WWE NXT 11 20 2014

Location: Winter Park, FL
Date: November 20, 2014
Commentators: Jason Albert, Renee Young, and Rich Brennan

It’s not considered a huge milestone in wrestling, but this is the 250th episode of NXT. The relatively historic episode opens with a video package focusing on last week’s outstanding NXT Championship match. If you haven’t seen the match, go do so right now. Done? Okay, welcome back.

Bayley vs. Becky Lynch w/ Sasha Banks

I mentioned it last week, but the pairing of Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks is still odd. The awesome “Bayley’s Gonna Hug You” chant starts as the girls exchange whips into the corner. Bayley leaps off the second rope and hits a sweet arm drag. Becky pulls hair like this is a YouTube girl fight ,followed by a suplex. Leg drop/elbow drop combo earns Becky a near fall so she goes to a submission. Bayley quickly rallies and uses a school girl for two. She charges into the corner, back rolls out and hits another move. A suplex gets her two and she goes to the second rope again. She jumps off into nothing as Becky moves. A distraction from Sasha allows Becky to snap Bayley off the top rope and rolls her up with a handful of tights to end this.

Winner: Becky Lynch in 2:16

Just like last week, this was a short Divas match but it was solid for the time they got. Both girls can go and continue to do so. **1/4

Team BAE (Best at Everything) make fun of Bayley, so the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte comes out. Team BAE exits, because she who runs away lives to fight another day. I don’t understand why Bayley would trust Charlotte but okay. After a break, Bayley gets a pep talk from Charlotte and, of course, hugs her.

The Vaudevillians join us to cut a promo about being number one contenders for the NXT Titles. The Lucha Dragons theme interrupts them but WAIT! IT’S MIDGETS! Mini Lucha Dragons, in Nacho Libre masks, enter the ring doing the “Lucha” chant. A referee enters and this looks like it will be a match.

The Vaudevillians vs. The Mini Lucha Dragons

Mini Lucha Dragons didn’t expect this and try to run, but Renee Young correctly states that they should have expected this if they were going to a ring. Simon Gotch and Aiden English trade airplane spins on mini Sin Cara or Kalisto. I’m not sure. Byron Saxton is strange, as he badmouths guys like Sami Zayn and girls like Bayley but dislikes these heel tactics. Gotch and English actually do an uppercut/neckbreaker combo and get the win.

Winners: The Vaudevillians in 1:28

More of an angle builder than anything else. Got the Vaudevillians some heat and built towards the eventual Tag Title match. No Rating.

A vignette airs for Kevin Owens! Mr. Wrestling is coming to NXT on 12/11/14!

Baron Corbin vs. Elias Sampson

Elias Sampson doesn’t even get a ring announcer intro. He fails in his first attempt at a move and loses while the crowd counts it down.

Winner: Baron Corbin in 0:22

Same old, same old with Baron. I like the guy, he just needs to do more. SQUASH

Bull Dempsey’s theme hits as he comes out for the next match and I thought he was going to challenge Baron.

Bull Dempsey vs. Steve Cutler

The fans count down on this one too and Dempsey drives a knee into his opponent. He hits 22 seconds and drops some elbows, leading to a round of boos from the fans. A “Baron’s Better” chant starts, so Bull hits a body press and the flying headbutt to win.

Winner: Bull Dempsey in 0:59

Not as fun as Baron Corbin’s squash. I guess they’re building towards Baron/Bull. SQUASH.

Man, Renee Young is gorgeous.

CJ Parker vs. Tyson Kidd

This should be an interesting dynamic as both guys are heels. There are actual dueling chants going and commentary is sure to address the heel vs. heel dynamic. Parker applies a hammerlock and Tyson reverses it by stepping out and back in the ring, which was creative as hell. A “Total Divas” chant breaks out. A series of kicks from Tyson is thwarted by a big kick from Parker for two. He whips Tyson hard into the corner and gets another near fall. He misses his next move into the corner and gets his leg dragon screwed on the second rope. Tyson comes in and hits his Fisherman Neckbreaker before locking in the Sharpshooter. CJ Parker tries to get the ropes but has to tap out.

Winner: Tyson Kidd in 3:02

Despite this being short, CJ Parker looked pretty good. The right guy won and this was solid for it’s time. **1/2

Tyson Kidd grabs a microphone, which up until recently would have been a bad thing, and challenges Finn Balor for next week. He promises that Finn will be “excellently executed”.

Cutting backstage, Enzo Amore and Big Cass are working out when Carmella comes up to them. They talk about their history before leaving for their upcoming match.

Big Cass and Enzo Amore w/ Carmella vs. Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson

The crowd sung along and knows every single word to Enzo’s opening spiel. The dude has the gift of gab for sure. “Not the Parker Brothers, but we’ll scrabble your head piece”. Dawson starts with Enzo and Dawson gets the upper hand, hitting a leg drop. Quick in and out tags for Wilder and Dawson, who work over Enzo. Enzo hits a high knee and makes the tag to Big Cass. He pretty much dominates, sending Wilder outside and clubbing Dawson. Enzo gets tagged in and they work an atomic drop/big boot double team move to wrap this up.

Winners: Big Cass and Enzo Amore in 1:34

Dawson and Wilder did pretty good at the start, but this was another short squash of sorts. No Rating.

After the match, The Ascension come out and attack Enzo Amore and Big Cass before getting in the ring and beating up on Dawson and Wilder. They hit the Fall of Man on Wilder to “Seven More Times” chants. I’ve still yet to see much in this team. Viktor gets on the microphone and tells Hideo Itami and Finn Balor that they aren’t dead and it is far from over. The Ascension will rise again according to Konnor.

Backstage, William Regal is in his office when Sami Zayn enters. He thanks Regal for the opportunity to address the fans up next!

Sami Zayn comes out and is in a somber mood. His happy theme music is an odd fit with his current state. He starts to speak, mentioning  that he always knew he had what it takes to be a champion, but after last week, he is starting to doubt himself. A video package is shown of his road to redemption and then his loss next week. He respectfully calls out Adrian Neville, who answers to boos from the NXT Universe. Like a true performer, he is still selling the leg injury from last week. He claims that if he can’t win the big one, he doesn’t know what he’s doing here. Sami knows Adrian doesn’t owe him anything but he wants one more shot at the title as a friend. If he can’t win, he says he’s done. Adrian tries to pump him up, so Sami yells at him. He doesn’t want that, he just wants the NXT Title. William Regal, with the most villainous music to ever get a pop, comes to the stage. In his mind, Sami Zayn is not a failure and is worthy of a rematch. He announces that, on December 11th, 2014, NXT TakeOver: Our Evolution, will feature Neville vs. Zayn in rematch for the NXT Title. Neville likes it but doesn’t want to be responsible for Zayn quitting. Zayn doesn’t care what he thinks because if he can’t win on 12/11, he’s done.

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