Stryker welcomed everyone to NXT, and said that some of the stars have taken exception to how things have been run so everyone will be competing tonight and the main event is between The Usos and the team of Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. Stryker then said lets get things started and then kicked off the first match.

Heath Slater defeated Derek Bateman via pin fall: Slater won with E-Minor.

Percy Watson defeated Darren Young via pin fall: Watson won with the Percycution.

Kaitlyn was bending over and when she stood back up Johnny Curtis was standing right behind her and said that she has a big match against Maxine tonight. Kaitlyn turned around and asked where his shirt was as it’s 35 degrees in the building, and then asked why he was here as he’s not on NXT anymore. Curtis said that he had a secret, and she said if she let him tell her, would he go back to his van and put on a shirt. Curtis said that when he was dating Maxine all she would do is complain about how Derek would constantly talk about Kaitlyn because he was digging her vibes. Curtis then walked away leaving Kaitlyn to think.

Tyson Kidd defeated Trent Barreta via pin fall: Kidd won with a reverse roll up pin.

Derek Bateman was walking backstage when he ran into Kaitlyn. Bateman was down for losing to Slater but Kaitlyn said that he is always a winner as he has a head of cascading curls. He thanked he and then the two high fived. Bateman then asked if she had some extra gum, she said she did in the locker room, and then Maxine comes in and bumps her out of the way. Maxine then ripped in Derek for losing to Slater, and asked him how he expected to get them off NXT if he keeps losing. Kaitlyn then said way to be a supportive girlfriend! This led to Maxine and Kaitlyn getting into an argument, and then Maxine told Kaitlyn to stay away from Derek. Everyone then leaves and the camera then showed Curtis off in the background watching it all.

Maxine defeated Kaitlyn via pin fall: Maxine won with a Crucifix pin.

Tyson Kidd approached Trent Barreta in the locker room about their match earlier. Kidd said that Trent has earned his respect because every time they get into the ring Barreta pushes him to his limit and he thinks they should be a tag team. Barreta asked if he was kidding and Tyson asked him to think about it before answering and then walked off.

Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins defeated The Usos via pin fall: Reks won with a roll up pin. Stryker came out to complain to ref as Hawkins used his cane to set up the roll up, however Hawkins punched out Stryker, and he, and Reks left as the ref, and the Usos attended to Stryker.