WWE NXT 07 27 2016 Cruiserweight Classic

WWE Cruiserweight Classic
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: July 27, 2016

Report by: Nick Bryant of Wrestleview.com

CWC First Round
“Textbook” Tyson Dux vs. “The Technical Wizard” Zack Sabre Jr.

Dux was trained by Terry Taylor and Scott D’Amore and actually previously worked for WWE for a few years about a decade ago as a jobber before tearing his ACL. Since then he worked for TNA and ROH some and all over America and Canada on the Indies. Sabre has been one of the top technical wrestlers in the world for the past several years putting on some true classics on the Indies in the past couple of years. He also spent several years working for Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan, where he actually faced Daniel Bryan a few times (he also faced him in Europe). Sabre immediately goes to the mat with an armlock and then a modified heel hook. Dux counters with a single leg takedown and then puts Sabre in his own modified heel hook. Sabre rolls over and lifts himself up into a headlock on Dux. He takes Dux over but Dux comes right back with a headscissors. Sabre bridges up and out of the hold and then ties Dux up in more submissions and holds. Sabre puts Dux in a Cravate and everytime Dux attempts to escape Sabre counters him right back into the Cravate until Dux finally manages to take Sabre over with a Snapmare Takeover. Dux puts Sabre in his own Cravate but Sabre actually bridges out of it and into a wristlock. Sabre puts Dux in a hammerlock and takes him down to the mat and uses his leg to keep the hammerlock on before twisting the arm of Dux. Sabre puts Dux in a Jim Breaks Special but Dux fights out and scoop slams Sabre. Dux hits a series of chops and then whips him into the corner. Sabre elbows a charging Dux and then connects with a Diving European Uppercut from the middle rope. Sabre follows up with a Running European Uppercut in the corner and then a Pele kick to the outstretched arm of Dux. Sabre hits a series of roundhouse kicks to that arm but Dux catches a third attempt and connects with a Brainbuster for a nearfall. Dux puts Sabre in a Fujiwara Armbar and Sabre rolls through it to try and get away but Dux holds onto the armbar. Sabre rolls Dux over into a nearfall but Dux comes right back with a Sliding Elbow for another nearfall. Dux hits a series of forearms and then hits the ropes but Sabre ducks under him and locks Dux in an Octopus. Dux reaches the ropes but then Sabre kicks the arm again. Sabre attempts a Roundhouse Kick but Dux moves and Sabre comes right back with a Spinning Leg Sweep followed by a Shining Wizard! 1…2…NO Dux kicks out! Sabre charges into an Atomic Drop and then a Spike DDT! 1…2…NO Sabre kicks out! Dux attempts a Texas Cloverleaf but Sabre counters into a bridging pin for a nearfall. Dux gets back up and hits a nasty Lariat! Dux lifts Sabre up in a Fireman’s Carry but Sabre counters into a crazy hanging submission and then into a Hanging Jim Breaks Special. Dux falls to the mat and Sabre transitions right into an Omoplata! Dux almost gets to the ropes with one of arms but Dux grabs it and starts twisting on the fingers of Dux forcing him to verbally submit.

Winner: Sabre via submission (Omoplata)

“The Trailblazer” Drew Gulak vs. “The Bollywood Boy” Harv Sihra

Gulak was trained by CHIKARA in America with training from Mike Quackenbush, Chris Hero and the legenary Jorge “Skadye” Rivera. He has worked all over America but his home promotion for the longest was EVOLVE before signing a developmental deal with WWE. Sihra is a Canadian that worked for TNA’s Indian side project Ring Ka King along with Jeff Jarrett’s GFW last year. He and his brother, Gurv Sihra who will also be in this tournament, are a tag team called the Bollywood Boyz. Gulak immediately starts mat wrestling Sihra with an inside cradle for an early nearfall. Sihra Monkey Flips Gulak but Gulak rolls him into a body scissors. Sihra counters the hold and Gulak immediately gets to the ropes. They shake hands and then Gulak takes Sihra over with a Side Headlock Takeover. Sihra gets back to his feet but gets run over by a shoulder block from Gulak. Sihra speeds things up but Gulak catches him on a Cross Body Block attempt. Gulak attempts a Fireman’s Carry but Sihra rolls him up for a nearfall followed by a Crucifix Rollup for another nearfall. Sihra comes right back with a small package and again Gulak kicks out. Gulak elbows Sihra and then hits a Diving Clothesline off the top for a nearfall. Gulak slaps Sihra repeatedly and then actually Scoop Slams Sihra onto the ropes in a nasty looking spot. Sihra rolls to the apron and then backdrops Gulak over the top to the floor. Sihra hits a Springboard Plancha off the ropes onto Gulak on the floor! Sihra rolls Gulak into the ring and covers him for a nearfall. Sihra rains down some right hands on Gulak and then connects with a Spinning Neckbreaker for another nearfall. Gulak headbutts Sihra and then climbs up top, but Sihra crotches him and hits a Superplex off the top. Sihra goes for a Sharpshooter but Gulak blocks it and then immediately locks Sihra in the Gu-Lock (Dragon Sleeper) for the win!

Winner: Gulak via submission (Dragon Sleeper)

CWC First Round
“The Premiere Athlete” Tony Nese vs. Anthony Bennett

Nese was trained by Mikey Whipwreck and spent the majority of 2011 and 2012 in TNA as a part of the X-Division. He’s been working a lot for EVOLVE as well. I don’t know much about Anthony Bennett at all other than he has a goofy 80’s style Kid-N-Play haircut and does some even goofier dancing. He even has an extra pair of sunglasses on his hair. Nese takes Bennett down with a Waistlock but Bennett counters into a hammerlock. Nese reverses him into a Side Headlock only for Bennett to counter right back into the hammerlock. Nese shoves Bennett away and then leapfrogs a charging Bennett. Nese matrixes out of a clothesline attempt and then hits a gorgeous series of strikes with knees and kicks. Nese hits a series of forearms and then tosses Bennett through the ropes. Bennett lands on the apron but then Nese nails him with a Roundhouse Kick and then a Spinning Leg Sweep. Bennett falls to the floor and Nese sets up for a dive but Bennett gets out of the way. Nese lands on the apron and then leapfrogs an attempt by Bennett to sweep his legs. Nese then Superkicks Bennett and attempts to Powerbomb him on the floor! Bennett grabs the ropes to escape and then dives off the apron with a Somersault Plancha onto Nese on the floor. Back in the ring Bennett attempts a Butterfly Suplex but Nese blocks it and then Flapjacks him onto the top rope. Nese follows up with a beautiful Springboard Asai Moonsault for a nearfall. Nese goes for a Vertical Suplex but Bennett counters with a series of knees, Nese Suplexes him anyway for a nearfall. Nese puts Bennett in a Bodyscissors. Bennett fights out of the hold and catches Nese with an armdrag. Bennett hits a series of forearms and then a series of Flying Clotheslines. Bennett hits the ropes and connects with a Pop-Up Dropkick. Bennett goes for a Tornado DDT but Nese blocks it and lifts Bennett back up to the top. Bennett blocks a roundhouse kick from Nese and hits a Diving Tornado DDT for a nearfall. The two exchange some stiff forearms and then Nese attempts to duck through the legs of Bennett but Bennett falls botching the spot. Eventually Nese gets back to the spot and slides through Bennett’s legs into a Pump Handle Slam. Nese goes to the top but then the referee stops him and checks on Bennett in a horrendous spot. The referee tells Nese to go ahead and he hits the 450 Splash for the pin.

Winner: Nese via pinfall (450 Splash)

Daniel Bryan suggests Bennett may have separated his shoulder as a trainer looks at Bennett’s arm.

Main Event
CWC First Round
Brian Kendrick vs. Raul “Jinzo” Mendoza

Mendoza is a Mexican luchador that was trained by El Mexicano, Gran Apache, and Black Tiger in Mexico and previously worked masked as Jinzo and Tribal. He changed his name earlier this year to Ronnie Mendoza and now here as Raul Mendoza. Kendrick is one of the more well known guys in this tournament. He was trained, alongside Daniel Bryan, by Shawn Michaels’ “Texas Wrestling Academy” and worked for WWE for years before leaving in 2009. He joined TNA in 2010 and stayed there until 2013 and since then has began training wrestlers himself and working in Japan as well. He is a former WWE Tag Team Champion and TNA X-Division Champion. Kendrick immediately takes Mendoza down with an armlock but Mendoza sweeps his leg and then catches him with a Snapmare Takeover. Mendoza puts Kendrick in a chinlock but Kendrick counters into a side headlock. Mendoza shoves Kendrick into the ropes but eats a shoulder block. Kendrick leapfrogs Mendoza but then Mendoza flips over his back and catches Kendrick with a hurricanrana. Kendrick rolls to the floor and then Mendoza fakes a dive which irritates Kendrick. Back in the ring Kendrick attempts a dropkck but Mendoza sidesteps him and puts Kendrick in a nuts Kneebar spinning Kendrick in the air and then slamming him into the mat and continuing to lock in the Kneebar! Kendrick manages to get to the ropes and then he kicks Mendoza in the face as the referee separated them. Kendrick rakes Mendoza’s face on the middle rope and then forces Mendoza’s mouth around the ropes and kicks the ropes. Kendrick puts Mendoza in a Double Armbar and it looks like Mendoza’s lip is busted. Kendrick attempts a Lariat but Mendoza rolls him up for a nearfall. Kendrick comes back with a Sliding Elbow on Mendoza. Kendrick hits a Running Clothesline on Mendoza in the corner and then he attempts to toss Mendoa into the ropes, but Mendoza slides through the ropes and connects with a crazy Springboard Missile Dropkick! Kendrick rolls to the floor and Mendoza comes flying over the top with a gorgeous Corkscrew Plancha onto Kendrick on the floor! Mendoza rolls Kendrick in the ring and then goes for a Springboard 450 but Kendrick moves out of the way. Mendoza lands on his feet and connects with a Leaping Enziguri! 1…2…NO Kendrick kicks out! Mendoza slams Kendrick in the corner and then charges right into a boot from Kendrick. Kendrick follows up with a Sliding Dropkick and then he climbs up top. Mendoza kicks Kendrick’s legs out from underneath him hanging Kendrick up in the tree of woe. Mendoza Superkicks him and then Mendoza goes to the opposite corner and hits a UAM Terminator (Van-Terminator)! Mendoza follows up with a Backstabber! 1…2…NO Kendrick got his foot on the bottom rope. Mendoza hits a series of elbows and kicks and then Kendrick falls to the mat and plays like he has a head injury. Kendrick then pulls Mendoza into the ropes and rolls him up with the Bully Choke for the submission!

Winner: Kendrick via submission (Bully Choke)

1) CWC First Round: Zack Sabre Jr. def. Tyson Dux
2) CWC First Round: Drew Gulak def. Harv Sihra
3) CWC First Round: Tony Nese def. Anthony Bennett
4) CWC First Round: Brian Kendrick def. Raul Mendoza

Scheduled for Next Week:
Rich Swann vs. Jason Lee
-Noam Dar vs. Gurv Sihra
-Jack Gallagher vs. Fabian Aichner
-Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa