WWE NXT 06 24 2015

Location: Winter Park, FL
Date: June 24, 2015
Commentators: Rich Brennan and Corey Graves

– Hideo Itami opens the show with his arm in a sling. They roll footage of his parking lot attack at NXT Takeover. Itami says that NXT is very popular in Japan and they are very excited to see Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor for the title on July 4th. He says it doesn’t matter who wins, he will challenge them for the belt.

– Kevin Owens comes out and interrupts Hideo. He calls the crowd “cute” for chanting for Finn Balor, and calls Itami “disillusion” if he’s not sure who leaves Tokyo with the NXT title. He trips on his words, the crowd gives him hell for it (one guy yells “nice job Roman Reigns!”) and he says “I’m stumbling over my words so much, I sound like Hideo trying to speak English.” Owens is mad that people are blaming him for Itami’s injury, and says he might as well get something out of it and break the other arm. He rushes the ring but Finn Balor comes out to make the save, and the two brawl on the ramp. Balor perches on the stage and looks to dive, but Rhyno comes out and gores him out of nowhere, then throws him off the stage.


Big Cass works over LeFort for a few minutes, until tags are made and Jordon completely out-wrestles Enzo, slamming him into the mat with various amateur throws. In comes LeFort and the two heel it up, double-teaming Amore and keeping him isolated in their corner. Enzo with a roll-up out of absolutely nowhere for the three-count.

Winners: Enzo & Cass

– Recaps of Samoa Joe making his NXT debut and backstage promos from the last few weeks.


It’s all Dana from the very start. Unapologetic heel work from Dana throughout. The match lasts all of three minutes, maybe, and Brooke wins it easily.

Winner: Dana Brooke

– They air a long video package for Finn Balor (as Fergal Devitt) talking about his time in New Japan Pro Wrestling, wrestling in giant Tokyo Dome shows, his relationship with NXT head trainer Matt Bloom, and taking a huge risk on coming to WWE and the U.S.


Rawley starts the match in total control with his power. Ryder comes in briefly and works over Fulton, until tagging back in his partner who spends way too much time chanting and dancing and “getting hyped”. The heels double team him and Dawkins sets in with a rest hold, as the two work him over in their corner. Eventually Ryder makes the hot tag and they hit the assisted Rough Ryder finisher for three.

Winner: Rawley & Ryder

Eva Marie appears backstage with William Regal. She says she’s been putting in a lot of hard work, and she’s hoping Regal can make something happen for her. I have no idea where this conversation went because the Network is being terrible tonight, and I can’t get it to go back without freezing.


This match is set to be a decently long one, as they’ve left about 20 minutes on the clock. NXT Champion Kevin Owens comes out to do commentary, and ends up bashing Byron Saxton literally the entire time. Balor gets a few shots in early, but the whole match is basically Rhyno in control, Finn building momentum with the crowd, powering out of rest holds, then getting beaten back down. They actually get two commercial breaks in.  Owens gets up from commentary and goes after Balor but gets dropkicked off the apron. Finn dodges a Gore and hits the double foot stomp from the top rope to pick up the 1-2-3.

Winner: Finn Balor

– Owens immediately goes on the attack after the match, pummeling Balor and tossing him around the ring. They brawl to the floor and we get a tease of the powerbomb on the apron spot, but Samoa Joe rushes the ring to make the save. Owens and Rhyno retreat together and hang out on the entrance ramp while Balor and Joe stand tall in the ring, to end the show.

Source: http://www.wrestlezone.com